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 Reading Regarding A 'Haunted' House On 8/9/06 

 Pamela:  Are there spirits active on their property?

Light:   Spirits that come and go.  Two Spirits that stay:  – One Male.   One FemaleMore aggressive, possessive of property, thinks it belongs to her, a little jealous.)

LIGHT:  You know, it’s obvious if you just stop and think about it, there’s something disturbing those people.  And it may be an apparition they have created for themselves.  It may be a dispirited spirit, if you would, that is unhappy with the conditions or feels possessive about the energy there that’s causing them or other people to feel or maybe they even sense the energy that they’re describing as unusual.  So would it then not be in order for them - instead of saying fix this, fix this – for them to learn what it is they are fixing so they may learn and correct their conditions instead of just hiring people to fix it with a “wily nily” attitude that money buys everything.  

 Pamela:  What is best way of approaching this problem?

 LIGHT:  Yes, we have determined there are entities – or whatever word you like to use for that – in and around those premises.  What would you like to do about learning the reasons for this?  What would you like to know about it?  What would you like to experience.  If they say just get rid of this, then you say, “Well, you’ll have to give us more information.  That way you get them involved and they may learn something from it.  If they’re open to that concept, if they can embrace that idea that this isn’t happening just because a pebble fell on the water and there are ripples moving out from it.  They have something to learn from this. 

 Pamela:  The brown apparition I saw in the night – created by me, my ‘muddy’ self.?


LIGHT:  Well, many look alikes have indeed returned, but Marilyn Monroe is still transforming her last life into the learning process of spirit.  Is that a nice way to put it?  

Pamela:  She did have many spirit attachments didn’t she?

LIGHT:  Oh yes, many.  Some were transient and some were quite steady with her.  You know, she kept taking the drugs to keep experimenting with going into spirit because she felt very, very disconsolate, depressed – being used by the powerful men in her life - sexually and egotistically titillating their lives with her presence with her physical activities, then just drop her like she was a bag of used groceries.  So she was very disconsolate and really contemplated many times going back into spirit.  So that’s the problem you see.  She didn’t complete that lesson.  So she’s sitting there in her stew – if you would put that word into use –she’s stewing about her incomplete life and how she can NOT do that again and learn the lesson.  She cannot learn it in spirit, must come back, IF she chooses embodiment e embodied again.  (So her death was an accident.)  I just got through saying it was partly her desire to leave, to escape.  So you know how that works.  People take a little too much because – ‘well, maybe I won’t have to wake up to this world again.’ 

 Message From A Subconscious 8/9/06

 Pamela:  What are the subconscious thoughts that cause the inflammation that causes the pain in the body?

Subconscious:  When he feels he’s not doing his job, when he feels he’s not fulfilling his purpose, when he observes he’s not needed or wanted, when he finds himself without people to help he begins to feel unnecessary, unwanted, not doing what he came to do so thinks if you aren’t doing what you came to do why are you here?    These are programs.

Pamela:  Does it seem to work better when he does his own changing of his own subconscious programs.

 Subconscious:  Depends on what it is.

Pamela:  In this area.

 Subconscious:  He has to accept what the source is.

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