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 Reading Regarding A Person's Dream 7/20/07

Deanne's Dream:  Weather storm, dark, very windy.  Outside standing in water, lots of property.  I had a long dress on.  It was getting very wet.  Iím yelling at my husband.  Iím calling his name:  Tuck!  He couldnít hear me, so I called him again:  Tucker!Ē  I had the feeling I wasnít here, I was in England or Scotland maybe.  Then I woke up.   I wasnít really afraid, I had the feeling of having to help out with whatever was going on due to the storm.   Second Question:  Number 442 Keeps Coming Up.

Higher Spirit:   From Higher Spirit:  A reminder of an event in her lifetime in the 1600ís in Northern England in what is called today Scotland.  Husbandís name was Myles [pronunciation:  Miles] Tucker.  Her name was Sophie Tucker, maiden name Sophie Miller.  Flood that occurred did great damage.  Her husband was not at home when home being flooded by torrential rains.  She did survive.  She is being reminded she can overcome great difficulties.  She need not stay stuck in fear of impending disasters or fear of failure or fear of unknown.  She can move from fear to confidence in her abilities to meet the challenges of reality.  8 is a number that symbolizes abundance. In the numbers 442 are a message to her that she can move past her limitations.  The numbers signify this message is continually being repeated to her.  4 +4= 8  A reminder abundance is hers if she moves past her limitations.  4 x 2 = 8   A repeated reminder abundance is hers if she moves past her limitations.

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