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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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 Pamela:  I have concerns about the book, whether I am getting it right.  I shared some of it with Professor ___________ and he did not seem to get the concept written in the book of free will.

Light:  “He’s a scientist, they test things.  That’s why they are scientists.  They test and they counter each other and they argue with each other and that makes them scientists.  That’s all, don’t worry.  You and I have a pact.  And you and I are the ones that are putting this book in a form that everybody can learn about, when you’re ready that is. 

 Pamela:  “I hope you have perfect memory Light because there is so much up there in the book that I’ve forgotten about.  So I will trust you to put all of that in its proper order.

 LIGHT:  Trust me. 

 Pamela:  “I do trust you, it’s me I’m having trouble trusting.”

 LIGHT:  “There’s a good line about mortals you know.”

 Pamela:  What’s that?

 LIGHT:  What fools these mortals be.

 Pamela:  Well, I can attest to that personally for me.

LIGHT:  You were chosen, trust. 

 Pamela:  Do you need __________ birth date.   

LIGHT:  No, no, I know which one she is. 

Pamela:  What is causing the headaches and the abnormalities in the MRI?

 LIGHT:  She has sensitivity to things that attack, or challenge, her immune system and it’s all tied in with her part of her self-worth feeling.  She really needs to do more work in that area. Her sister is far ahead of her as you might guess.  And the environment she’s been experiencing has triggered her autoimmune system to attack her body and it’s creating chemical changes in the brain, some of which they [hospital testing] may have spotted, which I doubt, but they might have.  And her sinus infection needs to be attended to.  She needs to do some visualization to open the apertures - drain and heal – that which you and Hugh spoke of this morning would work well for that.  She also needs to calm down.  She’s very tense, which makes her whole system –neurological system and muscular system ineffective thus rendering her more susceptible to diseases and dysfunctions. 

Pamela:  What caused the sinus infection?

 LIGHT:  It would be several things.  There’s some particulate matter in that building she’s in now that’s being fed through the air, spores, mold and some particulate matter as pollen, when binding together causes a great deal of aggravation thus finding a seat for germs and bacteria which is also present in that building she’s in now.  It would be wise to build up her immune system. 

 Pamela:  Thank you Light.

 LIGHT:  You know how you can thank me.

 Pamela:  Yes, yes, I do and we shall proceed forth wit.  Speaking of wit,  I do very much enjoy your wit.

 LIGHT:  Then let me give you more.

 Pamela:  That’s one of the parts that makes me feel inadequate, that I know that you can do it very light and witty and feel like I pull back on that somehow.

LIGHT;  Well, we have to keep a serious vein for those students who would have it that way.  By the way, the, uh, the God or Creator YOU speak of, no wit.  But curious, curious.  Open, but, well, I find the humor through you and other human animals there, it’s very, very entertaining.

 Pamela:  Speaking of animals, the doggie Zoe, did we get it right, allergies and high excitement.

 LIGHT:  Oh, she’s very high energy and she does have a lot of allergies because her immune system is affected by her fear factor, startle factor.  She’ll be quite a bit of challenge to get to calm down and be a good housedog.  She had a lot of challenges as a puppy.

 Pamela:  Hugh’s body is it improving.  (Yes indicator finger)  Good, Hugh’s body, continue the restoring of balance .  Keep muscles improving and strengthening and tendons and ligaments flexible and improving.  And the skeletal system strong and the discs, in the lower back, is it subconscious? 

 Subconscious:  The discs are not so involved as the tissue and the bony ridge of the bones that the hips rest in.  The crest of that part of that lower back is inflamed.  The muscle seeks to protect that which is highly inflamed and thus they draw tighter and the connective tissue gets more and more immobile.  He would walk better and move better and have more comfort so these exercises he is doing now should be done on a daily basis so what he seeks will be accomplished more rapidly.  I have to say we are doing the best we can do for the body, he has to change his inflammation with the life around him. 

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