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Reading  1/23/07  

 Pamela:  Medical science says they have discovered a pancreatic cancer in this man that they are working to reverse.  There is a cancer in his body, Higher Spirit?

Higher Spirit:  Yes, there are some cancer cells that are present in his bodyís enzyme system.

 Pamela: Does that mean they are in the pancreas or liver?

 Higher Spirit:  Both.

 Pamela:  Are they in the spleen also?

 Higher Spirit:  Not noted yet.

 Pamela:  So far just in liver and pancreas?

 Higher Spirit:  And the venal Ė the portal vein that runs to both of those organs.

 Pamela:  Is there a change occurring in the cancer with his positive attitude and the supplements he is taking?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, that [cancer] could be completely eliminated. 

 Pamela:  The indigestion, is it coming from the cancer or something else?

 Higher Spirit:  He has disruption of the enzyme production Ė part of the same causation Ė the emotional state he works on trying to control, suppress, subdue.  His Higher Self knows he needs to eliminate that emotional pressure so that his body can focus on eliminating the cancerous cells growing in his body.  Which can be done. 

 Pamela:  I would ask you if he was indeed embodied at the same time as Luke, the Physician and a close associate of Luke as Hugh [who was Luke] suspects he was.

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, he was an associate of his.

 Pamela:  Luke was Roman or Greek?

 Higher Spirit:  He was a Roman physician named Lucanus later the Greeks named him Luke because that was the name they would use for the same name Lucanus represents.

 Pamela:  What was __________ name in those days?

 Higher Spirit:  His name was Albert.

 Pamela:  Was there a second name?

 Higher Spirit:  Albert Lorenzo.

 Pamela:  And he lived where?

 Higher Spirit:  He ran one of the clinics that Lucanus attended as he [Luke] traveled around the Mediterranean area and also traveled with Lucanus as his assistant.  They were very close.   

 Pamela:  Where was the clinic?

Higher Spirit:  His clinic was along the eastern coast of Italy. 

 Pamela:  Did Albert Lorenzo ever have physical dealings with Jesus?

 Higher Spirit:  No.  Neither he nor Lucanus physically knew Jesus as he was embodied.

 Pamela:  Was his present wife in that past life with him?

 Higher Spirit:  You speak of  _______________. 

 Pamela:  Yes.

 Higher Spirit: No, neither had wives.  They were both dedicated to the healing arts.

 Pamela:  He was a physician as well?

 Higher Spirit:  He was a physicianís assistant, what you would call today a Nurse Practitioner.

Pamela:  And when Luke went to talk to the Apostles about the stories of Jesus, did Albert go also?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, he was with Lucanus on three occasions when one or more events took place with those knew Jesus embodied. 

 Pamela:  Thank You. 

Higher Spirit: Most welcomed.  

Pamela:   Regarding another now, named _______________________

Higher Spirit:  You are thinking he is in danger, in harmís way. 

 Pamela:  Yes.

 Higher Spirit:  And that person that was endangering his life would be his wife _______l.

 Pamela:  Yes.

 Higher Spirit:  This may or may not come to pass, but if he would look at his life as an experience of healthy, pleasant living or serious damage to his cell structure through his emotions, yes, he is endangered.  But whether or not he is under indictment or an attack by this person is not for me to say. 

 Pamela:  So his guidance would be to investigate from his own inner being what he knows?

 Higher Spirit:  One only knows what is happening at the moment.  Prediction is not accurate for the future. 

 Pamela:  Is his body being poisoned at this time by a chemical substance?

 Higher Spirit:  I believe the statement was intended to convey his being poisoned emotionally and thereby having a negative effect.  If a substance of poisoning takes place, that would be his not getting out of harmís way.  Thatís all I can say. 

 Pamela:  So it is not for you to say if there is a substance being used or not, it is for you to say he is being poisoned by his emotions and if he is to keep himself happy and healthy and out of harmís way he needs to pay attention to his emotions.  

 Higher Spirit:  That is correct.

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