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Readings For Various People  January 7, 2007  

 Higher Spirit:  How may I help you?

 Pamela:  Well, the process of chelation therapy is one ________ has used before.

 Higher Spirit:    I am aware.

 Pamela:  Is it helpful for his body?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 Pamela:  Would it be helpful at this time for his body?

 Higher Spirit:    Yes.  He can resume now.

 Pamela:  Why did he get a message before that his body had had enough and wished to stop the process? 

Higher Spirit:  The body chemistry was working on another project and didnít want the interference of the chemicals that they put in the I.V. drip.  

Pamela:  And that project has been finished?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes, that project is done in his body now and he needs to work on opening up so that he has more energy flows and heat from the heart i.e. through the arterial structure/cardiovascular system to all the organs of his body. 

 Pamela:  Are you able to tell when we test medications like we did today how they would affect the body?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 Pamela:  And we did the testing accurately, the two medications would be helpful to his body?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.  The other would be helpful for the condition presenting to his body but the side effects might be uncomfortable for him.

 Pamela:  Is there more he can do for diminishing the pain? 

Higher Spirit:  Yes. 

 Pamela:  That would be?

 Higher Spirit:  He needs to have proper exercise and alignment for his body joint, muscle, tendon, neurological system.  He is avoiding that because it only exacerbates the pain thatís in the muscle and joints now, but perhaps you can lead him to an exercise program in a gymnasium where they have a regular routine that can be slowly started and accelerated as his body improves with the condition of physical strength and energy.  Part of his imbalance is lack of normal muscle control and normal muscle tonus in the legs.  

 Pamela:  We wish to ask also for ______________.  He also has pain, discomfort and dysfunction in his body and we would like to check for him the causes and particularly the origin. 

 Higher Spirit:  Interesting.  Cases somewhat parallel.  When people and pressures irritate each of these men Ė  very anxious and irritated and pressured.  Them more pressure  _____ tries to absorb and cope with the more his body becomes dysfunctional.  He needs again to stimulate the energy flow from his heart and lung heat into the other organs of his body.  He has need for more energy and vitality in the spleen where the enzyme production is going down and in the liver where the processing plant is dysfunctional and when the body begins to do that from lack of energy itís usually because circulation is impaired in some way causing a lack of not just oxygen which is a fuel and vitamins and mineral and proteins but heat needs to go into these organs because the body was designed to work in that climate, that particular temperature.  When organs begin to age or are encumbered with some dis-ease they sometimes begin shutting down when they donít have enough heat to maintain their function.

 Pamela:  So he needs to address the origins and it sounds like Chelation Therapy  would be helpful for him too. 

Higher Spirit:  Indeed. 

 Pamela:  Speaking of heat, ___________ suffers so much from a great deal of heat, is that due to the adrenal function? 

 Higher Spirit:  Yes,   he has excess heat because the control mechanism from his adrenal to the enzymes to the liver to the other functions of the body are out of balance so he has excessive heat.  

 Pamela:   Hmmmm.

 Higher Spirit:   You say hmmmm.

 Pamela:   I have to listen to this and write it down.  Iím copying this so I can write it up later.

 Higher Spirit:  You have perfect recall.

 Pamela:  Good.  That would be very helpful to me to increase my perfect recall.

 Higher Spirit:  Apply it.  It works for you. 

 Pamela:  What blocks my ability to visualize?

 Higher Spirit:  Nothing blocks your ability to visualize except your own pressures that you create for yourself. 

 Pamela:  Thank you.  Now we ask about ________________. 

Higher Spirit:  Yes, I am aware of _____________________.

Pamela:    Is her [deceased] mother with her?

 Higher Spirit:  Her mother comes and goes.  She is not a positive influence upon her life.  Part of her life lesson.

 Pamela:  Hugh said it would be better not to ask about her breast infection.  Thatís a question. 

Higher Spirit:    You can ask about that.

 Pamela:  Is there an infection because of leaking silicone.

 Higher Spirit:  Thereís an inflammation, which she should attend to.  That is exactly what the body is designed to do when you invade the body inappropriately it sometimes tries to tell you by creating inflammation causing discomfort.  That is called the pain program.   

 Pamela:  We are doing a great deal of invasion of our bodies, we human beings, in our search for helping them. 

Higher Spirit:  You are not only invading the body physical form but you are invading the peace of mind that the body was designed to live in.

 Pamela:    I would like to speak to Light next.   

LIGHT:   You would like to speak with Light.  I talk to you all the time.  What do you want?

 Pamela:  I wanted to ask about the process known as the 15th step where they are accessing ascended masters.  I assume sometimes, but I donít know, they are accessing Higher Self perhaps?

 LIGHT:  (laughing]  Your partner, whom I am speaking through, said something funny.  I had to stop and think and chuckle.  Itís very apropos.  Sounds a little harsh perhaps to somebody not in a jovial mood.  About the Sufiís thought that they were clear.

 Pamela:  Like the whirling dervishes  - just throw out that energy and see what happens?  

 LIGHT:  [still laughing] Right. 

 Pamela:  Is there such a thing as ascended masters?

 LIGHT:    Me.  [We both laugh.]  But Iím not ascended.  I came down to talk to you. 

Pamela:    Youíre a descended master.

 LIGHT:  Iím a descended master.  [laughs heartily]  Oh, youíre very funny.

 Pamela:  Iíve been looking at ___________ "Book of Light"  .

 LIGHT:  Oh yes, heís trying his best to make something.  But actually, heís more interested in selling things than he is in being helpful and creative in this field, but that is the nature of the human being.

 Pamela:  Of course I have more questions and of course youíll say letís go write.  .

 LIGHT:  You see, his (yes) finger started to move even before you said that.  

 Pamela:  I know that a great worry of ours is money.  Is there something we are not doing that would be helpful to us to win those Lotto monies?

 LIGHT:  Hmmm, you think it is time for the Lotto huh?

 Pamela:  Do you think that would be distracting?

 LIGHT:  Well of course, that is a part of the restraint.  You canít let yourself be distracted by a few paltry pieces of silver Ė if I may quote from the Bible.

 Pamela:  It seems to me it would free Hugh to feel much lighter and free me from many mundane duties.   

LIGHT:  If you let yourself get sucked up into the use and application of funds it would distract your writing.

 Pamela:  So we need to get to a certain degree of completion.

 LIGHT:  Thatís right.

 Pamela:  So letís get to that certain degree of completion.

 Light:  THANK YOU! 

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