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Newsletters For September 2004

Sept 6, 2004      

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Sept. 6th , 2004 Greetings

We gave a Spirit Session for a young woman last week. She was told she had never embodied in the human form before this life. This is true of others as well. In many cases, as with this young women, they have not embodied but have been here in spirit for hundreds and often thousands of years. Doing what? Observing. Some are simply intrigued by humans. Many are here to help and eventually they become aware the best way to help humans is to become one. After all, why would humans listen to advice about human affairs from a being or spirit who has never experienced being human? So after closely observing human beings from both inside, as spirit attachments, or outside or both they decide to experience being human.

What a surprise they get! Observing humans is like riding a roller coaster. You experience pseudo emotions, meaning you think you get the idea of what it would feel like to plunge over a high cliff to almost certain death. However, actually plunging over a high cliff to almost certain death is a lot more "gut wrenching" you might say. The same is true of being human. Being human is a lot more "gut wrenching" than getting the idea of what it must be like to be human.

This young woman was told something that is more unusual. She had no plans to be human for this life. Her spirit had attached to the spirit of a baby girl in the womb. The spirit of the baby only wanted to experience birth so it left immediately after birth. Surprised by this and seeing a viable body the spirit of this young woman took over the body. We were ourselves surprised to be told by "Master of Spirit" (Higher Spirit) this was not a "walk-in". A "walk-in", Master of Spirit explained is planned by both parties and occurs with spiritual supervision. This decision to take over the body was a spontaneous. There were no plans - no life lessons (or Karma as some would put it) and no life purpose. (Most humans have life lessons - what they are here to learn and what they are here to resolve - and life purpose - what they are here to give.) Master of Spirit indicated this young woman has a unique opportunity to make of her life anything she wishes.

She herself has indicated she desires to inspire others. Certainly she has the knowledge of many ages of human observation and the knowledge of previous incarnations on other planets and in other realms to use. We hope she does indeed use her knowledge to inspire many. Master of Spirit encouraged writing as a medium for bringing this knowledge forward. How she will choose to present this knowledge once it is brought forward we donít know.

This young woman is unique, but she is not alone. We personally know of and have worked with a dozen - maybe two dozen - people who are in their first, second or third human incarnation (rather than the more "normal" fifty or more previous incarnations.) While this is quite a few it is a very tiny percentage of the thousands of people we have worked with. (No doubt there are more but we didnít start checking people for this until the last ten years or so.) Such people are new or recent human beings. They are definitely not new souls. We affectionately call the ones who are new on Earth "aliens" when their incarnations were on realms and planets other than earth. There is also the person Master of Spirit describes as "from a realm close to and part of the Earth realms. Difficult to describe in terms you would understand, the closest being what you call the fairy realm." Possibly or probably there are more.

Those with no previous human incarnations have no "karma" and in rare cases they are not building "karma" either, as in the case of the soul from the fairy realm. What all share in common with all human beings is their programming in THIS life. Programming that limits all humans.

We know it is not popular to speak of limitations. It is true that the spirit is not limited. It is also true that spirits deliberately program for and choose limiting soul experiences. Anyone can play with a ball. For it to be challenging limitations must be established: Boundaries set for the ball. Rules of play established. Officials that oversee the keeping of the rules. So it is with the "human game".

Who sets the rules? 1) Mother Nature. Humans, unlike spirit and unlike beings on other planets and realms, cannot mentally change their forms from one form to another. The "rule" is you are born into a form programmed by Nature. Obey the "rules" or you are "outta there". Your body belongs to Nature. You are a guest, if you would, in your body. Like a good host the nature spirit of your body tries very hard to co-operate and comply with your wishes and demands. When push comes to shove, however, it obeys nature, not you. And how well you play - or not - by Natureís Rules greatly effects how co-operative it will be. 2) Higher Spirit and your spirit. You can call it psychological programming or spiritual programming - it is the same. Most souls come in with goals. All souls are affected by their experiences while here. Negative programming, unresolved emotions, opposing beliefs (believing one thing consciously and believing the opposite subconsciously) - these must be addressed by ALL who are human or there are far more limitations to reaching ones goals than what Nature and higher spiritual forces set.

How does one address these? Ah, glad you asked. Weíll outline "old" and "new" suggestions next week. Stay tuned earth beings and alien beings and any fairies flitting around.

Now, Send Light To The Earth We All Share.  With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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