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Newsletters For September 2001

September 2, 2001

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We welcome Gayle Cornelison and Holly Mc Cormack.

We also welcome, with much celebration our youngest member:
Allison Caroline Menelli, Born last week on August 23rd!
Please Pause and Send Light to Gayle, Holly, and Allison!


Lighten-Up Light Lin Hopkins won a poetry prize with this poem: Copyright Lin Hopkins

"If only we could see
Overwhelmed by time and consuming evidence
Not able to really understand
We move around consumed by circumstance
If only we could see
The truth is clear but the path is not
If only we could see
Pray for Light to lead the way and then
Only then
Will we be able to see"


Our very good friend, loyal supporter, and Lighten-Up Light Shirley Smith donated her mileage to us for tickets to Hawaii. We are going to Pamela’s home for her father’s 75th birthday and to give a Breathing & Hypnosis & Light Presentation on the 27th of September. If you are a Hawaii Light, let us know so we can meet with you while we are there.

Please Pause and Send Light To Lin Hopkins and Shirley Smith AND to Marilyn Parsons and Maura Snaith. (See Below)


Marilyn found a Lighten Up bumper sticker. Wow, what a great idea! We’re going to have some made up with the website address on them and hand them out. You have our permission to do the same, adding our or YOUR website. Copy the Lighten-Up information on your website - or your own explanation. This is a smart way to use the principle of the Power of Ten to spread the word.


Mara Snaith of Maui, Hawaii - another Light, good friend and loyal supporter - emailed: Concerning the comments by Master of Light about the sea dwellers: Last weekend, two beaches were closed in Oahu due to the "sighting of particularly aggressive sharks -- one of them was attacking a dolphin".

And in other news - last weekend: "A mysterious string of white algae, about a quarter of a mile long, appeared in the straits between Maui and Lanai - this has never been seen before."


Answer to last week’s object: In the middle of our fireplace is a very large, rectangular almost square acrylic painting. It shows what could be a partial view of a star or sun throwing off Light! The coloring of the star/sun is almost like light lead, though with some almost purple in it. The light coming from it is gold. We call it our Apocatastasis Painting; i.e. the alchemy of turning lead into gold. It was donated to Hugh by a local famous artist in thanks for Hugh’s help for therapy - also a kind of turning (emotional) lead into gold.

We are going to do the following for the psychic game: On our mantle piece is a purple bag. Find it when you astral visit or tune in. Inside the bag are what are called "Hearth Stones". What shape are they? Written on each stone is a one word message. We will pull a hearth stone for the group each week we send this email, until they are all pulled. Tune into the message for you this week. Here are the choices: forgiveness, humor, willingness, joy, light, peace, balance, faith, healing, honesty, abundance, freedom, tenderness, strength, wisdom, love, beauty, play, rest, courage, power, compassion, change, trust. What is the message for you this week?

Want more of a challenge? Don’t keep track of the words already chosen and/or tune into what we put the stone for the week ON. It is on the fireplace mantle. What is it made of? What do you "pick up" about it? Meaning: What was its original purpose? Where did it come from?


From Our Press Kit On the Website:

Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well Being:

(1)Talk yourself into it.
The power of suggestion cannot be overestimated. Successful people in all fields use it. Advertisers use it. Promoters use it. Motivators use it. Salespeople use it. Business leaders use it. Hypnotists use it. Great teachers use it. Healers use it. You can use it too. Listen to what you say and when others give you negative suggestions—counteract them with positive ones for yourself.
One of the "miracles" of the modern age is the realization cells have consciousness. Limited, to be sure—but enough to respond to the suggestions you give them. How often have you mentioned a body sensation or a mood and suddenly felt it—right then? Cells—and the mind—listen and respond.
Say what you have to say positively—even if it is in relation to a health challenge. First, make a true statement you can’t argue with, then follow with the statement you want to believe. For example: Have a health challenge? Say to yourself—several times a day—and to others when they comment on your health: "My body has an amazing ability to heal." This is a true statement. The physical body does have an amazing ability to heal. How many times have you watched it heal scratches, cuts, burns, and bruises? Lots of times. Then add, "I can feel my body healing itself perfectly right now."
Been told you have an irreversible or a fatal condition? Say to yourself several times a day and say to your doctor and to anyone who comments on your condition: "There are always exceptions to any rule and the body has an ability to heal that has been known to amaze even the most skeptical doctors. I can feel my body healing itself so perfectly and rapidly right now that I plan on being that exception." Afraid that smacks of denial? Then put your affairs in order and say, "Everything’s in order, I’m ready for anything. I can feel my body healing itself right now and I’m ready for great health too."
Your mind is "programmed" physiologically and spiritually to act on your directives. Make sure what you say what you want—not what you don’t want.

Want to read the other six steps? Go to our website and check index for Press Kit or Seven Simple Steps.  Don't have internet access? Let us know.


When you Lighten Up this week give extra attention to your sinuses. So many people have difficulty with their sinuses. Do you know they affect breathing and taste? Look up a picture of healthy, well formed sinuses. Trace the picture with your fingers saying ALOUD (for physical energy), "My sinuses are formed perfectly and function perfectly. I have healthy sinuses."

After you have sent Light to Earth to help the Earth and gather Light for you, bring that Light into your sinuses. Image them. (Thinking of the picture of the sinuses will help you image them.) Send Pink Light (for love) all through them. Then white light (which has all the spectrums of color in it) and your sinuses will use the color vibrations they need/want. Do this for yourself throughout the week. Why not, each time, do it also for people and pets you care about? Everyone’s sinuses can use this loving attention and direction. We’ll be doing the same for the Lighten-Up Group all week.

In the goal part of your Lighten-Up process, how about increasing your material wealth? Image the additional amount of money and/or what you’d like to bring into your experience as soon a possible. Imagine/see/think of having it NOW. This tells the subconscious this goal is a priority. Feel excited about having it. This gives the subconscious emotional energy to manifest it.

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Pause and send Light now.

SPECIAL MENTION: Please send Light to Skeeter Sales.

Previous Lighten-Up Emails: www.odysseyofthesoul.org/newsletter/current.htm

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September 14, 2001


We have, for the past three days, been reading your emails. 358 at the last count, and they are still coming in. At first, our thought was to share with you the wonderful and enlightening messages so many of you have sent for the whole Lighten-Up Group, but there are SO many of them! You are an amazing group and as the Light and Love from all over the world pours in, we are filled with Joy that so many are helping Light the way for those who have passed into Spirit and for the loved ones they leave behind. 

In place of our newsletter is this message from Hugh:


Omega is the symbol for consciousness and the study of altered states, and points, as well, to the end of one age and the beginning of another. Yes, the truth is we can no longer expect to win any lasting peace if we counter bloodshed with more bloodshed. The "eye for an eye" is no longer viable, but will blind us to our Truth. If we are to change the world we live on for a peaceful place to live, we must change the vibrations of our planet (so damaged by us) and that must be done through Light. It may take some time, but the more of us who send Light (No-Thing but Light) to our wondrous planet Earth every day, several times a day, the sooner the healing will occur.

We - each of us - cannot accept the position of judge and jury of all the ills of our time. Let the Creator Light Of The Creator Of All do its work. Many of you would argue that to send intents of Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Healing, Good Health would be of great value. Light tells us you would be mistaken. Very mistaken. (Please see page 261, Chapter 8 of Book I, Apocatastasis, Odyssey of the Soul, beginning with the sentence "The plan will require humility on your part’ for further clarification.)

I offer now these words, also written by Light in Chapter 8:

"The plan of Light is simple. Act as channels of Light. Let your Light shine and the consciousness of Light will do the rest. If you give any other direction to this, the attention of your subconscious minds will be diverted. The power of this plan is in the SINGULAR focus of many minds. Divert this focus into diversity of thought and direction and you not only dilute its power for your goal, you will in many instances turn its power against your goal."

With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.

Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.
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