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Newsletters For October 2004

October 2nd, 2004 October 9, 2004 October 17, 2004 October 31, 2004

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October 2nd, 2004


Itís good to be missed. But not so good to be gone from you for so long. To use one of Dr. Hughís favorite expressions: "We been up to our asses in alligators". Now thatís busy and, if not overwhelmed, at least whelmed. (Itís a real word, look it up J )

In addition to clients, classes, and Lightís Book - we are updating the website as fast as Pamela and Christy can handle it. Weíll let you know piece by piece what is new. Hereís some new info on the How To Order Page:

We have decided to print Lightís Book in a hard cover. As Light put it: "This is a serious work, it deserves a serious presentation." Our goal is to have the book in our hands in January 2005. We cannot legally take orders until the book is being printed. HoweverÖÖÖ

Would you like to participate in the publishing of Lightís Book? Donate $5.00 or more to the publishing of Lightís Book and you will receive a certificate naming you as a "Publisher Associate" of Odyssey of the Soul, Light: The Act of Creation, By Light. Donate $50 or more and you will also receive a free autographed book plus a framed certificate naming you as a "Publisher Associate". Donate $100 or more and you will receive a free book plus a framed "Publisher Associate" certificate AND a framed copy of the book cover.

How to donate (from any country) is on the How To Order Page which should be posted (the new one) after this weekend, Christy Willing.

Speaking of Lightís Book - New Sections Are Ready! Weíll be giving them to Christy for posting this next week or weekend.

E-mail question; "Are identical twins two separate, individuals spirits or one spirit in two bodies?" Lightís Answer: "A spirit could choose to live in a house divided, if you would, but normally it would be two different spirits - only the body is the same."

E-mail question: "What are the rules for cloned bodies?" Light: "The same as for the original body - answers to Natureís Laws."

E-Mail Quote: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs - ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -- Harold Thurman Whitman

What the world also needs is hundreds of thousands of people taking A Light Moment daily to Light The Earth. How important is this? Itís a matter of life and death for THIS generation and the generations that will not follow if we do not succeed. Negative thinking? No, Prophecy from Higher Spirit and Godís Light. Send the Lighten-Up Page to your e-mail list. Talk about taking a Light Moment Daily To Light The Earth to your friends and associates. Talk about it in board meetings. Talk about it in offices, in places of worship, in clubs, and at parties. Find a way to mention it - causally or formally - at least once a day.

NOTE: People will naturally and rightly be resistant to altering what they do to bring enlightenment and healing into the world. Never ask them to change their beliefs or what they do. Simply suggest a daily Moment of Light to imagine a white light beaming through the third eye and lighting the Earth. Suggest they refrain, in this one moment, from thinking or saying what they think the light should do. Tell them this is a Light Moment in which the intelligence in The Light will do what is most needed by the Earth at that moment.

If they say they already send light or pray or "do their own thing" respond (with sincerity): "Great. Your strong light is really important. Just add one Moment of Light to join people of many different religions and beliefs from all over the world who are joining together to Light The Earth without any doctrine to separate them. The Earth really needs your light."

If they ask what time this Moment of Light is say: "Any time you do the Moment of Light you can be sure there are others doing it with you some where in the world." If they want more than this suggest Noon or Midnight as they will then be assured of joining hundreds, if not thousands, of people in their time zone as well as thousands of people around the world who have committed themselves to Lighting The Earth every hour on the hour they are awake."

YOUR Light is very important. Donít lose heart. Keep Lighting The Earth. Not only does the Earth need your Light but so do all the humans and the other nature forms that will suffer greatly if we donít.

With Light, Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Have A Light Moment & Send Light
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October 9th, 2004


For Your Information: A "new" (relatively) technique "sweeping" psychotherapy and psychology is E.M.D.R. Which stands for: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a means of re-processing thoughts/memories to desensitize emotions/trauma (and negative beliefs/programming). It is now also called B.L.S. for Bi-Lateral Stimulation as it can be done by alternating steady sounds between the right and left ear or steady tapping on opposite sides of the body - like the knees or hands or shoulders.

EMDR/BLS is (we quote): "An empirically validated treatment that integrates cognitive therapy and experiential therapy." It is said it helps the brain to find adaptive resolutions. Brain scans during and after treatment show brain changes occurring. (See Book: Daniel Amen: "Healing Anxiety and Depression" for pictures of brain changes that occur during and after EMDR)

It is particularly helpful for people who say they are "not interested in working with the past" as it can be described as "Working in the present, using the past if it comes up naturally." What seems to occur during the process is: 1: A linking of stored information. 2. A Mindfulness. (Opportunity to "step back" and observe events / thoughts / emotions / images / pain in a non-judging way which leads to acceptance and letting go of the events / thoughts / emotions / images / pain.

Psychotherapists and psychologists describe it as "not hypnosis" though any hypnotist who uses it (we do) would find this laughable. It is a technique of temporarily (meaning for the moment) altering the attention in a way one can look at things in a way that allows them to process them differently. The American Medical Association defines hypnosis as "a temporary condition of altered attention." As any hypnotist will tell you, focusing your eyes on a steadily moving object, or listening to steady rhythmic sounds, or feeling a steady rhythmic sensation will move you into hypnosis. The advantage to using this technique rather than hypnosis is so many people have an erroneous impression of what hypnosis is (and is not). They expect to be unconscious during hypnosis and are disappointed when this does not happen. They also think of it as brain control. EMDR/BLS is a lot less frightening as they expect to be and are in complete conscious control. (True in hypnosis also, but many donít believe this until they experience it).

The changes that occur with this technique are rapid and lasting if the patient/client reaches an unconscious and conscious resolution of the origins of the condition. We have found the changes are noticeable to the client/patient immediately because of its immediate effect on the brain and body. Changes from working with the mind alone sometimes take time to filter from the energy fields of the mind into the brain and body. Which gives the person time to decide "that didnít work", which can undo the positive changes. To read more (free) on EMDR go to: www.emdrportal.com.

While NOT recommended for self-use for traumatic or upsetting memories, EMDR/BLS CDís or Cassette Tapes can be used to move oneself from negative thoughts (or beliefs) and feelings to more positive ones. How? While listening to the tape/CD, begin thinking of the negative thought or belief. Notice how it affects you emotionally and physically. (Angry, sad, shame, guilt, depressed, heaviness in chest, upset stomach, lump in throat, choked up etc. If you are out of touch with your emotions or body and donít know what you are feeling, test with a pendulum - see treasure chest on our website below - or other self-muscle testing technique.) Put on the BLS C.D. or Tape. Think the negative thought/belief and feel what you feel, then just observe/listen to the thoughts that follow. It may be the same thought. New thoughts may float into your mind. Just quietly observe what you think. If another negative thought occurs to you, pause, take a breath and begin again with this Ďotherí negative thought. If a negative memory comes up, pause, take a breath and think about this negative memory from your viewpoint now. (As though you now are observing you then and giving you then your guidance. If this triggers anxiety or heavier feelings than you started with, imagine you are taking the memory and placing it in a briefcase to take to a hypnotherapist who does regression therapy or E.M.D.R. practioner.) Continue this process of observing your thoughts/feelings for one - two minutes at a time (while playing the tape/C.D.) until you have an "aha!" This is usually a realization the negative thought and feeling have disappeared. Or you are aware of a positive thought/feeling that have taken their place. Example: A client of Pamelaís began with the thought: ĎMy body is ugly". After 30 seconds she blurted out: "My God, my mother told me that. How ridiculous. I donít have an ugly body!" Her shame when she thought of her body had disappeared. Yes, it can happen that fast.

Using the tapes/C.D. while doing the "Black Board Technique" to Erase and Replace Negative Thoughts/Beliefs (See Treasure Chest our website below) is very empowering too.

To purchase Bi-Lateral Stimulation C.D.ís and Cassette tapes go to: www.BioLateral.com or e-mail: lauriedela@aol.com or phone Laurie at: 516-826-7996. To play them you will need a Stereo Player and Stereo headphones. Remember, it does not work the same unless the sound alternates from ear to ear. A Self-Tapping Bi-Lateral Stimulation technique is the "Butterfly Hug". Cross arms and tap your shoulders while tapping out the negative thought and tapping in the positive.

Take care of yourselves. And, please, Have A Light Moment Daily to Light The Earth, You, and Loved Ones.

With Light, Pamela & Dr. Hugh

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Oct. 17th, 2003


My son and daughter were visiting this week, so this is a kind of rushed ezine.

First: Please note that any email sent from us will be from odyssey@odysseyofthesoul.org or from lightspirit@earthlink.net If you receive email from odysseyofthesoul.org with any other prefix in front - delete it.

We have received returned email (hundreds and hundreds) sent out from comments@odysseyofthesoul.org. Not quite sure how to fix it yet, but be sure to delete this if it comes to you.

Second: For our ezine, I shall share with you an email response to a woman in Singapore asking for a Spirit Session to find more about past life connections with a relationship today. It is information that may be useful to you as well:

"Dear _______,

We would be happy to look into your Soul Records regarding your relationship. All we need is your birth information - name at birth, place of birth, birthdate. Not for astrology reasons, but to pinpoint you as there are often several people with the same name (and once, the same place of birth!) in the Records.

But a question.....can you find a hypnotist in your area? It is so much more meaningful to discover these things for oneself. Hypnosis is not an unconscious state nor is it an out of control state. It is simply and profoundly a state of shifted attention you might say.

The hypnotist would have you close your eyes and help you to focus your thoughts inward. When you are in a comfortable hypnotic state, the hypnotist will say something like: "Go back in time to the first time you met the soul you know today as _______"

Then the hypnotist could ask you, while you are in that past life, questions you've brought to the hypnotist to ask. Or you may just choose to have the hypnotist let you remember and talk about that relationship. Or both.

If you find you can't get names and dates yourself or if you want verification of what you've remembered, then you could ask us for that.

If you prefer to have names and dates before doing sessions with a hypnotist that is fine too. But again, I tell you, it is so much more alive and meaningful and so much more self-revealing to uncover one's own past lives myself.

So if you still want a session, email the questions you have. After we do the session we will mail the tape back to you. It is a cassette tape, so be certain you have a recorder to play it on. After you have received and listened to the tape and determined its worth to you, we would appreciate it if you would remember FREOMM with a donation to help spread Light's Messages to the populace of the Earth."

If you are willing to share your information with others on our website, type up the session and email that back to us. Let us know if you do or do not want your name and contact information posted. Otherwise we will keep the information anonymous. "

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh


Have A Light Moment & Send Light

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October 31st, 2004 Greetings

Itís Halloween ~ All Hallow Eve, the night before the festival of All Saintís Day, began as a day when the powers of darkness were said to be prevalent. Said to be the night that begins the witchesí new year and a night in which the etheric world has tremendous power.

Also known as the astral world, soul world or invisible world, the etheric world is realms of vibration slightly faster than the vibrations of physical matter. The biggest difference between the etheric world and the physical world is thought manifests instantly in the etheric world because it does not need to make its way through the denser solid fields of energy that make up physical matter. Thus, what you think in the etheric world - you get. This is the world in which thought images appear - whether they are the thought images of visualization, imagination, fantasies, memories, dreams, or nightmares. These are the realms of astral travel and out of body experiences and the world in which demons, ghosts, angels, archangels and spiritual beings appear. Any spirit can take any shape or form it wants in these realms. Our own minds can project any shape or form in these realms too. Which is what causes so much confusion. In trance states, meditative states, prayer states, dream states or when one just awakes or is just falling asleep - one is slightly out of the body and is vibrating at a slightly faster rate which enables one to see into the etheric world. What does one see? One sees what the mind of the spirit or spirits present want one to see or one sees what oneís own mind wants one to see. After all, to see pure spirit is to see light. It is the mind that creates form for spirit.

For example: You are meditating and you suddenly see Jesus, let us say, or Buddha, or Krishna, or Mohammed. Are these beings in the etheric realms? No. All are ascended. What are you seeing? There are three possibilities: 1) You are seeing a very high spiritual being. Your mind or the spiritual being wants you to know it is of a high spiritual vibration so your mind or the mind of this being projects around its light the form of a spiritual being that you know to be of a very high spiritual vibration. Is this less special than actually seeing the being you think you are seeing? Why would it be? Personalities are not important in the spirit realms. Knowledge is important. 2) You are receiving a message from higher spiritual levels or beings in these levels and your mind or the messenger is projecting around its light a form that informs you of the source of the message; i.e the being you see or that the message is from higher spiritual levels. 3) A spirit that is not of a high spiritual vibration is projecting around itself a form it knows you believe to be a spiritual being, thus using your beliefs to mislead you.

Ewwww. So which one is it? Now THAT, our friends, is the purpose of working with oneís own subconscious mind and Higher Self (the spiritual levels of oneís own vibrations) to establish signals that let you know which it is. Just as your physical eyes can deceive you in the physical realms, your psychic eyes can deceive you in the psychic realms (the realms of spirit). Do not trust what you see or hear psychically until you have received clearance from your own subconscious mind and Higher Self.

If you are working with spirit guides or with angels or archangels or with spiritual beings without having established clear communication and signals with the Higher Self and subconscious as to the source of spirit messages - you are ripe for being deceived by spirits. If you have not cleared your subconscious/unconscious levels of false beliefs taught you as a child you are ripe for being deceived by spirits. If you have not cleared your subconscious levels of self (including the inner child) of fears and false desires, you are ripe for being deceived by spirits. As Light writes: "If you do not know the mind, you cannot know spirit." As we write: "If you do not know your subconscious mind, you do not know your mind or your spirit."

Everyone wants to know "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "What is special about me?" Few are willing to discover these answers by diligently exploring their inner selves and opening communication with the subconscious and the Higher Self under the careful guidance of a tutor who can help them establish the signals to discern fantasy from truth. Most prefer being told what they want to hear by someone or something else. Then, feeling unworthy of what they want to hear, they withdraw into their fantasies, depriving the physical world of their presence. Who are you? You are a spirit of light presently embodied in a human form. Why are you here? To give of your light (your energy and your consciousness) to humans, including the human you are in. What is special about you? THAT is the journey dear friends, to discover what is unique about your light and in this discovery, to move the spiritual progression of humans, your own soul, and all spirit forward. How do you discover this? Ah, the most difficult task of all - discover what makes you truly happy. When you are not happy, your light shrinks. This makes you and those around you depressed.

Until you find what makes you happy - suggestions on this next week - find a way to bring happiness - however brief - to all that cross your path. If you do this, you are on your path of purpose. It does not matter to the spiritual realms what you do to bring light - joy - into the world. It matters to your own soul that you do what makes you happy for this is what grows your light.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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