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Newsletters For

October 2003

Oct. 3rd, 2003 Oct. 10th, 2003 Oct. 17th, 2003 Oct. 31st, 2003

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Oct. 3rd, 2003


If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.


New segment "Messengers of Spirit" from Book II now posted on website.

We received 2 wonderful e-mails this week in response to last weekís Lighten-Up e-mail:

"wow.  very very enlightening!  I hae been meditating on that little snippet of writing for the last couple of days.  I think that it is important to get this work out..  Sometimes even the simplest words can make a hugh impact on others..  Thank You!!! "  L.

We wrote L. that her words made a huge impact on us and they did!  Increases our motivation even more

"I am amazed someone gave you $1000 USA donation! I wondered why and when to your website to read what is there on Book 2. Oh I want to help put this book out to! I am not in USA, I am in Mid-East and we really need light. All of us need it and want it. I do not have the money to donate $1000 so I prayed and asked what I can do. I had a dream of light pouring from me and into the Earth - first to little light and to much blood - then more light and more light until there was more light then blood. So I know everyone doing the light every day is good so I must do that every day. I also had a idea in my dream to sell your book here. I saw me selling or giving the book to people but it was not one book but a bag of books. When I thought about it today I think I figure it out. I save my money then send you enough for 5 books. This will me time but I will do it. Can I send just my currency - what would be equal to USA cost of 10 books - and you do the exchange at your bank there? I can find exchange rate on internet but it is hard for me to get to exchange bank. Also, I hate to ask but can you pay the postage? If not, I will send extra money for that. I will sell or give away books to people I think will send light and meantime I save money so when I have enough we do it again! We keep doing it until I have bought 100 books. Okay? Maybe even more if it works. What do you think?"    F. 

Can you imagine what we thought!! The dream!! The idea!!! The willingness to do it!!!! And she? he? Hasnít even read the book yet!!!! We said of course we would do the exchange here and yes we would pay the postage and we would charge her? him? $5 less a book for ordering a bulk order (3 or more books). Isnít Light clever to put such ideas into peopleís heads? And arenít people wonderful?

Another excerpt from "Messengers of Spirit

GOD as THE CREATOR is one aspect of GOD. This is the aspect of GOD of which you are a part because you are part of Spirit.

Spirit is the aspect of GOD that is creating Creation. It is through Spirit that GOD is exploring and discovering SELF as CREATOR.

You ask if GOD is creating Creation through Spirit or if Spirit is creating Creation through GOD.

I shall ask if you can separate the artist in a person or the musician or the mathematician or any other part of a person from the whole person? Even those whose whole lives are their passion are much more than their passion. Yet, their passion is a part of them. It does not exist apart from them.

Spirit is a part of GOD. Spirit does not exist apart from GOD.

Just as you learn about your own creative selves through what you create, GOD is learning about the creative aspect of SELF through what all of Spirit creates.

There are those who argue GOD is all knowing and that Creation is only for the expression of GODíS creativity, not for GODíS discovery. I would ask you, which is more expressive: to paint by the numbers or to paint as the spirit moves you? What is the point of expression without discovery? Expression without discovery is pointless to all creators, including GOD.


Next Posting on Website: Signs & Omens


Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, Lighten-Up!

"Act as channels of Light. Several times daily, imagine your spiritual (white) light beaming through your third eye and as you imagine the earth in your tender, caring hands, you will send this wonderful power of light all around this globe, so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. Next, light yourself, then those for whom you care, not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives, but merely to take this energy for their greatest good and greatest creation, the balance and the completion of their venture in this particular incarnation. And when you are finished, as you enjoy the light, you might, if you desire words, think this one simple little mantra: ĎJoy! Joy! Joy! I celebrate the balance that Light brings to all that is created with Light.í "

Why white light? Why the third eye? Why Beam The Light? Click on the global wave of light @ www.odysseyofthesoul.org
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Oct. 10th, 2003


If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.

Book II Update  The next section or chapter:  Signs and Omens is not yet posted.  May be by the middle of this next week, certainly by next weekend. 

News:  Our Lighten-Up Light in Brazil has informed us of a young singer and actress from Mexico named Thalia. She is famous also in Latin America and Brazil and is becoming famous in USA as well. Her official website is www.thalia.com.  In the "news" section she has posted a letter asking her followers to join her in a "Chain Of Light".  Isn't that interesting?  Her "Chain of Light"  is a visualization of blue light.  Here is a synopsis of it:

 In a quiet place, relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply, peacefully imagining every time you inhale, a beautiful blie light enters your body through your head...the light is so great it emanates from you...you visualize it being inside of you ...then around you as it grows it fills everything it touches withpeace.  Now it fills your room, spreads throughout your home and extends to your neighbors and your entire block.  The peace and love is felt at every corner. . .now the blue light grows and evelops your entire country and all those who live in it....it crosses the oceans and reaches other continents, taking love and peace to everyone, especially those who are sufferring....You bring this beautiful blue light to those who do not see it and in this way you cover the entire planet, rendering it full of peace, love, h oe and blessings.  Repreat three times out loud:  Love, peace and liberty to all human beings. "

Read the rest of this on Thalia's website (above).  "If we commit to this, Thalia writes, which is so simple and powerful at the same time, we will be doing the world and all those who inhabit it a great service. "

Our thoughts:  As always, do the meditations, prayers, rituals, visualizations you like.  This is a great one.  Join her Chain of Light if it touches you.  Be certain to ADD it to the Lighten-Up Sending of Light, not in place of it.  Why?

LIGHT WRITES:  "All prayers of light are right and wonderful and good. 

 Not everyone will receive the light you send when you attach to it your opinions.  Those who do not want peace and love and harmony, for example, will not open to any light attached to these thoughts.  But those that are, will.

  I, LIGHT, am fond of all colors and all methods of sending light, including those attached to words and those that are only words. 

Once again I remind you that all are good - like a necklace of lights.  I remind you also that one great light is essential - the center piece, if you would, of the necklace - in which all those who send light also join to send light as one mind.  Let this centerpiece in which all join be: 

Visualize the white light of spirit entering through the top of your head, then beaming out your third eye to an image you hold in your mind's eye of the Earth.  Visualize the white light as a laser beaming through the Earth to the core and out the other side as the light from the beam spreads from the core outwards to light the Earth and its atmosphere from the center out. 

All will benefit from this.

If you are not visual and feel more comfortable with words speak it.  After you have verbally described this several times, your mind will know what to do when you say:  "I Light The Earth."   But pause when you do this.  Focus on your words.  Put your attention into them, thus more of your light goes with them. " 


Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, Lighten-Up!

Light The Earth. Click On The Global
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Oct. 17th, 2003


If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.

No, the newest chapter of Book II is not posted yet. Still finalizing it. To make up for not being finished, here is a session with "S" - a client of Pamelaís and a hypnotherapist herself. This session was with the animal of "S", meaning the spirit of her body. Yes, our bodies are part of Natureís animal kingdom and the spirits of our bodies are part of Natureís realm. These spirits share their bodies with spirits - like us - who come from other realms, eager to experience life as a human. The animal spirit accepts the "other" spirit with which it shares its body as its master - at least to a point. Why? LIGHT explains this in Book II, so you will have to wait for that explanation. While we are embodied, our spirits merge with the animal spirit and remain connected through the subconscious mind. Note that in this session there are places where it is the subconscious of "S" rather than the "animal" that seems to be talking. One indication of this is the movement of the index finger - which is the subconscious "yes" signal for "S" rather than the movement of the thumb - which is the "yes" signal response for the animal of "S". Also note that the subconscious is both a level of knowing and a level of beliefs programmed by the conscious mind. Whether a given answer by the subconscious is "knowing" or "belief" can be discerned by asking the Higher Self through hypnosis or NMR. The transcript of this session was done by "S" - whom we thank for her generosity in sharing this session and typing it up. The notations of finger movements and other editorial notes are from Pamelaís notes of the session and are enclosed in brackets.

P: Are you going to speak to us animal?

S: [Cough] Iím making the body heavier. So she feels [it].

P: Interesting feeling as body heavier. You can recognize that vibration is quite different than your own.

S: The energy is soothing. [Yes index finger]. It is like the Venus thing. I guess because it is slower. [Think this is subconscious.]

P: You know the body itself- the animal. If it were just living in nature, what a lighter load it would have. {Thumb Yes signal} Weíre the ones who worry our bodies. {Thumb Yes Signal] Weíre the ones that indulge in worry. [Thumb Yes signal} Weíre the ones that stress and drive them. [Thumb Yes Signal ] The body itself is very in harmony in nature. [Thumb Yes signal.]

S: hmmm. Wow. No wonder that brings peace.

P: Good job showing her animal. The pace that she moves. Do you enjoy this animal?

S: No, weíre fighting.

P: What are you fighting and why?

S: Cause she wants to go fast and I want to go slow. Cause I donít get everything I need.

P: Tell her what you need.

S: I need time. I need time. I need time. Hmm. I need time. What does that mean?

P: Time for, what would you do in the time that she might give you?

S: It is probably going to be misunderstood. Well, I need the meditation time too because that is how the spirits become intertwined.

P: Ooh, now that is understandable.

S: Cause she is thinking that meditation means connecting with higher spirit. But meditation means actually connecting with spirit on one end and on the other end it means slowing down and connecting with nature. And so I need meditation time and I need time to remind her to plan instead of running away. Her thoughts are running away and they keep her too busy to think right.

P: Running away. Maybe Iíll ask her what she is running away from.

S: Oh she is just trying to do too much and so she thinks if she is hopping from one thought to another that it works but it doesnít.

P: Do you need more home time body?

S: Not necessarily, I just need more space. More soft time.

P: I like that "More Soft time"

S: Water. Better Foods. She doesnít even plan with meals. It is always an afterthought of "oh, I guess I have to eat".

P: Tell her how important food is to you.

S: Iím supposed to be in charge of the whole cells too. [This was said with great indignation, as though it is obvious why food would be important.] The cells donít work right [without food]. It is like having an administration that doesnít function. If you canít pay the workers, they are not going to do anything and they are going to go on strike and you have quite a mess.

P: Yes

S: Well the food. We need greens. We need salads. Fresh vegetables from the market and we want some variety and we just want fresh. And we need the supplements but she forgets and we need the back to work right but she forgets.

P: What make the back go out like that?

S: She is not supporting the body. A lot of it is not remember posture, not remembering that when she is reading that the body canít take a lot of that for long periods of time. Hunching over the computer. She knows all the things she isnít supposed to do but she decides she is going to do it anyway.

P: How do you feel when she makes that decision?

S: It is very challenging to be a team when she isnít working as a team.

P: You put that very well.. Maybe it will help her to realize that she does have a team there. That she is not all alone.

S: It is like being a boss that doesnít know how to delegate. She is forgetting that there is a co-owner [of the body] here. And I can help but I donít really feel like working with someone who isnít going to work with me.

P: You know you have a beautiful body. Lot of health. Maybe now she will understand the gift of having such a great body.

S: Yes, we bodies love ourselves.

P: How in touch or aware of nature are you body?

S: It is like asking spirit if it is aware of spirit.

P: It is totally yourÖ

S: Nature Ė I am.

P: Anything in the home that needs to be changed to make it more comfortable, healthy, happy or good for you?

S: This seems weird. Feng Shui because this animal body picks up on this energy too. There is a universal-ness about the way things are set up. [Yes index finger.]

P: Would she be better off trusting your instinct then what she reads or what feels good?

S: She needs to bring in someone else for new ideas because the animal doesnít necessarily know what it wants it just knows what feels good.

P: She doesnít like the moles.

S: She put them there. She didnít like the moles on the other person and she kept thinking about it and they grow.

P: What about the freckles on the skin?

S: She wanted dark skin tone so if enough freckles fill in, she gets dark skin tone.

P: Could the freckles fill in more?

S: Well, that isnít what she is telling me that she wants now. She wants even skin tone with more darkness to it.

P: Can you do that? Are you working on that?

S: No.

P: Why?

S: Well that isnít the way the body was. This isnít a dark skin-tone body.

Now, isnít all of that most interesting? Itís amazing what can be discovered when one is willing to let go of conscious control and slip into another level of awareness!


Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, Light The Earth, Yourselves, Your Loved Ones.

Light The Earth. Click On The Global
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Oct. 31st, 2003
A member of the group informs us there will be a global meditation on the 8th Nov at 11pm GMT.
This is sponsored by a group that calls itself The Children of Light.  To find their website and see the meditation they will be doing, you can probably find it by typing children of light into your search engine.    Times in major cities are:
Cairo, Egypt - 1 am 
Hamburg, Madrid, Rome - 12 midnight (Saturday)
Honolulu, Hawaii - 1 pm
Los Angeles - 3 pm
London, England - 11 pm
Mexico City- 4 pm
New York - 6 pm
Paris, France - 12 midnight
Sao Paolo, Brazil - 9 pm
Sydney, Australia - 10 am (Sunday morning - due to position on the globe)
Tokyo, Japan - 8 am (Sunday morning - due to position on the globe)
To find more specific times for your area go to:
As usual, join their meditation process if it appeals to you, but be sure to do the Light Meditation suggested by Light before, after, or instead of. 
Well, we are certainly busy here in Southern California with Nature's Fires.
Hugh and I are not in harm's way, but we have friends and members of this group who have been touched by the fires.  The daughter of two members lost her home and cats.  Christy, or venerable webmaster was evacuated and has returned.  Needless to say, the new chapter of the book will be a bit delayed by all of this, but hope it can be put up by next week end.  We will see.   It is a marvelous chapter loaded with amazing information.
The message of the Fires (yes we asked of course) is (from Higher Spirit):
"Fire is a symbolism of change.  Nature's message is Nature is starting to make the changes of which you were forewarned.  Nature is showing you (humans) that you are powerless before the power of Nature.  You want Nature to smile at you without doing your part in helping, not hindering, Nature.  If you will not make the changes necessary to help Nature, you will suffer the consequences."
So, what are the changes we need to make to help Nature?
Look around.  The Earth is over-populated.  We build deeper into the wilderness, without making provisions for the care of Nature and the animals of Nature on the properties.  We build structures on land that does not support such structures.  We do not replace what we take from Nature.  We create unnatural environments - woodlawns and green acres where desert belongs - developments where people do not belong.  We do these things without looking at the Whole Picture.  Nature looks at the Whole Picture - how each part affects the Whole.  We must learn to do this, insist on doing this.  In all areas of environmental care of our Earth.
Send Light.  Not to direct, but to image, think of the energy fields of people and animals and Earth filling with, being lifted by, LIGHT.
Enlightenment.  It is what humans need most at this time in Earth's history, and we need it accelerated.  Send Light. 
With Light,
Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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