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Newsletters For May 2005

May 1, 2005 May 7, 2005 May 14, 2005 May 29, 2005

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May 1st - May Day! And Lei Day in Hawaii!

"E Komo Mai" - Come In, Welcome!

What to do about thoughts that won’t go away? Focusing your attention on the breathing of your body helps. Eye fixation helps even more.

What is eye fixation? It’s finding a point and keeping your eyes locked on it. That point can be the finish tape when you are in a race. It can be the road you are racing on. It can be a spot on the wall or ceiling. It can be a spot on the back of your hand. It can be the back of your eyelids or the tip of your nose or the bridge of your nose. It can be a point right between your eyebrows or it can be your third eye. It can be a mental image that stands still: a rose, a gate way, the face of someone you love, admire, worship. The point is - the eyes are part of the brain. When the mind is busy thinking the eye balls move. When the eye balls stand still, the busy mind quiets down. Way down. Which gets the attention of the inner levels of your mind.

Turning your attention from the physical world that surrounds you to the inner world within you is an altered state of consciousness. When you do this to think or study deeply this is an altered state called contemplation or concentration. When you do this to talk to God or your Higher Self or Spirit Guides this is an altered state called prayer. When you do this for your Higher Self or Spirit Guides or non-physical beings to speak through you this is called channeling. When you do this for the purpose of communicating with the brain, the body or the subconscious and the parts of your soul and mind that are in the subconscious levels this is called hypnosis. Actually all altered states are states of hypnosis, but not everyone recognizes that. When you are in an altered state for the purpose of quieting the mind and body and tuning into or listening to higher levels of vibration and/or guidance this is called meditation. Again, a state of hypnosis, but with a different purpose that what most people think of as hypnosis.

The best way to get what you want in an altered state is to know what you want before you go into it and to ask for what you want before you go into it. That way your subconscious mind - which is the intermediary between you and your body, you and your brain, you and spirit, and you and all other parts of you - knows what to open you to when you are in your altered state.

What if you do all of this - state your purpose, focus on your breathing, and ‘fix’ your eyes on a single point - and you still can’t quiet your busy thoughts? Then you need step three: Addressing what is on your mind that screams for your attention whenever you turn your attention inward. Do you really need step three? If you sit and pay attention to your breathing and fix your eyes (gently draw your attention back to your breathing and your eyes back to a single point every time they drift away) for 15 minutes every day this week and by the end of the week you still can’t quiet your mind - you need step three.

Next week: How To Do Step Three.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now Lighten ~ Up With A Light Moment for You, The Earth, and Loved Ones.

Lighting The Earth Soul by Soul
with A Light Moment Daily

May 7th, 2005

"E Komo Mai" - Come In, Welcome!

"Quieting the thoughts that won’t go away" Most of us have stress-full thoughts, emotions and memories. Some try to bury or drown them with a substance or behavior that triggers ‘feel good’ brain chemicals. Sugar (and starch) work as triggers. So do dope and alcohol. Medication works, sex works, exercise works too. Others ‘push away’ undesirable thoughts, memories, emotions with will power, prayer, affirmations, meditation, and ‘positive programming’. Others, knowing everything is ‘just’ energy, do ‘energy work’ for releasing and/or transmuting unwanted energy.

‘Just’ energy? Thoughts, emotions and memories are energy connected to consciousness. Which is why one can’t bury them, drown them, push them away, release or transmute them without addressing the consciousness they are connected to. What is consciousness? Awareness and understanding. If one is not aware of and/or does not fully understand the WHY of one’s undesirable thoughts, emotions and memories they will keep coming back into the soul level (subconscious) of awareness no matter what one does to be rid of them. Why? Because they are important. They are the markers of unfinished soul lessons.

What are soul lessons? That which increases one’s awareness and understanding and thus one’s soul knowledge. They are the reason you are here. Some think consciousness work is only part of the answer, that even after the consciousness alters undesirable energy remains which can then be released/transmuted with energy work. Ah, were that it were so. When the consciousness that created an energy alters, the energy it created alters also. When undesirable energy remains or returns it means one thing: the soul lesson has not been completely understood therefore the consciousness that created it remains.

The soul mind will keep trying to bring stress-full thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories to the surface (conscious awareness) as a reminder of uncompleted soul lessons causing the presence of energy that is harmful to the body and a hindrance to the progression of the soul.

How can you know if this is true for you? Try quieting your mind in silence - without prayer, chanting, music, drums, chimes, mantras or anything else that does the work of ‘drowning’ out the thoughts that won’t go away. Your soul mind takes the opportunity of quieted conscious thoughts to bring to your attention ‘pushed away’ unresolved thoughts, emotions, memories. You can’t blame it. These are the things that must be addressed if you are to have the health, well-being and spiritual guidance you are seeking.

Next week: How to "make a deal" with the soul mind so one can meditate for higher spiritual guidance.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now Lighten ~ Up With A Light Moment for You, The Earth, and Loved Ones.

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Copyright: May/2005 Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.

Lighting The Earth Soul by Soul
with A Light Moment Daily



May 14, 2005

"E Komo Mai" - Come In, Welcome!

How to "make a deal" with the soul mind to meditate if you cannot quiet your mind, despite focusing your attention on the sound of your slow, steady breathing and ‘fixing the eyes on…back of eyelids? Third eye? Uplifting mental image? The dark screen of your mind? A light in your mind? Something else?

The deal? Give your emotional and physical thoughts a ‘special time’ in which you are paying close attention to them. Put a spiral notebook on your lap. Or a lap top computer. Or sit in front of a computer. Place your pen, pencil or crayon on the paper or put your fingers on the keyboard. You are going to say or write questions and then write the answers that pop into your head or begin writing themselves. EITHER WAY IS RIGHT! Do NOT edit. Do NOT worry about spelling, grammar, making sense, being ‘nice’ or writing ‘neatly’. If the words run together or are messy, that’s okay.

Say aloud or write your first question which might be: "Who or what wants my attention right now?" or "Who or what wants to talk right now?" You might get ‘me’. If you do say or write: "Who are you?" You might get: "You." if you do, say or write: "what part of me?" If you get a number write or say: Is this how old you are?" If it is, you have an ‘inner self’ of that age ‘talking’ to you. You might also get an emotion, like ‘anger’ or ‘sad’ or ‘I am the mad you’. That fine too. Ask or write: "Who or what made you mad?" The point is to DIALOGUE. To ask or write the question and watch what is written in response. This process (it’s called automatic writing or stream of consciousness) will give the thoughts that won’t leave you alone a chance to be heard. The parts of you that are trying to get your attention will appreciate this. If you get something in the dialogue that ‘freaks’ you out - calm yourself down. If the person writing seems to be someone other than you (like a spirit), go to our website and read how to help spirit attachments in our Treasure Chest. If it is some part of you - an inner self or an emotion or emotional part of you  - and it seems to need more help then you can provide, seek out a qualified hypnotherapist or psychotherapist who is trained in EMDR AND regression therapy. Otherwise, keep dialoguing. Think of it as your wise self helping your emotional self. Then, if your wise self needs additional help on what to write/say to your emotional self, you can also dialogue, through writing, with your Higher/Spiritual Self. IF you keep this ‘deal’ to give your emotional/physical self some time of its own to ‘talk to you’, then it will leave you alone when you meditate. (If you don’t, it won’t.) Especially if you say something like: This is the time for me to meet with the wisest part of me so I can better help all the other parts of me.

If you give the parts of you that need attention the attention they need they will ‘leave you alone’ to meditate. For further suggestions on how to help yourself deal with the emotional/physical you, see the Treasure Chest on our website below.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now Lighten ~ Up With A Light Moment for You, The Earth, and Loved Ones.

Copyright: May/2005 Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.

Lighting The Earth Soul by Soul
with A Light Moment Daily

May 29th, 2005

E Komo Mai"- Come In, Welcome!

Now that you know how to tune into your "higher vibes" (see ezines April 10-May 17) now what? KEEP DOING IT. DAILY. It is this daily "communion" with the Spiritual Self/Higher Self part of YOUR spirit that enhances your intuition, what some would call your psychic ability. When you want higher knowledge, when you want to know truth, when you wish greater understanding - this is the part that brings it to you. When you pray, it doesn’t matter who/what you pray to - this part of your spirit brings you the answer and/or the guidance in response to your prayer. GOD ALWAYS SAYS YES! What else does free will mean? You ask for good, God says, ‘Yes, according to your will, let it be done." You ask for bad, God says, "Yes, according to your will, let it be done."

It is your Spiritual/Higher Self that lets you know if what you ask is or is not ‘according to your will’. You have several levels of will. You have your higher level of will, your conscious level of will, your emotional level of will, your physical level of will AND the "rules of the reality you are in" that you agreed to before entering you body. All of these are part of your will. You can change your conscious will and your emotional; i.e. subconscious, levels of will. You cannot change your higher will. You ‘set’ this before entering. You can master your physical will and the "rules of your reality", but this is truly spiritual mastery - you must truly be a master for this.

How to become a master? You must be in a place where you are completely and clearly in communication with your Higher/Spiritual Self. On the way to this it is important to commune daily (meditate) with your Higher/Spiritual Self. It is important to pay attention to your dreams and get clear guidance from your Higher/Spiritual Self on their meaning. You can get this guidance in your altered states or through automatic writing. For altered state guidance follow the guidelines given you: Sit quietly. Focus on your breathing. Scan your body and relax away tension. Fix your eyes. Imagine you are in a place of peace and solitude. Mentally review your dream and ask to know its message/meaning to you. This is a fairly advanced method of communicating with the Higher Self. If this does not yet work for you, use the automatic writing method or the pendulum. (See how to use a Pendulum on our website below.). For automatic writing - write out your dream. Then write: Higher Self - what is the meaning of this dream? Then write what comes into your mind. Or read each section separately and ask for meaning of each section or each image (person, place, thing) in the dream. Or test each part/image with pendulum. Don’t dream? Keep paper/pen or tape recorder by bed and immediately upon awakening say, "If I knew what I dreamt that was important to me, what that be?" Speak/write what comes into your mind - even if only fragments at first - and if nothing does write/say "I want to know next time." Keep doing this. Persistence pays.

With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now Lighten ~ Up With A Light Moment for You, The Earth, and Loved Ones.

Copyright: May/2005 Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.

Lighting The Earth Soul by Soul
with A Light Moment Daily



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