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Newsletters For

May 2nd, 2004

May 21st, 2004    

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May 2nd, 2004

 Greetings Light Channels!

While Dr. Harmon was in hypnosis, I asked his subconscious about physical healing. His subconscious responded that healing and repair of the body (and its brain) are normally done when the body sleeps. I asked if there is a healing state of hypnosis. The response was "yes, when the body is sufficiently relaxed as in sleep." I asked if it is necessary for the conscious mind to be unconscious in this state and the response was "No, it can be aware or not aware as it chooses." I then asked what happens in cases of "instant or spontaneous" healing. Here is the answer from the subconscious mind - the part of the mind that serves the will and is in control of the body. Explanatory comments from me (Pamela) are in brackets.

"When one thinks and believes that there is indeed a spontaneous healing and the subconscious has no resistance to that, the spontaneous healing is effective and continues to be.

"However, if it (healing) is over-riding a program that is causing the dysfunction in the body, the body will return with the dysfunction in complete or in part.

"When there is resistance to the healing it may start the healing process and (then) reverse to the dysfunction or discomfort in the body, relating to the power of the subconscious program versus the desire to heal.

"When the desire to heal is greater than the need for dysfunction, then the body will heal but may at a later time revert to the disease or dysfunction of the cells of the body [until the unconscious or conscious need for dysfunction is ended].

"When itís the bodyís desire to heal in a natural program of Nature, then when the body has no reason [emotional or mental or spiritual] to maintain illness, it will strive for wellness."

Questions in regards to this?


 Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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May 21st, 2004

Greetings Light Channels!

In our May 1st e-mail we shared information from subconscious mind of Dr. Hugh. To sum up briefly: "When one . . .believes that there is indeed a spontaneous healing and the subconscious has no resistance to that, the spontaneous healing is effective and continues to be. However, if it (healing) is over-riding a program that is causing the dysfunction in the body, the body will return with the dysfunction in complete or in part."

We received the following questions via e-mail.

Question: "Does this mean that even though I consciously wish to heal and my subconscious is programmed to have a dysfunction, I will not heal that dysfunction? Are we working out some unknown resolutions? I met a kahuna a long time ago. A healer and he was passing over from cancer. I could not figure out why. "

Answer: Yes, when your subconscious is "programmed" to have a dysfunction, you will not heal it or it will not stay healed until the "program" is changed. Some subconscious programs and dysfunctions are willed by the spiritual level of the soul for what might be termed a "soul challenge". However, many subconscious programs are created by the emotional and mental beliefs embraced by the mind in oneís early years - even as far back as the womb or past lives. When these beliefs and emotions - many of which are subconscious and therefore "forgotten" or not consciously known - are altered, the subconscious program can be altered too. While it may take time and effort and knowledge to be willing to alter "stuck" beliefs and emotions the actual change can be instantaneous. It can take longer for organic changes to occur because of the "mind set" that physical changes take longer. A good hypnotherapist, especially one that uses proper NMR can help to find the "unknown" beliefs and emotions causing the dysfunction so they can be addressed and altered. The Kahuna with the cancer may have had a soul challenge to meet or may have had an inner conflict he had not addressed. Healers are like everyone else - itís easier to help others than to work with oneís own unresolved emotions and negative beliefs - especially when they are "hidden". Interestingly, the more advanced one is in consciousness the more resistance there seems top be to healing by any method other than altering consciousness; i.e. resolving negative emotions and altering negative or limiting beliefs. (addressing the underlying thoughts/emotions.)

Question: "So when Jesus did healing, did he talk to them first or did he just know if they were ready (without blocks)? Or did he just do it and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didnít? Iíd love to know more details about how Jesus healed. Iím curious if he did something different and Iím thinking he must have or more people would be known for their healing powers, right?"

Answer: Some persons Jesus healed - such as the blind man - were part of his mission. The healing had been planned on the soul levels. You could say these people were "pro-programmed" by agreeing to be part of the demonstrations Jesus provided in order to catch the attention of the people. They were completely open to the healing energy of Jesus. What was that energy? The same as yours: God Light - the essence of every soul and spirit. Do you remember the woman who touched the hem of his garment and was healed? She was healed by her openness to the light in Jesusí energy field. Whether she remained healed is not written - at least in Earth Records. Perhaps we will ask Master of Spirit if it is recorded in the Soul Records. More often, Jesus spoke at length to groups of people. He did this to help them change the beliefs and emotions that were making them ill. Once they did this, they healed themselves emotionally and mentally. Jesus would touch them to speed up the organic change with God Light - the life force of all life forms. When people did not change their minds - meaning their inner/outer thoughts and emotions - Jesus could not heal them. He would not even try. He knew better.

Many healers of the past and the present have demonstrated equal healing power as Jesus. What makes Jesus "different" are the "miracles" that truly "wowed" the people, such as changing water into wine, multiplying the loaves and fishes, raising the dead, appearing "alive" after his own death. These things truly awed people. It demonstrated power over physical limitations. The disciples added to the "mystique" of Jesus by making him seem "better" or "more" than being "merely" human. A mistake in our minds as this gives people the impression they can never hope to be like Jesus and so must invoke his name to intercede for them. This is not what Jesus taught. His teaching was "I am the way, follow me". His meaning was: ĎI am the example, follow my example". The message he wanted to convey was he, too, was human. He freed himself from negative emotions and negative, limiting beliefs. He lifted himself into his spiritual vibrations while embodied. This was the meaning of his life. His energy field became one of joy. There is no greater healing energy than joy. Joy is the emotion we feel when we are tuned into our essence: Light. His disciples were good men who achieved much in their own right. But they never fully understood his message or the meaning of his life. Which is why all are embodied today. They are still learning."

We welcome more questions.

With LIGHT, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, have a Light Moment. Simply say or think: "I Light The Earth." Yes, it is that simple and takes that long. The healing forces that know what to do with your light will take over from there. What happens as you do this is a white spiritual light flows in through your crown chakra (top of your head) and flows out again through your third eye to the Earth. It is not necessary to visualize this but you can if you like to. If you like the thought or visualization of holding the Earth in your palms as you do this, that is fine too. It will add to the healing vibrations in your palms. All of this will take only a moment. If you want to add to the moment, light yourselves. Your bodies and their brains will greatly appreciate this. Be as detailed and directive as you like. You have free will regarding your own lives. Think of goals you have and feel as much as possible the joyful feeling of accomplishing these goals. Finish by lighting your loved ones as they, too, will appreciate this. Donít tell the light what to do for them. Just send the light. You might also, if you desire, mentally think of yourselves being protected by a golden spiritual light that shields you from what is not to your highest good and magnetically draws to you what is to your greatest good.



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