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Newsletters For May 2001

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May 20, 2001      May 12, 2001      May 11, 2001

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Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2001 1:05 PM



We welcome new Lights: Upkar Chiiber of India and Mitzi Mc Mahon. Pause a moment to send Earth, You, and them Light.


A better heading the "Old Lights", don't you think?

We thank Earle and Elizabeth Pye for their emails suggesting using the Power of Ten to help the populace save our beautiful earth with Light. They were Brilliant!

Christy is posting them on our website under "How To Motivate & Inspire Others to Send Light".

Right Christy?

Should be up this weekend. Right Christy?

So you can go to them to copy to send whenever you like.

How about some of your own? Send them and we'll share with the Lighten-Up Group and on our website.

Let us pause once more and send Light to Earth, to You, to Earle Pye, Elizabeth Pye, and Christy Keller... ..our faboulous webmaster.

Great news regarding our Lighten-Up Light Mathew Stein. His Book "When Technology Fails, A Hand Book For Self Reliance and Planetary Survival" is at the TOP of Amazon's Best Seller List. A big boost from being on Art Bell's Syndicated Radio Show (millions of listeners) got the word out and his book is a big hit. If you haven't gotten it....DO.

Pause to send Light to Earth, To You, and To Mathew Stein and his Book. What the heck, send Light to Amazon too. (While you're at it, send Light to THE Amazon as well. It needs our Light.)

The following is a letter to the editor that appeared in our local papers. It was written by Lighten-Up Light Jennifer Mc Vey.

Jennifer is a very gifted Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Counselor, Tarot Card Reader, and Teacher of the Mind and Spirit.

Yet another idea on how to inspire & motivate others to send Light. Won't it be great if there were letters to the editor EVERY DAY about sending Light? Here is Jennifer's great letter:

Is Anybody Out There?

What are we doing to our Earth? I find myself in a state of shock every time I think about it. I don't understand what's going on....from global warming to pollution and now we have just discovered that our sonar waves are killing dolphins (they have been found beached in the Bahamas with their inner ears bleeding.)

If we are such intelligent beings, why are we allowing this to happen?

In the last few decades we have made incredible strides in the science and medical fields; we have even begun to extend our lives with the support of Western medicine and modern technology....but what good is it going to do if we don't have a planet to live on?


How can we save the rain forests, the oceans, the endangered species, etc if we are not saving ourselves?

I know that I cannot save Earth all by myself, but I do know that I can help. I want to know if there is anybody out there who is doing what I've been doing....Every morning when I get up, sit outside and have my coffee, I send Light to the Earth.

How does this help? It (Light-creation energy) balances the planet. I don't direct it; I send it and know that by my fivie minutes everday that someone or something has been helped.

If it is so simple, you ask, why isn't everybody already doing it? I don't know; that is precisely why I am writing this letter....I want to know that I am not alone.

Signed, Trying to lighten up

Great, isn't it? Oh, we just got an idea. We will respond to her letter in the Letters to The Editors saying,

 "Yes, We are out here doing the same as 'Trying To Lighten Up'. We also send Light daily to the earth. We also know this very energy used to create earth in the first place will restore the planet if there are enough minds and enough time to do so. Is anybody else out here doing the same? Please respond via this venue."

Signed, Pamela Chilton and Dr. Hugh Harmon.

What a great idea Jennifer. Yes, we are all pausing to send Light to Earth, to Us, and to Jennifer Mc Vey.

NOTE: Light "prophesied in BOOK II: "Soon, those gentle guardians of the sea - whales, dolphins, and turtles - will begin attacking humans."

And why wouldn't they....if we persist in attacking them by creating an environment in the sea that maims and kills them?

Have you read the Light's excerpts from Book II on our website? These include: "Time, Prophecy, and Predictions". Go to www.odysseyofthesoul.org.

Go to index and the bottom of the opening page. Click on BOOK II.


Well, we gave you a BIG hint when we said may you feel Blue Light this week. Didn't even realize we did it. When I (Pamela) first thought of a color it was pink, but then I  thought...that isn't in the rainbow and I've used it before....so I switched it to Blue.

Li Raven wrote to say she got Pink!!! Caught my first thought Li. Good going.

NOW what color? Also in the rainbow. Which means it is a chakra color too.

Yes, it was my first thought.


Transcript of question & answer to Hugh's Higher Self on 10/31/00

Q. Are tarot card readings and psychic predictions of good or harm?

HS: I can tell you when a person asks from one side, which we would call the known, about the other side, which we would call the unknown, they will get information. I can also tell you that the information is mutable, moveable, fleeting. It may remain active for a time and it may not remain active for very long. There's a movement to everything. Everything is flux and moving.   So when a person sees, hears, or predicts an event, it is for that moment of time only. And it may or may not be true in the future. But it might be true at that moment in time.

Q: Can Higher Selves access the Records. [Note:  This refers to that which are alternately referred to as Akashic Records, Soul Records, or as Higher Spirit calls them: Universal Records.]

HS: Higher Self cannot access the Records. Can access energy of self and input of that energy in the universe, but if looking for Records, for information on another, Higher Selves must seek another source or access.

Q: Are the Records recorded pictures?

HS: Records wouldn't be what I would call a picture. You might call it or think of it as a visual thing. But no, they are information, just like other information cast out into the universe. Like a radio wave, electronic waves.   Billions and trillions of information fly out into space every day.

Q: What creates this energy?

HS: Part of the energy, the identity of a person, whether they are in the body - which is where the usual amount comes from - or they are in between bodies or just resting. Most of the information comes from the activity from the physical body.

Q: Is there a bulue print of the universe that the records contain?

HS: You might get that information form another source. It's not like you go into a bank vault, open a drawer and pull out the information.   There are many levels of this information that would be invisible to you. But if you were to ask Higher Self about information about self, you would be able to retrieve this, about self. For this is part of your memory banks as well.

Q: If a scientist or inventor receives an idea or concept that seems clear to them, where is this coming from?

HS: Many different sources. Vast, vast information in the universe.

NOW: Information from the Higher Self of a person who does Tarot Card Readings for herself:

Q: Are Tarot card readings beneficial to her?  Are they are positive influence?

HS: Well, if you are speaking of what she is getting now - she is getting a lot of negativity.  But that is coming from her. Her mind is focused on the negativity. Therefore, that is what she reflects. That is the information she gives out. They [cards] give that information back to her. Then the information is compounded.  [Meaning her beliefs reflected back to her in the cards compound her beliefs which, of course, adds to the negativity in her life.]

Q: How can we move her mind from the negative focus?

HS: Well, that's not our place to do that, is it?

Q: But we are seeking guidance on how to shift her focus.

HS: Well, now you have hit upon a subject where she feels she is the battered martyered one.   Many times, thinking that bad things befall her, good things support here, that she has good fortune and bad fortune, according to what she's experienced in the past. She's not really embraced the responsibility of thought. That what she thinks she tends to manifest. She says, "Yes, I understand this." She does understand that, but she does not practice that.

Q: She wants very much to be a psychic.

HS: Yes, yes, she says she wants to be a psychic. But is fearful of doing things that would make her responsible, in a place of responsibility. Fearful of criticism, fearful of being wrong, fearful of being made wrong, fearful of being who she is.

Q: Is there a way to be a psychic that would always be positive for people?

HS: There is always a positive way of putting thought forms. But many people don't think about that and reinforce the negative thoughts of a person by feeding their negative thoughts back to them, making a stronger negative form.

Q: What about the car accident she is fearful of having because of a psychic seeing this for her?

HS: Not necessary. You may recall she had an entity attachment that had died in a car accident. If you recall, that implant was read incorrectly by the psychic, or tarot card reader.

Want to read about the Records? Go to our website and read Messages From Spirit, The Universal Records. By the way, the future is NOT in the Records. Read Light's: "Time, Prophecy and Predictions".   Want to read more about Spirit Entity Attachments?  Read Chapter Seven of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis...Posted free on website or available at all bookstores via internet

Questions to be addressed in Suspense Corner next week:

These questions are sent in by you, and we try to get to them as quickly as we can!

Question 1: Is Napoleon embodied?

Question 2: I am wondering about what Master of Light has to say on the concept of "Twin Flame"   Is there such a concept as your "other half"? Is it possible to meet this person with yourself embodied and the other half just as spirit?

If yes to these, what is the purpose of this union?  How does this union effect the vibration of the planet and of maintaining earths balance? What is a twin soul flame? Do souls have an "other half" and do those halves sometimes guide the other as one is embodied? Why?

Keep your Lights shinning, and pause now to send Light to Earth, then you and your goals.

Remember, when you focus the Light of Spirit in your thoughts, your thoughts are empowered with greater energy. Your subconscious uses the energy of The Light to manifest your thoughts.   Think of your body…as you want it and think of this with love, not hate or disgust or hopelessness.

 Think of your bank accounts and other money accounts…….put in your mind's eye the amount you want to see next for your balance. Make this amount believable to your conscious beliefs. If you think…however briefly….that is an  impossible amount…your subconscious reads this thought as

"Never mind, I don't want it".

Your subconscious knows nothing is impossible, unless you say/think/believe it is. Once you have attained this amount, or these amounts, increase the "bottom line".

Think of FUN, as well as serious things, you will do with this increased amount.

The subconscious gets a real "charge" out of fun thoughts.

With Light,

 Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Lighten-Up Daily!
Surround Earth With Light!

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Date: Saturday, May 12, 2001 2:31 PM
Our webmaster says never to use caps because that means you are shouting. Well.....we LIKE caps to add expression. We ARE shouting....for joy of you. For joy of Christy, our webmaster too!
Smile Christy.
NEW LIGHTS.........

 A pause to send Light to the new Lights that have joined our circle. (Have you read the Lucy Circle Page on our website? Thenyou know what a Lucy Circle is. Certainly the Lighten-Up Group is a Lucy Circle. We always send Light particularly to the Lighten-Up Group at Noon California Time.) Our "new" Lights are: Daisy of the USA, Ron & Elaine Simpson of the USA; Urmila Bhana of Pune, India; Jackie Criswell of the USA; Andrew Mackenzie of Australia; Mystical Moments of the USA. Pause to send them Light (Lighten the earth first then "tithe" to you and the "new" Lights".  

EARTH DAY LIGHT Elizabeth Pye of California (and her heart in France too), sent the following regarding the earth day Lighten-Up Meditation:

"I want to share with you an experience that I had during one of the times that I joined with you, Dr. Hugh and the many, many other light-senders during the hourly "send the light to earth" activity on Earth Day, April 22. After having sent the light on the hour during the morning, I continued to send the light in the afternoon as well. At the end of the 2 P.M. (PDT) activity, a vision appeared in my mind's eye in which the beautiful blue and white earth (similar to a photo of earth taken from space) appeared on a dark, velvety background. All around the earth, breaking up the darkness, were small individual lights linked together as in a gold chain necklace. The linked light-chains multiplied rapidly encircling the earth, all around in various directions, until they quickly blended together obliterating the dark background and replacing it with ONE unified golden light.

Isn't that wonderful!!!! YOU - WE - ALL OF US w ere that golden necklace!!!! Elizabeth also told us that one day she was feeling very out of energy. Needing some quickly, she thought of the yellow light with the red rays in it you have been sending (thank you) to Pamela. She basked in the thought of this for a moment and said, "I was amazed. My energy picked right up. I still can't get over how well it worked."

(From Pamela....perhaps that is why Book II is flying along.:)))))

 Elizabeth and her husband Earl took the "Power of Ten" concept to heart and have forwarded to us separate e-mails each wrote to forward on to e-mail friends. We will be sending these separately to you (one Sunday and one Monday) because you may prefer to send one of theirs instead of the one we sent yesterday. (We've read them, they are each GREAT!) Or perhaps certain ones are best for certain people. Or perhaps sending all three AND one of your own in decent intervals. The best chance we all have for getting a million minds to focus Light on the earth daily is the world wide web.
ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL OF LIGHT Marilyn Loween, a Lighten-Up Light, had a "touch of joy" massage by another Lighten-Up Light whose name is.......Joy! Marilyn remarked on how healthy and beautiful her house and house deck plants were and Joy replied, "You should have seen them before I started sending Light to them. What a difference!"

We just LOVE these stories of using Light to Make A Difference. Send MORE!!!!!!!!!! Nothing is too small, too ordinary, or too great. Last ail we promised to send you Rosie of France's email address as she is a very prolific web browser of metaphysical and spiritual sites. She agreed to let us list her address and you are welcome to join her address book for forwarding new sites to you. Her email: Lefvre.gerad@wanadoo.fr

NEXT WEEK: We asked two Higher Selves: "Are tarot card readings and psychic predictions of good or harm?" We asked about the Akashic R ecords and whether Higher Selves can access them. Aren't you eager to hear the answers?

Much BLUE Light to you this week.

Psychic Game: Tune into to know the color Light we will send to you next week. One of the rainbow colors.

With Light, Pamela & Dr. Hugh Too.

Lighten-Up Daily!
Surround Earth With Light!


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Date: Friday, May 11, 2001 12:43 PM
Hello Lovely Lights,
We know....we missed last weekend.  The following replaces what we would have sent and we will send a regular newsletter email Sat. or Sunday.  The following is in reply to the MANY (65 at last count!) of you who wrote asking, "Can you write an email about the Power of Ten I can forward to others?"  Yes, we can and we did. 
Want to do your part in saving our beautiful earth?  You can, with The Power of Ten and with LIGHT.
LIGHT is the very energy used to create earth in its perfect balance in the beginning.
Many believe this LIGHT holds within it the intelligence of THE CREATOR. Whether they believe this CREATOR to be Spiritual (of Spirit) or Natural (of Nature) - or both - the intelligence that created Earth is the very intelligence needed to restore the balance humans have destroyed.
Humbly asking the intelligence in the LIGHT to restore the balance is a powerful - perhaps the most powerful - means of restoring this balance.
Humbly means admitting the intelligence in the LIGHT is more aware than are we of what is needed for the restoration of the balance.
Focusing the mind on the thought of surrounding and filling earth, its atmosphere, and its magma with LIGHT - without adding any other thought or words - is the most powerful of human prayers and meditation for the healing of the earth because it is the most humble.
It is the most humble because it does not tell the intelligence in the LIGHT what to do, nor does it request what one thinks is needed. It presupposes the intelligence in the LIGHT KNOWS.
WHAT IF..ONE person could make a difference to the healing of earth by focusing at least one time daily on the thought of LIGHT surrounding and filling the earth, its atmosphere and its magma and YOU are that one person.
WHAT IF.MANY people could accelerate the healing of earth and YOU inspired 10 people to focus at least one time daily on the thought of LIGHT surrounding and filling the earth, its atmosphere and its magma - PLUS you motivated those 10 to inspire and motivate another 10 and so on and so on and so on.
THEN. YOU would be directly responsible - within five generations of 10 - for inspiring and motivating ONE MILLION people to focus on the healing of earth through LIGHT daily.
WHAT IF.this is the very purpose for which YOU were born?
You might want to forward this message to 10 people you know or intuit are interested in healing the earth, so they, too, can forward it to 10 others.
For those who want to know how to use the Light for themselves and their loved ones as well as for healing the earth, click on the Make A Difference Banner @ www.odysseyofthesoul.org



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