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Newsletters For March 2005

March 12th, 2005 March 19th, 2005 March 26, 2005  

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March 12th, 2005 Greetings!

New material on the website for your perusal and discussions:

Where People Go When They Die ~ How To Help Spirit Attachments

When Children See Spirits ~ How To Help Your Child (and yourself) With Nightmares ~ How To Help Your Child (and yourself) With Sexual Molest

Mastering Your Emotions ~ Decreasing Stress ~ New Lighten Up Material on Lighten Up Page ~ and How To Get Creative With Your Light. Coming Next: EMDR/BLS for Self-Transformation & EMDR/BLS For Chronic Pain. These papers give a general overview of what EMDR/BLS are and step by step instructions for home use.

Once again, our deepest thanks to Christy Keller, Master of Our Web, for the donation of her skills, time, and care.

As always, we welcome your questions and your feedback. Here is a question for your feedback. Do you like this format of sending you an email on a regular basis? Do you prefer weekly, monthly? Does the size matter? Do you prefer shorter? Longer? Would it be better to post on our website and send you a notice of the subject discussed? If you offer us your feedback and we truly would appreciate that, put Lighten-Up in the subject matter. There are 200 "lights" in the Lighten-Up group now and to our knowledge the following countries are represented: United States, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Nigeria, France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. If we have left out your country, let us know! We like knowing all the lights around the world.

Coming very soon: A Light Dialogue. It is the newest and longest section of Book II and it is very enlightening and very exciting.

Since there is so much to read, this newsletter will be short. If you like discussing the material posting, sign up for the Odyssey Bulletin Board at Yahoo. Instructions are on website. We read the Bulletin Board and when time permits participate. We also respond to helpful feedback posted on the Bulletin Board. Comments posted on our "new" opening page (which wasnít much liked) caused us to move the "new" material from the front page to the Lighten Up Page and to go back to the "old" opening page, albeit somewhat streamlined. Which means the Lighten Up Page has been altered, making the steps for Sending Light much simpler - less directive, just giving the basics: Send White Light (without direction) through the third eye to the Earth. Light Self first, then Earth, then loved ones, then return to self if time permits and you want to do more for yourself. For more ideas on how to get creative and effective and directive with the light for self see the Get Creative With Your Light Page. Also on the new Lighten Up Page: An excellent suggestion/inspiration from Ann Wilkinson, our Lighten-Up Light in Alabama. Check it out.

With Light

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Take a Light Moment Now To Light The Earth, while you do it, can you feel our love lighting you?

Spreading The Word of Light



March 19th, 2005 Greetings!

Making a list of what one wants in a "perfect mate" is quite popular. Clients and students often ask for our advice on how to make this list. We asked several of our colleagues what they would advice. The best answer we have ever seen is provided here by Jennifer McVey, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Professional Psychic in Palm Springs California.

I would make a list of why I wanted a mate (what it would do for me) and then I would create all of those things in my life.

I would make a list of the qualities I want in a mate and then I would develop all of those qualities in myself.

I would make a list of what I would do with a mate and then I would do all of those things myself.

I would make a list of how a man would improve my life and then I would start making those improvements myself.

I would research and read books on relationships, including communication skills, joint finances, and gender roles in different cultures and societies.

I would do Tarot card readings and NMR and pay attention to my dreams to keep track on how Iím moving forward (or where I am not), checking continually for blocks that would interfere with being able to love and feel loved (on all levels), to having a loving, respectful mate and to being a loving, respectful mate.

I would do my inner work associated with these blocks: meditating, journaling, making tapes to erase negative subconscious programs, and would seek hypnotherapy for any emotional resistance I might uncover to erasing these old programs.

I would be conscious of what I was thinking and saying and I would take the appropriate actions to ensure I am creating what I want.

I would focus on the lessons involved in not having a mate, in wanting a mate and discovering how a relationship would help me grow.

I would document everything: How I act around men, what type of men I am attracting, what I am wearing, where I am when I meet them.

I would make this a priority in my life and I would ask for my Highest Good and Guidance as I asked Spirit to bring me my perfect mate. 

                  2004  Copyright: Jennifer Mc Vey


We told you it was good! This list Ďworksí for men too. It also Ďworksí for improving the relationship with the partner one already has. Live the life you enjoy, seek out the activities you love, establish friendships or join clubs whose members like to do the things you like that your partner does not like to share with you (keep these in the friendship level). Give to your partner what you would like to receive from your partner. Odds are and given a reasonable amount of time, your partner will begin reciprocating in kind. If you canít do this, you may have inner work yourself to do (like releasing anger and finding the role you play in an unhappy relationship). If your partner does not respond, your partner needs the inner work.

We would add one refinement to Jenniferís list and it is not even our addition. One person receiving a Spirit Session from us was told by Light: "When you lighten-up daily, think of the magnetic attracting quality of light drawing to you the perfect, compatible, physical mate for you."

We think the compatible and physical terms are important. Many people find the perfect physical mate, or mental mate, or emotional or spiritual mate but find this one is not compatible for daily living. Others find the perfect mate in the mental realms, but not the physical realms. Thus the importance of the thought: the perfect, compatible, physical mate.

If you have a mate you would like to draw closer to, think of the magnetic attracting quality of light drawing the two of you closer together.

With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Join us now to "Light Up" The Earth,  be sure to add your loved ones and, of course, YOU.

Spreading The Word of Light
March 26th, 2004
In light of the "right to die" controversy in the USA regarding Terri Schiavo, we discussed this situation with LIGHT.    For those not in the US:  Ms. Schiavo has been in a "persistent vegetative state" for the past fifteen  years.  Medical science has said there is "no hope for recovery".  Her husband, who nursed her for some time hoping for recovery, let go of his hope and has been trying ever since to have her feeding tube removed.  His claim is she verbally said she would never want to be kept alive by machines.  She left no written instructions to this effect however.  Her parents feel there is enough of Terri there that they have hope she will recover and they believe is aware, at least part of the time.  They want the right to keep her alive so they can continue to hope and to relate to her as she is.  The courts have become involved and at this time the feeding tube has been removed.  It is said it will take a couple of weeks perhaps for death to occur.  It has been five or six days since the tube was removed.  I (Pamela) asked only a few questions regarding all of this.  More occurred to  me afterwards (of course).   But what was gained is fascinating and we share it with you here.  (In this case LIGHT was speaking through Dr. Hugh while he was in an unconscious state of hypnosis.) 
P: is Pamela and L: is Light.
P: There is a woman in a vegetative state who is in the news as they argue whether to remove her feeding tube or keep it in.
LIGHT: Yes, in the state of Florida.
P;: I am curious. In this womanís case, is her spirit still present with the body or not?
L: That spirit comes and goes. The spirit is not omnipresent but from time to time you might say checks in with the body and out again. The spirit is very free, freely out of the body most of the time. The animal body and the cells are still able to carry on but there is not much spiritual activity for the spirit is gone, being bored with the vegetative state of the animal body.
P: Why does that happen in a case like this, why doesnít the body die?
L: Well, you see, sometimes there is a lesson to be learned from the body. Remember we talked about the body being one part - the animal body - and the spirit being the other part?
P: Yes.
L: Sometimes the animal body has a lesson to learn. What better lesson than rejection?
P: So the body is experiencing the lesson of rejection?
L: Yes.
P: Itís been rejected by the spirit that lived in it?
L: Well, thatís part of it. Was rejected by a failure to keep the bodyís chemical balance. It was rejected by the husband before that. There was a lot of rejection in this womanís life.
P: So itís impossible to say itís better for the parents to keep her alive or to let the body go? Thatís between the parents and the husband I guess, right?
L: Thatís right and we wonít interfere, you know that.
P: Right.
Note From Pamela:  If you think of the "animal body and its cells" as the "nature spirit" of the body and its cells, this message will be clearer.  There are two spirits in most human bodies, bonded as one.  There is the spirit of the body - what we can call the animal spirit or the nature spirit - and there is the "other" - the one that comes from levels of spirit other than the earth levels.  All Spirit is part of GOD but spirits that embody originate from different realms and levels of spirit.  There are "Earth Spirits" or "Nature Spirits".  This is the spirit remaining in Terri's body.  It seems this spirit also has lessons to learn and to teach.  It is, at this time according to LIGHT, of minimal awareness, but when it leaves the body it will be fully aware of all that occurred and will choose how it feels and thinks - whether it chooses to embrace the love and care it was given or the rejection.
So many questions flow from this, most of which I know LIGHT is addressing in LIGHT'S book.  You might ask  too.
Questions such as:   
Does the "other" spirit in the body - that which does not come from the Earth - choose the body whose spirit will be meeting the lessons it also needs or does the "other" spirit influence what the body and its spirit will meet?   
So much to ask.  Why not keep a Question Journal?  Ask a question of LIGHT.  Ponder it in a meditation for thinking deeper.  Note the answer or guidance you receive.  Keep the journal.    Compare it with what LIGHT writes. 
With Light,
Pamela and Dr. Hugh
This Easter Day join us to Light The Earth.
Spreading The Word of Light
Spreading The Word of Light


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