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Newsletters For

March 2004

March 14th, 2004      

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March 14th, 2004   


As we Light The Earth this week, let us focus an "extra beam" of light on Spain. Our hearts and spirits go out with love to all who suffer. Let us see and think of the suffering as valiant souls teaching this and future generations that loving one another is the greatest of human endeavors. May it one day be our greatest accomplishment as well.

As we Light the Earth this week, let us focus an "extra beam" of light on the zoo at Sao Paulo, Brazil as well. We shall define as terrorists those who believe their truths and passions reign supreme and all must follow their way or suffer the consequences. Terrorists - one or many - have thought to "free" animals in the Zoo by bringing them death. The deaths have been painful to the animals and this has no doubt brought terror to those that live. Let our hearts and spirits go out with love to all who suffer. Let us think of all suffering beings as valiant souls teaching this and futures generations that treating all beings with compassion and care is among the greatest of human endeavors. May it one day be among our greatest accomplishments as well.


Inhale Slowly. Mentally surround yourself with a protective shield of golden light.

Exhale. Think of this golden light shielding you from all that is not to your highest good.

Inhale. Think of this golden light drawing to you all that is to your highest good.

Exhale. Release through the shield all energies that do not serve your highest good.

Inhale: Mentally image (see, think of, or feel) your spiritual light flowing in through the top of your head and to your third eye (site of the pineal gland, about an inch above the space between your eye brows).

Exhale: See, think, or say: I light the Earth. Mentally image (see, think of, or feel) yourself supporting the globe of the Earth in the palms of your hands as a white light beams from your third eye to the Earth. (All colors are frequencies of light and all of the frequencies of light are in white light. As your spiritual light lights the Earth, all that receives it will open to the frequency/color that is needed at that moment in time.

See, think of, or feel how your light lights the Earth. It may light up the whole earth at once. It may surround the Earth in swirling light that fills the atmosphere, the surface, the mantle, the magma, to the core. It may pierce the planet like a laser beam and stream through the planet and out the other side into the stratosphere, lighting the Earth from the inside out as rays of light shine outward all along the laser beam. It may strike the planet like a lightning bolt and as the light hits the core, it may send light streaming like lava into all surrounding magma as it makes its way to the mantle, the surface and out to the atmosphere and beyond. Itís fun to keep an open mind and observe or intuit the light each time.  

Inhale. Mentally image (see, think of, or feel) light flowing from the Earth in through the energy centers (chakras) of your hands.

Exhale. Think to yourself all you touch, including yourself, will benefit from the light energy in your healing touch.  

Inhale: Mentally image (see, think of, or feel) light streaming from the Earth into your third eye and think or say to yourself: "I light my psychic eye and my spiritual eyes."

Exhale: See, think or say: "I release all energies not to my highest good." Inhale: See, think or say: "I light my brain and my body."

Exhale: See, think or say: "I light all beings and all things connected to me."

Inhale: See, think or say, "I surround the Earth with a golden protective light that draws to the Earth all that is to itís highest good and shields from the Earth all that is not."

Exhale Slowly.


Want more? You are now filled with creator energy (light). Direct that energy for your own good. Mentally image (see, think, or say - and feel) yourself accomplishing what you want to accomplish. Remember, all things and all beings have energy fields around them. Thought, whether silent, spoken, or visually imaged instantly affects these energy fields. Thought with feeling (emotion) has an even more powerful effect. With daily application you can keep these energy fields as you want them, which will ultimately alter the physical matter they surround and affect. Mentally image (see or think, and feel your body as you want it (be realistic, your logical mind will block unrealistic images), mentally image yourself being physically active in the body as you want it to be (this helps the conscious mind to believe it can happen), mentally image your finances as you want them (increase your net worth in increments your logical mind finds realistic), mentally image yourself doing, being, achieving all you desire. Be realistic. Donít crowd your mind. Do one or two or three at a time at a time. Light the Earth more than once a day and you can cover all your goals daily.

If you do not see or feel yourself moving closer to accomplishment of a goal in a reasonable amount of time, check with a hypnotherapist to see what subconscious blocks or subconscious resistance you have towards this goal.

Remember, if you do not have positive subconscious (which means you are unaware you have them) beliefs and programs, you are not a positive thinker no matter how positive you are on the outside.

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With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

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