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Newsletters For June 2003

June 7th, 2003 June 14th, 2003    

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June 7th, 2003 GREETINGS!

If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.


In a journal, record your experiences. Lessons are based on psychic lessons given in Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary/June G. Bletzer, Ph.D., 1986. Previous lessons in posted e-zines on our website. Lesson 36: Place your angle rods (you constructed two angle rods out of a coat hanger in the last lesson) and place them by your side. Meditate,. Stand up when you are done and holding the angle rods, ask them to point to a specific article in the room. Try several objects and move about the room. Ask them to point to a certain person. As lone as one rod reacts, you are a dowser. (Think of the possibilities: After all the rods are being controlled by your own powerful subconscious mind or as some prefer to call it: soul mind. This level of your mind has a great deal to tell you. It is far more sophisticated in its precise calculations than any of the world’s most advanced computers. It has "x-ray" vision. It sees what you do not, hears what you do not, knows what you do not. It is the gateway to the world of spirit. Dowsing rods, like pendulums, are one means through which your soul mind/subconscious can talk to you.)

Note: We are coming to the end of the psychic lessons in Bletzer’s Psychic Dictionary. When they have finished, we will be working with Hawaiian Kahuna Knowledge.


Next Saturday - June 14, 2003 - is World Invocation Day. There is a "world prayer" called "The Great Invocation". If you want to join others in this prayer, you will find it at www.lucistrust.org. Whether you join in this prayer or don’t, please be sure to "Beam The Light" throughout the day knowing it is a day when many, many minds are focused on the good of the Earth. To "Inspire" and "Motivate" you in the "Beaming of Your Light" we remind you of how this beaming of the light came about:

In 1994 we received the following from Higher Spirit:

"Dedicate your lives to taking the truth to the people at any gathering where there are ears to listen, minds to think, and bodies to take action to carry this truth forward. If anything is to be done, it must happen soon. The problem is the separation of the mind, body, spirit. There is no connection among those now, for many of those on this earth there is absolutely no connection with Spirit and they live a very hollow, dangerously destructive life. The earth is slowly dying of its own garbage. This will kill the planet for many years to come. It is like a death warrant being issued every day.

We are not here as symbols. Why do we [spirit of the higher planes/spirits of light] frighten people? Why do people avoid us? Why do the very people we help in every possible way seek to avoid us? They want truth and nobody is admitting they’re comfortable with the truth and so we find many of the controlling agencies [of the world] hiding the truth and manipulating the people, causing great confusion and, eventually, destruction of the people. How will you ever convince the people that you know how to resolve the problem easily and comfortably, when they won’t recognize there is a challenge, thereby stumbling on to their own demise?

You can teach them how to use the mind, as we call it, the power of the mind and their ability to focus that power, as has been demonstrated many times in the past. They’re always taught it must be complicated. For the last many hundreds of years, the industrial complexes of the world have taught scientific complications to completely confuse and suppress the masses. At the same time using their strength and abilities to forward the cause of science and the business communication of their world and of national and international energies that do not match the laws of the universe. And destruction shall be the end unless these great changes are made to align themselves with the universal energies.

Teach them how to embrace their wonderful power and ability and avoid the defeatism and idea their responsibility is nil or nothing. All are responsible. We [spirit of the higher planes/spirits of light] give you faith. We provide you with power. Those who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us. We need your power with our power. And this is how it will work to save this planet earth. Earth is a very important link in the chain of development of the Universe. Balance is the important aspect of these things. Move quickly please. For time is growing shorter. There is one who will guide you in your demonstrations and on your path. This one is Light. It will communicate with you and help you to teach and demonstrate. It is The Light. It will bring balance. Let it teach you so you may teach others."

Next week the message from Light that followed the above.

.Light The Earth

Pray or Affirm as you desire. Then, let go, trusting your will has been heard. Breathe deeply. Mentally image yourself holding Planet Earth in your healing hands. Image or sense your spiritual light gathering around you as a magnetic gold energy that draws to you and to the Earth all that is to the highest good and repelling away all that is not. Now breathe in your spiritual light through your crown chakra and beam this white light through your third eye to planet Earth, silently surrounding and filling the atmosphere, the surface, the mantle and the core of Earth with Light.

Why the third eye? Why white light? Why Silence? How to light your self and your loved ones? What else to light?

Click on The Global Wave of Light on the Odyssey website.

Light The Earth. Click On The Global
Wave of Light This Website

June 14th, 2003 GREETINGS!

If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.


In a journal, record your experiences. Lessons are based on psychic lessons given in Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary/June G. Bletzer, Ph.D., 1986. Previous lessons in posted e-zines on our website. Lesson 37: Amulet: An object psychically energized to serve its owner, especially in enhancing psychic and natural skills. May be a stone, gem, shell, crystal, piece of wood. Can be worn as a charm on the body or kept covered until owner wishes to release its psychic energy. Talisman: Similar to an amulet but is used for specific purposes - such as specific healing or protection. Amulets are also used for healing and protection, but are more general purpose in use. Each are energized by beaming of eyes, palming between the hands, placing under the stars, sun or near natural body of water. Intent as to its purpose is designated with energizing of a talisman. Daily Sitting: Choose an object you would like as an amulet or talisman. Cover it with a cloth and after meditation, direct energy (light) into it. Do this with your hands, eyes, toning, chanting, or placing near powerful nature energy (sea, ocean, forest etc.) as you choose. Do not let others touch it. When touched by another, immediately re-energize and re-consecrate.



June 14, 2003 - World Invocation Day. Join in the world prayers, as you choose. Separate from your rituals and prayers, beam light.

Message From Light In 1994, Following Message From Higher Spirit:

"Everything is Light. How can I tell you more of the energy and the power you have with Light? Light is the source of all power. It’s like the thought power. Light can heal the body. There have been studies done with light therapy that have been very successful Laser surgery, is that not a powerful demonstration of what light can do when it’s focused and concentrated? And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy. Find a way to change the vibrations of people when their vibratory rates are off and you will find a way of healing them. Light controls vibratory rates since all spectrums of light are vibratory rates. Change their vibratory rates, then you will be able to teach people healing. You can do miraculous demonstrations with Light.

"Demonstration gives people belief, re-excites them to be as great as they can be, encourages them to follow the principles God built the universe on. Demonstrate for the people that they have been given a power greater than they earlier believed. You will see, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest. It WILL manifest.

"You are to speak of how people can find their goals individually and collectively. How great they are and how little they know of that. When will they learn? When they are enlightened? That's what I represent, when I speak to you as Light and the power of thought. Let there be more light. And let that light fill your mind and body. For human kind has much need for God at this time. Already they worship many lesser gods. They worship beings in and out of body. And put before them gods of Science, gods of Technology. They do not remember The Prime Creator. They do not remember that they themselves are Spirits of Light and Joy. If you do not accomplish this, the world will experience cataclysmic destruction, and civilization as you know it now will be absent from the earth planes for many generations.

"Signs and Omens come quickly. And there shall be much discomfort for many. Omens in the sky and the signs - darkness, winds, weather - Nature out of balance, which always frightens Man. For Man is not so far removed from its primitive roots, though it pretends to be. And yes, the established powers, shall seek to keep the calm until the signs and omens become so powerful even they fear. And many shall cry out to God: ‘Where are you? What is happening?’ And they will not know unless they open to the thought and the message that they're getting.

"The only way for one in or out of the body to perceive the message is to be completely open. When you hear a message of any form coming to you, felt by any of the senses, don't move in the human manner of asking ‘What's making that funny input?’, but saying, 'I openly receive the message. I am eagerly listening to the message.' And oftimes, "I hear the message." And then, realize the message is yours as fast as you are ready to receive it. That which brings the message - as the crow did today - is merely an announcer if you would, a trumpeter, a harbinger, a sign, an omen. You have the message within. It flies to enlighten you of your message, saying, ‘Listen, listen. Caw Caw.’

"The Higher Self is part of the spiritual aspect of the carnal being. With the help of your Higher Selves, Light can save this planet earth.. You must remember balance, balance. Balance is the key word here. Not to let things flow too heavy one way or the other. But to keep the balance. You are changing the structure of the earth's surface so dramatically by killing off the balance that things are changing for those that would live here on this surface. You must also realize that as your quantum physicists demonstrate your thought processes create what you think and focus on Do not focus on the negative, focus on the Light. For, while the vibration of Light is much, much faster than normal people think about, it is in the balance of nature, not in the over-abundance. Focus on the Light. Not thinking or telling the Light what to do. It is so simple. Focus on Light. I will bring the balance. Use me."

"The plan of Light is simple: Act as channels of Light. Let your Light shine and the consciousness of Light will do the rest. As you begin this process, your Higher Selves will draw around you and merge their energy fields with yours. . . .there will be many levels of spirit, including spirit guides, astral beings, angels, and spirits of higher consciousness focusing their Light with yours. You will be plugged into a group energy of inestimable powers. As you participate in this daily, your own energy fields will, over time, remain filled with Light. This will positively affect your bodies and lives, as well as the bodies and lives of those around you who allow your energy fields to affect them. If enough of you participate daily, the balance will return quickly enough to avert the future before you now. Remember, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest. It WILL manifest.

Once a day, or several times a day, take a moment to center your mind on Light. Imagine Light flowing into you through the top of your head. Imagine holding the earth in your tender, caring hands as you think of Light flowing from your mind’s eye (3rd eye) to glow all around this globe, so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. As the Light flows around the globe, imagine sending the power of Light right through the crust, the mantle, the magma, the core and out the other side. The faster and further the Light flows into space, the more Light fills the earth. Imagine all benefit from this. Now think of the Light flowing through every cell, every organ, and every function of your body. Let this Light be the beacon that keeps you and the world in perfect balance. Let this Light flow to those for whom you care and with whom you would share this joy and balancing. Not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives, merely to have this energy for their greatest good."

With Light

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Light The Earth. Click On The Global
Wave of Light This Website



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