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Past Newsletters For June 2001

June 24, 2001    June 20, 2001     June 10, 2001

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June 24, 2001



Please welcome Susan, Michael Hensley, Michael Griffin. Colleen, Fleeming Keer Jakobsen of Denmark, Rain Remeke of Florida (a friend of Pamela’s from High School who "found" her via the internet), Monica Paxton of Chicago, and Sokh Madar Kaur of Malaysia. Pause, if you would, to name each one individually and "send" them Light..


Thanks to Rosie Lefevre of France for the "heads up" about the Healing Earth Day on June 21st and to Juan Encarnacion who sent in the address posted at the end for checking on continuing earth changes. Pause for Light to Rosie and Juan.


Monica Paxton is one of our "New Lights". She has just been hired by Talion Promotions which we hired to promote us so "us" can promote Light and Light’s message to the world.

Monica is a writer and her own book, "Dead Mars, Dying Earth" will be out soon. We’ll announce it’s arrival when it "arrives". We’ll also announce when our media web page, designed by Monica and Bev Harris of Talion, is "up". This is exciting. These people are "PROS" and we are eager to see what they have created for us.

We put Monica under the Power of Ten banner, because helping us promote to tens of thousands IS part of the power of ten and also because she forwarded a great website address for SEEING the Power of Ten. That address is also at the end of this email. Pause and "send" Light to Monica Paxton, Bev Harris, and Talion Promotions. (The Talion website is also at the end of this email.)


From The Los Angeles Times 6/7/01 and Science News, June 16, 2001: A report requested by President Bush of a committee of the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council warned, "global warming could well have serious adverse societal and ecological impacts by the end of this century, especially if globally averaged temperature increases approach the upper end of projection." The 11 member panel said the large body of international research linking climate change to human activity is reliable. Among the main findings in the report:

  • Climate change is occurring as a result of human activity.
  • By 2100, the planet’s average surface temperature will increase by at least 2.5 degrees and possibly as much as 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Anticipated climate change will have devastating effects: increase drought in semiarid regions, higher sea levels in coastal areas; an increase in flooding and polluted storm water runoff in some areas.
  • Such a shift could well have serious adverse societal and ecological impacts.



Did you get the shape? Before you scroll down to discover what it was/is, tune in once more. Close your eyes. Ask your subconscious, "What shape have Pamela and Dr. Hugh been holding in their hands as they Lighten-Up this week?" Write down or note whether you received circle, pyramid, star, square or cross. Then self-muscle test and see what you get. The answer is……


Let us explain. To paraphrase what Li Raven wrote: At first I thought it was a pyramid, but then I thought there were more angles in it, then it seemed to be more shinning, like a star. Was it a star?"

Wow. We thought it was a pyramid, but we see how it could easily be tuned into as a star. We held a crystal pyramid with angles cut into that refract light into shinning colors, plus the point of the pyramid is like the point of a star shape. So if your psychic tuning in brought you the image of a pyramid or a star, we’d say you got it.

Which brings us to a great suggestion from Arnout Nederpelt of Holland/The Netherlands. He suggested that there be three levels to these psychic games. He explains: "One level is the object itself. The next level is some quirk or special feature about that object. So those who

Alright. We happen to have two objects that are identical.  Hugh will hold one while he Lightens-Up and I the other. There are two colors on them and the colors have special significance. So the questions for your psychic self follow:

What is the shape?  Cross?  Square?  Star?  Circle?

What are the two colors?  Green & Blue?  Red & White?  Gold & Purple?

Is the surface of the object smooth?  Rough?  Or a mixture?

What is depicted on the surface?   A picture of people?  If so, doing what?  A topographical map?   If so, of what?   A pattern?  If so, what kind?  

Don’t just guess, though do write down the first thought that pops into your head. Then, test this later in the week - after we have held them several times - in altered states or using self muscle testing or checking "first thought" again.

Pause and send Light to Li Raven and Arnout Nederpelt. They have made this psychic game much more meaningful. (They also make our bulletin board on our website much more interesting!)

The answer to last week’s "teaser" is: An astral projection is very similar to an out of body experience in that both involve the non-physical astral form of your spirit. An astral projection is when the seat of your awareness (your consciousness) remains with the astral form that remains with the physical body. An out of body experience is when the seat of your awareness shifts to the astral form that is outside of your body. Read more about astral energy in Chapter 7 of Book I.



(Formally Suspense Corner.)

We heard from two of "you" who felt Light’s response to whether Noah’s Ark was real was incomplete. They want to know the meaning of the metaphor and where it "began". So here is another chance to tune into your Higher Self and ask. We will ask Light and bring this answer next week, hopefully.

We will bring you Light’s answer next week.

From a session with Light speaking through Dr. Hugh:

Pamela: So, did I get that right Light, that Higher Spirit does not have form?

Light: Yes.

Pamela: That really is mind boggling.

Light: Why is that?

Pamela: Well, hard to think how you think if you don’t have a mind. How does spirit communicate?

Light: How do I communicate?

Pamela: I assume you come into the levels of the mind to use the mind.

Light: I use the mind, I’m not IN the mind, I’m not of the mind, I’m not for the mind, I use the mind.

Pamela: How does spirit communicate in the realms of Higher Spirit?

Light: If you are asking what I think you’re asking, the thought forms are omnipresent. Is that not true?

Pamela: Yes. But Higher Spirit doesn’t take form in Higher Spirit?

Light: Not material form, thought form.

Pamela: So angels we see would be of the realms of form?

Light: They can take on physical forms as seen by others through their mind, in their mind’s eye, not always the physical eye.

Pamela: But when they return to Higher Spirit they are again spirit, they have no form again, correct?

Light: That is correct. There are no forms floating around in heaven. ((Light laughs.)

Pamela: We were blocked in traffic today in a very unusual way. The light cycle kept skipping the signal to turn. We couldn’t take the initiative to turn or to back up because there was a car in front of us and one behind. Then a car pulled up beside us and its engine died, so we couldn’t turn out that way either. This lasted for several minutes until the car behind the stalled car suddenly backed up enough for Hugh to slide into that lane. As he drove around the stalled car and pulled into the main street, the light cycle suddenly changed - out of sync - and the green arrow came on which allowed every one else to move too. At that moment, the stalled car started. Hugh remarked, "Well there must be a message in all of that."

Light: As you draw nearer to bringing forward the messages of Light, those who would stop this draw nearer to you. There will be many roadblocks ahead as they try to box you in. There will always be a way out to lead the pack.

Pamela: Thank you Light. Stay with us.

Light: You are welcome. I am always with you. Light is omnipresent.


Well, we promised information about the immune system, but we shall hold that for next week as this email is already long. We will also tell you the ongoing and fascinating saga of donations to FREOMM for the publishing of Book II and the messages of Light.

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Pause to send Light to the Earth, to You, your Loved Ones. Lighten-Up your goals too. Here’s some suggestions for using Light to help our teeth. No matter how good or how bad your teeth are now, these suggestions used daily while focusing your spiritual Light on them will keep or restore the health of your teeth. As you focus the Light in your mind’s eye, see or think of your teeth. Think or say aloud, "My teeth are healthy and strong. The Light dissolves all plaque, tarter, and bacteria. The Light is used by my powerful mind to fill in cavities. The enamel of my teeth is white and bright and both the enamel and the dentine of my teeth are at their perfect levels for healthy, strong, white teeth. My teeth are straight and perfectly aligned in my healthy pink gums. My teeth are rooted strongly in the bony sockets of my jaws. I have great teeth."

What does this do? Slowly, steadily - with daily suggestion and daily Light - it works. How? By the body doing what it can do and the mind reminding, urging you to do what you can do. You find yourself taking the necessary daily steps to support mind, body and spirit in building or re-building healthy, strong, white teeth. Want a testimonial? I, Pamela, had my lower middle tooth knocked out a little over a year ago. No, it could not be replaced. I have been using this technique daily (well, almost daily), to move my bottom teeth together so all are straight with no gaps. Progress is slow, but steady. The gap in my lower teeth is less than half what it was and the two side teeth that needed to straighten a bit to allow for no gaps are doing so. I’ve cleared up the gingivitis too. Now I’m working on increasing the enamel as well, and whitening (with Light and whitening agents) the tea stains. Am I comfortable telling you all of this? No. But if it helps you believe in the power of your spiritual energy (light) and mind to help your body - I feel better.

website for Talion "Red Dog" Promotions:  www.talion.com
Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.
Want To Receive A Weekly email
of Light?  Send Name & e-mail Address. 
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June 20, 2001


This year World Earth Healing Day will take place on June 21.
World Earth Healing Day, which began in 1996, has linked up thousands of people across the world in meditation, prayer, and mindful activity to help raise world consciousness and further world healing.
This is a day for people across the world to unite in
spirit and hold a collective vision of universal love and peace. When we join together in this way our collective energy is greater than the sum of our individual energies.
We strengthen the links between ourselves and in so doing build a resonance that will uplift all.
Simultaneous worldwide meditations will take place at the following times:

7.30 GMT  
1.50 GMT   19:00 GMT
Each meditation will last for at least 20 minutes, and
will consist of clear, focused positive thought. Please dedicate your intent to the awakening of planetary consciousness and the advancement of world peace and healing.

Times for NOON GMT are:  (2 AM Honolulu & Fairbanks, 4 AM Pacific Standard & Vancouver, 5 AM Edmonton & Mountain Standard, 6 AM Mexico City & Central Standard, 7 AM Montreal, Ottawa, & Eastern Standard, 9 A.M Buenos Aires, 12 Noon London & Glasgow, 1 PM Paris & Berlin & Copenhagen & Madrid & Vienna, 2 PM Cairo, 3 PM Moscow, 5 PM Bombay, 9 P.M. Tokyo, and 10 PM Sydney.)   Add an hour to your time if your area has day light savings. 
If you are unsure of your time difference from GMT, visit the website at: 

Experience your connection with all, and as you do, sense the ripples of what you are doing spreading outwards to uplift all.
We suggest you send Light to earth first, without spoken or silent thought.  Let your silence be your acknowledgment that THE LIGHT knows best what Earth needs.  Then join your thoughts, intents, prayers in meditation with all.  
With Light,
Pamela & Dr. Hugh
Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.
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June 10, 2001


Greetings To You Spirits of Light,


GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT! One of the Lighten-Up group and an very dear friend who is a great supporter of LIGHT’S PLAN OF LIGHT, came up with a Power of Ten idea that is TOPS in our book. We mean that literally.

Marilyn Loween Parsons donated $10,000.00 for the printing of Book II, ODYSSEY OF THE SOUL, LIGHT: THE ACT OF CREATION. How’s that for figuring out how to use the power of ten for sending the messages of Light!


Please welcome Barry Cahoon of Florida, and Joy & George Schneider of California by pausing to send LIGHT to Earth, to You, to Barry Cahoon, to Joy Schneider, to George Schneider.


Received another wonderful "Light Experience" from Elizabeth/Marie Pye:

" Perhaps you'll be interested in my "sending of the light" experience today. It was a new experience for me. My awareness began on the edge of our solar system -- at the far side of Jupiter and Saturn looking toward the earth and the other planets. I spent a moment focusing on the earth -- just trying to get my perspective and marveling at the view. The light beams fanned out to encompass the entire view. Then, after a "lightening" speed descent, my awareness was back to earth. The speed had a dizzying effect and the senses were unable to keep pace. The light, of course, arrived with no such symptoms and covered the entire surface of the earth and was quickly

absorbed throughout the planet."

Wow! Isn’t it wonderful to hear of these experiences? Won’t you share yours with us? We post them on our How To Send Light page on the website. We believe posting them inspires others.

NOTE: If your experiences with Light, with Meditation, with Dreams, with Prayers and other altered states of consciousness are "less than spectacular", don’t despair! Many of us have had days, months - and yes years - when "nothing happens except I feel I feel better when I do it". Then, Lo and Behold! We find in those days, months, and years of "nothing really happens", we were being prepared spiritually, mentally and energetically to fulfill our purpose. We find there was a great deal happening on the inner levels, we just weren’t ready to know it on the outer levels. So if "nothing much happens" for you, send in why you keep it going. And look for the subtle. Example: One person of the Lighten-Up Group - who wishes to remain anonymous wrote: "I meditated for years with nothing happening. EXCEPT, I noted on the days I didn’t meditate that I dragged through my life the next 24 hours and on days I DID meditate, I got through the next 24 hours with far greater energy and peace of mind.


Have you read the ongoing information on Earth Changes on our website? Page to click on posted at the end of this e-zine.


Last week’s color was….GOLD. Li Raven had some EXCELLENT suggestions for this Psychic Game. She suggested shapes, and textures, and….this is a great idea….notes. For those who are auditory and those who are kinesthetic. You visual people can "look at" the shapes, textures and notes. Great idea Li Raven. Everyone, let’s pause and send Light to Li Raven right now.

We’ll start with shapes. The chooses are: Star. Pyramid. Circle. Square. Cross. For those who are kinesthetic (tune in and learn by sensory input) - we are holding an object that is in this shape in our hands right now. We’ll hold this object in our hands at least once per daily Lighten-Up meditations. Extend your astral hands and feel it. For those who are visual (tune in and learn by visual input): We will visualize it as well. Extend your psychic eyes and look at what we are seeing and holding. For the auditory (turn in and learn by sounds), we shall state this object aloud. Extend your astral ears and hear what we are saying.

Do you know the difference between an out-of -body experience and astral projection? Sure you do. Read Chapter Seven. Or read next week’s Lighten-Up E-Mail.

For those who are psychic (tune into thoughts readily): tune into the thought waves that form the picture of what we are holding. Of course all of your subconscious minds are psychic, so ask your subconscious. Close your eyes and ask it to tell you or show you the object. Or, self-muscle test. (How to self-muscle test at the end of chapter four in our book Odyssey of the Soul. If you don’t have the book(! ?), it is posted on the website.

Speaking of the website and the subconscious. Have you read the newest on our website about the subconscious? It is in Treasure Chest and is titled: The Kahunas Knew The Secret.


Here is the session in response to the queries regarding "Twin Flames", "Napoleon", "Noah’s Ark", and "Unicorns". Higher Self is Higher Self of Hugh, Higher Spirit is that which we called "Master of Spirit" in the book (highest level of spirit guidance), and Light is…….Light. All were accessed through Hugh as he was out of his body in an unconscious trance state.

Pamela: Someone has a question in regards to twin flames. I think what they want to know is - in relation to the soul is there such a thing as two halves of one soul incarnating?

Higher Self That is what the flame refers to is the soul? The questions has no meaning to me.

Pamela: Okay, here’s another way to put it - Hugh’s soul and my soul were together as Raemet and Raema in the dawn of time on this planet and we have continually re-connected in important times of great purpose. Do we have different Higher Selves?

Higher Self: Yes.

Pamela: Then we are "different" souls, not halves of the same soul.

Higher Self: Correct.

Pamela: Hugh - he is an aspect of you?

Higher Self: A part of the whole being.

Pamela: So, the over all being - you’re the Higher Self of that over all being..

Higher Self: That’s correct.

Pamela: And Hugh’s the lower self.

Higher Self: Embodied, yes.

Pamela: Are there other lower selves of the whole being that are embodied at this same time as Hugh?

Higher Self: None, that I know of.

Pamela: Now what of past lives, like Hugh was also Luke.

Higher Self: That would be a different subject.

Pamela: A different dimension?

Higher Self: Yes, dimension.

Pamela: But there is no aspect of the over all being that is embodied here, today, in this dimension.

Higher Self: In the physical body - the conscious, the subconscious?

Pamela; Right. Another way they put this is parallel self.

Higher Self: That would be a person who has a knowledge and intelligence in two different forms, or a person living in another life time that would parallel this life time in another lifetime. Which do you refer to?

Pamela: I know about in another life time that parallels this life time, meaning similar lessons, correct?

H.S.: Correct.

Pamela: And what was the first one?

H.S.: Aspects of a person whose knowledge was previous to this physical body. That would be if that part was in contact with another that would be split off for that moment in time with that communication. It’s not ordinary and it’s not extraordinary. (Note: This refers to a past life personality temporarily coming forward into this dimensions of consciousness to bring forward knowledge, abilities, or communication needed today.)

Pamela: So there are not "twin halves" or "twin souls" of a whole being, but only one Higher Self and many lower selves, or aspects, of that Higher Self that embody in different dimensions of what we call time. And what one calls "twin flames" would be two souls aligned in a singular purpose or a singular focus of consciousness.

Higher Self: You put it correctly.

Pamela: Thank you Higher Self. I now ask for Light.

Light: I am here.

Pamela: Welcome. You know Light, I remember a person asked in a reading we gave her how to find her soul mate.

Light: I believe that was asked of her Higher Self.

Pamela: Yes, and her Higher Self laughed and said she had already met several of what could be called soul mates.

Light: I suggested for her that if she would think daily of the magnetic attracting quality of Light and ask that her perfect physical compatible mate be drawn to her the mate she was seeking would come as soon as she got her doubting mind out of the way.

Pamela: Correct, so I am reminding those still searching that they can do the same. Now about unicorns, Light. Were they real?

Light: There are many magic worlds. You’ve seen some and others have seen others. The mind can create that which the mind believes exists. How many times have I said that?

Pamela: I think when people say that, they want to know…is it physical? Can we reach out and touch it?

Light: (Laughing) What is physical?

Pamela: I understand. All form begins as thought and the thought form of the physical remains with the physical, so who can say thought forms of the physical planes are less real than the physical forms themselves? However, I shall also ask, did Noah’s Ark exist on the physical planes as we speak of them?

Light: It was a metaphor. Let me ask you Madame…..

Pamela: (Laughing) I know, I know.

Light: (Laughing) You answered it yourself.

Pamela: On a lighter note, another asked if the soul of Napoleon is embodied today.

Light: Check your records.

Pamela: Okay, but don’t you check the records for us?

Light: If you want me to.

Pamela: Please, is Napolean’s spirit embodied today?

Light: I see no evidence of any existence of his spirit as his spirit when it went into the spirit world had much to do. And yes, it has been embodied since, but at the present time there is no evidence of embodiment of that spirit, even as a fragment of the original spirit.

Pamela: Ah, fragments. Are we going to write about that?

Light. Yes.

Pamela: What is a fragment of the original spirit?

Light: We’ve discussed that when two spirits become closely interacting in the spirit world, they pick up all the essence and knowledge of the other and sometimes take on the mantle of that existence as an automatic not contrived method of acting out.

Pamela. So it’s almost as if they were that one, really very little difference.

Light: Yes.

Pamela: Any difference at all?

Light: Only that one helps their experiences in the embodiment sometimes and others just tag along. We’ll write about this.

Next Week: The Immune System. Angels. Roadblocks.


Bring Light in through your crown chakra (top of the head), to your third eye. Think of Earth and imagine you are holding it between your healing hands. Imagine a beam of light coming from your third eye to enter the earth and shoot through and out the other side, traveling faster and farther into the universe. Imagine that beam of light spreading throughout the center of the earth into the magma, out to the surface, to the atmosphere and to the stratosphere. Imagine Earth shinning with Light. Refrain from thought or prayer - let your silence be your turning over of your will for Earth to the will of The Creator of the realms of form. The Light knows that will and follows it.

Now bring that Light to YOU. Now add your directive thoughts - it is your body and your life! You have Creator Light with you now. Your thoughts have added power. Think positively and paint with your thoughts as clear a picture of what you desire as possible.....imagining the joy and enthusiasm of already having it!!!

Send Light to people and pets and places for which you care. Again refrain from directing this Light. No one likes someone else to direct their lives - even when they ask them to!!!!! Send them Light. Their spirits will know what to do with it.

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh


From Christy, our very responsible webmaster:  "I've gotten an email three times that has an attachment with a program called quickview.exe and a webpage called "Personal Home Page" attached to it.  On my computer it has come from a person named "Nisvia Ningrum".  It has a high potential for really doing some damage to a computer.  You can read more about it at.

Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.
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