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July 8, 2004 July 16, 2005 July 23, 2005 July 31, 2005

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July 8, 2004
E Komo Mai - Welcome, Come On In!
Well, did you think maybe we disappeared into spirit?  Actually, you did.  :)  With the updating of our computer we "lost you all".  Finally, our address book was recovered, but not the list of who receives our sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-monthly, and sometimes almost monthly Lighten-Up E-Mail.  Therefore, some of you receiving this may not have subscribed and wish to be removed. So:
  • If you do not want the Lighten-Up Email, please reply with Remove in subject line.  Don't be afraid of hurt feelings.  We know many people want to keep email at a bare minimum.
  • If you want to receive this email in plain text, reply with Plain Text in subject line.
  • If you want to donate a million dollars or more to our non-profit foundation, please reply with This Will Lighten-Up Your Day.  (Laughter is also a welcome donation.)
The question most of you must have is "Where IS Book II?"  Or at least a new  post for the website.  Our answer:
Deep Sigh.  It IS being written, despite many an unexpected delay.  Light (writing) and Pamela (typing) are just finishing the section entitled "A Light Dialogue".  This is a written discussion between Pamela (the scribe, which sounds better than the typist) and Light, the writer/author of the book.  This dialogue gives a brief intro and overview of  many (though not all) of the topics that are covered in deeper depth in later sections of the book. 
One of you wrote us asking:  Why don't Light and Higher Spirit make it easier for this book to come out? 
Our Answer:   "Gosh, you must be psychic.  We have the same 'secret' complaint in our 'oh so human' hearts.  Despite having been forewarned and recently reminded by Higher Spirit and Light "The forces that would stop this book will draw closer and increase the difficulties as it nears completion". 
We're psychic, too, and know you are wondering:  "What the heck does that mean?"
It means there are always opposing forces.  It is the 'yin' and the 'yang', the 'positive' and the 'negative' that keep the balance, not to mention the challenge, of Creation.   It is also true that opposing forces can only work through one's own weaknesses.  So one must continue to grow in awareness and understanding while altering the thoughts and beliefs (and the emotions these create) of the past and the present that weaken one.  Such is the path of self-mastery.  What?  You thought we'd achieved self-mastery?  (No fair commenting if you know us personally.)  Unfortunately, not.  So part of the delay has been us having to deal with us, shoring up our weaknesses as the 'opposing 'forces expose them.  Who knew we had so many?  To be fair, the delay is mine (Pamela), so I suppose it would be far more honest to say, 'Who knew I had so many weaknesses!"  
Nevertheless, I have strengthened my resolve (yes, with the help of some inner therapy).  I am clearing the boards of as many distractions as possible.  What to do about these newsletters?  They take time.  But they are so rewarding.  We can't speak for you, but we assume all 300+ and counting of you are getting some reward or you would have "un" subscribed long ago.  So what direction to take that frees me to bring the writing to completion?  How about excerpts from our private sessions and sessions given by Higher Spirit and other levels of spirit and by LIGHT over the years?  I can just copy and paste.   We will try this and see how you like it.  We are open to feedback as well as questions.  When you write, be sure to put Lighten-Up in the subject line.
With Light,  Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Take A Light Moment To
Light Self, Earth & Loved Ones



July 16, 2005

There will be two Newsletters this week, sent separately, so as not to over load your mail boxes.  First:

Brought to you by Professor Earl Pye, distinguished member of the Lighten-Up Group.  A website that presents over twenty areas of scientific evidence of the afterlife.  The owner of this website is an attorney named Victor Zammit.  He holds BA, MA, LLB, and PH.D degrees in psychology, legal history and law.  He has had an illustrious career in corporation law.  Initially Zammit was a critic and suspicious of the New Age movement and what he observed to be an exploitation of people’s basic interest and need for spirituality.  After having a number of spiritual experiences he started  to question and explore the avaliable information that oculd withstand an analysis by the scientific method as well as could pass the rigid tests of objectivity.  He presents a 225 page book which can be purchased from him at his website or downloaded free of charge.  This book presents experiments from top, famous scientists and researchers who privately researched such fields as:  Electronic VOice Phenomenon (spirit voices recorded on tape); Instrumental Transcommunication (two way communication with spirits); Out of Body Experiences; Near Death Experiences; Materializations of Spirits; Poltergeists, Xenoglossy; and Reincarnation. 
The website is:  www.victorzammit.com.   Enjoy.
Light The Earth Today.
757,000 and Counting Are.



Excerpt From Book II, Odyssey of the Soul, Light: The Act of Creation, Copyright 2005


LIGHT:  “Each soul chooses its own destiny and creates its own fate.”     

Pamela:  “It is difficult to believe any soul would willingly choose or create the conditions so many suffer from in this world.” 

LIGHT:  “Yes, it is difficult to accept when one believes only in the physical world of temporal life.”

Pamela:  “If a soul’s choice is to suffer do we interfere with this when we seek to ease its suffering?”

LIGHT:  “If you were to try to ease another’s suffering without the consent or desire of that soul, yes, this would be interfering in the will of that soul.   If you were to dishonor the suffering of another this, too, would be in error.  However, the choice to offer help to those who suffer is not in error nor is the choice to offer an alternative to suffering.  Free will means one is not stuck with the choices one makes; one can alter one’s fate at any point along a chosen path.”

 Pamela:  “What is the difference between fate and destiny and how do each fit in with free will?”

LIGHT:  “Destiny is the path the soul maps out for itself.  Fate is what happens in the choices the soul makes along that path.  I believe I have heard you make this same comparison, have I not?”

Pamela:  “Yes, I say it is like planning a road trip.  You choose your destination, how long you want to spend getting there, where you will stop along the way and what you plan to do when you arrive.  As you take the road trip you have planned you are free to follow it exactly as planned or to diverge from it at will.  For example, you might meet a person or stay in a place that so intrigues you that you never do make it to your planned destination.  But there’s a question LIGHT; how much flexibility does a soul have for changing its planned destiny and what are the consequences of doing so?”

LIGHT:  “The memory of what a soul has planned for its life is embedded in the mind.  Some souls are determined to carry out the plans they have chosen. Other souls are more flexible and more open to altering their plans.  Which type a soul is does not matter.  What matters for each soul is whether it is growing in consciousness; meaning that it matters to the soul that it grow in awareness and understanding.

“When a soul is not happy with the choices it is making, that soul experiences an inner sense of loss and a yearning to re-examine those choices and the plans made before entering.  When this yearning is ignored and choices of little value to the soul continue to be made, the consequence is the soul realization of a wasted life.” 

Pamela:  “Can not the soul make that up in another life in which it makes the choices needed for its progression in consciousness?”

LIGHT:  “Yes, certainly.  However, it does not negate the deep disappointment the soul feels for wasting a precious life.  Human embodiment in precisely the conditions and circumstances a soul desires is not as easy as many presume.

“ Souls do not create the human circumstances or conditions or body they will enter into; they choose the human circumstances, conditions and body made available to them that – in the soul’s estimation – provide an opportunity to fulfill its chosen destiny.  Of course, human circumstances and conditions shift continuously, thus altering the degree of difficulty or even the possibility of a soul fulfilling its destiny in a given lifetime.” 

Pamela:  “Oh dear, no one is going to want to hear that.”

LIGHT:  “Yet it is self-evident.   War, for example, or the downfall of a civilization or the deterioration of a society alter many a destiny and can drastically limit or negate the ability to control one’s fate in those conditions and circumstances.  Which is one of the reasons souls leave their bodies earlier than planned or expected and why souls return again and again to the earth planes for human embodiment.

“There are always many more souls desiring human embodiment than there are human bodies.  This is particularly true today as these are times of great opportunity for soul growth.  However, there are not enough bodies for all these souls, despite the over the over-population of the Earth which has grown beyond Nature’s tolerance.  When Nature finishes correcting this imbalance there will be many, many less human bodies available and far less desirable human conditions for the many souls that must return to the earth planes.”

Pamela:  “Why do you say ‘must’ when the soul has free will?”

LIGHT:  “There are higher laws – or, if you prefer, principles of spirit – to which all souls have agreed.  Among these is the Law of Balance.  When a soul creates imbalance it must correct that imbalance in the level of vibration in which it was created. Thus the imbalances created in the human planes must be corrected in the human planes and at the level of consciousness in which one created them.  I shall write more about this and more about the Laws of Spirit in a later chapter.”


Light The Earth Today.
957,000 and counting Are.



 He is a paradox who can’t let a ‘come back’ line go unspoken.  For example, he’d turn ‘paradox’ into a ‘pair a docs’ (for him and his brother the ‘other’ Dr. Harmon) faster than a ‘hen on a June bug’ - one of many of his favorite expressions.  That’s another example: He speaks, thinks, and acts old-fashioned despite having been WAY AHEAD of his time for all of his life. 

How old fashioned?  He’s got a picture of John Wayne and a picture of Ronald Reagan on his bedroom wall.  How ahead of his time?  He’s been a “pet psychic” since he was five.  Way back in the 50’s he joined four colleagues, eminent University Professors all, to photograph ghosts, mentally imprint images onto film, and mentally transport objects across the country, among other paranormal adventures.  (For the table rapping he built the table himself out of wood he picked out to be certain the table was not rigged.)  He learned ‘old school hypnosis’ from Dave Elman and others, but was one of the first to open a hypnotherapy school with a metaphysical bent.

He’s never stopped learning; always investigating every turn his work with mind, body and spirit takes him.  With an open mind he researches the work of others and applies what proves it works.

 He’s refined ‘Touch For Health’ and discovered a tapping touch along meridian flows that cures allergies.  He applied ‘applied kinesiology’ (muscle testing) in ways that bring greater discernment for communicating with the mind, the cells, the ‘inner children’, past lives, spirit attachments, multiples, spirits and The Higher Self. 

He is the most extraordinary unconscious channel since Edgar Cayce; arguably even better than Edgar Cayce because of the sources he channels.  I bear witness to this as one of Cayce’s biggest fans. 

He could have fame and riches as the best medical channel living, but he refuses to do so.  He not only abhors the possibility of making a wrong diagnosis, he refuses to be a hypocrite.  He aches to eliminate all pain and illness from every being – animal and human – yet believes with all of his great intelligence and loving light that helping others to heal without helping them to address what made them ill is ill advised and harmful.

He could have fame and fortune channeling information for individuals from The Akashic Records (also known as Soul Records, Book of Life, The Universal Records).  Higher Spirit’s access to these records is even greater than that of Edgar Cayce’s and when in an unconscious state Dr. Hugh Harmon can channel Higher Spirit with astonishing accuracy.  But he has refused to capitalize on this ability, preferring instead to channel freely Higher Spirit’s guidance for all Human Kind (thus helping animals too).  Which is, no doubt, why Higher Spirit chose him. 

He could have fame and fortune for his ability to channel anyone and any thing, including those who are on ‘the other side’.   He is embarrassed to accept money for this, thus limiting the times he can do it for he chooses to make his living the old-fashioned way:  Working Hard.    Instead of choosing fame and fortune by lying back, closing his eyes, and being psychic – he gets ‘into the trenches’ with people fighting their way back to physical health, mental balance, and emotional well being.

He prefers to help people face-to-face to help them open to their own mental powers, their own spiritual guidance, and their own ability to help themselves and others.

He is a man of high energy and little patience with wasting time who patiently takes as long as it takes to walk step by step with people willing to poke through the mazes and haze of their troubles.

Most amazingly, this man who can channel The Light with unparalleled ability graciously stepped aside when The Light asked to be channeled through another for a book of enlightenment for humankind.  He accepted instead, with barely a murmur, the humble and backbreaking yoke of bringing the book into physical materialization and popular awareness without any tangible evidence of the physical material needed to do so.   


Hugh Harmon has lived a full life.   He has labored in fields of harvest, reaped University Doctorates, served on community and professional Boards, built houses and gotten a “Shelter From The Storm’ for abused women built.  He has ridden many a horse, flown many a plane, loved many, been loved by many, and spent many a fortune on good verses, good wine, good women, good friends and good causes.  He has experimented merrily in a life filled with gusto, verve, accomplishment and service.  He has been loyal to his values, loyal to himself, and loyal to family and friends.  He cares about every person he has ever met, even those he meet s momentarily.   He cares, he gives, he listens, and he teaches, this man who has so much more to teach than the world is ready to receive. 

He enters now the most difficult phase of his journey, set to fulfill the task for which his soul has prepared itself through many lives.  Why now, when the world is not ready, when the times are so challenging, when resources are so few and when his body is beset with age only his inner light and The Light knows.  On faith alone he forages ahead, not knowing precisely how, not demanding why.

He is a great man and a most extraordinary soul.  We who know him are blessed.  We who choose to follow his example and shine our own inner light are more than blessed:  We share his Joy!  Joy!  Joy! 

+  Happy Birthday To You Doctor Hugh +

Light The Earth Today
Join 957,000 Souls (and counting)



July 31, 2005

Excerpt from Book II, Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation,

copyright P. Chilton, 2005.

Pamela:  There are many who would argue GOD is all knowing and that Creation is only for the expression of GOD’S creativity, not for GOD’S discovery.” 

LIGHT:  “I would ask of you, which is more expressive: to paint by the numbers or to paint as the spirit moves you?  What is the point of expression without discovery?  Expression without discovery is pointless to all creators, including GOD.  Just as you gain greater awareness and understanding of yourselves through the expression of your creative aspects, so does GOD. . . That which you name GOD is THE SOURCE of all that is and all that ever could be.  No spirit, not even all of spirit combined, could contain THE SOURCE.  Even that aspect of THE SOURCE that is GOD’S LIGHT, or THE  LIGHT as many name me, could not be contained within one or all of spirit.

“The light that is within all spirit and every spirit is an aspect of – a part of- my light.  Just as a drop of ocean water contains the properties of the ocean from which it comes, the light of every spirit contains the properties of the light from which it comes. It is through and with my light that spirit creates.  The aspect of my light that is within spirit is the creator consciousness and creator energy of spirit.”

Pamela:  “Oh my gosh LIGHT!  I just got it!  YOU are what we think of when we think of GOD.  You are THE CREATOR!  When you write of GOD, THE SOURCE, your meaning is GOD is more than that which we can conceive.  Your meaning is GOD is more than THE CREATOR.”   

LIGHT:  GOD is more than LIGHT, Spirit, Nature, Creation and all other aspects of GOD combined.  GOD is greater than the sum of its parts. . . . . Because you are individual aspects of spirit you think in terms of individuality and separateness.  I AM GOD’S LIGHT.  I AM GOD THE CREATOR.  I AM only a part of all that GOD is, I am not separate from GOD.  Nor is any spirit separate from me or from GOD.”

Pamela:  “What of evil?”

LIGHT: “Evil is a thing.  Spirit creates things, but things are not a part of spirit.  Nor are things a part of light, even though spirit uses its light to create things and even though light is the essence of the things that spirit creates.  Is this subtlety clear to you?”

Pamela:  “I think so.   We use our light to create things and put energy from our light into things.  But things are not spirit.”

LIGHT:  “Yet things can act like spirit.  Rather like robots can act like humans.”

Pamela:  “And this is what evil is?  A thing that acts like spirit?”

LIGHT:  “Evil is a thought form.  Evil is a powerful thought form of multiple planes, realms, and dimensions because many spirits of many planes, realms, and dimensions put their thoughts and energy into it.  Thought forms are real, they just are not spirits.  However, spirits can put so much of themselves into a thought form they can become convinced they are the thought form they are in. 

“This has happened with evil.  Evil is saturated with many spirits that have become convinced they are the evil they are in.  Evil has become a thing that is convinced it is a being.  Empowered by the energy of many and served by the consciousness of many, evil in what ever form it chooses to use has a very powerful presence that cannot be dismissed easily even by those who know it for what it is.”

Pamela:  “How does one stand up to evil?” 

LIGHT:  “When one faces a beast of supernatural powers and strength, one must believe completely in one’s own supernatural powers and strength.  If one falters within oneself even for a flicker of an instant, the beast will pounce with unerring precision.  One does not face a beast such as the thing evil has become and expect to defeat it unless one has achieved complete mastery of all levels of oneself.”

Pamela:  “Can evil destroy spirit?”

LIGHT:  “Thought forms, things, and beings can destroy the forms of spirit and can ensnare spirit, at least until spirit discovers how to free itself, but no being, thing or thought form can destroy spirit.”

Pamela:  “How does one escape evil if one has not achieved self mastery?”

LIGHT:  “When one calls upon what one believes to be holy and sacred one is calling upon GOD’S LIGHT.  When one calls upon the light in oneself or the light in another, one is calling upon GOD’S LIGHT.  When one calls upon LIGHT or THE LIGHT one is calling upon GOD’S LIGHT.   When one calls upon the essence of a being or a thing, one is calling upon GOD’S LIGHT.

“I am GOD’S LIGHT.  I serve spirit and beings of spirit.  I serve that which creates, not that which is created.  I serve neither things nor false beings.  I serve spirits that create evil for I serve all spirit.  I do not serve the evil created by spirit.  When spirits call upon me to free them or keep them free from evil, if this is their will, I do so.”


For more excerpts and for weekly postings of the dialogue with Light from which this excerpt is taken see website below.
Light The Earth Today
Join 957,000 Souls (and counting)


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