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Newsletters For July 2001

July 23, 2001        July 14, 2001         July 2, 2001

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July 23, 2001



Well, we suppose there is a reason that for the very first time there is not even one new Light for the Lighten-Up Group. Are you talking it up with friends? Are you suggesting the website or the Lighten-Up group to email pals? There is a place on the website to click to recommend it to others. It’s right on the first page. There are pages of suggestions giving ideas on how to share with others why and how to Lighten-Up with Light. Try the ezine page. Or the "How I Send Light" page. Or the Lighten-Up Page (click on banner of Light on opening page.) Or the Light Meditation Page.


"The Crystal Fantasy" is a wonderful place for perusing, purchasing, and pure Joy! It’s true. The owner is Joy Meredith, a Light of the Lighten-Up Group. Joy spreads joy and gave us special joy by mentioning how much she enjoys these Lighten-Up ezines. Feedback, YES! POSITIVE feedback - DOUBLE YES! YES!

And, double Joy. Joy Schneider is also one of our group Lights. She, too, informs us she loves the weekly ezines. Joy is a massage therapist and judging from the comments we’ve received from those she massages her business name "A Touch of Joy" is aptly chosen. The name was an inspiration conceived by her husband George.

Here’s a coincidence (not) - both Joy’s are in downtown Palm Springs California and we know both of them! As you might recall from "Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis" - Joy! Joy! Joy! is a kind of "mantra" given by Light to Dr. Hugh, and we use it frequently to Lighten Up our burdens and our lives.

So where is the third Joy? Ah, one last chance to "tune into" the song we’ve been singing for and to YOU all week. It’s the chorus of the song that we sing. Close your eyes (in a moment), send Light to Joy and the Crystal Fantasy and to Joy, husband George, and A Touch of Joy, then ask yourself, "What are the words to the tune Dr. Hugh and Pamela have been sending me this week?" See - hear - what pops into your head. J


As the only way we see the Plan of Light spreading quickly enough, powerfully enough, and soon enough to - yes - save the world - is through the internet, we have a question to ask you. How might we make our website more note worthy so people will "turn on" others to it? Any suggestions? What would motivate YOU to suggest the website, or this ezine or parts of it, to others in chat rooms, on email lists, and to email groups? How might we present Light’s message to you in a way that YOU would forward it others and they would forward it to others and so on and so on? We need YOU and we need YOU to spread the message. What can we do to help you with this?


We mentioned our Press Kit Pages were written (except the actual Seven Simple Step Material) by Monica Rix Paxson of Chicago Illinois, now also one of our group Lights. We also mentioned she’d authored a book and said we would announced when the book arrives in bookstores. WELL! Monica informs us her book "Dead Mars, Dying Earth", has been out a year and has just one a Ben Franklin award as the best Science/Environmental book this year. It is a planetary science book that tells about the problems of and solutions to global warming as a non-fiction thriller. It is currently in development as both a feature film and a documentary. A Review in Publishing News - Britain’s equivalent of Publishers Weekly, Aug 13, 1999- reads" "This one is likely to join the ranks of major-selling scientific titles that cross over into popular appeal." You can buy it at amazon.com. Aren’t we a talented group! Remember to get Matthew Stein’s book too, "When Technology Fails, Hand Book For Planetary Survival". Send Light to Monica and To Mat and to their books.


Correction to our story about Ron & Sheri Menelli. Seems Sheri’s memory is better than ours. She reminds us it was she who suggested their spirit guides get in touch with our spirit guides to have us call them within 15 minutes to get the bonus donation. Wow. 15 minutes. We’re impressed! Spirit guides ARE powerful and so are the Menelli's and so are we and so are you.

Ready for the answer to last week’s "game"? Want to pause one more time and ask yourself what the answers are: The note/tone. (We’ve played it and toned it all week.) The instrument. The tune and the words of the chorus we’ve been singing and playing - by voice, played on instrument, and playing the tape of it. We even heard it on the radio once! So our subconscious minds accepted the suggestion to hear it on the radio this week - did yours?

Go ahead….close your eyes and tune in before you scroll ahead.

LEVEL ONE: Instrument was MARIMBA!

LEVEL TWO: Note/Tone was A below Middle C.

LEVEL THREE: First word of chorus: JOY

MASTER LEVEL: Chorus: "Joy to the world, all the boys and girls. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to YOU and me."

We realized (too late) choosing a note to play/tone was extremely difficult for anyone who does not have a musical instrument or a musical ear for notes. We also realized choosing a song popular in the United States in the 60’s was not fair either. Tuning into songs is extremely difficult with a group that is truly world wide and truly spans all generations. So we’ll keep away from songs and music for the psychic game. If despite all of this you "got" the note or the song or the words - you are truly a Psychic Master.

The point of the psychic game is NOT to be "right" or "wrong". It is to discover how your soul (i.e. psyche, i.e. psychic) mind communicates with you. So for this week’s game, and the next two, how about "pre-game" psychic plan? Good. We KNEW you’d say that. Part one of "Pre-Game Psychic Plan" outlined below.


The subconscious mind is the VERY mind you want to be tuned into for anything psychic. Why? Because it is the communication center for ALL spirit communication. That means spirits of nature, spirits of light, spirits of dark, spirits of loved ones, spirits of the dead, alien spirits, spirit guides, Higher Self, inner child, Higher Spirit, Holy Spirits, past life personalities, future life personalities, cells of your body. You name the spirit and all communications to and from that spirit are transmitted by your subconscious.

Being "psychic" means your conscious mind is open to receiving these messages. Does this happen automatically? Yes, and no. The conscious mind develops in early childhood as you busily program your subconscious to separate the world into "that which I want to be aware of" and "that which I want to pretend I’m not aware of". The first is what you might call your conscious mind - or "that which I want to be aware of". The second is what you might call your subconscious mind - or "that which I do not want to be aware of".

Of course you ARE aware of it, but you have trained your mind to set perimeters to your awareness. Setting limits is what the mind does best. Setting limits - which is what form is - is why Spirit created mind in the first place.

One of the many things we train our minds to do in early childhood is to put all things "psychic" - meaning all things having to do with spirit (you know, "imaginary playmates" and other people parents and older children tell us are not "real"), into the part of the mind where we store "that which I do not wish to be aware of"; i.e. the subconscious mind.

Well, it is time to let your subconscious mind know you have had a ‘change of mind’. Since it is difficult and time consuming to do all the programming change this requires, how about creating a sort of "command center" where your conscious level of mind and subconscious level of mind can "meet"?

You will need to use your imagination for this, but it will help if you realize imagination is REAL. Images are thought forms and thought forms create reality. You are going to image (create) a "command center" in your mind. You can call it whatever you choose. A command center, or a study, or a studio or a whatever. You can make it simple, you close your eyes, ask for it and you are there, or you can make it elaborate - you get there by crossing under a water wall and sliding down a rainbow….whatever. Use what YOU want.

Make it simple - a small room with a desk and a chair….or make it full. A large room with a large desk, a fireplace, couch, chairs, entertainment center, large screen for screening, an elevator, a computer, a sound system…..any thing you want. On the desk DO have a telephone and/or a computer with screen. Go ahead, decorate your place. Close your eyes and decorate it just how you want it. Do this all week until you have it just how you want it and you’ve named it a name. You must do this so the subconscious knows what to open up to for this place. We will tell you what to do with this place and how it figures into being psychic next week. ENJOY!

P.S. to last week’s eye suggestions.

Relax your eyes: Close your eyes and breathe in while relaxing the eyes. As you breath out imagine all stress discharging from all parts of the eyes like electricity leaving the eyes.

Palm your eyes: Place your hands, fingers together, over your eyes in such a way that you don’t pull the skin and that you don’t get any light between the fingers. SEE as black as black as you can. Imagine the blackest color you’ve ever seen. Stare into this blackness. The power of this to heal and correct the eyes is GREAT. Do it SEVERAL times a day, EVERY DAY. Alternate by seeing colors, but always return to black.

Stretch your eyes: Without wrinkling your forehead, hold your eyes wide open, like you are stretching them, but blink several times.

When reading: BLINK at least twice per line. (People who wear glasses have forgotten to blink.) Practice Center Fixation (NOT staring). See EACH WORD individually. Caution: Speed reading is VERY bad for the eyes. Do not see the whole line. See each word. Slow down your reading if you have to. And move the head slightly side to side as you read the lines. BREATHE and BLINK at least twice on EVERY line. Be conscious of this.

Make an eye chart - just like the eye doctor has. Pin it up somewhere handy and practice focusing on a letter at a time. Shift from one line to another, while focusing on each letter as you shift back and forth. Practice from different distances DAILY. You CAN improve your eyes sight.

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh.

Send Light to Earth - bringing your spiritual Light in through your crown chakra (top of head) to mind’s eye. Then beam this Light out from your mind’s eye to join the Light of Spirit (The Creator Light) and this powerful beam lighting up the Earth.

Now bring this Light beam to you again to Light up your body. Now think of your skin as clear, soft, smooth young skin. Imagine a light brush, brushing the wrinkles from your skin. Daily: Place your middle fingers JUST OVER the skin or so lightly on the skin it is like a baby’s breath or a soft feather. Brush the skin. (Just above the skin, you are brushing the astral skin and everything filters from the astral to the physical.) Brush away the wrinkles. Ever seen wrinkled leather gloves? Brush them patiently, daily long enough and you will brush the wrinkles away, leaving soft, smooth leather gloves. You might shine a flashlight on your skin - where the wrinkles are and think that the light is gently softening the skin, then brush lightly. Next week, how to give yourself a face lift with Light and your mind.

Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.
Want To Receive A Weekly email
of Light?  Send Name & e-mail Address. 
Rainbow bar

July 12, 2001



We welcome only one new Light this week. Chad D. of Australia. Pause to "send" Light to Chad and to Australia.


Sokh of Malaysia, a member of the "Lighten-Up" Group, sent us an email that says, in part: "Not many people are willing to commit to doing the prayer for the earth. I don't get it. They realize how important it is. They know it is crucial. Quite a number are aware of it through their religious teachers, but why aren't they doing it? I spoke to a Muslim friend who told me that her son’s religions teacher has emphasized the importance of praying for the earth. I have spoken to my Punjabi friends. My sister-in-law told me about `Sant Baba Naranjan Singh' who was also spreading the word and has given talks on the importance of this issue. He even gave the Sikhs a verse to recite as many time as they can - the verse is similar to the Light meditation that you talk about. Not many people are doing it. Do you know that children are a lot easier to convince than adults?
My two sons seem to realize the importance of the sending Light to the Earth and sometimes ask me to do it with them. They just accepted what I told them and enjoy doing it. It is lovely to see their enthusiasm and love. If I am not able to do anything else, I will make sure that my kids will understand the importance

Our response to Sokh is in POWER OF TEN. Pause here to "send" Light to Sokh, her sons and the orphanage children she and her sister are helping daily in Malaysia.


Yes, Sokh, we also find people are reluctant to say prayers for
Earth. We are finding the more powerful approach is to address their personal needs and desires and then add indirect suggestion (which most people prefer to direct suggestion) for helping the Earth. See if anything different happens with this approach:

"You know, I can teach you in three steps a simple one minute technique that will change the life of anyone who uses it daily." If they express interest in this say:

  1. Think of your spiritual power as a light in your mind's eye. (Or third eye or psychic eye, if you prefer to call it this.)

  2. Picture an image in your mind's eye of planet Earth and your spiritual light coming from your mind's eye into the Earth like a laser beam, lighting up the Earth and everything in, on, and over the Earth. (If you can't see this, imagine what it would look like if you could see it.)

  3. Now picture an image in your mind's eye of what you desire. ( If you can't see this, imagine what it would look like if you could see it.)

That's it! Do this every day, even several times a day if you want to. You can picture every thing you desire each time or take turns every time with the things you desire. Remember, step two - sending spiritual light to the Earth adds to your spiritual power, so it is a very important step. Oh, and when you picture what you desire, make this as detailed as you can because
the power you've added to your spiritual light will draw what you've pictured to you. When I'm finished with step three I like to share the spiritual light in my mind's eye with the people I love, so their power is increased too. If you want to know more about this technique or about your spiritual light,
there is a website you might enjoy. It's called odysseyofthesoul (.com or .org).

Lighten-Up Group: Why not try this, along with Sokh? Let us know if people are more open to this simpler approach.

By the way Sokh, your children are incredible. Children are incredible. They DO seem to know what is happening, understand instantly what needs to be done, and go about doing it without panic. As the Master Jesus put it: "Be ye as a child".


Did you know…Edgar Cayce is very dismayed that so many panicked at his predictions of Earth Changes - thinking them to be a sudden cataclysmic destruction of civilization. (Must be the memory of Atlantis haunting us all.) Cayce saw the Earth Changes as a natural cleansing process - which Nature continually does. However, our rapid pollution of the planet as well as the panic over the predictions have made the Earth Changes a possible cataclysmic destruction of civilization. (What is imaged, manifests!). We can change this together! Which is why we each Lighten-Up daily. To enlighten ourselves and the inhabitants of the planet. To lift the vibrations of the planet and return it to its natural balance and pristine order. To alter the path humans are on.

Turn someone on this week….forward this email, or cut and paste the suggestions to Sokh in The Power of Ten…or talk up Chapter 8 in Book I - printed entirely on our website…or talk up our website…or begin to spread the word about Odyssey of the Soul, Light: The Act of Creation - coming out in October. (Honest.) How often does the consciousness - The Light - of The Creator Source - write a book? According to Light - never before. This is something to get excited about. Do your part to get the word out.


Sheri and Ron Minelli contributed $1000 to FREOMM for the spreading of the knowledge of Light and in the process contributed a good "psychic game" true story. When Ron and Sheri were making out the check for the donation, Ron remarked, "Okay, if our guides can get Pamela and Hugh’s guides to get Pamela or Hugh to call us within the next 30 minutes, we’ll make out another check for $100." Yes, we called and FREOMM received both checks! Psychic "games" DO pay off.

Ron made another contribution - he put together a "Theremin" (or Theremax) for Hugh. This is a musical instrument that sounds much like an electric saw, and Hugh has wanted one since he was a boy.   Sheri calls it the "Harmonizer and Hugh is mastering it to add harmony to the Harmon home. Shall we then call Hugh "Master Harmonizer"?

Join us to pause and "send" Light to Ron and Sheri Minelli. And to Hugh and the Harmonizer!

Now…..on to the weekly Psychic Game!

Li Raven wrote about last week’s object: "I got this one! So easy too. I’m curious, did you do anything different this time?"

The answer is, yes, we did. We felt you were ready to know that the way in which messages are sent is as important as how they are received. This time we closed our eyes and projected in our minds’ eye an image of the object. Then we said, "Subconscious, send this image to the subconscious mind of every member of the Lighten-Up group with this message: Project this image into the conscious awareness this week at the moment and in the way the conscious awareness is most receptive to receiving it."

Think of this as "fine tuning". When you don’t tell the subconscious what to do with a message you are sending - it makes up its own mind what to do with it. It may not assign a priority. It may decide this is one of those dream messages that are not important to consciously recall. The same is true when asking for a message from the subconscious. Right now, before scrolling down to the object, close you eyes and say, "Subconscious. An image was sent to me this week by Pamela and Dr. Hugh. What was that image?" Then see what you see (visual input), or hear what you hear (auditory input) or sense what you get (kinesthetic input).

Here are the answers to last week’s object:


Shape of Object: Oblong

Surface: Hard, Clear


Texture: Glass

Pattern: Within Object


Color and shape of Pattern: Gold Star Burst


OBJECT IS: Oblong glass paperweight that sits on Hugh’s desk. It is almost like an upside down eye or a tear drop. There is a gold star burst pattern deep inside.

This week - sound:

We shall hum and play a note several times this week and ask our subconscious to send this sound, an image of the instrument (not the Harmonizer, yet) it is played on, and the chorus of the song we sing following this note to the subconscious minds of the Lighten-Up group - to be presented to the conscious awareness when this awareness is most receptive.  

Level I: What is the instrument we play this note on:

Piano? Marimba?  Guitar?

Level II: The note - what is it? It is between low "c" and middle "c" (it's not "c"). 

Master Level: What is the chorus of the song we are singing NOW and will be singing all week.  (Hugh will be playing it on the instrument too.) 

Ask your subconscious to "tune into" Pamela and Dr. Hugh when they are "toning" and "singing" this week and to inform you of the (tone) and the melody or the words (or both) of the song chorus they are singing and playing all week as they sit to Lighten-Up the world. 

Helpful hint:  Pay particular attention to songs you hear repeatedly this week or when you ask for this awareness.  Bringing your attention repeatedly in many ways to what it wants you to know is one of the ways in which the subconscious communicates with you. 


SESSION 6/5/2001

Pamela: What needs to be done to stop the immune system from attacking the body?

Subconscious: Take the negative program out and put the positive program in.

Pamela: I’m telling you now to do that. Do you know how to do that?

Subconscious: If you were more specific, it would be more accurate.

Pamela: Does the blackboard technique work well?

Subconscious: If you are specific, it works well.

Pamela: Then, connect now to the programming level of the subconscious. Programmer, can you hear me?

Subconscious Programmer: Yes.

Pamela: You’re in charge of programming the immune system?

Subconscious Programmer: True.

Pamela: There is a program there that says to attack the body. True?

Subconscious Programmer. No, it says to attack certain cells of the body. As well as virus, germs, bacteria.

Pamela: It’s to stop attacking those certain cells of the body. You are to eliminate, delete, erase the attacking of those cells. Do you need to have a reason for this?

Programmer: Yes.

Pamela: The reason is the body is uncomfortable.

Programmer: The body is suffering damage. And damage is hard to repair. So, if we can stop the immune system from damaging cells in the body, we can start the repair work.

Pamela: You are to tell the immune system to stop attacking and destroying the body.

Programmer: I will say it out loud then. Immune system- the T cells, the helper cells, all the cells that are designed to destroy bacteria, to deter and inhibit and destroy virus - all those that go after the germs - limit their approach to those areas only and eliminate any other cells within the body structure that you may now be attacking, including but not excluding any other of the cells of the joints, of the muscles, the abdominal area, the stomach, the spleen, also part of the whole GI Tract, the peristaltic covering to the bones and the joints, as well as the fluid that lubricates the joints.

Pamela: Thank you. So now the immune system is programmed to do it’s proper job and repair work can begin on the body. Are you in charge of that too?

Programmer: Yes.

Pamela: Then begin the repair work. Would you state that aloud.

Programmer: Yes, the repair must begin. Reconstruct the cells of the joints, the cells of the sonovial fluids, the cells of the muscle, the cells of the nerve. All the cells of the body that were damaged by this immune system errant approach then will be made right again.

Pamela: Thank you. Begin that process now and continue it through to completion.

Programmer: Yes. All is set for the moment.


We are most happy to provide this e-zine, but we are somewhat alarmed it has gotten so lengthy. Still, so many have written to say how much you enjoy EVERY part, we are reluctant to sacrifice any part. Remember this…if you like reading it - do so. If you prefer to read it on our website at your leisure, just click on our website to where Christy posts them.

NOW, pause to send Light to the Earth, to You and Your Desires, to your Loved Ones. For You: Picture in your mind’s eye (after you have increased your spiritual Light by sending Light to the Earth), yourself reading fine print in a dimly lit room - without glasses. "See" yourself doing eye exercises EVERY DAY to restore or keep perfect eyesight. The more physical energy you put into a goal, the faster the subconscious draws that goal into your physical experience. Do gentle neck rolls every day. Hold up your thumb and look at the moon on your nail. Move your thumb far, then near, then far again, focusing on the moon of your nail. Focus your will on the moon of your thumbnail being seen clearly at every distance. Then rub the palms of your hands to increase the natural healing energy everyone has in their hands. Palm your eyes and absorb this healing energy. Close your eyes and look deep into the blackness, which is restful to the eyes. Wear glasses? An excellent resource for improving vision is The Program For Better Vision: (508) 887-3883

Testimony: Hugh’s mother did these exercises at age 76 and improved her vision so dramatically, she threw away her glasses. Then why does Hugh wear glasses?  The same reason shoemakers and their families have shoes with holes in them.  After a day of working on "shoes" a "shoemaker" has other priorities that take preference. 

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh.

Send Light to Earth
To You & Loved Ones Daily.
Want To Receive A Weekly email
of Light?  Send Name & e-mail Address.
Rainbow bar

July 2, 2001



We welcome the Light of Donna and the Light of the Parapsychology Sigma Group of Mensa! Pause to send Light to Donna and to the Mensa Group. (How? Just think, "Light to Donna. Light to the Parapsychology Sigma Group of Mensa. Your spoken or silent thought is your "Word" and the Light is The Creator Energy that activates the "Word".)

Our Lighten-Up! Group now numbers 226 registered "entities" (estimated as we don’t know how many members are in various registered groups) sending Light daily and receiving this e-mail e-zine weekly.

If you know of others on your e-mail list that would welcome receiving these weekly, forward this one or your favorite one to them. Christy posts all of these on our website under Lighten-Up E-Zines. (URL posted at the end.)


"Speaking" of Christy, our wonderful, generous, gifted, overworked webmaster (whom we are asking to do more work) STILL finds the time to search out ways to help us and inspire us. To inspire us she sent us this quote by Louis Ginzberg:

"There is no great thought that has become an impelling power in history which has not been espoused at its origin by men willing to put all their physical and spiritual powers entirely at its service."

This quote is courtesy of David Church who offers a service of almost daily quotes via email to his subscriber list. David is a good friend and a long time supporter of the "cause" and we thank him for his friendship, his help, and his service of uplifting minds. (URL for receiving quote from David posted at the end.)

It is impossible to underestimate how much this acknowledgment from Christy means to us. Christy has been along side us since the beginning as we’ve committed all we thought possible to give in carrying out the request of Higher Spirit that we educate the populace on how to save Earth through a means to their Highest Good. Yet, every time we think we’re giving all we can, Higher Spirit and Higher Selves say, "Give more." When we "complain" Light just laughs and says "Lighten-Up!"

So…….on a recent morning, as Pamela watched the sun rising in the East, she suddenly blurted out, "Alright Light, I could Lighten-Up a lot better if we knew we had the money to publish your book. It’s your book. Bring us the $10,000 for printing it and bring it now."

Three hours later, Marilyn Parsons arrived and presented a $10,000 check to FREOMM to publish Light’s book. As Marilyn is the one who designed and paid for the cover for Book II as well as donated money for promoting Book I, we are realizing we aren’t the only ones Light, Higher Spirit and Higher Selves have "on the ropes" for this great task! Knowing we aren’t alone - that Marilyn and others are with us - helps SO MUCH!

The night following Marilyn’s incredibly welcomed and highly crucial donation Pamela had a dream. Here is a transcript of discussing that dream with Light:

Pamela: "I saw a house, a great mansion. And someone said, you know, you can rent this house for only a $100 a month, and I was astounded. I thought, this could take care of all our money concerns. This is great. But then the person said, "The only this is, this is a dark house. There isn’t any light. It doesn’t get any light." I said, "Oh no, I can’t live in a house, even a hundred dollar house, if it has no light!" I assume the meaning is…to stop worrying about the finances and move into the Light."

Light: (Laughing) "You have that down very well. And you have $10,000 more down for publishing of the book."

Pamela: "That was quite amazing. Thank you Light and thank you to Marilyn."

There are others to thank as well and we shall tell you next week the story of another donation that was increased "ten times ten" by a psychic connection courtesy of "their guides" and "our guides".

Please pause and send Light to David Church, Marilyn Parson, and Chirsty Keller.


"Speaking" of Christy and the Power of Ten, Christy forwarded to us a website giving the story of the hundredth (10 x 10) monkey. This is a powerful, scientifically observed and documented demonstration of how knowledge becomes part of the "collective subconscious" that drives animal behavior. Are people animals? No, our spirits are from a vibrational level of spirit and our bodies are of the vibrational level of nature. Our bodies are of nature’s animal kingdom and they have programming we ignore at the peril of our mental and emotional balance, our physical health, and our spiritual progression. We can put this "animal programming" to good use and the story of the hundredth monkey shows how Light’s Plan of Light WILL work and why it is SO important to "turn others" on to it. We have put the url at the end so you can go to the website that presents this story so wonderfully. Thank you Christy.


Speaking of Christy…..she has posted Earth Change updates on our website. Just click on the "Join a wave of Light banner on the opening pages" then scroll down the page. Thank you Christy.


Apologies first to Arnout Nederpelt of Holland/The Netherlands. In a typo blunder, his suggestion was not finished in last week’s email. The suggestion was to have different levels of the "psychic game". For instance, if you got the shape of this week’s object (round)) you had a Level 1 psychic "hit". To correctly tune into the colors and the surface (smooth blue ocean and raised green continents) means you had a Level 2 psychic "hit". Did you the pattern was a topographical map of earth? This would be a Level 3 "hit". AND did you tune into the fact that the object was a small rubber ball for "stress squeezing" or - in our case - for holding during sending of Light to Earth? That would be a MASTER LEVEL psychic "hit". Any one to Level Three? Anyone to MASTER LEVEL?

This week….another object before we move onto tones.


Shape of Object: Triangle, Square, Oblong

Surface: Hard, Soft, Opaque, Clear


Texture: Material, Glass, Iron

Pattern: On Object, Within Object


Color and shape of Pattern: Gold Star Burst, Blue Ball, Red Cross



SUGGESTION: Follow the steps for connecting with Higher Self on the Treasure Chest page of website to ask your Higher Self to tune into this object. Or just ask your Higher Self and ask that the vision or thought of what the object is will come to you in the way it knows you will best receive it. One Higher Self gave this message to a client who is psychic: "Quit trying to run the show. Don’t be so concerned about asking for specific spirits or spirit guides. Ask for your Higher Self to bring you the answers and guidance you seek. The Higher Self knows where to go for the answers it does not have."


We heard from two of "you" who felt Light’s response to whether Noah’s Ark was real was incomplete. So, to follow this up:

Pamela: Noah’s Ark, you mentioned it was a metaphor. Who created that legend, where did it come from and what is the meaning of the metaphor?

LIGHT: The pronouncement of saving through the power of a higher recognition, a God if you would, to gather the creatures of the earth and save them from destruction by water, was a symbol that while water, like fire, can purify things - cleansing - it can also destroy things. But God’s power to take all the procreative animals from the Earth’s surface and put them in an ark to save them from the flooding waters of the Earth was to symbolize God’s power. That God gave the Earth the living creatures and God can take them away or God can preserve them. You serve God at God’s will, you don’t serve yourself at God’s will, so therefore God has the power to take away as well to create. A funny little symbolism. Simple.

Pamela: Is it an ancient story?

LIGHT. Oh my, goes way back. Early tribes.

Pamela: And this is how they would teach the children, with these stories.

LIGHT: Oh yes, they frightened them with stories as well as regaled them with humor. What are you doing when you help me write?

Pamela: Another asked, why was Jesus baptized if he was already an "enlightened one"?

LIGHT: "A powerful and simple demonstration with great meaning for the people of his time. Jesus was very good at that. For example, why find a gold coin in the mouth of a fish? Why not find it on the ground? The fish was symbolic. The meaning to the disciple who worried about finances was to focus, as Jesus had requested, on being a "fisher of men" and trust, as Jesus did, that their needs would be met. Water is a symbol for cleansing. Jesus was demonstrating to the people the importance of cleansing themselves of all that blocks what might be called the Higher Self or Spiritual Self - as Jesus did in his life times."


A special request for Light from another member - Amy of Hollywood. Amy is a wonderful young actress who is meeting a life challenge that will bring her great "gist" for her acting. Please pause and send Light to Amy. Light knows who she is. Why not send Light to Light too? We think Light would appreciate it.

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh

NOW, pause to send Light to the Earth, to You, your Loved Ones. Lighten-Up your goals too. Here’s some suggestions to Lighten-Up youthful skin: As you focus Light in your mind’s eye, think of your skin. Think of (or see) it as smooth, soft, clear, young skin. Think of the elastin of your skin (it looks rather like a woven net) pulled tight and the collagen as thick, young collagen. Think these thoughts every time you apply lotion on your skin and every time you Lighten-Up! At some point, you might want to erase and replace negative "programs" (thoughts your subconscious has embraced as beliefs) about aging. How? We’ll write this up for the Treasure Chest on our website. There are several generic ones we will be erasing for the group attending our hypnosis show at the Ritz - called The A.C.T. Program - on July 7th. Want to read up on this? URL follows.


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