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Newsletters For

December 2003

Dec. 6th, 2003

Dec. 13th, 2004 Dec. 20th, 2003  

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Dec. 6th, 2003


If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.

Channel Light & Light Your World!

"Whatís the difference", writes L.P. from Nova Scotia, "between a light worker and a light channel?"

Lightís Answer: "Light channels provide the spiritual energy mixed with physical energy light workers - spirit in the spiritual planes - need to do their work. The bridge between you is your light. You do not truly know where your light is most needed the moment you send it, but the light workers do. They know the priority list you might say. So if you send your light for world peace, for example, then your energy must be applied to this, which is a good thing. But it may be that the most crucial need at that moment is to repair a hole in the ozone layer or lower the devastation of a pending flood or earthquake. You cannot know these things when you are embodied. Light workers in the spiritual planes do know. They need your light, for they require physical energy as well as spiritual energy to work on the physical planes. To be a light channel is to truly adhere to the spiritual will that the highest good be done. It is the meaning of "Not my will, but thine be done".



Itís up! "Signs & Omens" - the next chapter - is posted on our website (below) and - you wonít believe this - the next "Channels of Spirit & Spirit Mediums" will be posted this next week.



For my birthday last week I "challenged" Light to bring funds for the publication and promotion of Book II in "delightful and unexpected ways". Two days later it began with the following (edited for brevity) e-mail:

"I have about $320 on my paypal account I would like to donate but I have no other way of sending them or getting them out since I am from the
Czech republic. So I could send them to your paypal account(if you
have one). Happy birthday , its a nice coincidence as I myself
have my birthday these days , the 30th of November :). Well honestly I didn't quite earn all this money by myself (even though I did earn them in an honest way). I played an online game where I got very lucky as I traded my account for items in the game worth 7 times more which I later sold on ebay (I told light that if it helps me find buyers I would donate most of the
money for its goal, so once again I got very lucky and found buyers without any problems in two days and just when the moon was eclipsing , no real connection there but again another nice coincidence :) ). So I felt it
was not just being lucky but a nice gesture from 'above' so I can invest this money into something more important , as I continually try to spread the notion of light and the help earth needs.. and hope that I continue to grow and increase my influence for the completion of this goal."

Naturally we were thrilled and we sent "E" in the Czech Republic a book for her birthday, plus ten book marks for spreading the word via The Power of Ten.

Artistically Gifted?
On our wish list is a design or logo that can be used to symbolize channeling light. One of our ideas is a pair of hands holding the globe with a gold halo - or ring - around the globe and an arc or beam of white light entering the globe with a pool of colors spreading from the center of the globe outward. If you want to try your hand at this or your own idea for channeling light, we would be thrilled.


If you are looking for gift ideas, how about "A Gift of Light"? For each $20 donation to F.R.E.O.M.M. we will send a "Gift of Light" Certificate for "Light: The Act of Creation, Book II of Odyssey of the Soul" to the person or persons whose name(s) and address(es) you send to us. Certificate will announce the delivery in Feb. of the book (a picture of the book cover will be on the announcement). We will also send you a notice of your donation. (In USA, $10 of your donation is tax deductible.) We really should have thought of this sooner, but Light just put it into Pamelaís head just now! We will get the Gift Certificates to the recipients by Christmas or for New Yearís if you prefer a non-Christmas Gift.

Note: Book will cost $15 Retail, but we are offering them to you for $10 and we are paying taxes, postage and handling costs, which is why you can use $10 of your donation for I.R.S. Deduction (in the USA).

If your recipient lives out of the USA we will be sending the book at lowest cost to us, so if you want it mailed first class, please add this additional amount for postage and mark it as such. If you would like a copy of Book I to be added to the Gift, add $10 and we will send Book I with Book II. If you would like a Channel Light cassette tape or CD (designate which) to be sent with your gift in Feb., add $10 of which $5 qualifies as a donation.

Of Course if you prefer to order the book or tape themselves, without an added donation, simply deduct $10 from book cost and $5 from tape or CD cost.

Certainly Book I is available to be sent now alone as a gift if you prefer this. Cost for Book I to be sent before Christmas is $10 plus $5 postage (we will send as priority mail). This is a $5 discount and we will pay taxes and handling costs.

Payment and/or donations can be made through paypal (see our Tape Ordering Page on website) or directly to F.R.E.O.M.M. with credit card, check, or cash. Phone: 800-403-4325. You know the e-mail. Pamela (only) checks email daily and deletes credit card numbers immediately. - only we check it an we will check it and delete it daily. F.R.E.O.M.M. physical address is: 77635 Malone Circle, Palm Desert, CA 92211. But you better phone or email the recipient name if you want Gift Certificate there by Christmas or Chanukah..

In The News

There is a cover story in Newsweek (USA) of the Women in the life of Jesus, including Judith, the Essene Teacher. Seems an appropriate time to share with you a recent Spirit Session given for a woman who was told she was channeling Judith, the Essene Teacher. Her reading gave her a big surprise. You may be surprised too. This session will be next weekís ezine.

With LIGHT, Pamela and Dr. Hugh "Act Now As Channels Of Light"

Light The Earth. Click On The Global
Wave of Light This Website



Dec. 13th, 2004

Greetings Light Channels!

If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - Let us know.

In The News

Last week we wrote: "There is a cover story in Newsweek (USA) of the women in the life of Jesus, including Judith, the Essene Teacher". Actually, the article - which we hadnít seen yet - is about Judith the Warrior, not Judith the Essene Teacher who was a very important teacher in the Essence community into which Jesus was born, raised and educated. The following is a transcript (with minor edits for brevity) of a Higher Spirit Session we gave for Colene Guthrie, one of the Lighten Up Group.  Colene was told by a psychic that the spirit entity she was channeling was Judith, the Essene teacher of Jesus and that she, Colene, has associated with and co-taught with Judith. Colene wished to know from Higher Spirit if the Universal Records (also known as Akashic Records, Soul Records, and Book of Life) verified her spirit lived in the days of Jesus as an associate of Judith, the Essene Teacher of Jesus and others. In the transcript "P" is for Pamela, "HS" is for Higher Spirit as speaking through Dr. Hugh.

P: Name is Colene Guthrie.  Born (birth name and birth date given).  Wants to know if she was incarnated in the life time of Jesus of Nazareth.

HS: She was, and a teacher of the Esseneís messages to their young people. Very positive messages. Very tight knit community. This personís birth was approximately 25 years before the Christ was born.

P: And was she alive when he was born.

HS: Oh yes, she was one of his principal teachers.

P: What was her name?

HS: Ju-day-ith.

P: Ju-day-ith.  How do you spell it?

HS: How do you spell it?  I am not a Hebrew.

P: Jud-ay-ith is how you said it. We call it Judith. So this is a past life personality of hers [her spirit] that is speaking through her now, today?

HS: If itís speaking through her, yes. She would have that access.

P: Very good. So she was a teacher. Did she go out with Jesus to teach and to heal?

HS: She would not leave the Esseneís encampment. They were very private and protective of their own.

P: And, what was her relationship to Mary, the Mother of Jesus?

HS: Friend, teacher. They were all teachers in a sense the elders taught the younger and she was one of the principle teachers of the codes and the rules of their belief systems.

P: She asked if Mary the mother of Jesus is incarnated today. I know she is not. You said that before.

HS: Thatís correct.

P: Did Mary have incarnations after her incarnation in the Essene life time?

HS: Never incarnated after that.

P: And Judith, the half sister of Jesus, was she named after that Judith?

HS: Itís possible. There were many called Judith in that community.

P: I assume she also taught Judith?

HS: Yes, she taught the family. One of the teachers, you know, she was one of many, but one of the principal teachers.

P: So her purpose in that life time was to teach the principles, correct?

HS: Yes.

P: Did she do physical healing in that life time, of others?

HS; No.

P: What was her date and manner of death?

HS: Approximately 52 after the deathÖmanner of death was frailty in age.

P: In her life time now, what is her purpose in this life?

HS: Well, she has - using some of the energies of the old teacher - like she might want to be demonstrating to others the power of mind and belief on the human body.

P: When Judith speaks through her, her arms move, her hands move a great deal. What is happening with the arms and hands?

HS: Probably demonstrating energy flows. Energies move things. She could use that same energy as directed upon a dysfunctional part of an anatomy, that would increase its energy for healing purposes.

P: You know, when Edgar Cayce gave readings, he did make the suggestion that the life time of Adam was an incarnation of Jesus, was this correct?

HS: There is no record here indicating Jesus was known formally as Adam.

P: Did Jesus physically resurrect his body?

HS: You are asking if he actually re-created a flesh like body from his ethereal body? [Answer is] No.

P: It was an astral kind of body he created?

HS: Correct.

P: And when it said in the Bible that he was able to eat, was that metaphoric?

HS: To take in nourishment. To take in the energy that kept his appearance. That takes a lot of energy to create an etheric form that represents the former body.

P: I should ask you if there is a message you would give this young woman - Colene - today.

HS: The messages I have given should indicate to her that as a teacher and I believe demonstrator, she can teach the empowerment all have in the human form by the proper use of their Higher Self, their spiritual energy, and the ability for their subconscious mind to manifest good, bad, healing in many different forms. Not just by pointing a finger and saying "There youíre well". Much is done to effect the healing through the personís own belief system, thus empowering them, teaching them empowerment of their mind.

P: When one finds a past life of oneís own - or a spiritual guide - and in this case oneís own past life as a spiritual guide - I know itís sometimes a challenge to discern how muchÖI guess, the suggestion isÖthereís always a temptation to go to that personality, to that spiritual guide, at the expense of going to the Higher Self. What guidance would you offer her in maintaining the balance here.

HS: Iím checking to see if she has any residual lessons from that life time. And it appears she does not, thus she would be using the knowledge gained from that life time to enhance this life time of hers for the extension of teaching her knowledge to those who are willing to listen, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see and she will find them.

P: Does she meditate to keep in tune with the Higher Self?

HS: That doesnít need an answer from me you know.

P: Alright, but the guidance would be to check in with her Higher Self?

HS: Of course. ___________________________________

Today, Colene does auric/magnetic faith healings at the Whispering Winds, a Holistic and Metaphysical Center and Workplace in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.  Colene's email is:


With LIGHT, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now, Light The Earth! Then Self, Then Loved Ones.

Join A Global Wave Of Light

Dec. 20th, 2003

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

What greater gift could we give you than to share again with you what we do to find peace, harmony and well-being in these times of deep unrest and planetary changes. Already there are over forty thousand people who join us in lighting the Earth and we are working to make it more for we believe the more that do the faster the Earth will heal and the more enlightened the world will become.

Earth first is the most important part. Still, it is the lighting of self and loved ones that makes this ritual more personally meaningful and in that light we wish to share with you what we mean for you are among our loved ones. We have outlined the steps below with our own personal comments for you.

We must admit it was difficult at first to remember to lighten-up and channel light daily, let alone several times daily. It has become impossible now not to remember because of the extraordinary feeling it brings. There are been results to note, but those who love to analyze can argue results away. Feelings, however, cannot be argued or analyzed away. The premise of this simple ritual is spiritual light is the greatest power on the Earth - and in our opinion, beyond the Earth as well.

Light The Earth.   Since the mind channels spiritual light and mental imagery directs the mind, mentally imagine an image or a thought of you sitting and holding planet Earth in the palms of your hands. Imagine your spiritual light beaming like a laser from your third eye - just above the space between your eyebrows - to the Earth. Imagine this bathing everything and every being of the Earth with light. Thatís it. Simple isnít it? How and why this process enlightens and heals would take a book to explain. Which is why we are publishing Book II, Odyssey of the Soul, Light: The Act of Creation. It will be available in Feb. Do know, however, that to follow this imagery connects you with the 40,000+ who are lighting the Earth in this way. The more that join in the same thought, or imagery, the more power that thought, or imagery, holds. We have personally noticed daily use of this imagery has increased healing energy in our hands, as well as our psychic energy. We have heard it has done the same for many of you as well.


Light Self & Loved Ones: Lighting the Earth first increases the power of oneís spiritual light to light Self and Loved Ones. Our days are busy so several times a day we take a second - maybe three - to light the Earth, then to light ourselves then loved ones, including YOU. We think of you and name you as Lightís Channels. You will be happy to know that when we light you and other loved ones, we do not think of what we want this light to do for you. We may think we know what is best for you and others, but we could be wrong (! ) LOL Besides, no one likes gifts with strings attached. So we just imagine you surrounded by and filled with light. It really does feel like a profound and loving connection with you several times a day.

Once A Day, however, and sometimes more, we indulge in lighting ourselves and loved ones. We take our time lightening our cells, organs, glands, muscles, etc. If the body needs healing, we mentally imagine light filling this area as we think of the desired results. We light mental images of having achieved our goals and when we do there is a surge of excitement, which adds physical energy to the spiritual energy needed to reach these goals. We light our home, our car, our finances, our work, our everything. Then we linger on lighting our loved ones. We linger on faces, names, and on our feelings of connection and love. You canít imagine how close we feel to you and our other loved ones as we do this. Or, perhaps you can. After all, you are Lightís Channels. You, too, lighten-up.


Light is With You. Our love is with you too.


Pamela and Dr. Hugh



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