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Newsletters For

August 2003

August 3, 2003 August 12th, 2003    

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August 3, 2003


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As mentioned in the last newsletter we are pushing now to finish Light's Book and get it into publication by late Sept.  We have also decided to begin posting the book weekly  by sections, in order, for as long as it takes us to get the book in print. 
This newsletter will be scanty until the book is finished, possibly only notification of what is being posted that week.  For previous newsletters go to our website below and click on Lighten-Up E-Zine in Index. 
The Introduction to Light's Book is posted now.  Coming next week, Light's Intro and the first section. 
Two interesting things of note:
 We were told several years ago by Light and Spirit that the closer we come to putting the book out to the public, the more the forces that oppose this will try to stop it by attacking us where we are weak.  The forewarning was to encourage us to strengthen ourselves.  In other words, to shore up our defenses.
Well, we were forewarned.  The week we are beginning the posting of the book on the website our home was burglarized while we were away (and on Hugh's Birthday!) 
What is interesting to note is that the only room left untouched was the room in which Light is writing the book.   All the other rooms were torn apart as they searched for valuables.  Not Light's room.  Light, it would seem, has definitely "shored up its defenses". 
Second note of interest:  Those who follow the Jesus Material on our website - you will note we have posted that Jesus had four brothers and two sisters, as given by Higher Spirit.  However, it seems I misunderstood and did not question deeply enough.   My question to Spirit was:  How many brothers were there?  The answer was four.  I took that to mean Jesus had three brothers.  We discover now the meaning was there were four brothers with Jesus being one of the four, so Jesus had three brothers.  Further, Jesus was the only son of Joseph and Mary.  Two brothers - Joseph and John - were half brothers and Judith was a half sister.  There is some indication another brother and sister were cousins who were raised as siblings.  We will check further on this.  Shows once again the importance of asking precisely and making clear the understanding of the answer is precise.
With Light,
Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Light The Earth!  Yourself!  Loved Ones!
And Beings & Things Important To You!
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August 12th, 2003


If you wish to receive these messages in Plain Text - let us know.


Tomorrow I am heading towards my Hawaii Home for a family visit.  I will not be back until Sept. 1st. Yes, I am taking Light’s Book with me to continue the final writing/editing Light is doing. Dr. Hugh will remain to hold down the fort. He is a man of many talents and skills, but he has never seen it necessary to acquire the skill of typist. Therefore, he does not "e-mail". So please hold your e-mails until I return.

This week's segment of Light’s Book is posted. Next week, Christy -our Master of the Web - will post the next segment. Then you will have to wait a week or so after my return for the next segment. I had hoped to have a weekly post, but the excitement around here (the burglary) got in the way of this for at least this moment in time.

About the burglary. It disturbed many of you who wrote to ask: "If you are surrounding yourselves with gold light everyday to protect you, why did you get robbed?"

Obviously it was to our highest good to get robbed. After all, every day we Light the Earth, then Light ourselves and loved ones (including you) and we affirm that a gold light surrounds us - protecting and shielding us from all that is not to our highest good and drawing to us all that is to our highest good. When one is doing this, the peace of mind that comes is knowing that all that occurs is, therefore, to one’s highest good. Then one can search for the good, even in the seemingly bad. Viola! Apocatastasis!

The good for us was: I, Pamela, realized I have not been heeding sufficiently the messages of Higher Spirit and Light that come as "casual" thoughts. I, like many, am prone to thinking of such thoughts as my own "idle musing". I was warned put our valuables in a safer place. I thought to myself, "Yes, yes, I will do that next week. I’m busy now." A little message also, perhaps, in not being too busy to follow higher guidance. A second good was the conversion of our personal valuables into "insurance cash" which will help print the book. We would not, on our own, have sold off the heirlooms or family jewelry. Now that we have been forced to convert these to cash, we really have used all of our assets! A little warning, we think, of watching our "word", for as one speaks one’s word, spirit and mind manifest it.

Looking for the messages - or the lessons if you would - in the negative that happens truly is powerful. It makes life an adventure, not a tragedy, even when tragic things happen. We are challenged. You are challenged. Isn’t it exciting!!!!

Another valuable gift this week: I, Pamela, thought of another way to meditate. Daily meditation - connecting with Higher Self daily - is so crucial to keeping one’s balance and peace of body, mind and soul. Close your eyes. Look at the back of your eyelids. Or focus on an inner image or a memory of a candle flame. Direct the body to relax. Do this by focusing on each part of the body and thinking, "Heavy and relaxed." for each part. As the heaviness grows, you will note a light feeling floating in. This is your spirit. Spirit moves by thought. Begin thinking of the spirit state you were in before entering the body in this incarnation. Count backwards if you like, imagining your body is getting smaller until you are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Then the little baby in the womb, growing smaller and smaller. Then the egg. Then out of the body and into spirit. When in spirit, think of the light. As you do, your spirit will be drawn into light. Remain in that sense of being in the light for as long as you desire to meditate. Even better, think of yourself as being drawn into that light. Deeper, deeper, deeper, until……..let yourself drift into unconsciousness.

Speaking of light - Sheri Menelli - Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner has produced a CD with Light’s Meditation on it. (The sending of Light to the Earth, Self and Loved Ones.) It is now available at amazon.com. Go there. Type in Menelli in the search engine.  It will take you to popular music.  Get the CD. Listen to it. You will love it. It truly does "lighten up" one’s spirit and soul. After you have listened to it, write a review of it at amazon. This really helps to spread the word.

Also, writing a review of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis at amazon.com, barnesandnoble,com, or borders.com really helps to spread the word too. It will prepare the way for Light’s Book - Book II.


Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Beam The Light and Lighten-Up!

"Act as channels of Light. Several times daily, take a moment to focus on your spiritual light. Imagine this light being funneled through the crown of your head to the center of the brain area - the pineal - and as you imagine the earth in your tender, caring hands, you will send this wonderful power of light all around this globe, so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. As your light flows around the globe, imagine the power of your light beaming like a laser from your third eye through the crust, the mantle, the magma, the core of the Earth and out the other side. As this light flows out faster than what you call the speed of light, it moves out into space and further and further it flows from Earth as more and more power of light flows through Earth.

Imagine all, starting with yourself, benefit from this. As you visualize each specific person you care to send light to, always start with self. As it flows through you, let it flow throughout ever cell, every organ, every function of your body. Let it be the beacon for the balance between love and fear that keeps you in perfect balance here. Let it flow to those who you would share this joy in balancing their lives. But not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives, but merely to take this energy for their greatest good and greatest creation, the balance and the completion of their venture in this particular incarnation.

And when you are finished, as you enjoy the light, you might, if you desire words,

think this one simple little mantra: ‘Joy! Joy! Joy! I celebrate the balance that Light brings to all that is created with Light.’ "

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