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Newsletters For August 2001

August 2, 2001     August 13, 2001     August 23, 2001   

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We welcome Doris Ruegg and Angela Mahler of California, Michael Griffin, Andrea of Washington, Amin Faruqi, and Diane Kloster. Please pause and send Light to each of them.


Our A.C.T. Program presented as "An Afternoon of Hypnosis at The Ritz" was quite successful and, as usual, the audience was amazing. Group energy is always powerful and when it is focused - as it often is in mind and spirit type seminars - the power is truly awesome. We like to present hypnosis shows as our "opening act" to show those attending how little they know of the astonishing power of their minds and how this power can be used more knowingly.

Earl Pye, one of our Lights, attended with wife Elizabeth (who was one of the stars of the show) and sent a testimonial afterwards outlining the benefits he felt he reaped at the program. This is always such a thoughtful act - all presenters are very grateful to receive testimonials and these always are so helpful to others. The next time you attend a seminar or a class from which you benefit, take a moment to write a testimonial letter or email. It is an act of giving that reaps rewards in many ways.

Kim Cantieri, another Light, was - like Elizabeth Pye - also a "star" of the show. When asked, in hypnosis, to present their favorite performer Elizabeth stood up and acted (not just recited) Meryl Streep perfectly. She looked like her, sounded like her, and gave a word for word (the subconscious has perfect memory) monologue from the movie in which Meryl Streep’s character was dying of cancer. Kim channeled Billie Holiday. Yes, you heard right. When Pamela leaned down next to Kim to ask who she was going to do - she felt the cold presence of spirit. A soft voice from Kim murmured she was Billie Holiday, then Ms. Holiday stood up and sang. Have you ever heard Billie Holiday? Low, LOW voice - beautiful voice and husky with alcohol, drugs, and pain. The audience, and we, had "goose bumps" (or "God Bumps, as Reverend Lowell Nece says), when this astonishing "voice" sang the blues. Later, Kim said she had only a vague idea of who Billie Holiday was and no idea of how she sounded or what she sang exactly. When tested with NMR, we discovered Ms. Holiday to be with Kim and we helped Ms. Holiday to move into the "spirit world" (also known as soul world and astral world) where she can continue to entertain.

Pause and send Light, if you would, to Earl Pye, Elizabeth Pye, Kim Cantieri, Reverend Lowell Nece, Meryl Streep, and Billie Holiday!


Kathleen Tumpane, Flemming Leer Jakobson, and Lil Raven emailed they forwarded our ezine and/or recommended the website to others. Rain Hernandez and Marilyn Parsons bought Book I as gifts. That’s using the Power of Ten. Please Pause to Send Light to Kathleen, Flemming, Lil, Rain and Marilynn as well as to all who spoke of or promoted Light’s Plan to save Planet Earth.


Love the logo/motto so many have adopted: "Think Global, Act Local". Pay attention to what you can do to help the Earth in your daily habits. Do not litter. Pick up litter when you see it. Conserve resources. Recycle. Buy organic fruits and vegetables, cage free eggs, and meats of animals that have NOT been crowded into pens or crates or force fed. Stress chemicals in the bodies of animals that have been stressed their whole lives are not good for your body, neither are growth hormones. Insist - in writing - that your grocery offer meats and dairy products from animals that have been humanely raised, slaughtered and free of antibiotics and growth hormones. (Kosher foods are a good choice.) Did you read in Chapter Five of Book I how to soak vegetables, fruits, eggs in Clorox water to rid them of pesticides that plain water won’t reach? BE SURE to forward the info in the same chapter on Clorox baths to friends having chemotherapy and soda baths to friends having radiation therapy. Spread the awareness that sonograms are harmful to the developing child. If a sonogram is necessary for health concerns, hire a hypnotist to hypnotize the baby in the womb (yes, they can hear, but this is mostly mind to mind communication) to help the babe repair the damage to the nervous system. Pay attention also to the info on Cesareans. A Canadian reader of our book wrote: "I agreed with almost everything in your book as I was reading it, but disagreed strongly with the information on Cesareans. Then, the very next morning, I opened my News Tribune. The headline read: ‘Study links Cesarean birth, schizophrenia.’ Okay, okay", he wrote, "forgive me. I believe you!"

Were you or your child delivered by Cesarean? Were you or your child "sonogrammed"? Guidance next week on how you can use Light, mind, and body to undo an residual damage.


Great story! Remember how we suggested you ask your subconscious to bring the song we’d chosen to your attention? We even suggested paying close attention to the music you heard all week as, having read our suggestion, you might very well find your subconscious alerting you to our song in that very way. Well………Adrianne Kimura of Brazil has a subconscious that was listening!! She was listening too! While watching (in Brazil) a pay-for-view American Movie (Sandra Bullock in 28 days) - she heard a song about a "frog and some wine" and during the chorus "Joy to the world" suddenly thought, "That’s it! That’s the song! The Psychic Game Song! That’s it!’ She was right. This is exactly how it is supposed to work! We’ll admit Dri’s almost weekly contact with Pamela has created a bond between Pamela’s mind and Dri’s. BUT, these weekly e-zine contacts with you and the psychic games are for the same purpose - to help us all connect with one another. Once that connection is established, the subconscious will constantly monitor for communications among us.

Another connection with the "Joy To The World" song for us….the lyric, as you may recall, is "Jeremiah was a bullfrog." Do you remember from Book I when we were warned we had to move or the clinic would burn down to get us to move on? The spirit "assigned" to burning down the clinic was/is "Jeremiah".

The "key" to being "psychic" IS the subconscious mind. Read below for the second installment of the "Pre-Game Plan for the Psychic Game".

Can’t wait to tune into an object? Okay….object is about the size of a tennis ball. It sits on the mantle of our fireplace. The fireplace is on the North Side? South Side? West Side? East Side? of the room. The object is on the right side? left side? of the mantle. The object is made of: Wood? Glass? Metal? The color is: White? Green? Red? What is the object? Bonus question: What is special about this object?


Have you created the meeting place for you and your subconscious? What did you name it? "Command Center" "Power Place". "Meeting Room". "Work Place". "My Place". "Favorite Place". "Psychic Place". Or something of your own?

Did you make it cozy? Of course you have a large screen on one wall - maybe above a fireplace? - and a telephone with many buttons or a cell phone, and a computer on your desk. We’ll tell you why in a moment.

First….decide how to get to your place. Something more than just closing your eyes unless you are very, very good at shutting out all distracting thoughts and sensations and moving into an altered state the moment you close your eyes.

For instance, you might: Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Count down mentally from 100 to 1. As soon as your place appears or you seem to be there, stop counting.

OR: Close your eyes. Be in the woods. Go up (or down) the path. Cross behind (or up or down) a waterfall. Slide over a rainbow bridge. Walk down 3 ( or 10 or 1 or whatever) steps. Open the door or the gate to your center.

Whatever you create, use this each time as a cue for your subconscious to open the "meeting place". After a time, you can created alternative routes as the thought of the meeting place, itself, makes this connection happen.

How do you use the equipment in the meeting place? For mental telepathy - i.e. mind to mind communication - use the phone on your desk or the computer. After all, telephones and emails are already strong triggers for your subconscious that you wish to contact someone. In your center/meeting place, mentally pick up the phone and dial the number of the person you wish to contact. Or dial the person’s name, or speak it into the phone. Then get as clear a mental picture or thought of this person as you can "conjure" in your mind. Or type the email address of the person into your computer, or tell your computer to contact this person. Use the person’s name or email address, if you have contacted this person before via email. Again, get a mental picture of this person. Or "feel" or "smell" this person. Use the sense that is most effective for you.

Want to "see" someone? Or an event of the past, present or a possible event of the future? Ask the computer to lower the screen on your wall and show you what you want to see.


Want a visit with someone’s spirit? Establish contact with mental telepathy and ask this spirit to visit you in your center. Tell this one to come in via the elevator. Whenever you ask a spirit to visit, always escort him, her, or it back to the elevator when the visit is finished. You don’t need a spirit attachment. Even the spirits of embodied people can visit you in this way. As can your own inner personalities - inner children, past life personalities. As can spirit guides and so on.

Establish a spiritual corner or garden or spot in or near this place for meeting with Higher Self, spirit guides, angels or Higher Spirit. Remember, these higher levels of spirit can use any form they or you prefer to use to represent their energy.

Have fun. The subconscious is SO MUCH more cooperative when it’s fun.

When you send your Light to Earth this week, continue with your work on your skin. Begin doing daily face lifts and you will eventually recover your youthful facial contours or will never lose them. Do face isometrics. Here is a way to do this: Arranging your face as peaceful as you can IMAGINE you are smiling broadly, without moving your lips or your face. You will actually feel your muscles Hold for several seconds. Now imagine you are frowning and hold. Then surprise, then grief, then every facial expression you can think of. Also effective: Without moving your skin, imagine you are lifting specific muscles and pushing outwards. Hold for 10 seconds. Work your way from the forehead down or the chin up. You can do this with your whole body. Next week, isometrics as part of the daily "grind".

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Pause now and Send Light to Earth, You, and Loved Ones.

For previous e-zines, go to:

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We welcome Lynn Hopkins and Julie Boals of California, MI Nuckcheddy of Mauritius (off the coast of Africa), Bob Goodwin, Anne Geenens of Belgium, and Soulie. Please pause and send Light to each of them.


Julia Allison is a clinical hypnotherapist in Palm Beach, Florida who is now certified in NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response). Read about NMR in Chapter 3 of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis. We were most honored to teach a hypnotherapist of Julia’s caliber, & she reports her clients are thrilled to have this wonderful technique available to them as they seek their inner knowledge. Julia has a truly beautiful & informative website (address at the end) on the benefits of hypnosis. Please pause and send Light to Julia Allison.


"Hospitals Incorporating Alternative Therapies"

"A study of patients with heart disease found that relaxation, taming hostility and helping people change the way they look at life’s challenges can reduce their risk of having further heart problems by 75% compared to people given only usual medical care and medication."

"New research demonstrates writing about past stressful experiences can measurably help patients with chronic illness."

"Research Study Shows Mental Attitude Can Reverse Effects Of Aging."

"Patients Taught Guided Imagery Report Improved Quality Of Sleep, Speeded Recovery, & Reduced Pain And Anxiety Before And After Surgery."

"Meditation Found To Lower Blood Pressure."

"Books About Metaphysics and Spirituality Fastest Growing Sales Category In Publishing,"


The above are only a tiny fraction of headlines and articles to be found in the world media. Why mention this? Because every day we receive at least one - and often many more - email, letter, or phone call saying: "I can’t talk to anyone else about your book, or about Light. Other people just aren’t as open I am."

Well - it would seem this just isn’t so. Talk to others about your interest in mind and spirit. Sharing, not preaching, may bring some very pleasant surprises. You’ll know right away if they are interested. If not, you tried - change the subject. If so, share what you know. You could change someone’s life.


More headlines & news:
"Wildlife Officials Report Otter Attacks."
"Increase In Shark Attacks."
"Whale Rams Boat"
"Woman Bitten By Dolphin."

Seen the excerpt from Book II by Light on our website?.  It reads:  "Animal nature, including your own, is becoming increasingly hostile to the human presence and attacks on humans are escalating. Soon you will observe yourselves being attacked by even those gentle guardians of the sea - dolphins, turtles, and whales. The time will come - unless it is averted by you - when the sea itself will rise against you."

Spread the word: LIGHTEN-UP Daily!


Before we tell you last week’s object, how about closing your eyes, going to your "Command Center". (See 7/23/01 & 8/2/01 Lighten-Up Newsletters, address below.) Through typing or voice command, tell "computer" (your subconscious mind) to contact the subconscious minds of Pamela Chilton and Dr. Hugh Harmon of Rancho Mirage, California, USA. Tell your computer to project on the screen in your "Center" the fireplace in our living room. (Your subconscious can get this from our subconscious minds.)

Aren’t visual? No problem. EVERYONE’S subconscious is visual, just ask your "computer" to describe our fireplace as it projects the image on the screen. (Keep giving the message you want to see what’s on the screen as well and you may convince your subconscious.)

Your subconscious communicates with you by touch? No problem. Tell your "computer" to project our fireplace into your "Center". Now tell your "computer" to direct you to the object in our minds when we sent this ezine. What do you pick up?

On the mantle of our fireplace (which is on the far wall as you walk in the room - the north wall) is a red wooden apple about the size of a large apple. What’s special about this object? First, there are two of them - TWINS! And second, they were a present from a special friend: Barbara Carter of Los Angeles. Please pause and join us in sending Light to Barbara Carter.

As long as you are exploring our fireplace mantle, tell us for next week….what are the twin objects on each end? What are they made of? What is their color? What are they for? Hint: They represent something very special and very close to us.


Sonograms create trauma - the embryos aren’t waving, they are jerking in pain. Sonograms can damage the brain. How do we know? Embryos tell us! Higher Selves tell us. The Higher Self of a woman whose husband is a OB/GYN said: "Though your modern medicine believes, in all good faith, that it is helpful, it will eventually find out how damaging this is to the brain. It is the beginning, they will find, of the "frying" of the brain". (Page 176, Chapter 6 of Odyssey of the Soul.) Higher Spirit told us, too, and added this: "The womb was designed perfectly for the protection of the developing child and all MAN (and woman) wants to do is find ways of invading it."

If you or your child had a sonogram, don’t despair - repair. (And avoid more, if at all possible.) Brains have a remarkable ability to heal. It’s possible this has already occurred. It makes sense for EVERYONE to use the power of their mind and of Light to be certain the brain is in perfect working order. See sending Light below.

ALSO, if you or your child has ever experienced the following: A sonogram, birth trauma (including Cesarean delivery, walking before crawling, crawled "funny", early childhood trauma, difficulty with reading, writing, or following directions, trouble with concentration, difficulty telling right from left, inability to react naturally, inability to stop being over-analytical THEN you want to know how you can "rewire" your brain for perfect communication between the right and left brain. Here are two very simple exercises you will want to do as many times as you think about it for the next week:

1.  Do a "cross crawl" by marching in place at least 20 steps (right AND left count as one), being sure to cross the mid-line of your body by alternately touching your opposite knees. (Right hand touches left knee, left hand touches right knee.) While you are marching, look up to the left (while keeping your face straight forward.) Thereafter, do this every time your brain feels tired or stressed.

2.  Draw a figure 8 lying on its side in the air. First, with one hand, then with the other, then with both hands. Very Important: Begin in the middle of the figure 8, moving upward to the left first, then down, then up and around to the right. (Drawing the loop to the left first - beginning at the top, THEN the loop to the right, beginning at the top.) Do this even if you are left handed. (If you find this difficult to do, draw a figure 8 on its side on a piece of paper and trace this with your finger until you can do it easily, then do it in the air.) Next, hold your arm straight up against the side of one ear - like an elephant’s trunk - and draw the figure 8 lying on its side with your arm by moving your whole body, not just your head or your shoulders. Your knees should bend slightly and your body will sway side to side.

Teach children (or yourself) who have difficulty with reading or writing to print letters while noting which side of the mid-line of a figure 8 on its side the loops of each letter is. For instance, the loop in the letter "d" is to the left of the mid-line. The loop in the letter "b" is to the right of the mid-line. People who switch "on" and "off" the right and left sides of their brains, rather than keeping both sides switched "on", have difficulty telling the difference between certain letters - like "d" and "b". The cross crawl exercise and figure 8 practice and recognition can correct this RAPIDLY.

Before every study or testing period, do the cross crawl before sitting down or entering the room and lean back and trace a figure 8 on its side on the ceiling with your eyes before beginning. You will marvel at the results.

Next week: A "do it yourself" re-birthing regression effective for EVERYONE for achieving goals, raising self-esteem, and improving psychic abilities. A necessary "must do" for anyone who has had a Cesarean birth, a drugged birth, a traumatic birth, or a birth in which the newborn was not held, admired, and welcomed to the world.


Now send Light, to Earth, to you, to your loved ones.

With Light,

Pamela and Dr. Hugh

After you have surrounded the Earth with Light (which raises your vibrations), focus your mind’s eye and the spiritual Light you have brought into it on your brain. Think/say, "My brain is perfect. I have a perfect brain that functions perfectly." Did you know your eyes are part of the brain? It’s true. So now say/think: "I have perfect eyes that see perfectly. My right eye, my left eye, my psychic eye (or spiritual eye or mind’s eye or third eye, if you prefer) see perfectly. I see near, far, and in between clearly. I see past, present, and future clearly. My brain is perfect." Now continue sending Light to the rest of your head and body, then to your loved ones. "My spiritual senses are alive. They increase more every day. When I choose to, am aware of spirit and spirit communication. I am more and more spiritually aware (or psychically aware, if you prefer to put it this way - or both) every day."

Julia Allison’s Hypnosis Website: www.gohypnosis.com

For previous Lighten-Up newsletters:


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We welcome Jeannine Selby, Mirna Miranda, and Ann Choi.

Please pause and send Light to each of them.


Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Adriana Marie Kimura. Can you believe Pamela misspelled the name of her DEAR young friend in Brazil? Dri - which is what Pamela always calls our Light of the Southern Hemisphere - says when they misspelled a name in school the teacher makes them write it ten times. So Pamela has. And sends her apologies to (((ADRIANA MARIE KIMURA))) - our Light of the Southern Hemisphere.

ANOTHER mistake by Pamela. Kim, who channeled Billie Holiday in the hypnosis show, was a music major and certainly DID know and does appreciate Billie Holiday’s singing. What she didn’t know was why in the world she chose her. She hadn’t expected to, Billie just "popped out".

PLUS Pamela did not send out last week’s newsletter.

Pamela’s excuse for all of this? "No matter what everyone says, I’m not perfect." (Hugh: "LOL")

Pause and send Light to Adriana and Kim. Better send Light to Pamela too. J


Lennie Arkinstall is a man who understands the importance of one person in cleaning up the world. Working out of a small boat, with his dog Eva at his side, he has personally hauled several TONS of tires, lumber, syringes, tennis balls, Styrofoam cups, beer cans, soda pop bottles - even sofas and grocery carts - out of the Los Cerritos Wetlands. Federal wildlife biologists and local officials credit him will making the area in east Long Beach one of the cleanest coastal estuaries in Southern California. He says "As I clear away junk and debris, I swear I can hear the plants underneath say, ‘Thank you!’" He adds he spends so much time picking up trash along the shore that the shorebirds think he’s one of them. "Sometimes," he says, "I get so close to them, I can feel the wind off their wings on my face." We bet THEY are saying thank you too.

This story was in the LA Times. Look at what a difference one person can make! Imagine how many people his story might inspire to begin picking up the trash where they walk, live, work, and visit. Watching a person pick up trash that is not their own puts the thought in the head of others to do the same - and to be sure they pick up their own trash. Wouldn’t hearing the earth whisper "thank you" make it WELL worth the effort and the energy expended? Maybe you can tell 10 people about the commitment Lennie Arkinstall has made to the Earth and suggest they Lighten Up the Earth in more than one way. Pause and send Light to Lennie Arkinstall of Los Cerritos.


Noted the news lately? Droughts. Floods. Famines. Fires. Pestilence. Weather Changes. War. Poverty. Pollution. Rampant Infections. Does any one really doubt the days of "Earth Changes" predicted by prophets and seers are here? Will it get worse? Lighten-up! Alter the predictions. Change the future now. EVERY ONE OF YOU IS IMPORTANT. The Earth needs your Light every day. Perhaps we can best describe Light as the spiritual energy with which all is created and through which all balance is restored. As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that one person can save the world. Indeed, that is all that ever has." (Did we get that right David Church?)


Got our living room on the screen in your command center; i.e. subconscious mind? Zoom in on the fireplace. The objects at each end….what are they?

Yes, they are glass lanterns. Clear glass on the top and green glass at the base. For providing light should electricity give out.

Ah, but what is in the MIDDLE of the fireplace mantle? Come visit us and see. (Our living room is often visited by spirits - you’ll have company. Please don’t knock anything around or startle us. Visit in silence. Share your Light. We like it best that way.)

Don’t want to visit? Then ask your computer (subconscious mind) to tune into the middle of our fireplace mantle and project onto the screen of your mind (or command center) the very large object that is on the middle of our fireplace mantle. Hint: It should be on the wall above it. It’s very large. What is the shape? What is it? What is on it?


How to do a "re-birthing" for yourself. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly to quiet your mind and your body. Think of a place where you feel safe and pleasant and imagine you are lying there - on the grass, or the sand, or in a chair or on a bed. Or a hammock - as Christy does. Or on a cloud, if you can imagine that. Relax your body from the head down or the toes up. Pay attention to your shoulders, neck, jaws, and between your brows. Lots of people hold tension in those places. Relax them! Lower the shoulders and the jaws. Imagine a warm energy relaxing your neck. Smooth out your forehead and your eyebrows. Don’t squint. Imagine that with each deep breath you are going backwards in time. First breath, you are 10 years old. Next breath, 9. Then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Now imagine you are back in the womb, just after conception. (If this distresses you so much you cannot maintain your composure, skip the womb part and go right to your birth - read below. Later, seek out a hypnothrapist for a regression to the distressed feelings. You will need to heal those.)

Imagine your adult self telling your newly conceived embryo self: "You are important to me. You belong here. You are perfect. I surround you with Light." Now imagine yourself saying this to the baby you at every stage of gestation.

Now, you are about to be born. You are preparing yourself for your first major accomplishment in this life - a successful journey down the birth canal. You do NOT want to do it drugged. So tell the "baby you", "Surround yourself with Light to block or neutralize all chemicals, drugs, and stress hormones from your mother from entering your bloodstream. You are strong. You remember the Light. You can do this."

Now imagine the "baby you" on that journey and that no matter what your mother is thinking/feeling her body is HUGGING you to help you down the birth canal. Every contraction is a hug and you push your arms and legs against the sides of the birth canal to let the body know you appreciate that hug, you are strong, and you ARE DONG IT!!

Imagine you are through now, and waiting right there to catch you is……the "adult you". The "adult you" holds you close, so the "baby you" can feel and hear that heart beat. The chord is cut and the "baby you" takes that first marvelous deep breath. (Do this, breathe in deeply, imagining you are the "baby you" at this moment.) JOY! YOU ARE ALIVE! YOU DID IT! YOU ARE BORN!

Now be the adult you looking down at the new born you. TELL her/him how perfect he/she is. TELL her/him how beautiful he/she is and how perfect his/her body is. Tell him/her how IMPORTANT she/he is. After all, without that "baby you" the adult you could not be. That "baby you" is very, very, very important and this first moment of life is very important too. You cannot change what happened "then", BUT you can change the emotional experience in your mind, which changes the thoughts in your mind about the experience, which changes the physical aspects of your being that are affected by your birth. Amazing things happen when people change the emotional experience of their births. And this change is even more powerful when changing it from the baby’s perspective, not just the adult’s. So imprint at this very beginning the positive traits/qualities you want YOU to believe subconsciously. Feeling welcome. Feeling like you belong here. You are the right gender. You are smart. And so on and so on. You’ll know what to say.

Teach older children this technique and make a "game" of being reborn with younger children. (Unless they had such a joyful entrance already.) If you or a child has had a Cesarean Delivery add this to the above: Simulate the birth canal by pressing lightly (with your HANDS) on all sides of the head and the body as the baby is making his/her way down the birth canal. Do this as many times as your child wants to. Your child will want to until he/she feels the trauma of the Cesarean in counteracted with the positive natural birth.

Common traits of Cesarean Births: Fear of Heights. Fear of Falling. Inability to Set Goals. Inability to Finish Tasks. Procrastination. If the above rebirthing does not end this traits, go to a competent hypnotherapist for a birth regression. FIRST experience it all as it really happened. Then have the hypnotherapist do the "joyful" birth as outlined above.


When you Lighten Up this week give extra attention to your brain. Look up a picture of a healthy brain. Trace the picture with your fingers saying, "My brain is a healthy brain. My brain is formed perfectly and works perfectly." See if you can find the corpus callosum. That’s the area of bundled nerves in the back of the brain that form the "communication bridge" between the right and left brain. That’s the very area that is developed when babies crawl properly (opposite arm and leg going forward at the same time) and when you do the cross crawl (marching in place) as described in a previous email newsletter. (You don’t have to touch your knees now when you cross crawl, just make sure the opposite arm and knee swing across the midsection at the same time.) Perhaps this is of interest: "Cross-crawling, or patterning, has been recognized for years as a technique to restore neurological functioning when there has been severe brain damage. It has been proven effective in vision training as practiced by developmental optometrists as well. During the 1960’s Drs. Doman and Delacato announced that, in addition to reversing brain damage, children could also learn to read better." Edu-K for Kids, Dennison, 1-888-388-9898

After you have sent Light to Earth to help the Earth and gather Light for you, bring that Light into your brain. Image your brain. (Thinking of the picture of the brain will help you image it.) Send Pink Light (for love) all through it. Then white light (which has all the spectrums of color in it) and your brain will take the color vibrations it needs/wants. Do this for yourself throughout the week. Why not, each time, do it also for people and pets you care about? Everyone’s brain can use loving and restructuring to their perfect vibration and pattern. We’ll be doing the same for the Lighten-Up Group all week.

P.S.  Remember the breathing technique we taught you last week?  Read "our stories" about this.  Go to opening page of our website and click Breathing Seminar just below the banner of Light.  If you live in Hawaii or in Coachella Valley, you just might want to attend these seminars. 

With Light,

Pamela & Dr. Hugh

Pause and send Light now.

Previous Lighten-Up Emails: www.odysseyofthesoul.org/newsletters/current.htm

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