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Newsletters For April 2005

April 2nd, 2005 April 10th, 2005 April 17th, 2005  

Newsletters from April 10 - May 20 are a special series "Tuning into your Spiritual Self".

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April 2nd, 2005


The topic is books. We know our book list on the website is way behind "the times". Updating it is on our "to do" list, but it will take awhile. Meanwhile, a couple of books have come to our attention for special reasons:

First: Sheri Minelli, is a member of the Lighten-Up Group who lives in Carlsbad, California. We trained Sheri as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and with additional training and extensive experience she became a Birth Educator and Birth Coach. Recently, right along with birthing twins herself, Sheri birthed an extraordinary book titled: "Journey Into Motherhood, Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth." Christine Northup, M.D., (well known by millions for her "Womenís Bodies, Womenís Wisdom" book and newsletters) wrote of Sheriís book: "What a fabulous book. All women and girls need to hear these stories and know, really know, that natural birth is full of magnificent, life changing wisdom."
Visit Sheriís website (where you can order the book too).  Website is:
Or phone: 760.431-2228
Sheri has also made a Lighten-Up Meditation C.D. (which we highly recommend.)  Sheri's book and CD are also available at amazon.com
Second: Linkie Seltzer Cohn, a new Lighten-Up Group member, in Dallas Texas recently met with Dr. Hugh and gifted him with: "Winnerís for Life, A Teenagerís Guide To Success using the Proven Power of Goal Setting"
Authored by Ms. Cohn, who has spent a life time working with youth organizations and Donny Anderson, a two time All American Winner and past chairman of the National Football League Alumni, this book is just Great for young people, in particular, and all people, in general, who want some real life motivation and expertise in setting and achieving goals. Truly an easy and fun read and full of really inspiring stories and practical, effective steps for success. A perfect graduation gift! Website is www.winnersforlife.com
Phone: 972.774.4948. Fax: 972.490.4948 email: linkie@winnersforlife.com.
Third: Another new member of the Lighten-Up Group and a newcomer to Palm Springs California is Ann Muller, whom we have had the great pleasure and delight of meeting. Ann introduced us to: "Jesus and The Essenes" written by Dolores Cannon. This book is about a series of past life regressions of a young woman who was able, in an unconscious trance state, to recall a life time as Sudi, an Essene in the Essene Community, in which Jesus was raised and taught. This book has the "ring of truth" we look for in such books. Remember as you read any book to keep your "inner tunner" tuned. Remember  as you read this book that what the Essenes were taught 2000 years ago of stories handed down for generations (such as the stories of Moses, Noah etc.) may have been as inaccurate in some details as what weíve received today. As Sudi himself notes: "Many tongues wrap themselves around tales and in the telling bend them." That said, check out what Sudi says of Sodom and Ghomorrea and the radiation (!) that affected Lotís wife. Read, with goose bumps (or God Bumps as a Reverend friend calls them), as Sudi describes the Star over Bethlehem. What Sudi believes happened in the Resurrection is extremely close to what LIGHT is writing of it. Website is:  www.ozarkmt.com
Whether it is available through amazon etal, we donít know. The book is "way worth" tracking down and reading.
Last and certainly not least, Nicole Elizabeth Biggs, is a Working Mom - yes, with capitol letters, She is working towards her Psychology degree, working to support her children, working to support a dependent mother and, obviously, works on writing as well. In the middle of all of this she also managed to get hypnotherapy training from us.
Nicole writes with wit, humor and insight of her struggles to find herself and shares with the reader positive, powerful, practical steps for accomplishing oneís desires. Itís an wonderful read full of helpful information. Her book is: "The Single Motherís Journey to Wholeness" and it is available at  www.amazon.com and
Enjoy Your Reading!
With Light,
Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Spreading The Word of Light


April 10th, 2005

"E Komo Mai" - Come In, Welcome!

Everyone is selling something. We are too. We are "selling" spirituality. The good news for the consumer is spirituality is FREE. All you need are your own eyes to see it, your own ears to hear it, your own spirit to feel it and your own mind to tune into it. Of course, like most free things there is a catch . . . .You cannot use the eyes, ear, spirits, or minds of others. Think of it in this way:

Only part of your spirit is in your body. This part is affected by the "vibes" (vibrational frequencies) of your brain and body; what you eat, drink and ingest through your mouth, nose, or skin; environmental factors including chemicals and toxins; your emotions and beliefs, AND by the "vibes" as well as the opinions, judgments, and beliefs of others.

The larger part of your spirit surrounds your body. It is NOT affected by your brain or body; or what you ingest; or environmental factors; or emotions; or worldly beliefs; or the "vibes", opinions, judgments, and beliefs of others. Which is why this part of your spirit has a higher vibrational frequency than the part that is in the body. Which is why we call it the Higher Self. This is the part of you that keeps true to your innermost will and desire, to your purpose for being here. This is the part of you that is directly linked to and guided by higher levels of spirituality. Which is what makes it the one, best, ONLY true spiritual guide for you.

When you pray, it is your Higher Self that lifts your prayers to Higher Consciousness. When Higher Consciousness communicates to you this communication is received by the Higher Self level of your spirit which determines the best manner of bringing it to your attention. There are many names for the communications of the Higher Self - dreams, visions, insight, inner knowing, intuition. Some would add channeling, however, if you are not "in tune" with your Higher Self channeling can be very deceptive, as can psychic guidance and "wannabe" spirit guides.

The part of you that is in the body hasnít the discernment to know if a person or a spirit is or isnít who or what it/he/she claims to be. Nor does the part of you that is embodied have the discernment to know what is spiritually true of what you see, hear, read, learn or channel. How could it? This part of you has too many "vibes" influencing it, including what you WANT to believe is true.

Which is why your spirituality is dependent upon your attunement with your Higher Self. You have the innate ability to tune into many, many levels of spirit and mind. Thank God one of these is the "station" that speaks the truth for you. If you canít find this "station" at will or if you donít even recognize it when you get it, then you are playing "spiritual roulette" with your life.

Next Week: Tuning Into Your "Higher Vibe"

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Now Lighten~ Up! Let Us Join Our Spiritual Light
To Light You, THE EARTH, and Loved Ones Daily!
Spreading The Word of Light

April 17th, 2005

 "E Komo Mai" (Come In, Welcome!)
You are spirit. Your spirit is "bigger" than your body. The "bigger" part or your spirit surrounds the outside of your body. This "bigger" part of your spirit does not know everything, but it knows everything about you as well as all your spirit has learned in all of its life times and experiences in other planets, realms and dimensions. This part of your spirit is always open to higher guidance. It knows when a person, being, thing, thought, vision, voice or dream is or is not of higher truth. We call this part of your spirit the Higher Self or Spiritual Self. You can call it anything you choose.
To tune into this part of you it is necessary to lift not just your vibrations but your consciousness. Consciousness is awareness AND understanding. Lifting your vibrations through sound, light, breathing, movements, chanting, a spiritual leader, group energy or mechanical means can open your awareness to the presence and, yes, the guidance of your Higher Self. Is this good? Yes, experiencing is believing. ButÖ.if you lack understanding you will be like a kindergarten student in a college lecture. You will fall asleep or leave. Itís good to know when you are in kindergarten that college is "out there" for you if you want it, but you will have to do the work of educating yourself to earn your place there and understand what you get once you get there. The same is true of higher consciousness. You have to do the work of educating yourself to earn your place there and to understand what you get once you get there.
How do you educate yourself for higher consciousness? You allow yourself to be guided and taught by higher consciousness which graduates you through each "grade" or level at the pace of your understanding. Which means you have to "tune into" the highest vibration of your spirit which is the "medium" between you and higher consciousness.
How do you do this? We will present to you a series of steps over the next few weeks. If you are tempted to skip over some of these steps because they seem too simple, donít. Building a simple "almost invisible" basic technique you can rely on allows you to safely (for your brain, body and emotions) and quickly enter into the state of altered consciousness (including Higher Consciousness) you desire "at will", not just in certain conditions and when inspired to do so.
First Step: Accept you have much to learn, no matter how advanced in consciousness you are. Humbly ask your own Higher Self (not spirit guides) to help you open your awareness AND understanding of your Higher Self presence and its communications to you.
Next Week Step Two:  Inner Awareness
With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh
Lighten~ Up! Enjoy A Light Moment
Daily To Light Yourself, The Earth,
and Loved Ones. Joy! Joy! Joy!
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