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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Subconscious programs can be described as "linked thoughts and energy". To explain:

A) Thought that is linked to energy activates that energy.

When you speak or think thoughts linked to energy you will feel that energy. The more you focus on those thoughts, the more you will feel that energy.

FOR EXAMPLE: You find someone sexually exciting and every time you see that someone you say or think, "Wow. Hot!" This thought - that the person is sexually desirable - is linked to sexual energy. The more you repeat the thought, the more sexual energy will become linked to it. Eventually, just thinking about the person will stimulate you sexually. The more you think of the person, the more sexual excitement you will feel and the greater the desire for that person will become.

B) Energy that is linked to thought activates that thought.

When you feel an energy, thoughts linked to that energy will be activated.

FOR EXAMPLE: You begin to feel sexually excited by something you are doing or thinking. Thoughts of people linked in your mind with sexual energy will be activated. Even thoughts of persons linked with sexual energy in the past will be activated. However, all the thoughts linked to that person will also be activated and these thoughts will tell your mind what to do with thoughts of that person. If you have "lost interest" in a particular person, your mind will know to pay little attention to this thought. If you are still very interested in a particular person, you mind will know to pay more attention to this thought.

NOTE: The mind has been taught only some thoughts are to be brought to the conscious level of mind. However, this does not mean the thoughts "go away". They are still being thought subconsciously.

Thoughts affect mind, mood, motivation, behavior, health and wealth.

Imagine how complex all of this is. You have a thought that activates energy. This energy activates the thoughts linked to it. These thoughts activate energies linked to them. These energies activate thoughts linked to them. And so on. Which is why "disciplining" your thoughts is so important. Part of this discipline is "erasing" from your subconscious the linked thoughts and energies you do not wish to have. (How to do this posted as "Erase and Replace Subconscious Programs" in the Treasure Chest at www.odysseyofthesoul.org.)

What follows is important information about sexual energy and the kinds of thoughts that commonly become linked with this energy.

  • Positive thoughts while masturbating - such as "I like this", "This feels good", "My sexual organs are beautiful", "My body is beautiful" - will be triggered and reinforced with sexual energy. Positive thoughts generate positive feelings.
  • Negative thoughts while masturbating - such as "I hate my body", "This is disgusting", "This is bad" will be triggered and reinforced with sexual energy.

Negative thoughts generate negative feelings.

  • Thinking of a particular person or persons while masturbating or having sex connect thoughts of this person or persons with sexual energy.

POSITIVE: Builds a bond with this person. If thoughts of this person are positive, this bond is positive.

NEGATIVE: Builds a bond with this person. If thoughts of this person are negative, this bond is negative. Can be threatening to other sexual partners, especially during sex.

  • Masturbation or sex while looking at pornographic pictures (magazines or videos) link these images with sexual energy. The thoughts one thinks while looking at these images also become linked with sexual energy.

POSITIVE: One can always generate sexual excitement by thinking of these images. Positive thoughts connected with these images - such as comparing oneself and one’s sexual partner favorably with these images or thinking how exciting and enjoyable sex is - will generate positive feelings.

NEGATIVE: Comparing oneself or one’s sexual partners unfavorably with these images can be very negative. In addition, if one can only get excited by pornographic images, it may cause one to be sexually excited only by sexual partners or the kind of sex that match these images. Thinking of these images to get "turned on" while having sex can cause sensitive sexual partners who are "tuned into" one’s thoughts to feel sexually rejected, sexually undesirable, and, ultimately, sexually dissatisfied.

  • Masturbation or sex with a person of the same gender connects this gender and sexual energy.

POSITIVE: Pleasant, positive sexual experiences with same gender partners generate positive thoughts and feelings about the sexuality and desirability of one’s own gender and by extension of oneself.

NEGATIVE: Pleasant, positive sexual experiences with same gender partners can cause sexual confusion. Same gender sex does not mean one is homosexual.

Homosexuality and bisexuality are spiritual programs, meaning they are created by spirit, not nature. The human body is created by nature. The human body is biologically heterosexual for the propagation of the species. The spirit that dwells in the body, but is not the body, comes from the higher spiritual realms. Sometimes spirits find themselves in bodies that are of a different gender than the gender they would prefer. In such cases, spirits can deny, ignore, even over-rule the biology of the body. See examples 1-3.

    1. A spirit that has had many life times of a particular gender may find the "cross over" to the opposite gender so difficult it brings in some, many, even all of the traits of the previous gender. How this affects the sexual preference varies, depending on the degree of altering of gender identity.
    2. Spirit may deliberately affect the chromosomes of a developing fetus in order to create a learning lesson, such as teaching a spirit that has been judgmental of homosexuals to become more understanding and tolerant by being homosexual.
    3. A spirit may develop a strong preference for same gender associations and/or a strong aversion/fear of opposite gender associations. This can affect sexual preferences as well.
  • Casual sex - meaning a partner for whom one has no emotional attachment - can generate subconscious programming that "automatically" turns off the emotions during sex. The greater the incidence of casual sex, the stronger this programming becomes.

POSITIVE: Can protect one from emotional attachments with incompatible people.

NEGATIVE: Can make it difficult to "connect" emotionally during sex with compatible partners, including partners one does love.

  • Abusive sex - whether one is the abuser or the one being abused - connects abuse and sexual energy.

POSITIVE: There is no positive to this. The body and its cells are aware. They feel emotions. They feel love. They feel hurt. They feel pain. Abusive sex hurts and discourages the body and its cells, even when the emotional mind has been programmed to desire and enjoy the abuse.

NEGATIVE: The combination of sexual energy and abuse makes it difficult to break out of the abuse cycle for both the abuser and the abused. Abuse becomes an addiction for some. For others, every time sexual energy is generated, subconscious anger, guilt, shame, depression, sadness, hurt, and fear connected with the subconscious memories of the abuse are also generated. If sex is unpleasant or painful, or one is unable to feel sexual pleasure or satisfaction, or uncomfortable feelings are generated before, during, or after sex - suspect sexual abuse or unpleasant sexual experiences that have not yet healed. The mind has a powerful ability to "hide" in the subconscious what the conscious mind does not want to remember. You may have been sexually abused or sexually misused or misused sex even if you don’t consciously remember this.

  • The first time one has sex is a powerful opportunity to program positive or negative sexual programming that can strongly influence all subsequent experiences.

POSITIVE: If the first time is great, this creates thoughts and feelings that sex is great. Great means the experience felt good emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically before, during, and after the sex. If the first time is followed by subsequent experiences of great sex, the subconscious programming will "set up" a lifetime of great sex because a) one will consider great sex to be important to a sexual relationship, and b) one will seek out sexual partners to satisfy this programming or insist sexual partners who do not enjoy sex seek healing for this.

NEGATIVE: If the first time is not satisfying or only somewhat satisfying, this can create the expectation that sex will always be like this. If subsequent sexual relations verify this, the imprinted subconscious programming will be that sex is not great, it is somewhat satisfying or is not at all satisfying. One will seek out sexual partners to fulfill this programming or one will tolerate and excuse "lousy" sex or "no" sex as "natural" and "to be expected".


Sexual energy and spiritual energy are two different names given to the same energy. This energy has other names, among them are "chi", "prana", "mana", and "astral energy". This energy is the life force of the body. It is the energy of spirit.

Your spirit surrounds your body. The energy of your spirit enters the body through entry points in the body that are not discernible to the eye. These entry points can be detected by very sensitive machines and by the very sensitive touch of people trained to discern them. These entry points are often called by their Sanskrit name: chakras. This word loosely translates to spinning wheels of light because those who can psychically see these entry points describe them as spinning wheels of light.

These chakras, or entry points of the energy of the spirit into the body, are also called meridian points and the flow of the energy through the body is called the meridian flows.

There are hundreds of smaller chakras/meridian points throughout the body. There are seven major chakras.

There is only one life force in the body, but this life force is named different names when it is in a particular chakra. This is explained below:

Prayer, meditation, and other spiritual activities activate the 7th Chakra, often called the crown chakra. It is located at or just above the center top of the head. The energy - the life force - in the 7th chakra is called spiritual energy.

This same energy in the 6th chakra is called psychic energy. This chakra is often called the "third eye" and is located near the pineal gland in about the center - slightly forward - of the brain.

This same energy in the 5th chakra is called artistic or creative energy. This chakra is located at the base of the throat and is often called the throat chakra..

This same energy in the 4th chakra - often called the heart chakra because it is located by the heart - is called love.

This same energy in the 3rd chakra is called ego. This chakra is at the solar plexus, which is just above the belly button.

This same energy in the 2nd chakra is called sexual energy. This chakra is in the area between the belly button and the genitals.

This same energy in the 1st chakra, often called the root chakra, is generative energy. It is called the root chakra because this is where the physical energy of the body is generated. This energy has also been called the primal energy of the body.

The expression "kundalini rising" refers to a powerful generation of the life force energy in the 1st chakra that rises swiftly through all the chakras to the crown chakra. This leads to an "Awakened" or "Super Aware" state of consciousness. It is a state in which there is a feeling of ecstasy beyond all ecstasy.

Major changes in brain chemistry take place in this state of consciousness. Some drugs and chemicals, as well as orgasm, can trigger similar changes in the brain chemistry, producing a "high", a "euphoria", an "ecstasy" that are a much paler version of the rising of the kundalini. Why paler? Because no drug or chemical can match the power of the rising of the kundalini.

Drugs, chemicals, and orgasms travel along the neural pathways of the brain and the body. Kundalini - or life force - moves along the meridian pathways and through the chakras.

Each chakra can be stimulated and opened separately from other chakras. The rising of the kundalini refers to ALL chakras being stimulated and opened simultaneously.


Channeled by Betty Bethards

widely known psychic, mystic, spiritual healer and meditation teacher

Inner Light Foundation

P.O. Box 750265 Petaluma, CA 94975 (707) 765-2200

Our goal in human evolution is to be fully aware and functioning in and through all these chakras so that we are in perfect harmony and balance, and have awakened our potential as transcendent beings. When our masculine and feminine aspects are balanced, and all our centers are opened and stepped up to a high rate of vibration, we are attuned to the natural, rhythmic flow of life. We are happy and healthy, and know that we are grounded in love and that we are at one with God and all people. Unfortunately, most of us are functioning out of our lower chakras only.

Each chakra represents a way of being in the world, a way of perceiving reality….This is our biggest problem today - most people are stuck in the second or sexual chakra and are out of perspective.

The root chakra represents minimum existence. Here the person is concerned with sheer survival, brute force, and fear for one’s safety. The person is handing onto life.

If one is operating primarily out of the second chakra, one sees other people as sexual objects, things to have, to possess, to exploit. The mind is filled with lust and greed. People are seen as separate from one another. If energy is suppressed or thwarted in this center, violence results. In fact, my channel repeatedly has emphasized that all violence comes from suppressed or misdirected sexual energy….If people would learn to masturbate rather than hitting their kids or each other, taking their frustration out on everyone around them, they’d get along much better. But masturbation has been seen as a taboo for so long that this simple and easy way to release tension has not been used very often as an alternative to frustration. There is nothing wrong with masturbation, and that energy should not be allowed to build up and come out as destructive behavior. Of course, if you’re meditating regularly you are constantly directing this life force through your body, and this suppression does not occur. Masturbation is rarely necessary.

The third chakra in the solar plexus region focuses on individual power and ego gratification. Self-fulfillment is seen in terms of how powerful and influential an individual can be. This is the center where all the worriers get blasted with fears and insecurities, anything that threatens the ego. Suppression here results in stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders.

There is a close relationship among survival, sex and power. These lower three centers view others as apart from ourselves. But realize that none of the centers is "bad" - in fact, all are vital. It is important to be concerned with basic survival while on the earth plane, maintain a sexual orientation and have a sense of ego or personal identification. But these should be balance and expanded through the awareness that the higher four creative or God centers open up for us.

The fourth center, the heart chakra, is the first one in which the genuine unity of love is experienced. It represents the Christ or God within man. And it doesn’t matter what religion you may or may not happen to believe in. This Love Spirit is within all of us, call it what you like. When this chakra is closed or walled off we cannot truly feel or love. When the heart center is opened we experience ourselves as part of all life, no longer in competition with others because we are at one with others. Love is the force that abolished fear, aggression and self seeking.

If we have sexual unions without the heart chakra being opened, it is second chakra sex only. The same release of tension occurs as in masturbation, and it leaves us drained rather than mellow and full. Unfortunately, many marriage [and mating] partners are operating out of their second chakras and are experiences mutual masturbation rather than a love fulfillment. Without the heart chakra open there is always a sense of dissatisfaction. We have the feeling that something is missing, and that maybe we can find it with another partner, or another and another. But what we seek is within ourselves,. We will never feel truly united, merged, or at one with ourselves and our partner until we tune into the energy of love. Then when we make love our energies are blended with one another. It is a spiritual union as well as a physical and mental one. To have a sense of completion we must account for the total man: physical, mental, and spiritual.

The fifth center, or throat chakra, is associated with higher creativity and clairaudience. When we begin to function more fully from this center we tune into levels of inspiration and insight that reach beyond time and space. A writer, a musician or artist would be trying to pull the energy into these higher centers in order to perceive and create ideals of beauty and harmony. The great works of art come from these higher levels of intuition, and this is why there are so few great artists. Most of them are operating from the lower three chakras, and their work hasn’t yet taken on the quality of the eternal. If you see a painting and it reflects a violent feeling in you, realize that the person who created it was coming from the second chakra.

The sixth chakra, located between the eyebrows, is also known as the third eye. It is associated with the opening of true spiritual knowledge and psychic potential. Here we no longer perceive the world as filled with paradoxes, but we see with the one eye of truth. Energy emitted as a beam of light from this center is more powerful than a laser, and has tremendous healing properties.

The seventh center, the crown chakra, represents union with the God-head, at-oneness with the universe, and is the center of total enlightenment. After you have been meditating for awhile the last two centers merge into one.

All these chakras are open in degrees, but we tend to operate out of some more than others. Very few persons on the earth plane today consistently fuction from their higher centers, opened and balanced with the lower ones, really in touch with the all pervasive energy that unites mankind.

Most of us know what it feels like to be turned on sexually; there’s a powerful current or sense of desire that can almost overwhelm us. It’s something we can’t rationalize. We have to experience it. But when we are experiencing it, there’s no mistake that it’s the real feeling. And that’s just in your second center! Imagine what you’d feel if this energy intensity were moving throughout all your centers at the same time!

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