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People love to help themselves. Which is good, even great. NMR is such a valuable tool people are "clamoring" for help in using NMR for themselves. At the end of chapter four of "Odyssey of The Soul, A Trilogy, Book I, Apocatastasis" (Chilton, Harmon, Light) are two pages headed: "How To Do NMR With Yourself and Others" and "How To Self-Muscle Test". What follows is additional helpful information.

First, it is VERY IMPORTANT to recognize the limitations of self-use of NMR. Complications in self-use are: 1) The possibility of the presence of spirit attachments in ones energy field which could influence the answers. 2) The possibility of parts of oneself (like active "inner child" or "past live personalities") that can influence the answers. 3) The strong expectation of or desire for a particular answer on your part.

Precise wording can help to diminish the effects of the first two influences, unless one is under a particularly strong "other" personality influence.

Keeping your own mind as clear of expectations or desires as possible is the only guard against the third one and as this is difficult, at best, be very, very, very wary of using self-NMR to address major questions in your life.

Making NMR statements aloud helps to keep your mind focused. Statements are always preferable to questions. Preface your statements with the wording suggested below in order to increase accuracy. Remember, your subconscious is literal so make your statements as literal as possible, using simple sentences with a single subject and single verb. Keep your mind focused. If you make a statement while thinking something else, the answer will be to what you were thinking as you made the statement.

Once you have learned to do these steps for yourself, insist that anyone else doing muscle testing for you follow these steps. There are many people who are being taught incorrect muscle testing. After extensive clinical research, we find these steps to bring the greatest accuracy.

  • Before you begin, be sure to tap over your thymus, as explained in Chapter Four of "Odyssey of the Soul, A Trilogy, Book I." (Tap your index finger in a counter-clock wise circle - you are the clock - around your thymus gland, which is about three inches below where the clavicle joins at the chest.)

  • If using pendulum method, establish "yes", "no", "I don't know", and "I won't say" directions as outlined in "How To Self Muscle Test" at the end of Chapter Four of Odyssey.


  • Substance can be in a container of any kind or out of the container. Even a tiny amount can be tested.

  • Hold substance on your central meridian Or if you are using finger method, lie or lean back, and balance substance/container on your central meridian. (Central meridian is just below the belly button.)

  • Make the following statements aloud (you can whisper) if possible. More than one of these statements may be true so be sure to check all possibilities for the substance you are testing. (The wording is designed to eliminate, as much as possible, influence from other levels of your own mind or spirit attachment influence.)

    • "The subconscious mind of this body knows this to be good for this body." Wait for answer.

    • "The subconscious mind of this body knows this to be neutral to this body." Wait for answer.

    • "The subconscious mind of this body knows this to have negative (or bad) effects on this body." Wait for answer. (If yes, begin making statements to test for what negative effects; i.e. irritating to the skin, upsetting to the stomach, the hormonal system, nerves, etc. If you really, really want a product/substance that is irritating or negative to your body in some way, you can test for the percentage of negative effect; i.e., over 10% negative effect and so on.)

    • "The subconscious mind of this body knows this body needs this." Wait for answer

    • "The subconscious mind of this body knows this body to be allergic to this." Wait for answer. (If yes, see "The Allergone™ Method".)

    • "The subconscious mind of this body knows this to be toxic to this body." (If answer is yes, do not use this as toxins to the body cannot be corrected.)

NOTE: When discovering a substance is good for the body, you need to test for amounts, how often, and in the case of vitamins, minerals, and herbs whether morning or night, on empty or full stomach. Also best to test combinations. You can do this with statements. Such as, "The subconscious mind of this body knows taking vitamin E and zinc together is of optimum benefit to this body." Or, "The subconscious mind of this body knows eating meat and potatoes together is of optimum benefit to this body." Or test whether a particular combination is bad for the body and to what extent/degree.

NOTE: When finding something is good for the body, it is always a good idea to follow up with the statement, "I, (state name) believe this." If no, you will need to change that belief in order for the benefits of that substance. Your beliefs affect everything.

Also Note: Your conscious and subconscious beliefs over-rule Higher Self knowledge, however the Higher Self is far less susceptible to erroneous programming than your lower levels. When there is a difference, consider changing the lower beliefs.


IMPORTANT: If you have an alarming or suspicious symptom, see an medical physician. All chronic pain or discomfort is an alarming or suspicious symptom.

If your medical physician has diagnosed (only medical doctors can do this) your body as having an illness or disease or injury, you can test to see how you can help heal or accelerate the healing of that condition. Examples of this are:

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows the (name condition) of this body can be healed." (If yes, proceed. If no, test for why; i.e. part of my life's challenge etc.)

  • "The subconscious mind of (name your name) believes the (name condition) can be healed." (If no, follow "Erase Negative Thoughts" Instructions. Better yet, seek out a hypnotherapist practiced in working with EMDR or Hypnotic Techniques for erasing negative thoughts/beliefs.)

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows there are internal blocks to healing this (name the condition to be healed). (If yes, test for blocks; i.e., subconscious block, emotional block, inner child block, past life block, etc. You will need therapy, in most cases, for clearing these blocks. See Beyond 12 Steps for information on regression therapy or seek a good hypnotherapist.)

  • "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows there is an emotional origin of (name condition)." If yes, check for emotion or emotions. Such as: anger, guilt, fear, grief, shame, sadness and so on. While you can do much preliminary investigation of the emotional origins - what are they, where are they rooted (early childhood, past life, spirit attachment), you will probably need a hypnotherapist practiced in regression therapy to work with these. It is VERY hard to be your own therapist. Amend that: It is impossible. Ideally, your hypnotherapist will be in contact with your medical doctor to keep informed by the doctor as to your progress.

NOTE: While you can test for the benefits of substances in aiding your healing, be very, very, very careful with this and DO seek the advice of your medical practitioner. Ideally, you will seek a professional practitioner of NMR who works closely with your doctor.


  • Make the following statements (aloud if possible). (The wording is designed to eliminate, as much as possible, influence from other levels of your own mind or spirit attachment influence.)

    • "I, (your name) want (name your goal)." Example: "I, Susan, want this body to be slimmer." "I, Emily, want to stop smoking." "I, Patricia, want more money."

    • "All parts of me, (name your name) want (name your goal.) " (If response is "no", this is a indicator of an inner block to your goal. See how to test for and clear inner blocks following.)

    • "Some part of me, (name your name) is blocking (name your goal"."

    • "The part of (name your name) blocking (name your goal) is __________. The parts that can be blocking your goal, and the parts to test - separately - are: conscious belief, subconscious programming, Higher Self (if Higher Self, the goal is not attainable at this time), past life personality, inner age personality. If inner age personality, check for age. "The inner age personality of (name your name) blocking (name your goal) is age ________." If conscious belief blocking, do more research on your goal in order to increase your belief by reading of others who have achieved it and how. If subconscious programming blocks, you can try EMDR or blackboard technique with hypnosis (see "Test For Blocks" and "Erasing Negative Programming".) Then do positive programming (see "Four Steps To Increase Money Consciousness", "The Use of Keys for Automatic Programming", and "How To Do Positive Self-Programming" at the end of Chapter Five in Odyssey.) If inner age or past life personality blocks, you will need regression therapy which is impossible to do alone and often impossible to do with out hypnosis. Seek out a hypnotherapist qualified in regression therapy."

    • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows there is another spirit blocking (name your name) from obtaining (name your goal)." If yes, it is likely you have a spirit attachment.


  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows (name your name) to have one or more spirit attachments."

  • If no: Either you are free of spirit attachments or your Higher Self has determined this is not information you can handle at this time.

  • If yes: "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows (name your name) to have two spirit attachments."

  • If yes: continue adding numbers 3, 4, and so on. It is not rare to a spirit attachment, or even two. It is not rare to have several with a history of childhood abuse or war experiences. (Vietnam Vets often have picked up spirit attachments from the men, enemies and friendly, who have died around them. If you are a Vet, you ought to pay very careful attention to the possibility.) If you have several and you are experiencing great fatigue and/or flu like symptoms, aching joints, irritability - suspect you have The Visitors with you. The Visitors are from another planet and they are very present in the earth planes astrally. They have a ship near earth - partly organic, partly mechanical, partly astral - and they are hopeful of inhabiting earth by helping humans through the earth changes. They are very honest in admitting the Higher Selves of humans do not consider this a good plan as it will lead to the eventual enslavement of humans. (We can get ourselves through the earth changes.) They find our animal bodies (and the human body is animal) fascinating and they like to enter as spirit attachments, but do so in great numbers. Their numbers and their electrical makeup is very disturbing to the human body. They can be made to leave by asking the Light to take them out of your body.. It is a VERY GOOD idea in this time and age to mentally surround your body at least once a day with white light and gold light. Read Chapters Seven and Eight in "Odyssey of the Soul, Book I."

  • If you want to you can test to find the gender of spirit attachments with statements like: "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows there to be one (or two and so on) female spirit attachment with (name your name)." Make same statement with males. To test for Visitors or other alien attachments make the statement: "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows there to be an alien spirit attachment with (name your name." You can also test to find if spirit attachment(s) are children, teens, or adults and of what age. You can delineate more than one spirit attachment as "spirit attachment 'a', 'b', or numbers or whatever you choose, for help in testing.


    First, don't panic. They are PEOPLE. Second, know the difference between a spirit guide and a spirit attachment is spirit guides know better than to attach as they know it depletes the bodies energies and affects the subconscious programming. Spirit guides might enter the energy field to be channeled, but they will leave afterwards. Best not to take the word of a spirit that he, she, or it is a spirit guide. Best to ask YOUR Higher Self via NMR. Third, if you have spirit attachments be very wary of all answers with self NMR. Forth, read chapter 7 of "Odyssey of the Soul, Book I", to understand spirit attachments. Fifth, test the following for each spirit attachment:

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows the presence of spirit attachment 'a' (or whatever) to be to (name your name) highest good."

  • "The Higher Self of spirit attachment 'a' (or whatever) knows the attachment of spirit 'a' to (name your name) to be to spirit 'a's Higher Good."

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows all parts of (name your name) to be emotionally prepared to release spirit 'a' at this time."

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows spirit attachment 'a' to be emotionally prepared to investigate the Light at this time."

    If answer to either of the last two statements is "no", you will need to see a therapist who communicates with spirit attachments, NOT exorcises them. Remember, they are people. They don't like to be yelled at or forced out and they are often scared of or mistrustful of the Light. (Nor will the Light ever take anyone who does not want to go. Nor can it force anyone out of your body YOU don't want to have leave. Remember, you or an inner age of you may have become emotionally bonded with (or fascinated by) a spirit attachment with you. In such a case, this part of you may want to hold onto a spirit attachment even if you want it to go. No Higher Spirit of Light or The Light will ever over-rule the will of any part of your spirit, "even" an inner child level.

    The way a hypnotherapist will work with a spirit attachment is to guide you into hypnosis (even a light or medium level will work), then ask the spirit attachment to speak through you. This will happen in one of two ways: 1) You will hear the thoughts and report on them. This is mental telepathy and what might be called "indirect" channeling. 2) The spirit attachment will use your vocal chords to voice his or her thoughts. This is "direct" channeling. It may start out "indirect" and "segue" to direct as you and he or she become more comfortable with the process. Either way "works".

     The therapist helps the spirit to speak his or her fears and concerns about leaving and speaks to the levels of you reluctant to have the spirit attachment(s) leave. These concerns are addressed until the spirit attachment is willing to investigate the Light and all parts of you are willing to let go. (May be first session, may take longer. If you have one or more inner children that do not feel safe without the spirit attachment - and if you have unhealed abuse in your childhood this is likely - then that child or children will need to be made to feel safe; i.e. therapy.)

    Before releasing or guiding a spirit into the Light, a therapist should point out that any part of your spirit can visit the spirit attachment in a kind of "meeting place" in The Light. Spirits in the Light and in the "meeting places" are free of pain, emotional upset and confusion. The therapist should point this out to the spirit attachment(s). The therapist ought to also point out to the spirit attachment(s) that if a person wants to finish out his or her dreams, this can be arranged in the Light or he or she can go directly to the astral world. (The astral world parallels the earth plane. People there have bodies just like here - only much lighter. People do every thing they do on earth, but have the ability to do only what they want to do and live where and how they want to live. Many spirits like to sojourn here for a time to finish up their earth lives that they felt were abruptly cut short or to prepare for their next earth life.)

    When the spirit attachment is ready to investigate the Light, the therapist can mentally guide him or her to the Light. The wording: "Focus on seeing or feeling the Light. Let it draw you to it. You may find yourself in a tunnel of some sort, or maybe not. Just focus on the Light and how comforting it feels. Let it draw you in. Tell me as you move into or through the Light." Most people meet some kind of "greeters" or a "greeter" in the Light - a person they have known or a person they feel comfortable with. (The therapist can continue speaking with the person in the Light as this person is now sending mental thoughts back, using the subconscious mind and vocal chords of your body.) The therapist will mentally leave when the spirit attachment says he or she wants to stay and the therapist can go now. You may or may not see all of this depending on how open you are to mental telepathy and how visual you are in perceiving thoughts.

    If a spirit is not willing to stay in the Light the therapist will want to help this one investigate the astral world by asking him or her what kind of house he or she would want and where. (Beach, mountains, etc.) The therapist will help this person find a house and will find out if the person wants to be alone or with others. Another possibility is guiding a spirit attachment to a place of healing in the astral world. Most spirit attachments will want to stay either in the Light or in the astral world. Exceptions to this are spirit attachments still too emotionally bonded to you or who think you still need them too much. Again, a call for more therapy.

    People pick up spirit attachments in hospitals (frequently), grave yards, public gatherings, near accident sites, during abuse, and frequently where people are doing channeling. This makes it a VERY GOOD idea to mentally surround yourself with white and gold light in any of these places. Also, grief for a loved one can cause that one to remain with you. People who are very empathetic or sympathetic to others might want to - in addition to mentally surrounding themselves with gold and white light daily - ask for their Higher Self to provide a spirit guide to be with them who can help guide "lost" souls approaching them into the light.

    Once a spirit attachment leaves you, it is possible you will experience the symptoms of grief. After all, you have had a kind of "break up" of an association important to you.

    If you get an answer of yes to the two statements all parts of you are emotionally prepared to let go and the spirit attachment(s) is prepared emotionally to investigate the Light, then do the following:

    Sit quietly, ask for a spirit guide or guides of Light to be with you. Ask the spirit guides of Light to explain about the Light and the options in it, as well as the astral world, to the spirit attachment(s) with you. Wait a few moments for this and as you wait, fill yourself mentally with a color of light that, to you, brings peaceful, loving feelings. Then ask the spirit guides of Light to escort the spirit attachment(s) with you to the Light to see for themselves. Then say, "I will visit if you want me to". Then surround yourself mentally with Light - white and gold. State aloud all spirits other than your own are to leave your energy field and body.

    KNOW THIS: Spirit attachments do not have to go to the Light and can return from the Light if they choose. (They rarely want to.) Also know, if some part of you, like an inner child, resists them leaving or want them back, they may well stay or come back. If you continue to test for spirit attachments and continue to have one or more or suspect their presence, go to a person who works with helping spirit attachments, not exorcising them.

    NOTE: Even if you are certain you are clear of spirit attachments, or your self-testing says you are clear, be sure to follow the wording given here anyway. We'll repeat once more: Self-NMR is not as reliable as being tested by another.


  • "I, (name your name, like [or put in the verb you prefer] (name the person, place or thing you are testing)." Example: "I, Eve, like my job." (If response is no, or maybe, make statements to test what you don't like or love or want about your subject.)

There are, of course, MANY statements one can make in uncovering ones goals and desires and how one feels inwardly about these. You get the idea from above as to what is important. Though it is cumbersome to always name your name, this is important in self-NMR to help eliminate, as much as possible, the influence of others with you. It should also been used by those testing you who do not know about or do not believe in spirit attachments.


  • "I, (state name) like myself." If no, a call for inner therapy.

  • "I, (state name) love myself." If no, a call for inner therapy.

  • "I, (state name) am a worthy being. If no, a call for inner therapy.

  • "I, (state name) am as worthy as any being living or dead." (If no, and most get no with this as it is conditioned programming that others are more worthy than you, then test this statement: "(State name) Higher Self knows (state name) to be as worthy as any other being living or dead." Most all will get yes with this. All get yes with this.

  • "I, (state name) am powerful." If no, you will want to change this belief. There are many ways to do this. If there are internal blocks to changing this, regression therapy will be most effective.


  • Start with this one to impress yourself: "The subconscious mind of (name your name) has perfect memory." (We've never had a person test no to this yet!)

    What follows are examples of the types of statements you may wish to test.

  • "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows what happened when (name your name) was three years old."

NOTE: (Now you can begin making statements to test what you are seeking to find in that experience; i.e., "I was alone" "There were others with me." "____ was with me" and so on., testing every detail you want to know.)

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are testing for abuse, be very, very cautious. Make statements such as "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows the body of (name your name) to have been abused. Keep this in mind: If your Higher Self or subconscious believe you are not ready for this information, it may be blocked. If the answer is yes and you proceed with your self-discovery (type of abuse, name of abuser and so on), and begin to become upset, please see a qualified therapist who works with repressed memories.

ALSO REMEMBER THIS: It is possible to have been abused by someone's body while that someone was not in it. You can test for this with: "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows the spirit of (name the name of whomever you suspect) abused the body of (name your name). If "no", next test: "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows the body of (name the name of whomever you suspect) abused the body of (name your name). The explanation of this follows:

Many abusers were abused as children and during that abuse may have become open to the spirit of their abuser or the spirit attachment(s) with their abuser. This, coupled with the survival technique of leaving their own bodies during the abuse, can make them candidates for that spirit later using their bodies to abuse others. Due to a conditioned response from their own abuse, the person "owning" the body will "check out" as the abuse begins. In such cases, the person "owning" the body will not recall abusing another. The subconscious minds of their bodies will remember, though the conscious mind will not.

Bear in mind: The above explains why "psychics" are often wrong when asked whether a particular person abused another. If there was another spirit in the body, the psychic is technically right is saying: "So and so did not abuse you." Ask the question as follows: "Did so and so's body participate in the abuse of my body" to get a more accurate 'reading".

Following are statements to find information on past lives:

  • "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows the spirit of (name your name) to have lived in another body prior to this body.

  • "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows the spirit of (name your name) to have lived in (name the century.) [It saves time to begin with a statement such as "after the 10th century A.D." or "before the 10th century A.D." then name the centuries. When you get a century, test to see if you had more than one life in that century with the statement that follows. The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows the spirit of (name your name) to have lived more than one life in the (name century.) If yes, test for more lives in that century. Rare, but it happens.]

    Once you have focused on a particular life time, you can begin making statements (prefaced as above) regarding your gender, dates of your life time, where you lived, how you died, who in your life today was in that life then, whether there are negative influences (thoughts, beliefs, emotions) from that life affecting you in this life.

NOTE: Most people have had many past lives, so test each life specifically to the century it was in. Example: "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows that in the 14th century (name your name) was a female." Or: "The subconscious mind of (name your name) knows that in the early 1300's (name your name) was a female."

ALSO NOTE: If you find you have not had any past lives or not many past lives (like less than 10) you are a "newbie" to this planet. You can begin making statements as to whether you have been embodied on other planets (and where) or whether you "come from" other realms. (Like the fairy realm. Don't laugh. There is such a realm, or at least close to what we might think of as a fairy realm.) Remember to state "embodied" as we live on many planets and realms in our astral forms between lives.


Ah, one of the trickier of all areas. Many think the Higher Self is something outside of themselves and that it knows all, sees all. Your Higher Self is YOUR spirit and is YOU. It is the part of you that know more and sees more clearly because it is freer of emotional biases. It is growing in consciousness through its earth (and other) incarnations, of which you are one. The Higher Self does not command or direct. It guides by using the knowledge available to it.

Statements for the Higher Self are best prefaced with these two statements:

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) can guide me in this matter now."

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) is willing to guide me in this matter now."

    If either of these two statement are "no", you are being told finding these answers on your own, at this time, is the guidance. If answer to both statements is "yes", proceed with your statements. Preface all your statements with: "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows"

    Before testing for and learning more about your spirit guides (how many, what gender if any, what they do or do not do for you and so on), make the following statements:

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows (name your name) to have one or more spirit guides at this time."

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows (name your name) to have one or more spirit guides at this time." (If yes, test for how many.)

  • "The Higher Self of (name your name) knows all of the spirit guides with (name your name) at this time are to (name your name) higher good." (If no, ask your Higher Self to encase any spirit guides not to your higher good in an eight sided crystal, to be taken to the light where a guide of light will assist them.

    NOTE: This will not work if some part of you - like an inner child - wants to hold onto the spirit guides. You can test whether this worked with the following statement:

  • The Higher Self of (name your name) knows (name your name) to be free of spirit guides not to (name your name) higher good." (If no, some part of you is holding onto a spirit guide not to your higher good. Seek out a hypnotherapist to contact that part of you.)

    ALSO NOTE: The same statements above can be used to test for spirit attachments. Just substitute the words "spirit attachments" for "spirit guides". (The difference between a spirit guide and an attachment is spirit guides stay out of the energy field so as not to influence your subconscious mind or tax your body. Some attachments like to think of themselves as spirit guides, thus the importance of asking your Higher Self.)


If anything is trickier than self-testing Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Attachments, this is it. Remember: The future is NOT set. There are an infinite amount of possibilities. However, the thoughts, beliefs, and actions you make now are creating the future you will meet. So make statements about the future using the terms: "most probable" or "most likely" future. If you do not like the probabilities being created now, CHANGE YOUR PRESENT thoughts, beliefs (subconscious as well) and actions.

Preface statements about the future with statements like:

  • "(Name your name)" Higher Self knows (name your name) attending classes at USC this fall is probable (or likely) at this time."

    You can test for the number of probable futures you have at the present moment with a statement such as:

  • "(Name your name)" Higher Self knows (name your name) to have more than one probable future path at this time." (If answer is "yes" test for number.)

    The greater the number of probable futures you have, the less focused you are. Or, wishful thinking, daydreaming, or fears and anxieties are creating futures on the mental (not the physical) realms. PHYSICAL ACTION is the greatest determiner as to whether a future will or will not manifest in the physical realms.

    NOTE: Avoid terms like "will be" in working with the future. Use the present tense.

    Example: "Gloria's Higher Self knows Gloria is likely to be married by November of this year." Is better than: "Gloria's Higher Self knows Gloria will be married soon."

    There are probably guidelines we've forgotten to add, and as we think of them, we will

    If your are a therapist or your therapist is interested in learning NMR, have him or her read "Odyssey of the Soul, A Trilogy, Book I" and if she/he is open to the concepts in the book, and wants more "therapist information" on NMR she/he can contact us for that. If a therapist is not open to the concepts in the book then NMR will not do him/her much good as they will not check for the source of the answers, making the NMR unreliable.

    If you are tempted to test someone else with NMR without training or be tested by an untrained person yourself keep this in mind: if the person testing another person with NMR has a thought, then the NMR answer will reflect THAT person's thought - not the one being tested. Therapists are trained to keep their minds clear and to know when the person they are testing is able to handle the answer they might get. NMR is a wonderful therapy tool in skilled hands. In unskilled hands, it can be very, very misleading.

    Remember: Your answers with NMR are only as reliable as your wording and your focus of thought (if you say one thing and think another, the answer will reflect your thought) and is only accurate as to the source of the answer. (Conscious level of mind, subconscious level of mind, Higher Self, inner child personality, an emotion, past life personality, spirit attachment.)

    There is so much to know about yourself. We hope this provide a guideline that is helpful to that journey.

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