Chapter 4   -  Spoon Bending

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   Dr. Harmon thought of the thousands of clients he´d worked with who had suffered sexual abuse and their difficult healing journey as they made their way through ages and layers of guilt, shame, denial, hurt, anger, pain, and fear. How grateful he was for the NMR! In the ´old days´, before NMR, it would take weeks, even months, to get what could be gained in an hour of NMR. If people only realized, he mused, how much is available to them today. If only they knew how much they know inwardly. If only they could trust themselves to find out!


   Dr. Harmon calls NMR the most extraordinary tool developed in modern times for discovering inner truths. It is important to keep in mind that while NMR is infallible, human beings are not. NMR must be precisely and accurately done. It is not a tool for amateurs when seeking important information. NMR is a powerful tool when used by well-trained professionals who use precise wording and keep their own minds and expectations out of the process. NEVER let a person with something to gain, or lose, by your answers use NMR with you. (This eliminates family members, close friends, and business associates.) Surrogate NMR can be used with animals, babies, and those who cannot be tested directly. If you use "muscle testing" or applied kinesiology in your work, please be aware that it is important to know which level of the mind the answers you are getting are coming from and whether they are coming from the mind of your client/patient or the mind of a spirit attachment, which you will read about in Chapter Seven. Also, it is very important to know that the subconscious beliefs are carried out, even if they contradict the desires of the conscious mind or the truths of the body and the Higher Self. For specifics in regards to precise and accurate use of NMR.


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How to Do NMR With Your Self & Others

If you are a professional in the health fields and have had training in Applied Kinesiology or Touch For Health, read Chapter Four of Odyssey of The Soul, Book One, very carefully and follow outlined procedure. Wording is so very important. Keeping your mind clear is equally important. Also, the testing reflects what a person is thinking, not saying, so keep the person´s mind focused on thinking what they are saying. Through proper wording you can access cell knowledge, subconscious beliefs and programming, the Higher Self, the past, and the future. If polarity keeps shifting, suspect spirit attachments and have the person preface every statement with his or her name; such as: "Jane´s body know" or "Sally´s subconscious believes" or "Bill´s Higher Self knows". DON´T CHECK FOR SPIRIT ATTACHMENTS UNLESS YOU ARE A THERAPIST AND QUALIFIED TO WORK WITH THIS. Also remember, subconscious beliefs over-rule cell knowledge. The subconscious belief must be changed to accept the knowledge of the cells. (This is important in healing, taking medications, vitamins, herbs, etc.)

    When YOU are the one being tested, take responsibility for yourself as you may have more knowledge than the one testing you. Teach them what you know. If someone prefers to use another method, at least be certain your polarity is in balance and that you SEE your own muscle response. Pay attention to your wording, use simple statements (not questions), keep your mind focused on what you are saying, and NEVER let a "control freak" test you.

            If you are not a trained professional, do not use NMR for anything that is of importance to you or your life (or the lives of others). Improper use of this tool can lead to trouble, trauma, and wrong answers.

            On the other side of this sheet are two methods of self muscle testing. Be aware, self muscle testing is not reliable for the "big" questions as the subconscious is eager to provide the answers you want. Do NOT make major life decisions based on self muscle testing.


Every time you use either method tap your thymus as described in Chapter Four, Odyssey Of The Soul, Book One, for proper polarity.

    Finger Method: Hold the pads of your thumb and your index finger OR the pads of your thumb and your little finger together to create an oval circle. Place the pads of the index finger and the thumb of the opposite hand together. You will use these two fingers like a pair of "pliers" that ´open´ and ´close´. With these two fingers in the ´closed" position, place them in the middle of the oval circle of your opposite hand. Now you will experiment with "opening" the "pliers". Place the "pliers" inside the circle on the opposite hand. As you make a statement, you will open the "pliers" and try to open the circle of your fingers. Your goal is to find the amount of pressure that when you apply it, the circle stays closed when you say ´yes´ and opens when you say ´no´. Next, make a statement (not question). If the "pliers" can open the circle, the answer is no. If "pliers" can´t open the circle, the answer is yes. Focus your mind on your statements as you say them.

    Pendulum Method: Remember, your subconscious mind is moving the pendulum, it is not magic. Use a ring or similar object on the end of a string, thread, or chain of at least 3 inches long. Hold string/thread/chain between pads of thumb and index finger of one hand. Let object at other end dangle. Hold your arm, elbow, hand, and fingers steady. (You can place your elbow on a surface or in the air, but keep arm steady.) Think and say ´yes´. Keep repeating ´yes´. After a few moments, the pendulum will begin to swing due to pulse vibrations coming from your subconscious mind through your fingers. Do not move the pendulum yourself. Note the direction of the swing (clock wise, counter clock wise, back and forth, up and down). This is your ´yes´ direction. Now repeat ´no´ over and over. Note the swing. This is your ´no´ direction. Now find a direction for "I don´t know" and "I can´t say". Go through this procedure each time you use the pendulum until you are certain the directions of the swing are always the same. Make statements (not questions) and note direction of swing for your answer.

    NOTE: Both of these methods can be unreliable. They can provide guidance, but the greater your emotional investment in the answer, the less accurate the response.

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