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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Fax Sent To Dr. Laura on 6/7/05 from Pamela Chilton

Subject:  Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse


Dear Dr. Laura,   

 I enjoy listening to your program when I get a chance.  You have good practical wisdom and common sense.  Yet, every time you call recovered memories of sexual abuse “Bull Shit”, I shudder.  My grandfather sexually abused me as a child.  I remembered this subconsciously but did not recall it consciously.  Yes, the memories surfaced during the course of therapy AND they surfaced during hypnosis.  I was “lucky”.  My grandfather admitted the abuse. 


I am now myself a therapist.  I work a great deal with childhood sexual abuse/molest, including working with “recovered memories”.  Sometimes, such memories are not of physical events, but of mental events – including dreams and past lives.  Whether past life memories are real or representational of unresolved issues, the emotions and negative thoughts connected with them are responsive to therapy.  Another example:  One client who showed all of the “signs” of sexual molest discovered – through hypnosis – that her father watched porn flicks while she was napping in her crib in the same room.  She had “internalized” what she was subconsciously hearing and seeing while she slept. 


I have had many “lucky” clients whose abusers verify their “recovered memories”.  Others are met with denial.  My advice to clients is:  “Unless you have other collaborating evidence this abuse occurred, it will be counterproductive to your healing to discuss it with those who would deny it or not understand it.  Your healing is an “inside job”.  If the abuser is still present in the client’s life and there are c hildren to protect I suggest the client quietly inform the parents of those children that he/she was victimized as a child by a pedophile and while he/she is getting healing, it is not a subject for discussion except to discuss with them how they can help their children protect themselves from being victimized. 


It is not rare for those being sexually abused OR for those doing the abuse to enter into an altered state of consciousness during the abuse.  When this happens the person  (abused and/or abuser) will consciously “forget” what happened after moving back into a “normal” state of consciousness, rather like forgetting a bad dream upon awakening. 


Your radio show reaches millions.  I pray you get many responses from many who have had recovered memories verified so that you will pause to reflect that perhaps it is not, after all, “bull shit”.  

                        Respectfully, Pamela Chilton
P.S.  What I did not mention to Dr. Laura in the Fax above is the following:
It is also possible for a person to have a spirit attachment that begins talking in therapy about his/her sexual abuse or molest.  Sometimes the spirit attachment does not mention he/she is not the client through him he/she is speaking.  Often when the spirit attachment does mention his/her name and it is different from the client the therapist thinks this is an 'alter'; i.e a created personality, of the client.  Although there are created personalities not all secondary (or third and so on) personalities with a client are alters.  While the 'standard' for working with multiples is to try to incorporate them into the main personality this is not possible or desirable with a personality that is a  ; spirit attachment for obvious reasons.  
There are many who work with spirit attachments who do not realize a spirit attachment can be a past life personality of the client's soul.  How does THAT happen?  Who you were in a past life is not who you are today.  Same soul, different personality aspect of your soul.  Who you were in the past continues to exist as a part of your soul.  These personalities can be 'triggered' to come forward when issues with them are unresolved or they have information to impart to the present personality.  Interesting huh?  And creates havoc in all healing, counseling and therapy modalities as well as with hypnosis, muscle testing, applied kinesiology, and NMR if one is not aware of this knowl edge.
Shall I give you even more to know?  Alright there's this as well:   A spirit attachment(s) can be the one doing the abusing.  One of my clients went to a psychic/medium who said:  "Your father is angry that you think he sexually molested you.  He wants you to know he most certainly did not."     Turns out the psychic/medium and father were half right.  Father's body was used by a spirit attachment who molested her.  Father was out of his body during the sexual molest, so he has no conscious memory of it, not even in spirit because he has not yet moved beyond the emotional vibrations of the earth planes.
Can false memories be implanted in the subconscious?  Absolutely.  What a person experiences mentally is reality to the subconscious.  Both the subconscious and the Higher Self can differentiate between mental and physical reality, but will not if the proper questions for doing so are not asked. Plus, what has been implanted in and/or  believed by the subconscious must be worked with even if it didn't happen in physical reality because what the subconscious believes affects the cells of the body/brain, as well as the chemical balance and drives behavior.  
So much to learn, isn't there?  Human beings are fascinating..   

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