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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Past Life Regression

Dr. Harmon and Pamela are certified as past life therapists and instructors of past life therapy. Each are professional members of The Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (A.P.R.T.), and Dr. Harmon served on the board for several years.

Why Do A Past Life Regression?

  • To gain understanding and knowledge of oneself.
  • To heal oneself of the origins of a present emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual dysfunction or imbalance.
  • To understand the dynamics of a present relationship to a person, place, condition or thing. (Examples: food, eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol, phobia, fear, behavior, weight, parent, child, sibling, mate, co-worker, employee, employer, teacher, friend, self.)
  • An emotional review or reliving of a past life.

How Many Kinds Of Past Life Regressions Are There?

  • A mental review of memories stored in the memory banks of the mind. Such a regression usually involves little or no emotional involvement or sense of connection with that life. An emotional review or reliving of the past life.
  • Thoughts or impressions coming into the mind, though one cannot really "see" or "feel" the past life. Just as valid, not quite as involving.
  • A "tuning into" the memory banks of someone else and a "reliving" or "reviewing" of that life as though it were ones own. Can shed a great deal of light on ones own situation and can be as transformational as though it were ones own life.
  • A "coming forward" of ones past life personality. In this type of regression one feels as though one truly is the personality of the past. Can be very emotionally involving.

Do People Ever Make Up A Past Life In Hypnosis?

Yes. Sometimes, just as in dreams, the subconscious mind uses a past life "story" as a means of symbolically bringing forward important information that needs to be processed.

How Will I Be Sure My Regression Was Real & Was Mine?

For therapy purposes, it is not important whether it was or was not real. The mind brought forward what was needed to trigger, enhance, or accomplish the goal being sought. If and when one wants to know this information, NMR is a non-hypnotic process we use to access - through your brain, mind, and body connection - information you have stored in your inner levels of mind. NMR is extremely useful to regression work. Using it, one can find all the facts of a past life regression before the hypnosis, thus allowing the questioning mind to relax sufficiently to gain the insights one seeks in a past life regression. It also focuses the subconscious mind on where to go in the regression, which can save hours of "fishing around" in the subconscious memory banks. We find people are much more able to relax into hypnosis and find their truths when they know that NMR can be used afterwards to separate the "fantasy" from the "facts" of what they said in the hypnosis. It is our goal to spread the knowledge of CORRECT use of NMR so everyone has access to professionals using this powerful tool.

Why Don´t People Speak A Different Language In Past Life Regressions?

Sometimes, they do. When they do, we remind the subconscious to translate the language of the past into the language of the present. (Which it normally does automatically.) Many people report they can "hear" or "see" the language they spoke in the past, but can´t seem to "speak" it. This is probably due to conscious interference.

How Deep In Hypnosis Will I Have To Be For A Past Life Regression?

The SAME information comes forward in light, medium, or deep hypnosis. The deeper levels tend to cause people to trust more of what they said. Relaxing and knowing the level is not important to achieving the information will naturally move people into deeper levels of hypnosis. Kind of a "catch 22".

What If I Am Still Conscious During My Regression?

People are as consciously aware in hypnosis as their conscious mind wants to be. Most people are curious about a past life regression and thus remain conscious no matter what level of hypnosis they reach.

How Can I Become Unconscious In Hypnosis If This Is What I Want?

Most people drift in and out of conscious awareness when being "programmed" by "straight hypnosis" (meaning the hypnotist is doing all of the talking) once they trust the process and the hypnotist. To trust the process means to know that the subconscious mind is always aware in hypnosis and will alert the conscious mind should anything be said or done which it knows would be alarming to the conscious mind. In fact, hypnosis can be said to be a super aware state of mind. In the beginning, you will be more alert and aware in hypnosis, even to hearing a pin drop in the next room. However, since the subconscious is more open to suggestion in hypnosis, normal and safe sounds will not be disturbing, unless you or the hypnotist tells the subconscious they are disturbing. As you begin to "let go" more and more of the "outside world", you will move more deeply within. The more "passive" you are about what you discover, think, see, or say while in hypnosis, the more you are likely to experience unconsciousness - if this is what you desire.

How Can You Ensure The Best Past Life Regression Possible?

  • Choose a professional hypnotherapist specifically trained in past life regressions. The advantage to having a hypnotherapist, rather than a hypnotist, is this one can help you resolve any unresolved experiences in the past life.
  • Become comfortable with your hypnotherapist before doing a past life regression.
  • Become comfortable with hypnosis. Some people learn a new skill immediately. Others require some practice. To discover which you are, there are several options:
    • Do a regression and see how it works. Remember, hypnosis works best if you don´t try and you don´t resist. Just focus on the hypnotist´s voice and follow the suggestions. Imagining you are in a peaceful, safe place helps tremendously as it helps you relax and helps keep "busy" thoughts away.
    • If you are disappointed in the regression, you probably need more practice with hypnosis. If so, either do step (3) or keep returning for past life regressions until you become comfortable with the whole process. Like everything else, you´ll get better at it the more you do it.
    • Ask for a session in which you can practice being hypnotized. A tape will be made of this session for you to play at home. Learning how to relax into hypnosis is a skill that will serve you well for many things besides past life regressions.
    • Enjoy yourself.

How Much Will A Past Life Regression Cost?

This depends on two things: 1. The skill of the hypnotherapist/hypnotist. 2. What the market will bear. Pamela and Dr. Harmon are at the top of their profession. They charge $120 per hour. In general, it is a good idea to schedule an hour and a half for a past life regression; especially if you have not been hypnotized before.


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