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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Meditation of Silence

Aloha Lama Ka Ko (Love, Light and Greetings To All)

As promised: More about meditation to know the Higher Self and how you can ask your Higher Self for a signal to alert you to the conceit and deceit of yourself and others.

Daily meditation is for lifting oneself into oneís spiritual vibrations. Think of it as "charging" your light, which in turn "charges" you and the cells of your body and your brain. Expecting or hoping for mystical sounds, visions, and feelings of ecstasy can lead to thoughts of dismay, doubt and defeat when these do not occur. They will occur, over time and from time to time. But they are unlikely to occur every time or even most of the time until you have cleared your energy fields; i.e. your mind and your body, of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that lower your vibrations. Meditation does not do this, but it does supply the energy and life force needed for attending to this.

How do you not hope for mystical experiences while meditating? By telling yourself the meditation is for "entering into the silence." It is in this silence that your "batteries" are re-charged. It is in this silence that you come to know - even without realizing it - how to recognize the vibration of your spiritual thought.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Use the mantras, chants, prayers, music or rituals that are spiritually uplifting for you or surround yourself with silence. Tell yourself how long you wish to be in meditation so your subconscious knows when to end the meditation. Ask that your Higher Self (the level of your spiritual vibrations) alert you to the presence of any interfering spirit or entity while you meditate by directing the subconscious to move the finger or thumb of your choosing. If you prefer another signal state this, such as: Buzzing in the ears. Sneezing. Shaking of an arm or a leg. A voice that says "no". Whatever it is, use it each time so this becomes the "programmed" signal between you and the subconscious and the Higher Self level of your spirit.

To quiet your thoughts still your eyeballs. Focus them on the third eye - about an inch above the space between your eyebrows. Keep your eyes focused there and your busy thoughts will quiet down and eventually fade away. Your thoughts are like birds that are fed by you daily. When you quit feeding them for a certain time, they will clatter and clamor, but eventually they will learn they will not be fed at that time and so will cease calling for your attention. Plus, when your eyeballs donít move it is difficult to think. Stilling the eyeballs physically stills the thoughts. (It will help, if you find it difficult to keep your eyes steady and your mind quiet to focus on the sound of your breathing and/or the feeling of your chest as it rises and falls at the same time you focus your eyes on your third eye.)

As you stare at the third eye you may see nothing - or darkness, or light, or an eye, or an archway, or an oval, or an image that is spiritually symbolic to you. When you feel yourself being pulled into this space - go with it. You are being drawn into the silence.

It is likely you will become unconscious when you enter into the silence. This is as it should be. You have shifted yourself into a higher vibrational frequency than conscious awareness. You are now out of the field of your body and in the higher vibrations of your soul. You are still "there" with your body, but you are not in the emotional, physical and mental vibrations of the body. When you shift back into the energy fields of the body, the body will notice you have a "different" vibration that feels very peaceful to the body. Notice how your body feels in response to this vibration. That way when you have a thought, or a message, or a vision that is accompanied by this feeling, you will know the thought, message or vision is from, through or is approved by your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self does not argue or debate, nor does it direct you or tell you what to do or not do. It "just" brings to you spiritual guidance when you ask for it and/or are open to it. You can question your Higher Self. If your Higher Self does not have the answer it goes to higher levels of spirituality to which it has access. The answer you receive will be the truth as you are best able to understand it at your level of awareness and understanding. A good time to question the Higher Self is before entering into meditation. Ask your question. Donít expect to get the answer during the meditation itself. You may get it then, but the answer will come at the time you are open to it or ready for it. This may be just as you are coming out of the meditation or it may be within the next 24 hours. Sometimes the answer itself will come. Sometimes guidance to finding the answer will come. Be open to both.

After you have meditated steadily for some time, you may find you can ask and receive without going into meditation. You will need to do so when not distracted, so if you are in a moment of crises, you must first quiet your mind. (Which you have learned to do with daily meditation.) You may prefer to ask and receive mentally or you may find doing this with writing works best for you. Pay attention to your body signals as you receive the answers. It is the calm, quiet, peaceful, knowing feeling that tells you the answers are coming from or through your Higher Self.

True spiritual guidance always come through your Higher Self, even when it comes from angels, spirit guides and higher spiritual guidance. So look for that calm, quiet, peaceful, knowing feeling to accompany any vision, visitation, or mystical messages. If you donít have the feeling, or your body feels agitated, anxious, confused, over loaded, fatigued, upset - you are not receiving true guidance.

Your intuition is the voice of your Higher Self. Your psychic self is your Higher Self. If you want to become familiar with this part of your self - meditate in the silence on a regular basis.

We will share in this newsletter Higher Self messages and Meditation experiences others have shared with us via email or in person. If you wish to add yours, we welcome this.

With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh

Have A Light Moment: Light The Earth First, Then You, Then Loved Ones.
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