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The Spiritual Truth: My Vision Of The Symbolism

by Marilyn Loween

In the beginning the boy is given the ring. In my mind a circle, any circle, signifies spirit: Never ending. Always alive and awakening us to all itís glory.

At first the boy does not recognize the worth, the power, the glory
that his spirit brings him. He has a teacher, but a good teacher can only awaken you to what you already carry inside: The truth, the knowing.

The teacher is patient and waits for the boy to progress only giving him certain clues. This boy is very smart. He loved the teacher and recognized him before the journey ever began. We have an inkling before the journey begins that there really must be something important here, but the magnitude of it has not yet reached the boyís consciousness.

This ring has been around since the beginning of time. Man can make all the rings (religions) he wants, but there is only one ring: Spirit. And God created man to experience our spirits. He gave us the gift of a human body in order to carry out the challenges of this spirit.

Each one of us has a ring. (Your soul, spirit.) The men who have been here many times in past lives are the first to recognize the importance of the ring. These men have traveled many lifetimes in order to try and figure out the lessons, the learning. Each lifetime carries with it itís own challenges. The ring, your spirit, protects you with golden light. The light does protect you if you are willing to wear it and surround your life with it. Surround yourself with golden light and there is nothing you cannot face.

Man has left many messages, many written documents, words in countless languages, as signified by the words inscribed on the ring. Only those willing to really look will see the correct messages in front of them. Once you seek out and understand, the words burn their light in front of you and you cannot ignore the truth even if you try. Once you recognize the truth you see (the burning eye) life through a different set of eyes.

Now the real journey begins. You can never turn back now, your knowing has changed you forever. You seek the right people to stand by you. You surround yourself with a protective light and cannot control the ones around you.

You begin also by climbing the mountain. Climbing the mountain of higher learning is not easy. Its cold, difficult and lonely up there. Not too many people want to be around you and many will try their best to see that you donít make it. They (the ignorant) do not want you to recognize the ring (the truth that is inside each and every one of us).

The dark ones want to control the ring and control all those around you. While up on the mountain of learning they will send trouble. Even the creator, for your highest good, will challenge you with a land slide or two, blocking your path to enlightenment. But once that ring begins to grow inside of you, you have no choice. You must carry on.

Now you go down, down into the depths of the mind where all the darkness you never wanted to see is thrown at you. Its exhausting. Itís not fun. Itís overwhelming and sometimes so very, very discouraging.

Just when you think you have reached the very bottom there is the biggest one eyed monster you have ever seen. He will try his very best to penetrate you. However, the journey is succeeding, because you have been protecting yourself. Your armor is in place and once in place and secure it can never by destroyed.

You now have faith. Faith and spirit can never be destroyed. The real monsters are in your mind. Memories that each and every one of us has buried so deep that we find it almost impossible to look at. And who would want to?

Sadly, only a few. Only the ones willing to climb that cold mountain. That cold mountain is full of snow, itís white. White is spirit, and the discovery of spirituality. Once you discover spirituality you have something that many others want but are unwilling to work for. Some of your closest friends will even try to kill you to get it, even at the same time recognizing what they themselves are doing is wrong. Sometimes admitting it to themselves as they die and some will only recognize it later in spirit form again. Otherís however, recognize the truth and are willing to lay down their lives for you, in order to preserve the truth and help it be accessible to all. Even after discovering the truth, and facing all the monsters, the journey never seems to end. Now you must cross the bridge.

The bridge comes after slaying (and it must be done alone without the teacher to lean on) one more huge, dark, fire breathing monster
signifying the hell on earth that has been created by man. We can slay him if we choose. It wonít be easy and some will have to die along the way.

So be it.

On this place we call earth, we people called humans do have powerful spirits inside of us. With a common goal and understanding the bridge would easily move forward and allow all of us to escape our miseries.

We have been destroyed many times, this is just one more saga before us. If all of us destroy ourselves, it will be our will, not Godís. He is watching over us with joy and interest. And the ring, spirit, Godís Light can never be destroyed. God in all his ultimate wisdom and caring is watching the boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The Enlightened One.) Now we will watch to see what he does with the rest of his time. The rest of his life is the important part. Part two is coming.

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