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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
abuse memories
akashic records
earth changes
Higher Self
inner child
Light for the millennium




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past lives
psychic dreams
regression therapy
spirit channeling spirit possesion
subconscious mind





  • Take a moment. Stop all activity that interferes with your concentration and focus. You can stand, sit, lie down, or move. If you are tired, it would be best to sit up so you don't fall asleep. Focus your eyes on a single spot. Breath deeply three times. On the third breath, say or think: "My Higher Self and Light surround, protect, and fill me with Light.

  • Continue breathing deeply and with your eyes open or shut, roll your eyeballs upward in your head as high they can comfortably go. This may be as high as your eyebrows. Perhaps it will be to your forehead or hairline. It may be you are able to roll your eyes even further upward. Now imagine you are looking right inside your skull.

  • There is a glowing Light there. You may see it right away or it may take some time. If you are not visual may sense or feel the Light more than see it. Over time, you will come to see it. Imagining it is there is sometimes the first step for some people. This will be sufficient and you, too, will see or feel the Light over time. The Light is like your own inner sun, shining from deep within you.

  • Focus on the Light and feel as though you are moving right into its center.

  • Keep yourself centered in the Light as long as is possible. You will find this time increasing over time. You may find you seeming "sleep" or are "unconscious" during this time. Be assured your Higher Self is meeting with you and helping your energies in all ways for which you are ready.

    For those of you who have difficulty focusing your minds or staying focused on Light, it might be helpful to focus first on the flame of a candle with your eyes open or closed. As you raise your eyes upward, the image of the flame with stay with you. Focus on that image. Some of you may prefer to keep your eyes focused on the flame of the candle. This is fine. Rolling your eyes upward and then looking back at the candle will be helpful to entering the altered state that empowers this process.

    If you find your thoughts wandering into earth plane thoughts, it may be helpful to focus on a word, thought, phrase, image, or sound that keeps you focused above the earth plane. Music is helpful for some of you, it is distracting for others. Remember your goal in meditation is to lift your vibrations into your spiritual energies. This will keep you charged with life force and energy and help you to handle all that you meet on the earth plane. Eliminate from your meditation anything that brings your thoughts or energies back down to earth. As you lift your energies in meditation, you may feel some dizziness at first. If this bothers you, ask aloud that you be balanced in a centered feeling.

    When you end your meditation, you can ground yourself, if you feel you need it, by putting your feet flat on the floor and asking for grounding. Imagining, as you ask for grounding, that you are a strong tree with deep roots and tall branches reaching upward will be very helpful and beneficial. That is why you need as many trees as you can get on your earth. They bring balance into all energy fields. Go into Nature daily. You need fresh air and Light for your bodies every day.

    Daily meditations in the Light of your Higher Self moves your body, energy field, and life into harmony, health, and balance. You may notice subtle or greater changes in yourself, depending on what you lacked before beginning this process. You may notice a triggering of or an increase in your psychic abilities and you will note your inner intuitions and hunches increasing in accuracy. The messages of your dreams will become more clear to you. You will feel a growing sense of inner peace. You will find yourself feeling joy, no matter what happens to you or those you care about and love.

            You may begin to notice others relating to you differently. Those who feel unworthy of the energy around you will shy away from you. Send to them or center them in a soft rose pink color. This color is the vibration of non-conditional love. Others will feel threatened by your energy. They will react by staying away from you if at all possible. If they cannot avoid you, anger may be triggered in them. You needn't fear anger; it is the natural reaction when humans feel threatened and unable to flee. Focus their anger in the pink Light. It will calm them.

            Those that would do you harm will be fearful of your energy field. They will want to stay as far away from it as possible. As your possessions pick up your energy field over time, they will want to stay away from your possessions as well. The only exception to this will be if your own Higher Self or you draw them to you for a lesson, purpose, or to meet the consequence of your actions, thoughts, or beliefs.

            Many people will instinctively be drawn to you, wondering why they always feel better after having been around you. You will begin to notice, if you pay attention, healing and transformations in those who open themselves to your energy field. You will know which people are open by the way they respond to you. When they turn to you and gaze upon you with smiles and eagerness, they are open. You will notice, as you gaze back at them, an aura of lightness beginning to lift their energies. This is you, lifting their spirits, to turn a phrase, with your spirit.



  • Proceed as in meditation of Light.

  • As soon as you feel centered in the Light, speak of, think, or imagine yourself as one with our goal, as though it has already been accomplished. Imagine your goal exactly as you want it to be when it is accomplished and allow yourself to feel joy at the thought of this. To illustrate:

            If your goal is to heal or transform your body, do not think of the dysfunction, illness, disease, injury, imbalance, or what you don't want in your body. This is very important. To do so sends power to what you don't want. Imagine or think or speak of your body as if the healing or transformation has already being accomplished.

            This is a VERY powerful process for any goal. Use it for your finances, your relationships with yourself and others, your own desires for your personal future, and for healing and helping others. You might want to concentrate on one goal per session so your subconscious mind can give full attention to each particular goal.

            Stimulate a sense of joy with the intent that your goal IS manifesting even as you think of it, and you will stimulate your subconscious mind into giving it top priority. Again, thank Spirit when you are finished. You might thank your subconscious too. It is the part that must bring this into manifestation.

            How will you know if this has worked in relation to a goal? The answer is simple. You will notice yourself taking the steps to bring or accept this goal into your life. You will feel a sense of calm, knowing this goal will manifest, unless your Higher Self has determined the goal is not to be reached for reasons of growth and understanding. Even then, you will feel calm. If you notice yourself feeling irritable, upset, or angry about your goal, or doing what is contrary to what you would expect to be doing to achieve it, then you have inner blocks to it. You will need to attend to these. Be aware that sometimes people see the goal happening or sense it beginning and tell themselves "this couldn't possibly be!". It would be wise not to talk yourself out of believing. Your subconscious is always listening. It will stop the manifestation of your goal if you tell it to do so with your disbelief or non-acceptance. If your goal is to help or heal others, the most powerful thing you can do is fill their energy fields with Light. If they wish to accept it, they will. If not, their Higher Selves will use the Light in the manner they know will be of most benefit. It may be not achieving the goal they think they want or you think they want is part of their Higher Purpose and Good.


  • When you sit to meditate, keep the spine straight and sit up so the body does not get the message to go to sleep. Focus your eyes either on a spot on the wall or ceiling, above eye level. Or close your eyes and raise them to middle of forehead, or higher if comfortable.

  • Think or say aloud: subconscious, I am to stay in meditation for___________(name minutes or hours or until what time.) Surround me with white and golden light of protection and connect me to my Higher Self (or higher knowledge, or higher intelligence, or higher spirit, or higher consciousness.)

  • Think or say aloud: Higher Self, be present. I ask ____________ (ask your questions, or ask that you be centered in peace, tranquillity, or ask for healing, or whatever it is you seek.)

  • As your Higher Self draws near, breathe in its Light to fill your body. As you breathe out, imagine the energy field of your self and your Higher Self becoming one, extending outward to surround the planet. Imagine that Light filling the atmosphere of the planet, seeping down through the surface and to the magma below. Then imagine the planets Light and your Light becoming one and shinning out from the center of earth to extend out through the atmosphere and into space.

  • You are now centered in that Light. Think of your body, your home, your loved one, your business, your car, your bank account, and any goal you seek. Don't think anything about them, just think of them.

  • Continue in meditation. Focus on the sound of your breathing, or the rise and fall of your chest, or focus on the spot right in the middle of your forehead, or focus on the thought of light

    As the Higher Self makes its presence known, you may feel a coolness outside of your body or a warmth, or quickening, or tingling within. Or a deep sense of peace. Or all of this. You may, or may not, get your answers while meditating. They may come later. Think of yourself as plugging into your higher source of power. It will "transform" (like a transformer) you for the next 24 hours.

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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