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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Hello. My name is Pamela Chilton. I am a certified master hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist. I am a Hypnotist Examiner for The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners which means I train and test other hypnotists and hypnotherapists for certification. I also do hypnosis shows, so I can assure you I am an expert in the art and science of hypnosis. Our website, should you care to visit, is That is all one word and lower caps. Odyssey of the soul. This is the name of our trilogy of books you can find through our website or internet and local bookstores.

This tape is designed to help you better understand hypnosis, as well as the optimum use of hypnosis tapes, so you can take full advantage of this powerful means of reaching your goals. My self-hypnosis induction tape guides you into hypnosis to experience hypnosis for yourself. I have used a basic induction - meaning the words that guide you into hypnosis - you can memorize and use to hypnotize yourself any time, any place and to the precise level of hypnosis you want - whether you are using self-hypnosis or another person is hypnotizing you. This allows you to be in control of your own hypnosis, which permits you to gain the greatest benefit from this highly desirable skill. I have divided this tape into sections so you can take a short mental or physical break between sections to refresh your ability to listen with understanding. A bell will signal the end and the beginning of each section.


Why is hypnosis desirable? Because it unlocks the power of the mind. I could use up dozens of tapes giving you examples of the power of the mind. But, you have read or heard of hundreds of examples already. The mother who lifts a heavy car with one arm and pulls her child to safety with the other. People who survive events thought to be impossible to survive. The thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of ordinary people who experience extraordinary healing. Eye witness accounts of mystics in every culture who accomplish unbelievable and seemingly impossible feats. Prisoners of war who surpass what is thought to be the limits of human endurance. Athletes who surpass what is thought to be the limits of human performance. What all of these people have in common is they have somehow tapped into the power of the mind which is, after all, an aspect of the power of the spirit. Another thing they have in common is all seem to have done what they did or began the process of what they did while in a focused state of mental concentration - which happens to be the definition of hypnosis I like best.

I will give you an example from my own life. I unwittingly placed the palm of my hand on a stove top burner. The smell of burning flesh was as sharp as the pain. I rushed to my room, thinking to use hypnosis to lessen the severity of the burn. As I moved deeper into concentrating on lessening the pain, I told myself, "I donít want any scarring either." By the time I stood up - which was about an hour later - there was no indication I had burned my hand. No blistering. No redness. No sign of a burn severe enough to sear the whole palm of my hand. I had reached a level of focused concentration that triggered the ability of my mind to almost instantly and some might say miraculously heal my hand. I will give you another example of a student of mine - an ex police detective. Upon learning from his doctor that he had an extensive invasion of genital warts under his foreskin he went home and focused on the warts going away. In other words, he went into a hypnotic state - a state of focused concentration in which - he told his subconscious what he wanted. A month later he was completely free of the warts.

You see, your subconscious mind is incredibly busy. There are many parts to your subconscious mind. One part directs all of the processes and functions of your body. Another part is always listening to your thoughts as well as your spoken words to determine what is wanted by you at any given moment. You think much more than you think you do because every thing you say and every thing you think as well as everything you hear, see, touch, smell, and feel triggers thoughts you arenít even aware you are thinking. The subconscious must pay attention to all of these.

Focused concentration means focusing in on what is important to you at the same moment in time as you block out what interferes with that focus. Like the athlete who must block out thoughts of winning or losing or not being good enough or trying to accomplish the impossible by focusing on performing at the peak of his or her abilities and conditioning. That is hypnosis.


Hypnosis is sometimes spontaneous - such as a "runnerís high", or daydreaming, or "highway hypnosis", or being so focused on a movie or a book or problem solving that you tune out other thoughts. At other times hypnosis is deliberate, such as putting oneself into a hypnotic state in order to control or diminish pain or to heal a condition of the body, brain or mind. With hypnosis it is even possible to find lost memories, interpret dreams with astonishing accuracy, even investigate spiritual knowledge deep within the inner recesses of your spirit. There are some levels of hypnosis that are very difficult, if not impossible, to reach with self-hypnosis. If you learn how to make a tape, however, you can reach these levels with a tape. You can make a tape simply by speaking aloud the steps you take for self-hypnosis and then adding the imagery and the suggestions you want given when you are in hypnosis.

The only use of hypnosis that is impossible to do for oneself is - to my knowledge - therapy. The need for therapy presupposes one gets in ones own way in certain areas and even in hypnosis one will continue to do so in those areas. A professional therapist or hypnotherapist trained to work in those areas is needed. This is true even for professional therapists and hypnotherapists.

Nevertheless, even when therapy is needed, most areas of the mind and spirit can be explored with self-hypnosis. To begin, there are a few points about hypnosis even professionally trained hypnotists must keep in mind.


First, it is important to recognize that hypnosis is not a static state. This means the experience will vary each time you are hypnotized and it is YOU that makes the difference. Your mood, your intent, your willingness to be hypnotized, your willingness to do what you are going to do in hypnosis, your feelings about you or your body at that moment - all of these make a difference. So does how rested you are.

If you are sleepy, it would be better to sleep before having a hypnosis session. The goal of hypnosis is to convince the subconscious to make desired changes. When you sleep, your subconscious is as busy or busier than when you are awake. It will not focus as sufficiently nor as effectively on what you want it do as when you are in hypnosis. If you wish to play a hypnosis tape while sleeping, do so. Be certain , however, to play that same tape when you are not sleeping to gain the fullest benefit from it.

There are many levels of hypnosis . The deepest level may look like a sleep state, but it is not. In sleep, your brain waves are different than when in hypnosis. Nor is unconsciousness an indicator of the level of hypnosis you are in. You can be unconscious in the lightest levels of hypnosis. For instance, have you ever been so deep in thought that you became unaware of everything else going on around you? That is an example of unconscious focused concentration.

The levels of hypnosis correspond to brain waves, not whether you are or are not awake nor whether you can or cannot numb pain. Localized or general anesthesia can be induced in any level of hypnosis. Even hypnosis shows mostly utilize only light to medium levels of hypnosis. In fact hypnosis shows depend more on the power of suggestion than on hypnosis. However many - though not all - subjects in hypnosis shows do suggest themselves into hypnosis.


Hypnosis can enhance suggestion, but suggestion does not require hypnosis to work. Put the power of suggestion to work by talking to your body when you exercise it and talking to what you put in your body, including medication. Compliment your medicine or your supplements, for example, telling them they are going to do for you exactly what they are supposed to do. You can even decrease medicine by telling it that its doing such a great job you will need less of it very soon. As soon as you think this might be true, begin cutting down WITH YOUR MEDICAL DOCTORíS Supervision. If you do not do this with supervision, your subconscious fear you are not following the proper instructions will negate or decrease the power of suggestion. No one is more powerful in enhancing the power of suggestion than medical doctors. Get your doctor on your side. Our website has good information on alternative therapies that you can show your doctor. Keep your doctor in the loop of what you are doing. How else will your doctor keep up with you?

As your doctor probably already knows, placebos work on the power of suggestion. If you truly believe something is working, it will work. If people on placebo tests were not told they had a 50% chance of receiving a placebo there would be even higher results from placebos. Time magazine reported on a woman who had brain surgery to implant fetal cells she was told would reverse her severe symptoms from advanced Parkinsonís Disease. After the surgery her symptoms were gone and her brain was again creating the proper amounts of dopamine. She was no longer in the latter stages of Parkinsonís She was not even in the early stages of Parkinsonís. She was well. Only the surgeons had not implanted the fetal cells. They bore a hole in her skull and told her they had implanted the cells and she believed them. That is the power of a placebo when one does not know one is getting a placebo. The power of placebos IS the power of suggestion. The power of suggestion is wanting something so intensely you believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is possible to achieve.

What you can believe, you can achieve IF a) you believe consciously AND subconsciously it is possible to achieve it and it is possible for you to achieve it and b) you have convinced your subconscious you really want it with clear instructions on when and how you want to get it.


The purpose of hypnosis is to convince your subconscious of what you want and to give it clear instructions on when and how you want to get it. You will have to keep your mind clear of doubts WHILE you are in hypnosis for this to happen. One of the biggest doubts is worrying whether one is or is not in hypnosis. By learning how to recognize when you are in hypnosis, you can free yourself of this worry. The secondary purpose of learning self-hypnosis is learning how to recognize when you are or are not in hypnosis. By the way, when you are hypnotized for a goal, always ask to have a tape made of that session so even if you donít reach hypnosis during the session, you can do so later while listening to the tape. I will forewarn you that you are much more likely to go into an unconscious state of hypnosis while listening to a tape than in a live session.

Letís discuss being in an unconscious state in hypnosis one more time because this is the least understood aspect of hypnosis even by professional hypnotists. I will use the same example as before by saying: Iíll bet youíve had the experience of your mind being "some place else". Like, for example, when someone says to you, "where were you just now?" and you respond "I donít know, I was thinking I guess". You were right there, but your conscious awareness "checked out" for a little while. It cannot tell you where it was or what happened to it while it was gone. Nor do you know what happened around or to you while it was gone. This is what an unconscious state is.

The reason you are much more likely to be in an unconscious state of hypnosis while listening to a tape is your conscious mind does not feel it has to be on guard with a tape, at least after it knows what is on the tape. In fact, after the first or perhaps the second time you play the tape, the conscious mind is likely to be bored enough to "check out" almost the moment that tape begins and stay out until the tape is finished. Which means you wonder whether you were asleep or in hypnosis. Which is an excellent question, because it does matter.


Odds are, if you return to conscious awareness when the hypnotist on a tape tells you to, you were in hypnosis. If you are startled "awake" by the click of the tape or you wake up some time after the tape has finished, it is likely you were asleep.

To avoid falling asleep when playing a hypnosis tape, do not lie down. Lying down is a strong cue to the subconscious for sleep. Sit up or lean back comfortably. If you are bedridden, prop yourself up with pillows as much as possible. If you must lie down, tell yourself you will not sleep, that you will listen to the tape. Then play the tape MANY times more than you normally would over the next few days or weeks. What happens in sleep is your subconscious drifts in and out of listening to the tape, so the more times you play the tape the more chance you have of your subconscious hearing all of it. If you play the tape when you arenít sleepy, you have even more of a chance of reaping its benefits.

If you keep falling asleep with your hypnosis tape, you need to get more sleep. If you are worried about not coming out of hypnosis or out of sleep at the end of the tape when you want to, set a timer to wake you. Set it for a minute or two after the tape is to end. If you donít set a timer, you will naturally come out of hypnosis or sleep when you are ready to.


Often, people enjoy hypnosis so much they are reluctant to end it and will ignore instructions to come out of hypnosis. Your subconscious will always follow your instructions - not the hypnotistís - if these differ. For this reason, always tell yourself at the beginning of a hypnosis session what you want to do during and at the end of a session. For example, as you close your eyes tell yourself you want to be in hypnosis. Donít try to be in hypnosis. Simply tell yourself you want to be. Tell yourself you prefer light, medium or deep hypnosis. (I will explain the difference on the induction side of this tape.) Tell yourself what you want to do when the hypnosis session ends. If you are playing a tape, for example, you might want to say you remain in hypnosis, or you go to sleep, or you move into meditation at the end of the tape. Then tell yourself how long you will remain in hypnosis, or meditation, or sleep after the end of the tape. Your subconscious keeps perfect track of time. Practice this and you will learn to trust it.

To avoid coming out of hypnosis too quickly, you or your hypnotist need to count slowly from one to five before you open your eyes. (Or five to one if you used a counting up technique to go into hypnosis.) Give yourself suggestions as you count for normal blood flow, a relaxed mind and energized body, and clear eyes. It is also helpful to cup the palms of your hands over your eyes before you open them. Then open them and as you look into the blackness of your palms, tell yourself your eyes are absorbing the healing energies coming through your hands. This gives your eyes time to adjust to the light in the room and has the side benefit of increasing or triggering the healing energies flowing through the many chakras, or energy openings, in the palms of your hands. Give yourself suggestions for improved or continued excellent vision as you do this.

In fact, you will be much more suggestible for 20 to 30 minutes following hypnosis so get in the habit of giving yourself positive self talk during that time. Avoid negative thoughts and negative suggestions from yourself or others and should one slip by, erase it by putting it on an imaginary black board in your mind and erasing it. Speaking of a blackboard, not everyone is visual, either in or out of hypnosis. If you cannot visualize, look at the blackness behind your closed eyes and imagine what you would see in that blackness if you could see, and hear, and feel what you want to visualize. You donít have to see it, just think it.

I tell you this because the optimum use of hypnosis is to visualize yourself doing, being, having what the hypnotist is telling your subconscious you want. Thus, if the hypnotist tells you that your body is relaxing and you are thinking of yourself at work or doing physical activity, you are unlikely to relax physically. If your mind is busy worrying or thinking about your to do list, or whether you do or donít like the hypnotistís voice or the induction or whether the hypnosis is working - you are unlikely to relax mentally. It is not necessary to be relaxed to be hypnotized. However, it is easier to concentrate when you are relaxed. Plus, there is a very wonderful euphoric feeling in certain levels of hypnosis that can be reached only through deep physical and mental relaxation.



The best way to become hypnotized is to keep focused. The best way to keep focused is to listen to what the hypnotist is saying and imagining it is happening. Clinical studies show that even the most hypnosis resistant people do become hypnotized if they simply imagine they are becoming hypnotized. In other words, they pretend they are experiencing what they think they should be experiencing if they were hypnotized and this alone hypnotizes them. Another helpful tip is to choose a focal point for your eyes. When the mind is busy, the eyes are busy. The less your eyes move around, the more focused your mind becomes. Choose a spot such as the tip of your nose, the bridge of your nose, or the third eye - the spot just above the middle spot between your eye brows - or the top of the crown of your head. Use the highest spot that is most comfortable for you and when your mind begins to wander during the induction bring your eyes back to this focal point and your mind back to what the hypnotistís voice is saying. If you cannot visualize or feel what the hypnotist is saying, pretend you do.

Visualization, guided imagery, and imagination prime the pump for the power of suggestion to work. Meaning, they begin to focus the attention of your subconscious on your goal. The language of the subconscious is imagery first, words second. Which is why you dream in pictures. See or think as clear a picture in your mind as possible of the imagery you have chosen. Know before you begin the kind of imagery you will use to "prime the pump". For some people the image of sitting by a babbling brook is a good one for draining of the sinuses. Others will need to imagine their sinuses as pipes through which water is being drained. Still others will need to imagine plumbers are clearing the pipes and repairing them before they will be able to get their sinuses to drain. Once again, it is not essential to see this in your mindís eye. Itís great if you can. But if you stop trying to visualize and just imagine what you would see if you could see what you want to see you will be getting the image across to the subconscious. Add feeling to itÖthat you are feeling what you would be feeling if you could see what you want to be seeing and you WILL convince the subconscious it is really happening.

After the imagery that "primes the pump" the hypnotist will give you suggestions for bringing in the energy your subconscious will need for reaching your goal. Suggestions such as breathing exercises, for example, to reduce weight by increasing metabolism or to stop smoking without gaining weight or to lessen stress. Suggestions for daily affirmations and self-suggestion will usually be given to increase mental focus and mental energy. Daily prayers and/or meditation should also be suggested to increase positive emotional and spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is creator energy. This is the life force needed by your brain, your body and your mind to reach your goals.

Think of it in this way, the energy you have put into your life has been sufficient to create and maintain what you have in your life. To create changes in your life you will need more energy for the changes you want.

To increase your spiritual energy, which is creator energy, visualize or imagine a white light flowing from your spirit into your body through the center top of your head. There are sound principles for this visualization. Which is why pictures of halos usually show a white light gathered around the top of the head. Your body and mind will take from the white light the frequencies - including color frequencies - needed for what you are directing them to do.



Take a minute or two or three or more every day to visualize or imagine white light coming from your spirit into your body through the center top of your head (this is usually referred to as the crown chakra). Next beam this light in your imagination through your third eye (often called the psychic eye or the third eye chakra) to the Earth. Just imagine you are holding the Earth in your hands as you beam this white light to it. Donít say anything or think anything, donít even pray anything. Simply beam the light to the earth. That which created the Earth will know best what to do with this energy. Your giving of your light to the earth will increase tenfold the light you receive for yourself. After a moment of this silent beaming of light to the Earth, think of the white light filling you. Think of the light filling the cells of your brain and your body. Think of the perfect pattern for every cell being in this light and your cells responding to the vibrations in this pattern for their perfect form and function. Think for a moment of yourself enjoying the achievement of one or more of your goals each time you do this. Then think of the beings and things important to you filled with white light too. Finish with the thought of a protective gold light surrounding them, surrounding you and surrounding the Earth. Think of the gold light as a magnetic shield repelling all that is not to the highest good even as it magnetically attracts all that is to the highest good.

This is the most powerful technique I know of for increasing energy to help yourself, your loved ones and the Earth.

If you have no resistance or blocks to your goal, daily visualization and affirmations, and hypnosis to trigger or enhance the power of suggestion and the power of your mind will work to help you reach your goals. Often, even if you do have resistance or blocks these techniques will still help you to reach your goals. But, if resistance or blocks remain after reaching a goal, your success will be temporary. So before we end this informative tape, lets talk a moment blocks and resistance.



  1. If you have done all that is possible to reach a goal, including hypnosis that has reached your subconscious mind, but you are not doing what you know you need to be doing to reach your goal, you have resistance and/or blocks to that goal or to your own success.
  2. The power of suggestion depends upon repetition. This is the value of a hypnosis tape. If you are not taking the steps to reach your goal, play a hypnosis tape for your goal frequently. If you resist getting such a tape or playing it, or you keep losing the tape or you feel irritable or depressed after playing the tape, or you keep falling asleep when playing the tape even when you are getting enough rest - you have resistance and/or blocks to your goal.
  3. If you notice you are acting in ways that sabotage reaching your goal or holding onto or enjoying it if you do reach it, you have resistance and/or blocks.


Blocks would be conscious or subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and programs that get in the way of your success and happiness. Listen to your self talk and self thought. Weed out the negative.

Next, weed out subconscious thoughts and programs and beliefs. Read how to do this on our website or buy my Erase and Replace Negative Subconscious Programs Tape.

Next, work on your goal again. Do everything all over again. Once you have cleared blocks and resistance what didnít work before will work.

Resistance is an emotional - usually a subconscious emotional - bias to your goal, your success or your self having success, happiness or your goal. Resistance will interfere with erasing blocks or will bring such blocks back quickly.

Resistance requires therapy. If the resistance is subconscious and difficult to bring forward, regression with hypnotherapy will likely be required.



Look in the yellow pages. Professionals advertise in the yellow pages. Hypnotherapists may advertise under hypnotists because many people do not understand what hypnotherapist means. A hypnotherapist must also be a professional hypnotist. Ask how many hours of training this person received. A minimum of 300 class hours of hypnosis and hypnotherapy training is the bare minimum for a professional hypnotherapist. 150 to 200 class hours is sufficient for a hypnotist. Ask a hypnotist what he or she will do if emotional resistance and/or emotional abuse and trauma are discovered to be blocking your goal. If the answer is you will need hypnotherapy for those issues, this person is a well trained hypnotist. If he or she knows of a good hypnotherapist to refer you to, this person is a professional.

Ask all you can to discover if the hypnotist or hypnotherapist you are considering knows as much as much as you now know about hypnosis. Do not back down on this. If he or she is not as knowledgeable as you or is not open to accepting what you know, pass. Ask a potential hypnotherapist about the terms inner child, subconscious personalities, subconscious programs, regression therapy, past life therapy. If you are not comfortable with the answers, pass.

If you are not comfortable in the first 15-20 minutes of your first session, be polite, but mention you are feeling uncomfortable. Note how this is handled. If you still have misgivings after your first session, donít return unless they are cleared to your satisfaction. If you have misgivings about the person, trust your intuition and donít work with this person. Your misgivings may be irrational, even wrong, but they will interfere with therapy and with hypnosis. Keep searching until you find a person with whom you are completely comfortable, at least by the second session. Asking the person for a hypnosis tape he or she has made will help you to make up your mind.


Some people are ready to believe in and accept completely the power of the mind. Others are not quite ready to fully embrace this and will want and need other means and methods of reaching their goals. Any modality - whether mainstream or alternative - that enhances your belief in reaching your goal without bringing harm to yourself or another is good.

No matter what you do or what you believe, if you are not taking the steps you know are necessary for reaching your goal, be certain to check for subconscious blocks and resistance. If you reach a goal but cannot seem to hold onto it or matters seem to get worse when they should be getting better, check for subconscious blocks and resistance, including subconscious beliefs that get in your way.

Hypnosis is always necessary for finding subconscious blocks and resistance.

Hypnosis is always a powerful way of reinforcing whatever steps you take to reach your goal.

The mind is powerful. The spirit is powerful. The body is powerful. You are powerful when you open to all of your power. This means your conscious power, your subconscious power AND your superconscious power. Hypnosis can help you discover if a goal is not acceptable to any one of these levels of your mind.

Hypnosis can also help you open to your spiritual guidance. The tape I have made on opening to spiritual guidance through hypnosis will be of help to you in this area.

Now, you are ready to play and practice with my self-hypnosis induction tape that teaches you how to hypnotize yourself and how to recognize when you are in hypnosis.

If you wish to excerpt any or all parts of this tape or the information in it to help inform or educate others about hypnosis, you have my permission to do so. My goal is to help people to unlock the power of their minds through greater understanding and control of the state of focused concentration that is hypnosis. Together, you and I can accomplish this goal.



This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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