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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Higher Spirit has commented: "Your greatest ally or your greatest foe is your subconscious minds."

Which means, it is imperative to clear the subconscious of the thoughts/beliefs imprinted in the subconscious that block one's way

Write down every negative belief/thought about yourself and all areas of your life have ever thought or said or can imagine has been said to you or around you. Leave a blank line after every thing on your list for writing the opposite positive thought/belief later. (Below, you will find an extensive list that does this for you. Itís purpose is to share what is common to find with people and it will stimulate you to add those that are pertinent to you."

Buy a tape recorder that you can make tape recordings of about 20 - 30 minutes. Buy at least one and probably more blank tapes of at least 20 and no more than 30 minutes of playing time on each side. Take five negative thoughts/beliefs you have on your paper. Under these five write the one or five opposite positive thought/beliefs you would like to have as a subconscious program.

Now make a tape. You can put on soothing sounds in the back ground if you like - ocean waves, river, waterfall, rain - or nothing. It is better not to play music with words or music to which you know the words as this is
distracting. Or you can use nothing in the background and play other background music while playing your tape.

Speak to yourself on the tape: You can use "you" or "I". For the suggested script below utilizing the BLACKBOARD OF THE MIND, "I" is used. Record these things (or similar) onto the tape:

"I am going to take a journey now to the programming center of my mind. There will be a blackboard there on which I communicate with the subconscious programmer of my automatic programs.

Good, I relax now in my comfortable chair. I slow down my breathing, breathing in and out slowly and steadily. My chest rises and falls as I breathe and feels very pleasant. My body relaxes as I breathe in and out.

I can begin to imagine now that I am in a very beautiful place in nature. I am walking on a path that is so peaceful and so pleasant. I can smell the sweetness of the air. I feel a cool pleasant breeze on my skin. The sun is
warm and the breeze is cool. It is a very pleasant feeling.

I am walking down a winding path. It winds slowly and gently down and down. When I turn the last bend, the schoolhouse will be there. 5 - almost there. 4 - I feel so pleasant, so relaxed now. 3 - I can be as relaxed as I want to be. 2 - almost to the schoolhouse. 1- I am there. I put my hand on the door and open it. I walk inside.

Ah, look. I am not alone. There are other ages of me here. Each sitting at a desk, with a blackboard slate in front of him. Good. We will do this together. I walk to the blackboard at the front of the room. I see what is written on this blackboard of my mind. These things might be true for some people and perhaps I thought they were true for me, but I know they are not true for me now. Not for any age me.

As I pick up the eraser, the other ages of me pick up their erasers too, for these words are written also on their blackboard slates. We erase the words, moving the eraser side ways, erasing the words side to side, watching the eraser move side to side with our eyes. As we erase these words we are telling the subconscious programmer - erase these from the mind now. Remove them, delete them, erase them. Wipe them away.

I put down the eraser and look down. There is a pail of water near my feet. Each of the other ages have a pail of water by their feet too. We reach into the pails of water and take out a sponge. We squeeze it and then use
the sponge to wipe the blackboards clean of all eraser dust, all chalk dust, all remnants of those words. They are gone, gone, gone.

We put down the sponges now and look at our blackboards. A white Light comes in through the top of our heads and comes out our third eyes to the blackboards. This Light is creator energy. What we write on the black boards now has great energy and is imprinted into the mind by the programmer.

I write on the black board of my mind (read the one or five positive thoughts/beliefs you want to imprint now). The other ages write these on their slates too. The programmer sees what we are writing and this goes into our automatic programming. We all nod. And these thoughts become our beliefs. They go to the programmer and they are part of our automatic programming now.

We all go outside to celebrate. I look at the other ages of me. I am very proud of them. They each had difficulties and each did the best they knew to do. I say to them now: "Each age of me is very important to me. Without every one of you, I would not be. I have learned from each of you. We have all made mistakes and the mistakes are important too, for we often learn best through the mistakes. They helped us to discover new things.

I want you all to know, I have built a new home. It is a very private, secret home, a home of spirit. It is protected by the nature and the wild animals that surround it. No one goes there except me and you. This is the home where I want all the ages of me to live, from the baby in the womb, to the age I was last year.

You each have your own room. You can have your own room or your own house anywhere on the property. You can fix this how you like, wear what you like and eat what you like. You can do what you like. You can be alone when you want and have another age to play with or talk to when you want.

You take care of one another. You can come and go from this home as you want, but no one can come back with you. This is a safe home for all my ages. No one but us can be here. There is a golden light all around the
property that keeps all others away.

Each of you can leave where you are living now. To the young ages of me I say: "Your parents have done the best they knew to do. Now they must work on their own lessons and challenges in life. They must work on them. It is time for you to be with me, with the grown up adult you. Come live with me now. You can visit your parents, your family, your friends when you want, but live now with me, for you are more important to me than you are to any one else and you are loved by me and wanted by me.

I shall meet with you once a month. I will sit down and ask if anyone needs to talk to me. I will listen to what you want to tell me. Now go to your new home. The animals are waiting to show you around. They are your friends. They protect and guide you in the wilderness and they protect your home from intruders.

I now am ready to return to full conscious awareness. As I count from 1 - 5, I feel energy coming into my brain and body. Good, alert, vital energy.

1 - The hypnosis is done. 2 - I feel energy coming through. 3 - energy fills my body. 4 - more and more energy. 5 - eyes clearing now. Rub the palms of your hands together,generating the natural healing energy that is in everyone's hands. Place your palms over your eyes. Absorb that wonderful healing energy. Think to yourself, "My eyes are clear and bright now. I see clearly. I see near clearly. I see far clearly. I see everything and every one clearly. I see spirit clearly when I chose to do so. My right eye is open now. My left eye is open now. My third eye is open now. I am awakened.

Turn off the tape. Either now or when you have the time, sit down and play the tape. Either on the recorder or with a walkman. Let yourself be hypnotized by your tape. This is SO easy. Can you close your eyes and listen to positive suggestions without thinking to yourself "this isn't working" or "that won't work for me, I've tried it before"? If you can, then THAT IS ALL YOU NEED FOR THE HYPNOSIS TO WORK!!! In fact, the harder you try to be hypnotized and the harder you TRY during hypnosis to listen and believe, the more resistance you will create. Don't try. Don't resist. Relax. Listen to the sound of your breathing, or the hum of the tape or the rise and fall of your words. DON'T criticize your voice. This will interfere. If you MUST criticize, listen to the tape first and make notes of what you want to improve for the next tape. You will be making many tapes.

Ever let your mind drift to the drone of a steady noise? Even the drone of a voice talking? THAT is hypnosis. Or ever drift off while doing a steady repetitive activity? THAT is hypnosis. Runners who hit the "zone" are in hypnosis. Yogi's who lie down on nails are in hypnosis. Daydreaming on hard chairs while you listen to a boring lecture is hypnosis. Just tell yourself, as the tape begins, you will listen to everything on the tape and do what it says. You don't have to see what you are doing in the hypnosis. Your subconscious is seeing it.

Play your tape when you are not sleepy. You may think you have fallen asleep, but if you come up at the count of five, you were not asleep. If you do keep falling asleep, donít lie down while you play your tape. Sit up or recline slightly, making certain your head is comfortably supported.

AFTER you have listened to the tape, go to your list. Cross out the negative thoughts/beliefs you just erased. Say aloud: "Not true for me." Circle the positive ones below them. Say aloud: "This is true for me."

Make a new tape following this format for every five negative beliefs/thoughts on your list. Can you do more than five? Yes, if they are closely related. I suggest you don't do more than ten. Make your way through your list until you have erased EVERY negative thought/belief you can think of. You will probably think of more during this process.

You can tape over the tape you've already done or use new tape if you want to keep the old to replay when you think you might need too. Use your intuition with this.

Once a month or once a week or once a day - depending on your choice - DO sit down and say to yourself: "Is there an inner age me who needs my attention?" Then either let your mind drift and pay attention to your thoughts or pick up a piece of paper and a pen and write what comes into your mind. Don't censor yourself. If you write or think, "This is a load of crap." Write or think, "Now, what part of me thinks this?" You'll get an answer. Then think or write, "Why do I think this?" Get a dialogue with you going. It can be highly instructive.

Spirit never dies. Though spirit is always evolving every stage of that evolution remains ever present in the inner levels of the mind. The "you" of the past remains. Their peace of mind - or otherwise - affects you.

VERY HELPFUL during this process to think of the things in your past that greatly disturbed you. Write about them or speak about them into your recorder. If you still feel emotion over them, let this emotion speak. The so called negative emotions are telling you something about that event is not yet processed. Go over the event in your mind. Imagine doing/saying what you WISH you could have said or done. Use your mental powers with this. You CAN make yourself magical with the powers of your spirit. THEN, after you have done this, ask: How might I have handled this in a way to the higher good of all involved." Imagine a spiritual master (your Higher Self) shows you or tells you this in your mind. NOW you have gained from that experience.

There is one more thing to do. This one for other lifetimes of your spirit. Sit down. Close your eyes. Say, "There are parts of my spirit that have experienced death. Let this message go to each of them. You are important to people you have not even met. You will be told who in the Light. The Light waits for you. In the Light you will be shown your life and your questions about it will be answered. You will be shown a new life you can have if you want it. If you do not, you will be given many choices. You can finish what you feel is not finished. You can finish the dreams you did not fulfill. If you are not yet done with the life you have left, there are spirits in the light who will help you with this too. Go into the Light. You will find what you are seeking there."

Then, EVERY DAY, surround yourself with Gold Light and say aloud, "Higher Self, protect me from energies and entities not to my higher good. Help me to remove from my experience, those I have myself created or invited in myself." Then send LIGHT to the Earth.

Go into the silence daily. Not expecting communication. Simply listening to the breathing of your body and remaining open to the presence of your spirit.


Itís amazing what one "picks up" and "imprints" subconsciously in oneís life:

Thoughts and beliefs of childhood.

Thoughts and beliefs formed at birth and in the womb.

Direct & indirect suggestions/directives of parents, teachers, peers -
whether we admire them or fear them.

What we are taught by church and state.

What we hear over and over - sayings and advertising.

Subconscious "imprints" are acted upon automatically by the subconscious mind.

We donít even have to think about them. We donít even have to be aware of them!

They become our fate and our destiny unless and until we change them.

The following are common "imprinted" programs of the subconscious mind.

You only need to think or fear this thought is true for you once to imprint it.

Even if you havenít thought it is true for you, if you hear/heard it often enough,

your subconscious is likely to imprint it anyway!

A word about writing positives:

Write what you DO want, not what you donít.

Example: You donít want to write, "Iím not stupid." Write: "I am smart".

Also, donít write, "I will be", write "I am".

Why? All change occurs FIRST in the energy fields of the mind.

These fields respond instantly to thought.

How quickly or slowly the change filters to the physical depends entirely

on how much physical energy you give the change.

The thought, "I will be healthy soon"
does not change the present condition in the energy fields of the mind.

The thought, "I will be wealthy"
does not change the present condition in the energy fields of the mind.

The thought "I am healthy now"
DOES change the energy field of the mind.

The thought "I am wealthy now"
DOES change the energy field of the mind.

Keep this in mind when you state/think the positive.
Remind yourself consciously
the change IS taking place
NOW on the energy levels of the mind and will filter to the physical are

Guard against the negative, whether spoken or thought.
Guard against doubt, whether spoken or thought.

Immediately think or say, "My truth is different."
Then reaffirm the positive.

If a negative thought keeps returning,
do the Black Board of The Mind technique with that thought again.

If a negative thought keeps returning or
you find you are giving no physical energy to the change
or signs of the change are not happening,
seek a GOOD hypnotherapist to help
you find the root/cause/origin of that thought.


Negative Words
Positive Words

I hate myself
I like myself.
Iím bad
Iím good.
Iím ugly.
Iím attractive
Iím mean.
Iím nice.
No one likes me.
People like me.
No one loves me.
I am loved.

I need to punish myself.
I reward myself with happiness.
Iím not good enough.
Iím great.
Iím an idiot.
Iím smart.
Iím dumb.
Iím smart
Iím stupid.
Iím smart.

Iím not very smart. Most people are smarter than I am. I do dumb things. I act stupid.

Iím very smart. Iím extremely intelligent. I do smart things. I act smart.

I canít do anything right. Iím too slow. Iím clumsy. Iím shy. I canít speak well.

I always do my best. Iím just right. Iím graceful. 1ím comfortable with people.

No one wants me. Iím undesirable. I look funny. I donít fit in. Iím always wrong.

I am wanted. Iím desirable. I look good. I fit in. I do my best.

Iím too ______________. Iím too ______________. Iím too __________________. Iím too ____________.

Iím __________________. Iím _________________. Iím _____________________. Iím _______________.

Iím not _______________. Iím not ______________. Iím not __________________. Iím not ____________

I am __________________. I am ________________. I am _____________________. I am _____________.

Iíll never __________________. Iíll never __________________. Iíll never __________________.

I _________________________. I _________________________. I _________________________.

No one will ever tell me what to do. Iíll never do what adults tell me to do.

I listen to others opinions with respect and choose what is best for me.

I wonít. I canít. NO! Itís impossible. I shouldnít. I should.

People with controlling and/or critical parents/siblings often develop the above as automatic responses to anything anyone suggests, even when self suggests it! Just erase these words from the blackboard of your mind and replace with, "I can". "I will." "Yes" "It is possible" "I make my own choices."



My body is too fat. My body is too skinny. My body is ugly. I have a lousy body. I have a bad body

My body is a good body. My body is a good body. I have a good body. I have a good body.

I hate my body. I am too short. I am too tall. I am too fat. I am too skinny.

I love my body. I like my body. I like my body. My body is just right for me.

Iíll never have a great body. Iíll always have a lousy body. I wish I had a different body.

I have a great body. I love my body. I take care of my body and it takes care of me.

I have bad __________________. I have bad ____________________. I have bad _____________________.


I have ugly __________________, I have ugly ___________________. I have ugly ___________________.

I canít do anything about my body because of my genes.

Mind and spirit program genes and my mind and spirit can reprogram genes.

I hate exercise. I donít have time to exercise. Exercise is boring. Iím too weak to exercise.

I enjoy moving my body. I always find time to move my body. Exercise feels good and gives me energy.



All teenagers have bad skin. Itís normal to have bad skin at certain ages. Pimples are normal.

I have great skin. All ages of me have great skin now. I have clear skin.

My skin is too _______________. My skin is too _______________. I have bad skin.

My skin is __________________. My skin is __________________. I have good skin.

Skin wrinkles as it ages. My skin will wrinkle as I age. I have old skin.

My skin is always smooth. My skin will always be smooth and young. I have soft, smooth, clear baby skin.

I canít reverse the signs of aging. My skin will never look younger.

I create younger skin now. My skin looks, feels, and is younger every day.



Iím always sick. Iím sick and tired. Iím always tired. I have no energy. I donít take care of myself.

I am always healthy. I have great energy. I sleep well and have great energy. I take care of myself.

I will never get better. Iíll never get well. No one ever heals what I have. No one and nothing can help me.

I heal now. I am now healthy. I am healthy now. There are exceptions to every condition, I am that exception.

If you have seen an x-ray or picture of an unwanted condition you have, and/or read or been told what is happening with an unwanted condition you have, LOOK up a picture of the desired condition and/or read how that part of the body, brain or mind is designed to function. If you canít find a picture or description of the mental or emotional condition you wish to have, describe it in your own written or spoken words.

AFTER you have done the above, sit down and close your eyes. Breathe deeply for several breaths. Then IMAGINE you climb a mountain or a hill, whichever you prefer. IMAGINE the feeling of climbing. IMAGINE smelling the fresh air, feeling the warmth or the coolness of the air, the scents of the nature around you. IMAGINE you get to the top and sit down. IMAGINE a cool cloud surrounds you and lifts you up, high into the air, high above the earth. IMAGINE this cloud takes you to a place of LIGHT. There is LIGHT everywhere, all around you. IMAGINE a voice in the LIGHT says to you, "How may I serve you?" IMAGINE you tell this voice about your physical, mental, or emotional condition. IMAGINE you ask this voice WHY you have this condition. LISTEN CAREFULLY. Pay attention to what this "imaginary" voice tells you.

DO SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. If the condition has to do with nutrition, do something about that. If the condition has to do with emotions, deal with these emotions. Even if they are in the past. Do NOT confront the person or persons involved in the experience(s) that created this condition. Go to the past - mentally - and IMAGINE you are in that experience again. Put a Golden Light around everyone in that experience so he/she or they are in a kind of "freeze frame" in which they cannot move. Now let your emotions involved in that experience speak out and/or act out. Remember, you are not physically hurting anyone, the anger/rage are reacting to the energies that created them in like manner. Anger and rage are emotional triggers of self-defense. The body is flooded with chemicals to empower the body to defend itself. If the body cannot/does not "act", these chemicals become "stuck" in the energy fields of the mind. If you want, you step out of the body and let the angry/enraged body act out against those that angered/enraged it. DO NOT CENSOR YOUR BODY. Let the teeth bite if they need/want, the arms push/hit if they need/want, the hands punch/scratch/slap if they need/want, the legs kick if they need/want, the mouth yell/curse/scream if it needs/wants, the stomach throw up on the person(s) if it needs/wants, the sexual organs push out what they need/want to push out. Let the body go. Let the anger/rage utterly destroy the person(s) if it needs to. Remember, this is NOT the person, it is the unbalanced energies of that person(s) the ENERGY of anger/rage is destroying. It is the anger/rage energies in the cells of your body and the thought forms of your mind that are being released. NEVER end here. ALWAYS take the next step: After the anger/rage are done, release the person(s) by saying, in your mind, "Go now and take care never to seek to hurt me again, for you cannot." Now imagine you are going to a sacred place. Imagine there is a sacred being waiting there for you. Ask this being, "Why did I have this experience. What was I to learn from it." LISTEN to what you are told. Then ask, "How might I have handled this to the higher good of all involved?" LISTEN Then thank this sacred being and move along to where there is a body of sacred water. Wash whatever age body was involved in this experience in the sacred waters. Say to the body, "You have served me well. I thank you and bless you with these waters. You are reborn and clean inside and out." Once you have finished this, go back in your mind to the experience again. Relive it following the guidance of the sacred being. When you have finished say to the person(s) involved, "Thank you for your part in my spiritual growth. Go now, for your role in my life lesson is now finished." Then say or think to yourself, "All shame in this experience is ended, it was a valuable lesson. " Do this for guilt, resentment, fear - whatever emotions you think you might harbor from the experience.

AFTER the above, write down the negative thoughts/beliefs you think this old experience might have imprinted, as well as the positive thoughts/beliefs youíd like to replace them with. Then do the Blackboard Technique to erase these from your mind. After you have done so, ERASE from your mind the unwanted pictures and descriptions of the unwanted condition and replace them with the wanted picture and descriptions.

NOTE: If you suspect you have experiences you cannot recall - such as abuse - go to a clinical hypnotherapist who is experienced in helping people recover and heal traumatic memories.


Iím always hungry. Iím never full. I donít know when to stop eating. I canít tell when Iím hungry.

My appestat in my brain works perfectly. My appestat signals me when I am hungry so I know when to eat.

My appestat knows when the stomach is full and signals me it is time to stop eating.

When it is time to stop eating, I just canít eat another bite until it is time to eat again.

It is time to eat when my appestat signals me it is time to eat because my stomach is empty.

I must eat everything on my plate. I love snacking. Iíll never quit snacking. Iíd rather snack then eat.

I eat until I am full, then I stop. I like feeling hungry at mealtimes. I like not eating between meals.

(Remember snack foods can be your meal. Nutritious snack foods make nutritious meals.)

I eat when I am depressed. I eat when I am upset. I eat when I am anxious. I eat when I am angry.

I only eat when I am hungry. I breathe deeply to calm myself before I eat. I eat only when I am hungry.

I exercise when I am depressed then I find out why I am depressed. (Write the same for other emotions that trigger eating. Be SURE to include: I eat when I am bored.)

Iíll never give up _____________. Iíll never give up ________________. Iíll never give up __________.

Direct: Write down the food or drink you KNOW is not good for your body and write a negative about it.

Example: "Breads taste too doughy to me" "Cheese tastes too moldy to me." "Sugar tastes too sweet to me."

Repeat the negative every time you eat the food you want to eliminate from your diet.

Indirect: I really enjoy the taste of foods my subconscious knows are good for my body.

I really dislike the taste of foods my subconscious knows are bad for my body.

I have a sweet tooth. I love candy. I love soda. I love desserts. I love chocolate..

I hate sweets. I hate empty food that is not good for my body. I forget about desserts. I forget about chocolate.

YES! Moderation in all things is great. For people who have created an addiction or compulsion for certain foods/drinks, it is best to erase the "I love" those foods/drinks in order to move to a neutral "I can take them or leave them" position.

Small is not big enough. (Ever notice how much BIGGER and OVERSIZED portions have become?)

A little of what I want is sufficient to satisfy my taste buds

I just canít drink enough water. I donít like water. Water tastes funny. Water is dirty.

I enjoy drinking water. I drink as much water as my body needs every day. Water tastes good.

(Many people are allergic to bottled waters. Yes, even organic, clean, spring fresh bottled waters. Go to our website: www.odysseyofthesoul and click on ALLERGONE® to "tap away" allergy response to bottled water - and other allergies - or quit spending your money on them.)

NOTE: Everyone processes food differently. No one diet or way of eating is best for everyone. Pay attention to YOUR bodyís response to the foods you eat and the drinks you drink. Use the blackboard technique to erase thoughts/beliefs about food and eating that work against you.

Vitamins and minerals: The food supply is quite depleted of these today. SO, bless your food with Light. Take a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals. If you have trouble swallowing these, ERASE & REPLACE THAT THOUGHT. Then either use powdered supplements or used guided imagery: Swallow some water first, then as you swallow the vitamin/mineral IMAGINE your throat OPENING UP!

Good, Inexpensive Source For Supplements: www.beyond-a-century.com (800) -777-1324



Parents argue about money? Not enough money when you were growing up? You likely have these thoughts:

Money is bad. Money makes people mad. Money makes people sad. I hate money. Money brings trouble.

Money is good. Money helps make people happy. Money comes easily to me. I am smart about money.

Poor me. Iíll always be poor. There isnít enough money. Money is hard to get. Iíll never be wealthy.

Lucky me. Rich me. Wealthy me. Money comes easily to me. I attract money. I am wealthy.

Iíll never make enough money on my own. Women donít make as much money as men.

I am paid well. My abilities are worth a great deal and I am paid a great deal for them.

Erase and replace common sayings about money. Examples:

Money is dirty. Money is the root of evil. Money doesnít buy happiness. Lucky at love, unlucky at money.

All energy is God energy, money is God energy. (Or Allah or whatever you name THE SOURCE.)

I am lucky at love and money. I am a wealthy person. I use my wealth for greater good.

Iíll never has as much money as _______________. Iíll never be as successful as __________________.

I have as much money as I need and want. I am successful.

I canít handle money. I spend too much money. I spend too much when I am feeling ____________________.

I handle money well. I spend wisely. I use money wisely in all situations.


Sex is bad. Sex is dirty. Sex is evil. Sex hurts. Sex embarrasses me. I feel ashamed about sex. Sex is ugly.

Sex is good. Sex is healthy. Sex is natural. Sex feels good. Sex is spiritual. I enjoy sex. Sex is beautiful

Aging diminishes sexual urges. Young (women/men) are more sexually desirable. Sex is for young people.

Aging enhances sexual and spiritual energies. Maturity enhances sexual pleasure.

Sex is a sin. The original sin was sex. Celibacy is more spiritual than sexuality. Sex is disgusting.

Sex is an intimate exchange of energy. Sharing sex with a partner whose energies one likes is smart.

What a "charged" field sex is, and we mean that literally. Sex IS an exchanging of energies and these energies are usually very charged by emotion and/or desire. "Playing" with sex is like "playing" with electricity, it is easy to get hurt or to hurt another when ignoring or in ignorance of the energies involved. First, the body must be mature and ready for sex. This eliminates anyone who has not finished moving through puberty. Next, the mind must be mature and ready for sex. This eliminates most teens and all teens and adults who are not aware of and do not pay attention to the following:

  1. Sex is an exchange of body energies. Body fluids carry diseases. It is important to be intimate enough with oneís sexual partner to know what diseases are present in his/her body.
  2. Sex is an exchange of mind energies. Depression, anger, shame, guilt, humiliation, rejection, fear, sadness, hurt, resentment and so on are energies one can pick up from the energy field of a sexual partner. How much and how long depends upon how sensitive one is and how often one shares these energies. Be certain of your partnerís emotional health and whether you are willing to participate in such an energy exchange.
  3. Sex triggers chemicals that can convince you that you are in love, even with people you donít know or donít like. The only way to avoid this is to have sex with partners you know and like, and to give the relationship time to "come down" from the chemical high before making life long commitments.
  4. People can and do get pregnant from sex, even when they donít mean to. Be very responsible about avoiding unwanted pregnancies. IN ADDITION to birth control, surround the womb with a gold light, saying, "This gold light neutralizes all sperm." This is not fool proof, so any fools using this as their sole means of birth control beware.
  5. Sex can be as addictive as a drug. You can become sexually addicted to a particular person or addicted to sex in general. It is difficult to tell if this will happen to you before you have sex. Therefore, it is best to delay or avoid sex with persons you donít know well enough to know if you would mind being addicted to that person and to delay or avoid sex with any persons if you have a goal that requires your complete focus. (Such as graduating from school, getting a good education, dedicating yourself to a sport or to a career, maintaining a marriage. Some people can handle sex and a goal without interference in their focus. It is best to know this about yourself BEFORE sex, as it is often difficult to regain the focus AFTER sex if you are not one of these people.)
  6. Few people realize how many sexual programs are imprinted in the first intercourse experience. One should be mature enough to be able to request this of oneís first sexual partner: A pleasant setting in which the sex will be not be rushed or interrupted. All worries about disease or pregnancy (unless pregnancy is desired by BOTH partners) have been addressed and dealt with. Foreplay before intercourse: Exploring each otherís bodies and learning the kind of touch each enjoys. Voice admiration for each otherís bodies. Desire that each enjoy the experience. A commitment to taking the time necessary for each to experience orgasm.

How many people do you know who were fortunate enough to have the above as their first sexual intercourse experience? If you have children, speak to them when they are getting sexual education from their schools or their peers about all of the above. Point out to them how important their first time is and how beneficial it will be to have sex only when one is ready emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically for this first time.

For yourself, write down all and any negative imprints you think you might have gotten from your first time. Erase and replace these. To REALLY imprint the positive, close your eyes and imagine your first time in a way and with a person that covers number 6 above and all the positives you wrote down.

If you have difficulty with orgasms: Erase and replace negative thoughts/beliefs about sex, your body, and your self. Read how orgasm happens in a male body if you are a male and a female body if you are a female. Touch yourself. Donít use a vibrator. Few sexual partners can mimic a vibrator. Learn how you like your sexual organs stroked by stroking them yourself. Imagine a fantasy in your mind that stimulates you as you stroke. Re-create your first time. When you are being touched by your sexual partner in your imagination, stroke yourself, imagining your partner is doing the stroking while you indulge in your fantasy. When you are ready to reach orgasm, imagine a force within you - an energy - that cannot be stopped. Imagine it has begun, deep within your genitals, and it cannot be stopped. Imagine it as a wave, or a fountain gushing up, or even a spiritual being pouring a golden liquid into a cup that runs over. Something you are powerless to stop. Imagine that when this wave crests, or when the fountain erupts, or the liquid pours over, you orgasm. If you actually do, great. If you donít, fake it. Make the sounds. Make the body movement. Repeat as often as necessary until you DO orgasm.

Then when you have a sexual partner, ask this one to touch and stroke you in the way youíve trained your body to respond. When you are ready for an orgasm, imagine the force within you that you have programmed for reaching orgasm. You MAY want to make a tape or have a tape made for you suggesting all of this that you can play for programming the subconscious while you physically program your body. If you think this is too technical, you might want to consider this: All great artists of all kinds develop "chops", meaning they develop techniques for triggering inspiration when inspiration is missing in action.


Uncover thoughts/beliefs about yourself and love and/or marriage you have probably thought or said about each of these because of your parentsí relationship and your relationships. Then erase and replace. Do the same for thoughts/beliefs about men (even if youíre a man) and women (even if you are a woman) you have possibly imprinted that do not serve you well. If you made judgments about your father - you probably thought:

"Men are __________." "Husbands are _________" "Fathers are __________________."

The same about your mother. Erase and replace the negatives so you are not bound to them or expect them.


I canít change. Change is bad. Iím afraid of change. Itís impossible to change.

I can change. Change is good. Change is exciting. Itís always possible to change.

Change is scary. Change means going crazy. I canít leave my job.

Change is exciting. Change means new opportunities. I can get a job thatís just right for me.



Erase & replace all "I canít" and all "Itís impossible" thoughts in regards to your goal(s).


Sports. Work. Play. Career. Friendship. Friends. Enemies. How many areas and fields are there to life?

LOTS. Examine all areas. This is a long project, granted. But imagine the rewards!!!!!!!!

If you want to control your destiny and your fate, this is a must project.

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