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Date: August 24, 2000

'To Russia With Love'

August 24, 2000

Captain, First Class, and Mrs. Vladimir Geletin Murmansk, Russia

Dear Captain and Mrs. Geletin,

My name is Pamela Chilton. I am the Director and President of a teaching and research foundation that works with the mind. My husband, Dr. Hugh Harmon, is the founder of this foundation. My husband and I grieve with you on the tragic loss of your son. We feel, also, the grief of the other sons of Russia that were lost.

We do not know your beliefs, so forgive us if this letter is difficult to believe or understand. In our work with the mind, we recognize the mind is part of spirit. The mind is dependent on the brain for speech, but does not need the brain or the body for mind to mind communication. We also know that when a person dies the spirit of that person can communicate mind to mind with those left behind. We have communicated mind to mind with spirit in our work and research, and we truly believe it is possible and far more common than people realize. We also know that mind to mind communication is symbolic thought form that the subconscious mind can interpret into the language of the receiver. We write you because we think we have heard from your son since his death. We donít know why he chose to communicate with us or how he found us. Perhaps when my husband read of his death, your son was drawn to his feelings of compassion, and recognizing my husbandís mind to mind communication abilities, your son came to him. We donít know, because I failed to ask him. My husband wanted to write you of this experience. I was not so sure, as I suspect it is difficult to believe. My husband felt we should let you make that decision. I also realized, as a mother myself, that I would want to hear this even if it was difficult to believe.

Last night, in bed, my husband suddenly said, "I am so cold. I feel so very cold, almost frozen." This is unusual as we are in summer and even with air conditioning, my husband is usually too warm. I put my arms around him to warm him up and his body felt warm, but he kept saying, "Itís odd. I feel so cold. So, so cold. As though Iím freezing." Finally he fell asleep.

This morning we went into his office to find out what had happened in the night to make him feel like he was freezing. My husband is an extraordinary trance channel through whom spirits can speak easily. Usually, I guide him into a trance state, but to our surprise, as soon as my husband sat in the chair he started to shiver. "I feel so heavy," he said. "I feel so cold and heavy." He then began to talk. I did not record this as it happened so quickly. I am writing this from memory so it is not exact word for word. As I recall, this is what was said: "Ah, it is a young man that is here. About 25 years old I think. He was on the Russian submarine. He is a lieutenant. He is the son of the officer trying with the others to save him and his ship mates. He is so sad." [ My husband began to weep, which surprised me.] Then he said: "We were testing a missile. It is a new type, propelled by gas until it is far enough away to be fired to the surface. Something went wrong before it left the chambers. It exploded and blew the midsection port side. [I think he said port side, there were other nautical terms I didnít catch.] The ship began to sink immediately. I was in the control room, [he didnít say which control room] and water began flooding immediately through the hatches. There was so much pressure. So cold. The air was cold and the water freezing. I thought of my mother and called out to her. After the senses of the body shut down, I was warm for a moment, just before dying, but after death I was freezing again. I felt terrified, to be out of my body and still suffering."

I said to your son, "You do not have to be cold. You can go to the Light and it is warm there." My husband added, "There will be many there to welcome you with love. You will feel warm and loved. Your son said, "That comforts me. I feel much better."

I said, "Ah, I see an honor guard of spirits. They say they are heroes of Russia. They are saying you are a hero, too. They say they wish to accompany you to the Light." Your son said, "I see them. And I already feel warm now. They are saying our sacrifice was not for nothing. That because of this our country will improve the equipment and preparedness of its armies and navies and that this is good. It is a great good we have done. Ah, I feel so much better. Yes, that feels so good. I am proud."

I asked your son if he was the only one that had felt kind of lost after death. He said, "No, many of the men are still hanging around the submarine wondering what to do next. I didnít want to stay because there was nothing more left to do there."

I said to your son, "Take the honor guard with you and lead them to your friends, so you may lead your friends to the Light. You are to be very proud. You are only 25 years old and already a leader of men."

Your son said, "Thank you, we go now, though I wish I could speak with my mother and my father so they can hear me." I said he would be taught how to do so in the Light and your son left.

We have spoken with many spirits after their death and I know people wonder why spirits are sometimes confused when they die and donít know where to go. The reason is trauma brings emotional upset which often confuses clear thinking, even after death. Emotions are connected with the mind, which along with the spirit survives the death of the body. When a spirit is close to the earth - before ascending to the Light - the emotional mind is active. A sudden death can be very confusing until the spirit becomes clear headed enough to think where to go. Your son found his way VERY quickly. He is an enlightened spirit.

When you have "unbidden" thoughts of your son, those thoughts are most likely a mind to mind communication from him. He is well now. And warm. He served honorably and his death, and those of the men with him, are honored by those in spirit as well as by those still in body. You are honored yourselves by such a son. He lives. He is surrounded by love and he is growing in his spirit and his mind. You will meet again in spirit. We embrace you and your family and Russia in your loss. May the peace of spirit be with us all.


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