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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments. Following is a session with Dr. Harmon. The therapist is Pamela. NMR uncovered that the origin of pain present in Dr. Harmon's body to be fear. More was discovered in regards to the fear with NMR. Following is the transcript of the hypnosis with Dr. Harmon. We felt it would be of benefit to increasing your understanding of the process of transformational healing through recognition of consciousness levels creating imbalance.

Date: Feb 1998

Date: Feb/1998

(Asking for the part creating fear to come forward now.) I don't think I'm the right one. I'm the emotions. I don't know what to say. I'm feeling sorry. I don't know that I should speak. (What thoughts created you sorrow?) It's my impatience and my desire to complete what we're here about. I know I want to see this thing finished. And I feel this procrastination that keeps Pamela from finishing, maybe it's fear, I don't know. We're not getting the job done. We're really failing our work here. (I feel the same.) Who are you? (The Pamela part is feeling the same feelings. You are correct. There is procrastination.) What can we do about this? How can we help complete the job? (A good question. Perhaps you can find the answer.) Maybe. (Perhaps you can ask if there is a part that knows what can be done and it will answer.) Yes, I'm seeing kids really out of context. They are present day children in a convertible and they have things like beach things and it looks like they are playing hooky from school, as we used to say. I don't know what they call it now. (That is an answer. Now we just have to find out what it means. We'll ask the subconscious.) Okay. (Subconscious. What is the message of the visual?) They're avoiding doing what they're supposed to be doing. Going to their school, their learning process, but, perhaps, many reasons why that does not occur. One, enjoying the freedom. The experiences they have and another might be fear of going to school when they don't know the truth, the answers, the knowledge is not there. Avoiding conflict at the school. Avoiding conflict with knowledge that doesn't seem to be there for them. So many reasons. But the ultimate result is they do not attend to what their focus is meant to be at this time. (There sorrow, this gives us a road map.) There's a lot of pain in my right thumb. (Subconscious, move to the right thumb and let right thumb speak. Right thumb present, is this correct?) Yes. (What is causing this pain?) Fear. Being hurt. (What do you know of this being hurt?) Being hurt a lot. (In the past?) Yes. This is the hand that writes. This is the scribe's hand. This is the hand that holds the quill. This is the hand that writes the word. This is the hand that suffers because of writing the words. Pain is growing sharper. (Spirit, Higher Self, how can I help the thumb here.) Oh, it's feeling better already. You must be paying attention appropriately to the thumb for the cells are soothing, quieting down. There's a message here about fear moving forward. Something about the exposure, or ridicule. Awww, hurts a lot when I mention ridicule. It's a part of this body's memory and a part of the block that's keeping the writer from writing the truth that comes from the Spirit of Light - master of Light - it's all part of that same emotional resistance. The fear. (What would help alleviate that fear?) I think when this body releases the pain then this body needs to work with the other body to release the pain, the fear that causes the resistance. In that body there isn't a physical pain but an emotional, painful feeling that the writing will be rejected or that the writer will be writing the wrong writings or the information will be distorted, thereby causing her grievous feelings of pain. (Is there more healing to be done in the Scribe's life?) The pain disappeared, indicating this would be true. Or another life, ahhhh, another life, yes, that's it. Another life involving the use of this body's writing instrument. Now the other thumb, the left thumb is paining greatly, they are alive with pain. (Go emotional mind to origin and source of pain in the thumbs now. Subconscious where are thumbs now?) Right hand being held down while right thumb is being ripped, torn and cut from the body. It's being torn, ripped, and sliced off the hand. And it's being held in that position while the person is fully aware of what's being done to the hand. (Spirit, speak of what is happening?) They are cutting my right hand. It's like a torture chamber and it's kind of darkly lit with candles, lamps, and waxes. This is some sort of torture and punishment. They're trying to find something and since I don't know what they are trying to find, I won't tell them what they want to know, they are tearing it off. I'm so confused. I'm so sorry. I can't do this. I can't do this now. (That's alright, move into the Light, away from the emotional levels. What has brought body to that moment in awareness?) I know what they want and I'm not going to let them have it, even if they kill me and they will. But I'm going to leave my body before they kill me. I don't want to be tortured. I can remove myself from this experience, but this experience is part of a learning process that when I leave the process of learning I will only delay the learning until another time and place and another lifetime. I'm not going to fight them. I'm going to beat them at their own game. I'm going to leave the body with the information that they want. It will never serve the people once in their hand. They will hurt the people. I'm going to deny them the information. (Lesson learned on your part will be?) Quite simply, a frontal denial in conflict created from arrogance and denial and struggle doesn't yield any healing for anyone. I'll have to learn more about this later. But I'm not going to let them have it and furthermore I'm going to learn that this did not solve the problem. But I have to learn it sometime. (How to heal the cell memory in that lifetime?) What lifetime? (The one where the hands are being hurt.) I'm not longer there. (Spirit, how to heal the thumbs in that lifetime?) Ask. Ask the cells. When the healing of the emotion is done, ask the cells. They will tell you how to facilitate the healing of the cells. The emotion, the basis of all this, is the fear and all the other actions stems from the fear. So focused on the fear that the fear draws more action into the feeling and into the physical being, so then the experience of fear. Unless the healing takes place, it will happen again and again. It's a lesson that is on going. It has never been learned. (How will you know when it has been learned?) Then we will have no fear. (As you look back on what happened and you observe it was not a good choice, what do you observe would be a better choice?) To use reason and to rise out of the conflict and into the resultant of the intent, the origin, the purpose of that life. Many life times have been now experienced trying to learn the same very simple lesson: Do not fight that which is unbeatable. Do not struggle with that which you cannot resolve. Do not sacrifice the body for a cause that is without end, a cause that is seemingly endless, a cause that is not part of the learning process, but only meant to confuse the issue and bring about the physical dysfunction. Learning to move away from the conflict and the negative into the Light, as you are writing now about, and resolving that, this physical dysfunction will be eliminated after you speak to the cells when the emotion has been released. The emotion of fear and the struggle against that which is endless, moving into the Light which is the result of learning the lesson.

[Comments from Hugh:] As I was coming up, I was thinking, ALMOST there, just wait a minute. Then I thought, well, I know what it is, it's just a matter of making it happen. We are both working with fear. Your fear is a different origin than mine, but same thing. We both keep thinking, what if. Keep thinking about the possibilities. Whether we voice them or not, we're thinking about them and my irritation is at the collective resistance to just doing what we're here to do. And instead of hanging on, gripping, hanging onto the fear that I've experienced in many life times, it's not the life time experiences we're really dealing with. Light and all the energies with us now are saying: "Give it up! This is not what you're doing. You're supposed to be doing this positive work. You're here as leaders and you're acting like those who you're teaching - you're hanging onto the fear. You're hanging onto fear. You're bringing up all these issues of fear instead of casting them aside and saying, "Who, what can hurt?" There's no basis for the fear other than old programs and we're supposed to be moving out of that physical old program stuff, just saying, We're way above this. There's nothing to fear. You don't need your fear, I don't need my old programs, it's like - what are you waiting for? Just act as if, move away from. It's there if you choose to stay in that but you don't have to stay in that. You can just rise above it all and say, "I DO have the power." I'm just staying stuck because I'm focused on those old programs. That's it. It's too simple. I don't know if you want to accept that or not, but that feels right for me. We just keep holding onto the old shit. Both of us are feeding each other mentally. We're not even talking about it. But none of it is necessary. It's only what we keep recreating for ourselves.

(Question for Master of Spirit: Asking about the condition of a client's vocal chords. If any present or developing condition of vocal chords) Vocal chords have been damaged. It's recorded that damage was due to irritation, inhalations that caused irritation to the throat and subsequent vocal chords. (The damage, has it become physically debilitating to the vocal chords for the singing?) The vocal chords are damaged so they are not in the perfect health and the perfect operational, functional ability. (Is it seen what can be done to improve the health in the vocal chords?) I can't make those predictions. (Is inhalation of same substances continuing?) Irritants may be different. There was inhalation or smoking of substance that caused the damage and irritation to those areas of continued contact. (Are there noted any blocks or emotional resistance to that path of her career as a singer now?) Yes. You have seen these answers before, have you not? (I have.) Hmm. (Is addressing childhood issues necessary for removing these blocks?) That is not a question we can predict. There were damaging emotional experiences as she witnessed her childhood. Is that all? (Yes, I thank you.) Most welcome.

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