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Date: December 1997

[Session with Edgar Cayce (EC). Hugh had a strong pain in his chest. NMR indicated spirit attachment present and that spirit attachment to be Edgar Cayce.]. PC: Pamela Chilton

PC: Mr. Cayce, it is an honor to speak with you.
EC: I don't know if it's an honor. Why do you say that?
PC: You're one of my favorite people.
EC: Well, thank you.
PC: But, I'm a little concerned. I remember we did some healing work with your lungs. Are they still hurting you?
EC: Well, they seem to be. I don't seem to notice but I notice his were.
PC: Then we better do some healing programming for those lungs of yours.
EC: Well now, that would be right nice of you to do that.
PC: I would love to help you do that. First, I would like to know to what do we owe the honor of this visit?
EC: His mind was focused on some things that were like my thoughts. But he didn't think it was my thoughts. He was thinking in his thoughts. There are some parallels and I thought that I could help him.
PC: Good, we welcome that.
EC: Thank you. It's not that I'm trying to be egotistic about it, but I have a lot of information. So, you are wanting to know something?
PC: What were the thoughts he was having that were so like yours?
EC: Well, I can't think for him but he was thinking in a part of his inner self, that sub-conscious as you call that, that part about the changes that were taking place. And he was thinking about the hot water/warm water currents and what makes those very large areas warm up and I can tell him that it's heat coming from the core of the earth into the deep, deep ocean and the large masses of that magma coming up which warms the waters, which causes the change in your weather patterns. He was wondering about how that might also be affecting the earth's changes. And I don't believe it's going to affect the major changes, the continental changes. Those are going to be action within the surface crust and as the surface moves, so will the configuration of land mass. Yes, there will be some of that. I am told there will be several stages, but much of what appears to be beginning to water over the land masses will be from the melting snow capes at each end of the pole. Did you have another question?
PC: As this happens, will it be a sudden cataclysmic thing or will it be gradual?
EC: Well, that's what I'm saying. There will be some gradual and some rather large earth movements as the plates shift. When the plates shift you will have large, large, large, earthquakes 'cause they don't shift easily.
PC: Do you see a time frame?
EC: Well, it will be in the next few years. It will not be so much like the end of the earth like the motion pictures like to depict you know. Many people will have time; others may not.
PC: This area that we are in, should we have some concern for the safety of this area?
EC: Oh, yes, you see this area used to be part of the ocean and then the land masses moved and the water drained off and if that coastal plate shifts down and moves out then this will drop and become inundated with the ocean waters again. Whether you will be here or not is doubtful because you are up off the floor of the valley, in mountainous areas.
PC: How can we help you Mr. Cayce with your chest here?
EC: Well you see, it doesn't really hurt me. I guess it's still with me though. I am pained, if you'll pardon the small joke.
PC: If we can do some healing here, you may not need to take this into your future life.
EC: That's true. It's a good idea. How can you heal it now?
PC: Your lungs can tell it. Even there in the astral body you have cell memory. Your lungs - ask them what's causing the pain.
EC: Very well. Lungs, what's causing this pain. Hmmm. I am amused. The old doctor part is coming in and saying, 'you know damn well, you fool!' It was pneumonia that developed, walking pneumonia and pleurisy. I can feel the pain coming back now. He's giving me a little dose of my medicine, he says, for my stupidity.
PC: What opened you to the pneumonia, Mr. Cayce? It developed from somewhere. What's the emotional origin of this?
EC: Well, for that sort of thing, they tell me it's usually loss of desire to keep living. I don't know what that means to me. I thought I was in pretty good shape.
PC: Did you want to keep living when you were in body?
EC: Well, I had reverses, but I - I wasn't aware I was trying to kill myself. [Great coughing and clearing of throat. In a strained voice, Cayce says, 'I can feel them filling up'.]
PC: Lungs, Mr. Cayce, and the physical body, let's reverse that water flow. As though we were putting a drain right at the bottom. And the water is just draining away. [A great deal of gasping.] With the sun light shinning in the lungs. And that light that you are Mr. Cayce, let it fill your lungs. And the light that Hugh is, let it fill his lungs. So the lungs are receiving the Light of the Christ within, of the God within. As the Light of the Creator Energy that each of you are, that God energy that is the core of your body Hugh, and your body and mind and spirit Mr. Cayce and Hugh. That core grows through the lungs, bringing love into them. Light. Yes, and then the lungs filling and feeling that love breathe. Feeling the love of that which created them. Absorb that love. That's good. Breathing deeply. Reminding both spirits that life in the physical body is a joy. No matter what is happening, the glory of mind and glory and power of spirit unfolds in a physical way that is seen so clearly by the soul that learning is magnified. And in everything that occurs, the perfect balance of the Creator is seen and known. The perfect outcome of choice and will is observed and marveled at. It's exciting to be in a world that is full of change; where nature is showing its power. [Deep breath by Hugh/Cayce.] Yes, and these lungs are a part of that power of nature. Blessed you are lungs! For you have two creators that heal you now. Three; a trinity. You have nature and nature's powerful ability to return to balance, to heal that which Man has by thought brought into imbalance. You have nature bringing you now into balance and the thought of Mr. Cayce and the thought of Hugh Harmon - the thought of two powerful souls focused in balance, bringing the lungs and the cells into balance. And you have the Creator of ALL sending love. Filling the lung sacs with love. And that love is the Creator's Energy. The same whether in spirit or in body.
EC: My, you certainly have a way. I think it's more effective than some of the techniques I was taught by that spiritual energy. That was good. That was fast. That was good.
PC: Isn't it amazing how powerful love is, that God love and thought and nature.
EC: Indeed, indeed. Hmm. Well, that does feel okay for him now. I could feel that. When they began to fill up, I could feel that.
PC: Is there more you would like to tell us Mr. Cayce?
EC: Well, I think the book you've written is fine. It's a good book, and it certainly has my endorsement.
PC: Any message you would like to communicate to your son? I believe there was an agreement between you that you would pass on some message from spirit. Have you done that?
EC: Oh, several times. He's done a good job. I'm proud of him. You see, when we were working with the knowledge that came from my body and my mind, we didn't have nearly the access of why or what or anything about it. It was just a phenomenon. And now, you people are turning this knowledge into understandable information for people. That's very good.
PC: People really miss the information of what to do with their symptoms. They want healing more than the understanding.
EC: Well, they don't want to take responsibility. That's long been a problem. They don't want to take responsibility, make it somebody else's fault, a problem. Well, this body feels pretty good. Feels like it's comfortable now. Thank you. But there is a lot more information about the changes and maybe I can share some more about that some time if you would like. I don't really need to do it, really. He could do it I think but...;
PC: We love having you be a part of this work.
EC: Thank you, I would like that.

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