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Date: Christmas 1999

In The Light of Christ's-Mass

Since the ancients began the celebration of Light; Sunlight, Starlight, Moonlight, Firelight, and Mind Light, they realized the energy all Light represents. The early studies of man verified the different perceptions of energy from Light. Now I would ask you to remember this is the thirteenth (13) rise of great civilizations; although few have ended with civility. Rather the loss of civility and reason preceded their demise. Each one of these great advancements learned more of the "origin" and use of energy. Each also recognizing that burning or transformation of energy produces Light, with one noted exception: The aura, or as the ancients depicted it, as a halo (meaning holy) over the person's head, does not burn, but instead the aura represents a mental/spiritual energy created by that person. This observation may be "seen" or realized by the observer as being one or several layers of color, from one inch width to many yards or meters. They may also observe the colors represent different emotions or thoughts and be of various widths within the complete aura of that person.

So let us understand that Christ, the anointed one, (typically with precious oil used for the production of Light, as applied to the head) was "sent" (from Latin word missa (meaning "to send"), by Spirit once again to Enlighten those who would observe and believe there is yet again another chance to move the energy of Life in a positive, productive way.

At the closure of the man-made time line, 2000 years after the demonstration of Jesus, the Christ, you are given yet another chance to move the life energy of Light into a positive frame. The demonstration this time is for all of you to realize your power and focus your power on the Life Energy needed to move Earth in a positive, purposeful path for the "Good" of all living matter on Earth.

May this be your focus in the "New" Millennium as the Light in Christ's Mass is observed.

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