Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: December 18, 1996

[Messages From Visitors]

[Recorder not turned on for first several minutes of tape.]

VISITORS: Your emotional levels are far greater than we have. We will try to communicate messages that will excite the interest of your people who listen and the people who act. We'll try to keep as far from you as possible. We do mean to help you, we can't protect you, you are a part of this whole light to mean teaching expanding watchful intelligence. You must take your risk and we are moving with the greatest of gentleness to your level of understanding. Do you understand what I am trying to say to you? [Yes.] It is true that there are all sorts and types of aliens to you. But these that are contacting you now are very, very supportive and friendly. You must never fear us for we are very much at home with you. Your total complexity is still relatively simple, but it will move out of the fearful levels of emotions and into joyous and happy modes as it advances. You will see how this works. I think you need to tell your body to breath. (Subconscious, remember your number one job is to keep this body breathing and in balance. Is it frightened, the subconscious?) [Yes finger moves.] (I know. This subconscious mind in this body, we thank you greatly for your trust in Hugh and in myself. I recognize there are unusual energies present for you and you have not always had a good experience with Spirit. But I promise you that the being that Hugh is and the Higher Self and Master of Light will indeed keep you protected and that white light shall protect you now and in the future. So let us listen to the words of powerful beings who are suggesting they can indeed be helpful and help in the work Hugh has been asked to do. You have heard Hugh asking for help. Asking for something to awaken the populace and these visitors have very much to do with the answer to those prayers. Keep the body breathing, the moisture level of the mouth perfect.) Thank you. We collectively are trying to keep from overwhelming your energy levels by massing into too great a number for your bodies to accept. We only mean to communicate, not to control your bodies. Do you have questions? (Well, I can see that there is indeed going to be some difficulty of the subconscious minds of human bodies are frightened by the different rates of your bodies and minds. How shall we communicate to them? Well, I suppose we shall find as we go along.) Yes, energies will blend and become more comfortable. We have the ability to move back and forth rather rapidly, so when your mind calls, we will be there very, very rapidly. Fast. (Is there more you wish to impart at this time?) Be aware that many will be confused and add their own personal bits of message. We are wanting to give you perfect information, not body talk or language, not a confusion of minds, but when you ask, ask for the visitors' impressions that you may form your own. Not to give the impression that we are you or you are speaking for us, we always speak for ourselves. Not to listen to false prophets, as you put the words, because we will always speak for ourselves. We will be there instantly when you call for us. There is no need for others to tell you what we say or do. We can do that. (Thank you.) Thank you. (If that is all at this time,) Yes, thank you. (Then I will ask you to leave as rapidly as you come that we may address other levels of spirit with which we speak.) May we be here in your presence? (If you would leave the body so that those energies may use it.) Done. (Thank you.)

(I will call now Master of Spirit. That Master of Spirit that accesses the Records for us and at our last meeting did indeed say we would be told more of the visitors after we had spoken to them ourselves, which has been done. Welcome Master of Spirit, which also this subconscious mind and body are comfortable with, so it shall be reassuring to the subconscious and Master of body to have Master of Spirit align with it. As you breathe in Spirit and that energy we call Master of Spirit - Hugh's Body - yes, feel the reassuring presence and let us pay attention to the message Master of Spirit will bring. For you have learned, subconscious mind, to trust that one. You have been aware of its accuracy and its gentleness and kindness. And its respect of the human will. Welcoming Master of Spirit.) Hello. Different energy here. (Subconscious keep moisture level of mouth perfect.) Thank you. (Two visitors have asked if they may remain in the room and observe while we speak with you?) Most welcome. (Good. I think it is their energy that has created the different energy you feel in the body. This energy, of the visitors, seems to be somewhat disturbing to the subconscious mind. Is there information you would give us about that?) Specific information? (Yes.)
[Pamela Note: Hugh's left arm raises and begins to feel the chest area. Soon after, Hugh stretches and come half way out of trance. He says: "Something was itching me." Pamela responds: "No, Master of Spirit was touching you.]
(Good, subconscious, take Hugh right back to that state as it was simply Master of Spirit touching the body to see what was alarming the subconscious mind and the body. And you are assured that the being in the body is brought back as soon as you need the being in the body. So now the being is free to float away again. Master of Spirit is right here and has information to translate for the subconscious mind and the body. Yes, right to that level now of communicating. Good, a deep breath of Spirit and another deep breath of Spirit. Good, Master of Spirit, are you back?) Yes. Never left. More specifically, you ask of the body relationship. The body is affected by the energies of the beings that come at the statements of helping earth. They have concerns. What you call your fear, they call their concern, help. What they fail to recognize, they have fears they don't recognize anymore. Those fears cause body vibration. And repressed fears in their minds and thoughts and feelings when projected into the body cause it to feel differently, to react differently, to vibrate differently. There's nothing inordinate in the body itself, when its not affected by those who visit the body. Those visitors affect the body level and perhaps his body may be adjusted to that vibration so he doesn't feel the way he professes to have it feel. (Again, I seek your reassurance that they are, indeed, what they appear to be.) They feel they are expressing superior abilities. They are merely working on a different level. They are not superior beings to you or to others. They are merely recognizing their abilities at a different level. They cannot do what you do. They do what they do. You do what you do better than they would do what you do if they were trying to do what you do. Hmmm. They are superior in many areas as you are superior in emotional learning levels. Do not feel inferior. You are not. You are equal. Hmmm. May I suggest a closer communication with the spirit you call Spirit of Light. He has a good understanding of your emotional levels. I do not. (I would ask you, Master of Spirit, if the knocks and the sounds, the scratching we're hearing on our walls is due to a mouse or a rat or some other source.) Hmmm. It appears a two part configuration. A spiritually driven physical vehicle. A rodent that is responding to your thought waves and stimulated by other thoughts that is traversing certain patterns of your house. And it's not for the rodent's best purpose. There is a spiritual physical emotional message. It is a part of your knowledge to understand this. Part of your successful learning to reach out and grasp the meaning of this. (Alright, I'll ask you another question. An important file in regards to a client of Hugh's has been misplaced. Difficult to find. May you aid us in any way to find that file?) There were several files misplaced. One was a rather large file that was picked up with other files and will be obvious. You have not lost the file, it is merely in another place. In your office area. In a drawer. I cannot give you designations. In a drawer. In your office. What more can I say? (Thank you. I would ask in regards to my daughter Bambi. An injury to her left foot.) A fractured toe. A very slight fracture of the toe. And slight damage to the connective tissue at the tendon causing some bleeding and what you would term a blood clot, or a hematoma, in the foot causing it discoloration and swelling. She should exercise restraint and movement of that toe and with her own healing energy, as in mind, put it to the best healing possible within 13 days. (I would also ask in regards to my stomach, Master of Spirit.) You have a good stomach. Your stomach works perfectly well. What do you ask about? (I believe I am burdening my stomach with a great accumulation of layers of fat.) You're talking about your abdominal area. It is true that you put on fat layers to protect your body, as you have for many years, when you feel threatened by thoughts that would endanger you to sexual aggression by older people. When you have been working with others having experienced the affects of the pedophiles in their lives you are transferring that to your self. Even as you are healing your own feelings, you are taking on emotional states from your patients or clients. Merely recall your reaction to helping those grow their mammary glands and how you were affected by such activity. Clear your mind of their thoughts and speak to the parts and ages of you that are holding onto their feelings as a transference from them to your ages of awareness - not to the therapist - but to what you would call your little children. Clear them away each time, allowing your selves time to address your issues more frequently.

(Now I ask for Master of Light.) You don't have to ask for me. I'm always here. (Thank you so much for helping us in the group and with the visitors.) They seem to enjoy getting in touch with their feelings. And their healing energies. I must watch my humor. They would not understand it. (And thank you for the Light on Hugh's finger tips.) You see that? (Yes.) Transfer that to yours now. (I think every time before we have the visitors speak through the body, I shall have you, Master of Light, to reassure the body and the subconscious.) You are wise in suggesting that I be present in their knowledge also, for I can reassure them. You see, what they deny, they don't recognize - they speak of YOUR fear - but they have ignored and neglected their own emotions to the point that they don't recognize their fears that they're suffering with. Why would they be here if they were not driven by fear? You see, every thing in the Universe, including the beautiful trees have fear. When we move past the feeling we lose so much of the development of our own knowledge and the growth that we learn from. The feelings, the vibrational changes of color and light and sounds, and the vibrations of thoughts, and most of all, the emotional vibrations that we give off and that we take in. They do not have your highly developed senses that they say are, maybe they imply, are no longer necessary in their world. (So perhaps they can learn from us as well.) There is no doubt they WILL learn much from you. If you will recall your origin here, before you were seduced by earth's emotional levels. You remember that. You may also remember more, too. (And I must thank you for the good work we've been doing on the book.) Hmmmm. I must admit you have been doing more than I this week, for I put some ideas in there, but I didn't stay with them, and you feel a little neglected. It's not all Hugh's fault, it's partly mine. Don't be angry. Only an emotion that you can change if you choose. (I shall, and we shall be working on it again, the book, and your light touch is most appreciate.) Well, we creative authors must work together. [Laughs] (And when I work with my clients I shall also ask for that shield of light from you, Master of Light, that I may be of Light but not take on theirs.) You ALWAYS shield yourself, for that is a part of your learning. It is not your responsibility but theirs to learn what you are here to teach them. You are not to try to shield yourself from their emotions, but return their emotions to them upon completion of the lesson. (I have several clients seeking help to release their emotions. They seem stuck. How can I help them with that?) Perhaps if I were to intercede in your behalf. Call on me. (I shall, thank you.) One, of your questions, was about the disturbing sound in your walls. Ask the Communicator to communicate for you. I will help communicate so you may learn more rapidly what that is for. Ask for me to communicate when you hear the sounds. Learn that vibrations are to be communicated with.

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