Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 11/15/94

, Hugh Channeling, Pamela Guide

 (There were several loud sounds in the night. Do you know the source of those sounds?) Yes. (Source is?) The source of the sound that happened simultaneously in your thoughts and sensory as well as the structure of the house was the energy you sent for but are not using. It hasn't been able to become focused because of direction and so it is acting to remind you of its presence.

(Any counsel and guidance you would offer us today?) If you are to do the good that you are here to do, you must accelerate your efforts, moving faster not slower. The fear of mistakes and the hindrance, fear, in the risk you must take is already compensated for. You need not fear. For Spirit will take care of that which you fear the most. And you will be blessed with abundance of success when you pursue this with the greatest amount of energy you have available for you now at this time. Even the energy you call for awaits your direction.

(Thank you Master of Spirit. I acknowledge Master of Light that is here. I see your lights, I sense your presence. I ask you to be with us, to lighten our way, to help us to be buoyant and move.) Like lightening. (Yes, the energy around must be akin to you as it make sounds like thunder.) Got your attention didn't we? (Yes, you did.) When we make noises in your head and in the house, it sounds like a mystery. But it's only us waking you to your needs and the energy that you have. (We have needs of a place to speak, we have need of means to promote and advertise our programs.) You must show some action before financial need flows into your life. We'll lighten your way. But you must make the decision and be willing to commit to that. You know not where the source of energy comes, but it's light. Do you like the light? I only give you the energy. Use it. Direct it.

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