Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 10/16/96

Hugh Channel, Pamela Guiding

(Master of Spirit, need information from records for B.B. As to her state of being. She's been experiencing symptoms. Dizziness, nausea) Okay, we have that person. What do you wish to know. (I'd like to know the cause of the ill feelings she is having.) It would appear she has several originating causes of her symptoms. Undue stress has disrupted the balance of her body and her immune system is not working as it should to bring its best efforts into keeping her body in perfect health. She is subject to toxicity that she cannot void, flush off as easily as she could were she not so stressed. Her body is losing the balance and she is becoming toxic, and the toxicity is making it more vulnerable. She is subject to fumes that are noxious to her body, including to her own cigarettes that she smokes. And she food that she eats is not the best for her. She needs more protein. She may have a need for less stress to bring balance into her body. You know the things that will help people bring balance. You know that which helps strengthen the body's immune system. (The source of stress is level of activity or other?) This woman has emotional, physical, yes, one more that she denies for the most part, but understands more better than most, and that is spiritual stress. She is feeling a lack of spirit and positive energy. She is subjected to much of the negative energy that surrounds her and when her body and her emotions are both imploding and collapsing, she is unable to deal with the throw off from these negative energies. (Spirit, is she walking her path of purpose?) Hmmmph, She will not stay on this path, but it is a part of her learning process, and when it is learned sufficiently, she will no longer follow this path, for it goes nowhere. But she is the one that must learn from her path. Each time that she follows a path, there is a learning process involved, as you know.

(The past life influence of C.B., has she been released to the light or does she remain with this one still?) It would be close to the activity of the name and interfering with thoughts and physical processes, but not constantly a part thereof. Past life can never be ignored or released, for it is a part of the memory of the spirit of which you speak. It was not an entity, nor is it an entity now, it is a past life that she experienced, therefore, it must satisfied to complete the knowledge that it brings, so that she then can move into this life process. Past lives only go to the light when the person takes all of their past lives with them. (So influences from this past life is still strong with her.) That is evidentiary. Communication, of course, leads to better understanding. Perhaps the lesson that she has not learned, would well be learned, and then released to go back to its normal place as a historic part of her learning process. Is there another question? You seem to have one of________. Hmmm, perhaps not. (Yes, I would ask of_______. Is he walking his path of purpose?) Hmmm. Hmmmm. He's moving from one state of escape to another state of escape. But his time for recognizing his being, his potential here, as something greater than he now knows, has not come to him. Therefore, he is still, hmmm, hibernating would be a word. He would rather not be here. (Yes, I know this.) Your worries are not helping, nor would they help. For his path is the singular path for himself. That you will know further later in his life, as your power becomes better known, so will his power.

[A deep breath.] (Hello Master of Light.) Thought you were going to ignore me today hmmmm? (I had no intention of ignoring you. I was going to call you as soon as.... (Are we going to do our writing today? (Yes.) I have more information for you. It will be exciting, new information. This will be more of the closing part of the information you are putting together - with our help. (Master of Light, I know you were here when I was channeling before.) Yes. (Was I interfering or adding to that?) Were you.... (My mind is always so present, it worries me.) You are a keen observer so therefore your thoughts influence anything you think of. Did not influence the thrust of the information, but, as you know, your thoughts influence anything thought focuses upon, for thought creates, and that thought then influences the object that the thought is focused on. (Would it be better if I could get my mind....) I am not here to make judgments. But you are here only to do what you are told to do. By that realm which spoke to you today. And if you think you can interfere with that! Heh, heh, then you have a greater ego than I do. (Master of Light, people have been noticing a great deal of lights in the sky.) And they will more. And they will not know unless they open to the thought and the message that they're getting. All part of that which we're trying to tell. Why is it, we wonder, if the spirits that inhabit these bodies have totally lost their sense of spirit? How wondrous it is that they can become so absorbed in the physical as to forget that which creates the physical. Hmmm. Perplexing. You see we spirits don't know as much as you think we do. (The crow that flew over me twice, what was he saying?) The only way for one in or out of the body to perceive the message is to be completely open. When you hear a message of any form coming to you, felt by any of the sense, don't move in the human manner of what's making that funny input, but saying, 'I openly receive the message. I am eagerly listening to the message.' And oftimes, "I hear the message." And then, realize the message is yours as fast as you are ready to receive it. The crow doesn't send the message, the crow is merely an announcer if you would, a trumpeter, a harbinger, a sign, a omen. You have the message. It flies to enlighten you of your message, saying, "Listen, listen. Caw Caw."

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