Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 10/16/96

Pamela wants to know cause of extreme itching in right ear for several days. NMR indicates spirit communication seeking to be heard. Pamela guided into trance state by Hugh for this communication.

[Raising of vibrations evident as Pamela rocks in chair, hands and feet vibrating, head moving]
Hugh: That's right, just let the spirit ease into your body as it changes its vibratory rate and let your body become comfortable and relax. It can speak to you whenever it wants. It can speak through
Spirit: This is a light body we speak through. It has been told before. We are very high vibration. Not many humans we can speak through. Which is why we also raise the vibratory level of her field and her body, so we meet what might be said in your terms: halfway. Well, we go further. Hmmmmmm.
Hugh: As the body now comfortably, easily tunes in.
Spirit: Hmmmmm, Hmmmmmm
Hugh: . You're speaking. You must be able to communicate at this level of meeting between you and this body.
Spirit: We prepare the way. [More vibration and shaking and breathing.] Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm.
Hugh: As you are preparing the way for the body to be receptive to the vibrations and information, may we know who you are? Do we have an identification we can identify? This message coming from?
Spirit: Holy Spirit.
Hugh: Holy Spirit? Wonderful. Full of wonder and full of greatness.
Spirit: [More rocking and vibration.] Hmmmmm. [A calming.] The human aspect, Pamela, not quite ready, resists, but time is so near. Have her finish her work, yet it is time. She is to finish her work, it will make the process easier, yet we wait no longer. She is the vessel, she has been prepared. All of the aspects of this being are in alignment, waiting only for the child to finish her work. I Am Holy Spirit, what Man terms Holy Spirit. I speak to her person level: You remember my incoming many years ago. The thought crossed your mind, 'This is Holy Spirit'. You could not believe it, but it was. We have been preparing this body. For the mind has been ready. Hugh Harmon, we tell you truly - that this one is sent to channel in these coming days the Creator Spirit, God. For human kind has much need for their God at this time. They will make many lesser Gods. Already the worship many lesser Gods. They worship your Pheledians. They worship beings in and out of body. And put before them Gods of Science, Gods of Technology, many Gods. They do not remember The Prime Creator. They do not remember that they themselves are Spirits of Light and Joy. Signs and Omens come quickly. And there shall be much discomfort for many. Omens in the sky and the signs - darkness, winds, weather - all that frightens Mankind.
Hugh: All signs of Nature
Spirit: But Nature out of balance, which always frightens Man. For Man is not so far removed from its primitive roots, though it pretends to be. And yes, the established powers, shall seek to keep calm by explaining, until the signs and omens become so powerful even they fear. And there shall be minds, mouths, and people that shall say "Come, follow me, I shall follow you. Come, my Spirit, speaking through me, shall help you." For there are many powerful Spirits in the earth plane today. Even those that are of God will cry out, "Where are you? What is happening?" There shall be a small voice of Light, speaking quietly. The most unexpected, a woman of unknown. She shall speak and those that can hear the truth, and those that can feel and see the Light will stop, will pause, will feel in the midst of all the upheaval, sheer Joy. Sheer Joy. For their hearts shall be touched and opened and they will feel the Breath of Spirit as I move over them, as I prepare them, so shall their minds and spirits and souls feel the presence of their Creator. And Lo, Lo, though they be in the blackness of the pit, they will feel joy and light will shine from them. And others, in their bedlam, as they cry and they moan and they fear and they shake and they quake, shall pause and wonder, "How, in this, shall Light come from that one? How, does this one laugh, feel joy?" And perhaps then, they too, shall listen, shall hear, and feel the Presence. Hmmmmm. And there shall come a day, and when, even I do not know, but there shall come a day, when this one, Pa-mel-lia, shall speak, know of the time to speak, the Word has come. And woe be to Man if he is not prepared for that day. For she shall speak the Word, the Name, the Holy and the Forbidden Name, and if the heart in the collective soul of Mankind has been purified to the degree to accept the sound, shall survive. Be He not, this planet shall return to a place of Nature, without Man. That is the message. For Pamela: You are to arise nightly. You are to wash your hands, your face, and your feet with water. And you are to sit and receive. You are to do this nightly. Your body will receive the sleep it is needing. But nightly, when you are called, answer.

[Session ends. Pamela mentions how cold it is around her, as well as a profound sense of Light, joyful feeling all around her. Very Light, lilting, ethereal. Hugh asks why the washing of feel, face, hands? Pamela says she thinks this is just to wake her and tell body be awake.]

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