Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 09/22/94

(Spirit, I welcome you. We have a question in regards to safety and comfort of a fetus within womb of sonograms being given.) This is a negative influence as the vibrations are very irritating to the neurological development of the child, as in the early stages it is important that they have all the maximum energy and nutrition and program positive construction. We would abhor any negative influence at this time. It is very sensitive to thoughts, any kind of energy, any kind of vibrations or electric fields. Electro magnetic fields are also very influential. It is negative. We would recommend only in cases of emergency of life threatening conditions should any intervention be used in the uterus at the time of the developing child. It was designed to be a sealed unit, not to be invaded by man's inquisitive mind. (Would ask also about energy fields, or auras, around people. Are the colors we perceive inherent to a person's particular field or is it the way we perceive the colors as we observe the person?) The colors are demonstrating the vibrational level in and around that person, called the field. One observing also is apt to call variations of color, but the true color is the vibration of the person being observed, creating the field around them. (What would red color signify?) Red color might indicate how high the emotional level, anger or other passions - depending on the density and the shade of red varies. (And pink?) Observing. Yes, the Hugh energy is becoming a stronger influence. Move it out. (Hugh allow your consciousness to slide aside. You can hear, as though from a distance, if you choose. Your thoughts will come later. Right now let us hear the input from Spirit. 100-99-98 let numbers go as conscious mind fades away. Has that helped Spirit?) Yes. (What would blue be in auric field?) Normally focuses the vibratory rate of intellectual thinking, intellectual activity in that person's mind, and perhaps even their body, more of a mental color. (Yellow?) Is the connection between the physical and emotional. Perhaps like you would relate the subconscious mind. It's the gateway, both connected and controlling the physical and very aware of the emotional in inner levels. But not spiritual. ((Pink.) For many people, pink would be the color of selfless projection. Love, appreciation of another love, feeling love, being balance. Balance being a part of love. One would be the experience of feeling balanced if the pink hue in the aura were predominate. (Orange?) Orange often have to do with another type of energy, reproductive energies, interacting energies. More physical in nature. (And purple?) Purple would be more of the spiritual or higher level of awareness. The deep purple would be mental spiritual and the lighter more reddish hue of the purple, would be moving out of the mental and into spiritual energy entitling the person to be connected with the Higher Power. (White?) Can mean anything. (I am wanting to have people send spiritual energy to governmental centers. Would it be more powerful and beneficial to send the government leaders or to the centers in which they work?) One might consider focusing the personal attention on the higher levels. However, as you have practiced covering objects with white light representing protection of a spiritual aspect would be helpful for those people inhabiting the buildings you would cover or protect. Projecting the negative and enhancing and inviting the positive. (Is it helpful to surround people with white light too?) Yes. Normally I would recommend focusing on the human, but covering the buildings they occupy would help protect the human, because they are not focused on their being, as you are focused on their being. (Any guidance and counsel you would offer at this time?) The role of leadership weighs heavy, but you are demonstrating what you ask and accept is made manifest. What you ask and deny, hmmm, well, is not manifest at that moment. But maybe waiting for you to accept. When one loses the faith and questions the acceptance, or the availability, terrible things happen. So when you ask, be sure you are ready to accept or willing to accept as you have asked, not with other conditions pending. For when you put other conditions on, you are merely saying 'i'm asking for one thing and expecting another and you will receive little that way in return for your effort.

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