Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 09/08/94

(Master of Spirit, what are best suggestions to give Hugh to enable you to communicate easily?) Not necessary to have body align with Higher Self or Spirit, just mind. Give directions for consciousness to observe, without interference. Stimulate body and mind energies. Body energies deplete the mind when it is working thru body, so need all energies working all together. State you want body energies to remain at a certain level. Body has fluctuations of energy that need to be stabilized when asking it to support a conversation so that it remains alert and responsive and not sagging or feeling weighted down. (Good suggestions: Deep breath. Breathe deeply. Oxygen rich blood stimulates every cell of the body and the brain as well. Blood sugar even. Body becoming body of light. Deep breath again. Body is light and floating. Lifting higher and higher with high energy surging thru the body. Body and brain on a high current of energy and as the light flows and glows without and within, Spirit begins to align with the body and mind. Feel that as a coolness all around that you Hugh. Breathe it in and begin to allow your individual consciousness to slide aside to the space and the place where you go to know Spirit. You may observe there, or be unaware. Higher and higher. Lighter and lighter. Head is perfectly balanced on the body as the body remains on the vibratory level of the superconscious mind. Body and brain quicken as Spirit moves deeper within and begins. I welcome you Spirit. God can speak to us in our hearts, can't it?) Yes. (And it sounds like a voice, as though God were truly personal and intimate?) Personal and intimate always comes from within. Every part of this universe is a part of that energy, so the connection is always there and available. Of course, if it is a part of, it is personal and within. (I am also seeking information regarding the physical condition of__________.) One moment. This woman has a form of diabetes, or blood sugar imbalance, that would respond to proper diet and chemical balance in the tissue, but she must do healing of the control and production. Pancreas. Very important. Find the control in the adrenal and produce the balance in the liver and the pancreas and the endocrine system balance. There are old emotional blocks that preclude her from having a balance of love, light, and sweetness in her life. She has allowed this to continue and manifest itself physically. (Do these blocks stem from past lives or present life.) Both areas of her existence in life form. (Would medication be advised at this time for this condition?) She has taken medication. (She is resisting insulin, would that be important?) Not necessary IF follows procedures to heal the old program. (What would be the diet she should follow to stabilize this condition?) She has resisted healing in the past and she will resist now, but it is extremely possible to completely reverse this process now. (Any foods she must avoid entirely?) She knows the foods. (Any herbs be helpful?) Yes. She needs to address her emotions first and avoid the things that create the stimulation of too much sugar release in the blood. Avoiding those will create a balance in her body that will be helpful (We thank you for your guidance and bless you too, as you bless us.) You are blessed, therefore you must follow the path, no matter what the price may be. Light has a message for Pamela. (Then I welcome Master of Light. What is your message?) You may find your new car has a hole in the top. That should cause a discount, a car with a hole in the top. An imperfect car. [Light laughs.] You will get the discount for just as fun a reason. Watch what unfolds. (Alright, by the way, we felt your friend Jeremiah with the group over the weekend.) Jeremiah is like the will of the wisp. You never know where he will turn and do his little things. He is powerful, not to be discounted. [NOTE: A few weeks after this we got a new car. It had a hole - sun roof - in the top. We got it for less because the salesman was one car away from winning a national sales contest and it was the last day and last hour of the contest.}

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