Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 07/16/94

Session With MIKE TODD There are many avenues, but the best is national television. Very great interest in past lives, present lives, future lives, how lives affect other lives, lives of one affecting another, lives interacting with the same person in one consecutive life after another. They're all a very powerful interest right now in the public eye as well as the spiritual levels of interest and expressions many are seeking. Large groups of people are forming to interact with each other and feel a camaraderie. Seems that an organization that would be uplifting, challenging, and exciting. Something that would give the people a way of refocusing their attention on survival, on self accomplishment, self identity. Creating conditions where they could grow into a greater sense of self awareness. People hunger for a campaign though a religious organization that will not really be a religious organization, but merely one that invited spiritual quests, spiritual energies. A philosophical versus church or religious organization that could be earth wide, rapidly expanding into third world as well as the major nations in the world. This organization ...there needs to be one exciting element. At least one exciting element that creates - what they say now - the spin, the thing that starts it moving. It could be all sorts of different things. You need to find a sponsor, somebody that's well known, or a challenging personality, a type of person that might be shocking, surprising, fascinating to the public. Do not need a large group of people to start, but better one smaller more powerful group to maintain control. Not one that spreads over so many areas of life, but one more focused and I don't know I have any body in mind. But I'm thinking of some people who might be ....(Who are you thinking of?) Well, you might be able to interest Elizabeth. She'd be good if you could get her ear. She doesn't always listen. She never listened to me even. Very independent lady. She's always fascinated with fast and exciting things. If she could see where this would benefit others, exciting wonderful things would happen in the near future. You don't know how to approach her. (Right) I don't , I've tried to communicate and she doesn't seem to be open. But she might be. (What was that jump in the body?) Someone else. Some other spirit here. I believe they want to speak. I can always come back. I'm pretty nearly finished. I'm waiting to get some input from you. (We'll meet again with you.) Good, I'll be right here.

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