Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: July 15, 1996

(We have been working with the fears of rejection.) Yes. (This work is progressing?) Yes. Rejections are, as indicated, by his own acknowledgment and Higher Self, moving toward a more positive position as he has discovered of late a way to protect himself from the fear of attack. He has always experienced, when trying to change or teach, many negatives attack and make his position very vulnerable. Is there more? (I would ask you, if there continue to be thoughts, programs, beliefs, that block us from acquiring more financial support for the work of FREOMM.) Blocks. The blocks that you refer to I presume are those imagined problems? (Yes.) Need I say more? (No. Well, I seem to be reluctant to let you go Master of Spirit.) I feel your love and always I enjoy being with you, knowing that you are one of the many, but few, who recognize the spiritual energy that can change this pattern of activity on the earth today. (Speaking of that, I would ask you about one of the many, but few, whose name is __________.) You have heard the one whose voice I use now speak harshly of Spirit, sometimes denying the ability to speak through others. In the past, he was very skeptical, and I must say, rightly so; there are many transgressions in this area. People who have these bodies and abilities that are open and receptive do not let themselves become egotistically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually involved. The problem that many find is the ego, or their own self-interests begin to want to be a part of the recognition when they feel the need for recognition and feel, perhaps a jealous twinge, pang or feeling about the spiritual entity which is being monitored, listened to, and being appreciated by others, want to become involved. Therefore they allow to co-mingling, the mixing, and sometimes the bastardization of the truth that they would speak through their bodies from that Higher Spiritual Self. It is really quite simple. Not be blamed, only to be seen as people not ready. Is there more? (I guess I would ask about the physical condition of her body.) Her physical condition directly relates to her self assessment. Her body has filled and healed many times and would continue to do that, or if she choose to appreciate herself for herself instead of that of others, her body would maintain a healthier state. But until she gets past the egoistic focus of needing to be treated as the little girl saved from the jaws of threatening mis beliefs, you will find her, um, challenging. Challenging to your patience. Challenging to your belief systems even. Is there more? (No, and I thank you.)

(I would address the subconscious of this body.) You wouldn't wait for me, umm? (I planned to bring you in as I was addressing the subconscious.) You wouldn't wait for me! Hmmm. Hmmm. (Master of Light! You heard me thinking of you, didn't you?) Um hum. (I thought, I want to call for Master of Light, but I promised Hugh, I would talk to his subconscious.) Umhum. (Well, you know what I wanted to talk to you about Master of Light?) Hmmm. (This one through whom you speak has been sending your light to the world daily.) True, true, several times. (I wanted to ask you on the current state of the world. How is it doing?) On the overall picture, there is little change. But the gratifying and exciting part is that there are larger and larger groups such as yours springing up by the thousands all over the world in many different ways. Still, some are, half in and half out, isn't that a phrase that fits this sort of thing? They want to be spiritual and knowledgeable, but they don't want to give up their selfishness. It makes it difficult, but I think that's a good sign. The light seems to affect them by ever present energy that they can tap into. You see this body that speaks now has often been racked with problems, mostly by his own actions and brought on by his own thoughts or challenges, but with the light energy he seems to maintain that life force that's bigger than most people's. When people are around him they feel that light, a radiation belt around him. (That's you.) That's me. Something I can do for you by helping with OUR writing project? (You could forgive me for not getting to it for three days.) Hmmm, hmmm, for your credit you have been thinking of it. (I have indeed. Now, I must sit down and do it. My focus continually shifts as I worry or say we better put energy here, here, here. Really Master of Light you have your work cut out with me with this book. In fact, you're right. The desire is becoming overpowering to finish it, publish it and move on to the second one. I want them out badly now. Goodly.) The trilogy will sell the first and make you famous. (Which solves many of the problems we are facing.) That is, thoughts of lack and limitation. (And fear of no one wanting to listen. When one is famous, people want to hear what you have to say. And when we're talking about THEM, it makes it doubly interesting.) But you're already famous. (Indeed?) Indeed. Think of your past as well as the present. (True, there is a great fear of pronouncing that, but I do believe I'm going to put it in the second book, in a cleaver way that can be more easily swallowed by people.) That's the key. (Yes, Hugh's famous, 'What If'. Well, I believe you will get billing on all three of the books of the trilogy Master of Light.) Oh Joy Joy Joy. (And YOU shall be famous too! You already are. Everyone speaks of Light.) More will recognize my name through your works. (Well then, we shall do that.) (And thank you for pouring your energy into his healing - his esophagus and back. Not to mention that shield he now carries around himself.) Effectively. (Thank you. Thank you, thank you. What a difference this shall make, and to see his shining countenance returning, I thank you deeply.)

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