Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: July 11, 1997

[Master of Light:]

We're getting closer to my chapter. (It's been on my mind alot.) It will be on your fingers a lot too. Yes, and when you give the chapters to other people to read, give them the idea that this is a finished copy, you would appreciate their input. NOT how they would write it, but how they appreciate the book. How it affects them. How it interests them. It may help them, because they are not literary critics, thank goodness, to give them a few questions to answer in form of critique, so that you give them guidelines. I don't want them willy nilly making silly statements, I want them to do some work. And give them some things they should look for and be aware of and how they think and feel. (Any further messages?) Tell him to lighten up a little. His mind is going mumble, mumble, mumble. Worried about how to make this thing work so it's the most effective and efficient, cause there's a lot of other things to do beside the book, to think about - not you, him - he thinks he's got to do it all. He doesn't know we're all helping him. (Thank you Light. I ask now to speak to The Visitors.) This is not the visitor that you talked to before, but another who is anxious to help in your project with any means available for you. We will help you if you will send the thought or call us to inform us, verbally or mentally, of your need. We will give you as much energy as we can. (What name do we send out to contact you? Or sound, or thought?) You would not know our name, but if you have a name you would give us, we are willing to abide by with that decision on your part. (Where are you?) I am talking right here through this voice. (Normally where are you?) Oh, we are in your area, earth area, all the time. You asked this morning, I was listening, waiting for this opportunity. (When you help us, would you stay out of our bodies?) Yes. Only when invited to participate when helping you we will perhaps contact you through thought. That energy will be with you because we can't avoid that. We will not interfere with your energy field in anyway we can avoid. We don't like your energy either. (Well, I do need to call you a name. Are you under the umbrella of visitors? ) We've been here thousands of years but you may call us something to designate. (How about the ancient ones?) Thank you. (That's acceptable?) Oh yes. (Are you of light also?) All energy comes from Light. We are here and available, use our energy for anything and everything that is for the world order and good

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