Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: July 10, 1996

(May I call for Master of Spirit, to come into this body. Welcome.) Always a nice greeting. Thank you. (Well, you know our concerns, with the back condition in the body of _________. Is there more that he would need to know in order to alleviate it?) Your own minds can do that. If there is an emotional cause, then he should address that and move into healing the back when the primary cause is addressed. (And the primary cause in this case?) The fear of being forceful and adamant about his beliefs and the presentation thereof may cause him to withdraw within himself even though others believe in him. There may be a conflict in the belief system within himself that causes him the physical dysfunction he experiences now. (And the cut in the lip corners, what is causing that?) The ulceration in the corner of his mouth may have some symbolic meaning that he is not able to speak out with the clarity and conciseness that he knows to do, but couches it in masked or confusing forms - evidencing impurities until it manifests then in the tissue of his mouth. When those tissues in his mouth are allowed to create the sore in the corner of his mouth, when he opens his mouth to speak, well, it hurts and reminds him to keep his mouth closed. The hurting sensation makes him pull back. It was the first message and the back is the second. Clearly, he's ignoring those. Is there more? Are you wanting more information? (Oh, Master Of Spirit, I'm feeling so happy sitting here talking to you, yet feeling deep shame I have not yet gotten this book published to propel him forward.) Yes, yes. (I think my job is to finish the book and then find the funds to publish it ourselves and get it rolling. That alone would help. Thank you Master of Spirit.) You're more than welcome. Remember the offer that you got from Master of Light. You haven't been applying that to your writing. He did offer to help. (Yes, he did.) (Thank you for the reminder. Master of Spirit, the book as it stands to this point, is there a fatal flaw or change that needs to be made in chapter being worked on now? Something is bothering my mind about it. I can't put my finger on it.) Well, you have a co-author on it, perhaps you can consult.

(Master of Light, I see your presence. And certainly, THIS body Master of Light, can use your presence and your lightness of being. Such a powerful energy you are and so patient and gentle you are being with us. Thank you.)
MASTER OF LIGHT: When one seeks to heal the body, one must first heal the emotion. My suggestion would be for you to help the person who has the ill body to heal the emotion and find the illness in the body disappears as if by magic. (Thank you. And as my co-author….) And as my co-author, you have not asked me to help. I will not consider myself a co-author until you allow me to help. And of course, if I do, you will have to put my name in there too. (Oh, Master of Light, I think that's a wonderful idea! Well, I'm stuck on this chapter. We have an appointment tomorrow and every day I shall call for you. And you can help me unsnarl the snarl I'm in.) Indeed. (And that is exactly what the book needs, a touch of light.) Remember, my name. (Master of Light! And that even brings in mind the last chapter, thank you!

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