Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: July 4, 1997

[Series of repetitive knocks on upper corner of living room ceiling. NMR indicates spirits wanting to communicate. NOT Visitors, NOT spirit discarnates. Important to hear message.]

(We heard your summons.) Our summons to communicate with you. (Yes.) We are not in physical form, so we must use your voice to project our thoughts. We may do that? (Yes. Who are you?) We are of different origins, but are here with those many on the earth plane at this time, to support you in correcting the imbalance of earth, or you will lose earth. You seem to know these things. We hear many people talk of these things. And people get into fights over these things. But no body is correcting it as quickly as it could be corrected. Your governments; and I say governments for we know of no government that is focused on healing the earth, although they speak of it. They seem to think that earth will absorb all the waste material much like your sewage treatment plants do. But when sewage treatment plants become overwhelmed with material, they break down and do not do their job, releasing raw sewage into the area. This is what is happening to your earth. Your imbalance is so far, so far out of line with what is required, would be a monumental task to change. Small countries, large countries, intellectual giants, and not so intelligent leaders are all focused on procreating their influence in the world at total destruction of the earth. A negative imbalance that will culminate shortly in chaos and loss for many thousands, thousands of years the true capability of this most wonderful planet, unique in its ability to support all types of life in relative comfort. We watch with dismay. We come from other places that have experienced such destructive attitudes and intolerance and we know what you are headed for. Why don't you listen to us? There are probably a thousand different types of beings, not unlike your humans, who are representing to you the need for change, or collapse of the ecological balance that you once realized here. At the time of your prehistoric as you call it, man, many lived to be hundreds of years old. Even that which you call Neanderthal lived to be well, well past twice your age limit now because the earth was relatively pure and balanced. You live in a very sick environment. Your body types are not coping well with that and its getting worse in a geometric manner. Why do you not rise up and stop these terrible representatives who represent you? Who represent you to your death? (Humans are afraid of chaos.) You have chaos. (And they're deep in denial and not recognizing what is happening.) True. (Our dilemma is how to reach them in a way that will galvanize them to act.) Each day you lose greater percentage of ability to change and recoup what was once here. Each day thousands of acres of forest lands are being destroyed. Each day pollutants are spoiling the water of the world. Each day more people are crowding onto the surface of this planet. But nature will wipe them all off. We will watch with dismay. (What do you see from your vantage point as a solution?) The solution is people realizing they're destroying the dwelling place. Ask if they would set fire to their hut, to their place of housing, just to see the flames. Would they destroy their village and city for a moment of orgasmic pleasure? Would they celebrate - my words are not clear - celebrate the destructions of their own peoples because they are not willing to stand united? Ask them. We will help in anyway we can, for we want - not you - but for the planet earth to be kept in its wonderful state. We care not for you, because we see you as miscreants; destructive creatures. We will not destroy you. You are doing that yourselves. (And should we turn the tide, what will happen to you?) We have been here for many thousands of years, visiting this planet. We will continue to enjoy it. (Good. We thank you for the message.) We thank you for listening. Will you heed the words and do your job? (Yes.)
[Master of Light: ] (Hello Master of Light. Your light's been very bright in the morning lately.) We've been working on our book and that makes me glow with pride. (It is a good book.) The book is more than a book, it's a monumental message. You should be proud of yourself. (I'm eager for the last chapter, Master of Light, where you teach us about how we save this planet from our own energies. When we gather people in Light, Master of Light, the more minds that are gathered at one time, does that empower it even more?) They need NOT be all in one place. (But at one time?) You once realized the truth that when people from all over the earth were thinking at various times of sending energy, that with a billion people sending energy, you have many many hundreds of thousands at one time. It is a matter of numbers, but not all those on earth are required to recognize this. A small cadre of enlightened people can do this. Perhaps a few hundred thousand people could change the earth now. (So Master of Light, if these few hundred thousand were focused on light throughout the day, they wouldn't have to do it at one and the same time? Just keep it going. Is this correct?) That would be good, to have it working 24 hours a day without stop, around the earth, as the earth rotates, lightness and darkness. Those that are in a waking a state, those in sleep could put themselves in a position of generating energy for the infusement of energy around the earth. You will be seeing much light this evening. (Yes, we will, and I will think of you while we are.) Thank you. And I shall be sending you much information for your fingers to transmit into that machine. It would be of great ease for you to put yourself in a light trance and let your fingers do the talking instead of the walking. Heh Heh. A little pun there. (And I ask for your light for my teeth, and my gums and bones.) Indeed. Your tooth is not the problem. Yes, we'll put light into that, and as you receive it, light is pouring in. You bet-ter be-leive-it. A message there for you. Heh. Heh. Heh. I know you think often of your son and daughter and we will be happy to give them light and energy for their highest good.

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