Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 7/1/94

(Master of Spirit, as we teach and counsel, how do we teach individuals and groups to evaluate the source of the communication being channeled or reached?) The ego may be confused, however there may be ways of communicating and testing that conflict of ego versus Spirit in the person themselves. They can test by using the neurological muscular response and/or other methods of gaining access to higher thoughts, greater thoughts, spiritual thoughts. (Is there wording you can advise me as they do the neurological response or self testing to be certain information coming through is from spiritual sources.) As you know, one must be very pure in thought. As you know from experience even though we think impure thoughts may prevail within us, we may have injections from the spirit world. (We teach the use of the pendulum for self muscle response. With proper wording would this be a valid method of testing one's connection to higher spirit?) Your question has already been answered. Any response to neural muscular input will be adequate providing you clear away the ego mechanism. The ego mechanisms are that which interfere with the lower mind and the higher communications, confusing the higher communications with your own justified desires. (Is there a way when one is seeking higher communication to block input from entities that are with oneself?) To get clear communication one MUST be without entities. Obviously that is one of the most important things to check when starting to communicate with any kind of neural muscular response, including that which you call the pendulum. (If one was using the pendulum, would one be able to get valid communication in regards to entities or could they interfere with that?) One could find interference from many different sources. The purest most direct source of eliminating all other possibilities even as you do through this source one should always clear and make sure the clearance of all other entities has been accomplished. I can assure you that this is of prime importance. They may not overrule, they may only interfere and give you fictitious or fallacious answers. (If individual working with pendulum were to begin with a prayer asking they access Higher Spiritual guidance and put a white light around themselves, would they be able then to be free of entity interference?) If that person or persons have already cleared prior commitments or knowledge of entities with them, then it would be valid just to surround yourself with white light to include the entities there within. (Then if I'm hearing correctly, it would be very important that they go to someone who can test them for entity possession before beginning a path of self enlightenment and guidance from the spiritual realms? Is this correct?) That is correct. (When we find entities with individuals, it would be important that all entities are cleared from these individuals before they begin a path of higher spiritual communication, is this correct?) Only those foreign entities, not the primary. (And when we find an individual who has entities, is it ever possible one or more of those entities are meant to remain with the body the whole lifetime?) For the most part, you are excluding walk-in's, I presume. (Actually, I was including walk in's as, we'll say walk-in's are owner of the body if this has been an agreement) If this has been an agreement, that's valid from that moment on. (Is it more beneficial that there be only one entity within each body.) As before, yes. (I sense another energy seeking to come forward. Please do so and name yourself.) I am the Spirit of Jeremiah. The urgency is not complied with. The urgency remains and you remain immobilized. You're not putting the energy in to transmute. You cannot cook a vegetable without the right energy. (We again ask from the realm of spirit to help guide and provide to us the means, the monetary means, to help us move into the mass media so we may speak to many in the most effective and professional way possible. There are funds needed for this work. We ask for the channeling in of these funds.) You must both purify your bodies and your minds and focus ALL of your attention on that task with you now. We cannot tolerate the impurities and confusion that you infuse into your bodies for it affects your minds. This is not a life of play. This is a life of dedication. (Please advise us at this time of the foods to be taking in.) The purest foods. The greatest fields of energy. The focus of thought and the joy and love you share with yourselves and others should always be present. (Are all fruits beneficial for our bodies?) Not all fruits. (Which would not be?) Too much citrus is not good for your body. (Are we taking too much citrus at this time?) Yes. (Do we need more vegetables?) Yes. (Is salad dressing we take good for us?) Yes. (Are we having too much grain?) No. (Is amount of cheese we're taking now good?) Small amounts. (Pasta?) Yes. (Tea?) Green tea. (Butter?) small amounts. (Oil we cook with?) small amounts. (Olive oil?) small amounts. (Vitamins?) As needed. (We will check with you again.) I know you will for I am always here. NOTE: A previous message received from Jeremiah, through Hugh, on 8/23/92 is: "Let go and don't control everyone, because you can't manipulate and control others lives, even though they ask you to, invite you to, beg you to. The trap is in complying with the impossible. It's like the fakery of Faustus - they perceive negativity. They witness of evil and the stupidity of man. They cling to negativity versus letting the light shine on the mountain. I bring light to everyone. Why not let it shine on all possibilities of the universe that God offers everyone. There are no exceptions. I bring light and it shines on all the glory of God. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

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