Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: June/94

MIKE TODD: (Welcome back Mr. Todd.) Not Mr. Todd. (Mike?) Mike Todd. (Mike Todd, I like it.) I like it. (I like it too.) Not as much as I do. It doesn't belong to you. (No, it belongs to you. You certainly made it shine. You were a great promoter.) You don't even remember me. (I read about you. I read a great deal about Elizabeth Taylor and that's how I read about you.) I loved her. (She apparently loved you a great deal too.) (Why did you have to leave so young? Did you find that out?) Loss, learning loss. Learning to make and break. Learning to create and accept that physical things are just that power that we put them in or that we put in to them. We have great ability for putting power into things that really don't have any great use, but they teach us alot about how we're empowered to create power. That very powerful machine that I went down in lost its power just like I did. Hmmm. Good demonstration. I'll never forget it. Didn't think the humor was there when I was going down, but certainly everybody has the power to create. Have to have that positive focus and energy and drive and belief in yourself. People believe in you when you believe in yourself. Now when you have something as spiritual as you do, people will pay attention. People have to pay attention, it's the only way this thing is going to continue. This thing is going to die on us if we don't look out. I'll help any way I can. Hmmm, and I think I can. I know I can. Hmmmuh. (What we do, how do we get them to listen, there are so many talking to people.) You have to talk with what they want to hear. Talk to them on the level that they want to be. Create the things that they aspire to and deny themselves. Show them the way that they can be as great as you purport to be. Participate, that's the way to get people excited. Show them they have something greater than the next guy. They all want to be greater. Not always for good reasons either. At least it gets their attention. Once you have their attention you can just show them, demonstrate for them, participate with them. The good that they have to develop right there within themselves. Powerful energy. I know. (Mike Todd, you've been in the body so I'm certain you recall and understand the difficulty we have. I hear this. I hear for them to participate and for there to be demonstrations but what.....) We'll work on it. (When?) Now. (What do we do? What kind of participation?) Wait a minute until I work on this a little bit. Oy. You're tough. Liz was like that. Always wanting something instantaneously. Oy. Hmmmm. Hmmmmm. Well, we'll work on it. I have so many things to think of right at the moment. (Well, now that you have your mind on the project, how about a couple of days...) You got it. (Great, thank you Mike Todd I feel 100% better knowing you're here to help us with this.) Makes my - ho, ho, h, - ego feel better too. (Thank you. Ashamed to say I'm almost glad you're out of the body.) Nice. (Everything happens for good things.) I had a pretty good body too. (Well, world needs now energy you have to give to this project.) Thank you. (I'll meet with you in a couple more days. I know you'll let me know when you're ready. I heard from you the other day. In my shower by the way.) [Mike Todd laughs and says: "Oh well, don't tell."]

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