Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: June 27, 1995

NMR discovers a spirit attachment with Hugh. Pamela guiding the session of speaking to the spirit attachment in Hugh.

(How did you come to be with Hugh?) I came today. Yes, there are things need to be done. Yes. (Have you come to offer advice?) Yes. (That would be? How can I help you here? Subconscious, keep body energies viable and strong. Oxygen levels strong in brain. Now, you were saying, yes, there is much that needs to be done.) Yes. Difficult to create the words that need to come. Ahhh. (The words that need to come are? Let the words that need to come form themselves in the mind and the voice will speak them.) (Subconscious, you need to) I am willing, I am willing. (Yes, then let words be put into spoken sounds. What are the words that need to come?) There are many abrasive areas in your life and you should clear those abrasive areas out now, before they become deep seated. They will try to discourage and... (Please continue) Any interference in meaaaaaammmmmmmm. (Stress is an underlying cause? Spirit, you are proving helpful, could you continue?) We must, ... (Would you name those areas?) I have not named those areas yet. (Would you do so at this time?) They're interfering in their own purposeful way, err eeeaaa. (What is the difficulty with the speech? What instructions can I give that would be helpful. Hugh, come up a little more where speech is easier. These areas you were speaking of Spirit?) They need very careful editing. And ... [Voice and words keep falling off as Hugh seems to drop to sleep.] I feel non-specific negative energies all around. And these are wearing you and depleting energy from both of you. You need to cleanse these areas and eliminate the negative spirits. That's the message that you need to arm and ward the negative messages away. Great resistance and confusion. Making your paths thorny and difficult. We do not mean to obstruct, but become a part of the whole resistance because of confusion. Needs to be one path way. (How do we block ourselves from that one pathway?) You do not block yourselves. You are being blocked. (How do we clear that? Yes, Master of Lights, I see your presence and ask for your guidance daily. Help us.)

Master of Light: The oppression and negative feelings are affecting your energy levels. You are being challenged now. (Would prayer and meditation be the way?) Prayer and meditation will help, but will not, have not completely eliminated these challenging forces and energies. (Is it clearing the negative in ourselves then?) There are going to be more, you must deal with these as they challenge you. You have many positive energies that you reinforce constantly to your advantage. In their willingness, you must not ignore the negative who would stop you and break you if possible. (How do I deal with them? How do I deal with them? Through action, through word?) Your actions and words are positive. They are negative. You may need to call on many of your other energies that will help you in positive ways.

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